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21. Win $2000: challenge einstein [Science Frontiers Website]
... Science Frontiers ONLINE No. 73: Jan-Feb 1991 Issue Contents Other pages Home Page Science Frontiers Online All Issues This Issue Sourcebook Project Sourcebook Subjects Win $2000: challenge einstein H. Hayden and P. Beckmann are offering $2000 to anyone who can cite, not necessarily perform, an experiment proving that light travels westward at the same velocity that it travels eastward on the earth's surface (to an accuracy of 50 meters/second). If the speeds are indeed the same, then Einstein's assumption that the speed of light is the same in all directions regardless of the motion of the observer will be proven. Then skeptical scientists like Hayden and Beckmann, will rest easier. But suppose the east and west velocities of light are different? Then Special Relativity would collapse. Hayden and Beckmann do not dread this at all. In fact, they (and others) point out that some of the vaunted experimental "proofs" of Special Relativity can be explained in other ways. For example: (1) The bending of starlight passing close to the ...
Terms matched: 1  -  Score: 90  -  29 Apr 2005  -  6k  -  URL:
... From: SIS Chronology& Catastrophism Review 1998:2 (Mar 1998) Home¦ Issue Contents Escape from Einstein by Ronald R. Hatch (Kneat Kompany, Wilmington, California, available from PACIFIC MERIDIAN PUBLISHING CO., 13540 39th Ave. N. E., Seattle, Wash. 98125, USA for $28 +15% p&p) Until the early part of the 20th century, physicists believed that something called 'the ether' permeated space and was the medium which carried light and electromagnetic radiation. However the Michelson-Morley experiment in 1886 showed that the speed of light in the direction of the Earth's travel is the same as the speed of light perpendicular to this, posing problems for the theory. Some, including Michelson, interpreted the result to mean that the Earth must carry the ether along with it but Einstein's relativity theory provided an alternative explanation which allowed physicists to dispense with the idea of an ether altogether. In the 1920s Einstein's ideas found favour and the ether was consigned to the dustbin of scientific history. However, as noted ...
Terms matched: 1  -  Score: 90  -  05 Mar 2003  -  8k  -  URL:
23. Introduction [Velikovsky Archive Website]
... into the Jordan, Jacob struggled with a man whom he did not know; and the stranger, upon seeing the sky beginning to redden in the east, asked Jacob: ? Let me go, for the day breaketh.? Jacob, however, replied: ? I will not let thee go, except thou bless me.? The title of this book is taken from this story in Genesis (32:24-27). The reader will find out at which juncture of our relations I exchanged this ancient dialogue with Albert Einstein. For long months we carried on a struggle by written and spoken word; the subject of the struggle dealt with invisible but real forces, whether they do or do not take part in the movements of the silent mechanism that carries worlds on their paths. My claim of the participation of electromagnetic fields and their interrelations in the structure of the universe was opposed by him almost to the last, and this was the issue of the dispute. The Morning Star was also a subject of our contention. The main story starts ...
Terms matched: 1  -  Score: 90  -  31 Aug 2000  -  7k  -  URL:
24. Letters [Velikovsky Archive Website]
... July 18, 1955 Dear Professor Cohen: In your published interview with the late Einstein you refer to the great passion with which he spoke of my book. The reader may conclude that with great passion he opposed my work. In the last eighteen months of his life, Einstein spent not a few long evenings with me discussing my work, exchanged long handwritten letters with me, read repeatedly my book and also several, some of them extensive, manuscripts, supplied them with marginal notes, in short, showed great interest in my ideas and gave me very much of his time. On a manuscript containing the history of my first book, he wrote what he exactly thinks of ? Worlds in Collision ? he wrote it in the very week you have seen him; it is in great disagreement with what I read in your interview. In a letter of March 17, 1955 he made very clear what he thought of my adversaries and their methods of combating my book; and on margins of the pages containing copies of letters confidentially written by some ...
Terms matched: 1  -  Score: 90  -  31 Aug 2000  -  5k  -  URL:
25. Before the Chair of Jupiter [Velikovsky Archive Website]
... Before the Chair of Jupiter On November 8, Elisheva and I went to Einstein and were seated in the living room. When one enters his house, proceeding through the narrow hall, the living room is to the left; directly ahead is a steep staircase leading to the second floor: on the second floor there is a room with a large window toward the backyard, with a low table, books, chairs, and next to it to the right another room, also lined with books. In a little while Einstein came from the upper floor to us, his long hair well-groomed, his face lighted up with his friendly smile. He started to move a chair with a straight high upholstered back, which had already drawn my attention in the modestly furnished room, and as I helped him, a help he graciously accepted, he said, ? this is my Jupiter chair.? During our conversation I took this lead and remarked that if one evening I should stop every passing student and professor on the campus and should ask which of ...
Terms matched: 1  -  Score: 90  -  31 Aug 2000  -  7k  -  URL:
26. A Flashback [Velikovsky Archive Website]
... Russia, in the Ukraine and the Caucasus, lands torn by civil war; perils of death were more than once only an arm ? s length away as we sought to reach the land of Israel, the elusive goal of our striving. Now, finally, my parents were traveling toward the West, intending to continue from there to the land of Israel. Waiting for a train that would take me back to Kovno (Kaunas), I found a rack with books at the newsstand. I purchased a small book on Einstein ? s theory. This was very possibly the first time I encountered the name. I had only recently emerged from what later became known as the Iron Curtain from the vast plain of a great country racked by war, disorganized and famished. Latvia and Lituania, where I now found myself, were independent republics. Hardly any news about scientific progress in the outside world reached the reading public in the Soviet Union in those years. However, it is possible that during the several weeks that I spent in Lithuania the name ...
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27. Einstein and Relativity [SIS C&C Review $]
... From: SIS Chronology& Catastrophism Review 1996:1 Home¦ Issue Contents Einstein and Relativity by Alasdair N. Beal A new spin on an old experiment New Scientist recently reported (see 'Monitor', C&C Workshop 1995:2, p. 23) on problems with a classic experiment to test Einstein's Special Theory of Relativity [1. The experiment, carried out by Marjorie and H.A. Wilson in 1913, had used a spinning cylinder in a magnetic field to test the effect of high speed motion has on the interaction between electric and magnetic fields. The results were claimed as proof that Einstein's theory was correct. However an amateur researcher, Gerald Pellegrini, has now pointed out that, as Special Relativity only applies to linear motion, the use of a spinning cylinder is inappropriate and the experiment was therefore invalid. Einstein's Special Theory of Relativity is based exclusively on an analysis of bodies in uniform motion, with no accelerations. According to Arthur Swift of the University of Massachusetts, 'Special relativity is an entirely inappropriate theory to apply to a ...
Terms matched: 1  -  Score: 87  -  05 Mar 2003  -  32k  -  URL:
28. In Einstein's Study [Velikovsky Archive Website]
... In Einstein ? s Study On May 20, 1954 I went to see Einstein. This time I asked to see him. I wished to ask him to read a part of my Earth in Upheaval in manuscript. There was also another subject that I thought I ought to discuss with him. A few days before a correspondent in California drew my attention to an article in Astounding Science Fiction in which I was accused of inventing my sources. I realized the damage done by the Harvard group had spread into pulp magazines read by common people. I had not complained to Einstein before about the campaign of suppression and vilification carried on by some groups of scientists against my theory and myself. He received us this time in his study on the second floor, which has a large window overlooking the garden in the backyard. It was about the time before sunset. He asked: ? Would you like our conversation between four eyes or between eight?? ? Between eight,? I replied, my wife and Miss Dukas being admitted. ? The women ...
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29. A PERSONAL MEMOIR [Aeon Journal $]
... three volumes, not only for the general reading public, but for scholars as well. Even the severest critics were hard put to counter his claims and found they had a formidable foe who responded decisively to their challenges. The powerful reasoning of these volumes was, at the time, overwhelming. It was not long after reading (and rereading) his work that I began to correspond with Velikovsky, who was then living in Princeton, New Jersey. Here he had moved from New York, a move designed to be near Einstein (whom he had known in Europe), in order to carry on discussions of his work. At that time I was pastor of a Presbyterian church in Malvern, Pennsylvania, just an hour's drive away, and my correspondence with Velikovsky was followed by visits to his home. A lifelong friendship would develop. During the period of my initial correspondence I had heard from other sources that Einstein, shortly before his death, had written a letter on Velikovsky's behalf, requesting the Metropolitan Museum of Art to perform radiocarbon tests on ...
Terms matched: 1  -  Score: 75  -  05 Mar 2003  -  19k  -  URL:
... affects them must be re-worked according to the new model. Because the models are never real, there is no correct one to test the others against. One cannot disprove one model using another's "correctness": each model stands or falls within itself. It is either applicable to the situation or it is not. In science, general validity is evanescent. A good example of the confusion rampant among scientists today is the comparison between Newtonian Gravitation and Einstein's General Relativity. A perturbation unexplained by the Newtonian analysis is not evidence that Einstein is right. The observation that sunlight grazing the Sun's limb is bent in conformity with Einstein's calculation is not evidence that Newton is wrong. The first shows "Newton" to have an unexplained residual- thus "his" formulation is inexact. The second shows Einstein has modelled correctly the photon-Sun "collision" using a curved space to account for gravity. Neither model is complete, nor is it all-compassing. Close to the Sun, Einstein's model works best. General Relativity neither includes Newton's model nor reduces to it. Remember ...
Terms matched: 1  -  Score: 75  -  05 Mar 2003  -  14k  -  URL:
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