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... . GREENBERG Executive Editor WARNER B. SIZEMORE Senior Editors ROBERT W. BASS, ROBERT H. HEWSEN and LYNN E. ROSE Associate Editors DAVID GRIFFARD, RICHARD F. HAINES, FREDERIC B. JUENEMAN, MARVIN A. LUCKERMAN, THOMAS A. PARRY and A. MANN PATERSON Contributing Editors DWARDU CARDONA, VANCOUVER, B. C., ZVI Rix, JERUSALEM, ISRAEL London Correspondent MARTIN SIEFF Coming in the next issue... From Microcosm to Macrocosm: The Fearful Symmetry of Catastrophism A Concordance of Disaster Tektites and China's Dragon Cosmic Instability and Modern Man: An Introduction Limitations of Astronomical Dating Methods A Note on the Term "Hyksos" A Note on the Location of Avaris A Note on the "Land of Punt" A New Date for the Eruption of Thera Eastern Anatolia and Velikovsky's Chronological Revision Copyright April, 1975 NOTE: Dr. Velikovsky's treatment of "collective amnesia" (to which many of the current articles address themselves) will be more fully developed in his opus Mankind in Amnesia. No publication date has been set. ...
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102. A Concordance Of Disaster [Kronos $]
... Fire EX 9:23 and the fire ran along upon the ground. PI 2:10 Forsooth, gates, columns and walls are consumed by fire. H 45 then flames came along his side of the street and entered his house. T 974 Blasts of flame. erratically ripped off corrugated roofs as if they were cardboard, blasted houses apart and twisted metal bridges. R 13:11-13 And I beheld another beast coming out of the earth; and he had two horns like a lamb, and he spoke like a dragon... And he doeth great wonders, so that he maketh fire come down from heaven on the earth in the sight of men. Darkness EX 10: 22... and there was thick darkness in all the land of Egypt. PI 9:11 The land is not light. T 995 In the twilight gloom people milled around helplessly. PV 3:8 They did not steep; they remained standing and great was the anxiety of their hearts and their stomachs for the coming of dawn and the day ...
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... , Garden City, 1957), p. 298. Velikovsky had already drawn attention to this reference In A in C, p. 134, n. 6. According to G. C. Picard and C. Picard, The Life and Death of Carthage (N. Y., 1968), pp. 152-153-- "In text No. 347 of the Proto-Canaanite inscriptions of Sinai, we find the name TNT (tinnit) used as an epithet to qualify Asherat, 'the Lady of the Sea Monster or Dragon'. Thus TNT would be the feminine of TN, a name which is found in its plural form TNM in Ugaritic texts. The Lady of Carthage would indeed be Asherat, as Dussaud had suggested. In support of this theory we quote the union of Tanit with Ba'al Hammon [Saturn, according to most authorities which is reflected in her appearance as Pene Ba'al [" the 'Face of Ba'al'". and which corresponds to that of Asherat with El [Saturn in Phoenicia... Tanit is represented by the ...
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... From: Kronos Vol. I, No. 2. Summer 1975 Texts Home¦ Kronos Home KRONOS A Journal of Interdisciplinary Synthesis Vol. I, No. 2. Summer 1975 TABLE OF CONTENTS 3 From Microcosm to Macrocosm: The Fearful Symmetry of Catastrophism Lewis M. Greenberg& Warner B. Sizemore 16 A Concordance of Disaster 23 Theomachy in the Theater: On the Fringes of the Collective Amnesia John V. Myers& Lewis M. Greenberg 33 Epic Postscript 35 Tektites and China's Dragon Dwardu Cardona 43 Cosmic Instability and Modern Man: An Introduction Joseph A. Soldati 48 What Kind of Dig is This?: A Letter 49 Limitations of Astronomical Dating Methods Donovan A. Courville 73 A Note on the Term "Hyksos" Lewis M. Greenberg 85 A Note on the Location of Avaris Marvin A. Luckerman 89 A Note on the "Land of Punt" Ralph E. Juergens& Lewis M. Greenberg 93 Some Preliminary Remarks about Thera and Atlantis Israel M. Isaacson 97 A Reply to Isaacson 100 Notes about the Contributors EDITORS Editor-in-Chief LEWIS M. ...
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105. Notices [Kronos $]
... on Jericho. KRONOS' Zvi Rix contributes a brief but psychologically incisive essay on the significance and meaning of androgynous characteristics found in various deities. A Supplement outlining the basics of the revised chronology, the untenable aspects of conventional chronology, and recent evidence supporting the revised chronology rounds out this latest issue of the SIS Review. Future articles scheduled to appear are: "Senmut and Typhon," "Worlds in Collision and the Birth of Monotheism," "The Evidence of Radiocarbon Dates for Cultural Change," and "Leviathan- Dragon in the Sky". Subscription and Associate Membership cost (which includes the SIS Review) is $14.00 for overseas surface mail and $17.00 for overseas airmail. Readers of KRONOS are encouraged to write to R. M. Amelan, 6 Jersey House, Cotton Lane, Manchester 20-- ENGLAND-- for subscription information. \cdrom\pubs\journals\kronos\vol0301\090notce.htm ...
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... Vol. 3 No. 2 OCTOBER 1980 Texts Home¦ SIS Workshop Home Society for Interdisciplinary Studies Workshop Members' newletter Vol. 3 No. 2 OCTOBER 1980 EDITORIAL RUNNING RINGS ROUND THE GIANTS by R. M. Lowery 1 SOME NOTES ON THE REVISED CHRONOLOGY by Lester J. Mitcham 2 EAST IS EAST? by Brian Moore 5 ANKYLOSIS IN THE CHRONOLOGY OF RECONSTRUCTED HISTORY? by Christoph Marx 6 THE FATHER OF THE GODS? by Martin Sieff 8 MONITOR: The Surface of Venus- Chronological Chaos- The Iridium Connection- Primordial Dragon- Moon, Mercury and Comets- Nature Views- Not Scientific?- Bahamian Atlantis Reconsidered- Lizard in Amber- Intellectual Censorship- Jupiter's X-Rays- Relativity Rules, O.K.? 16 SOCIETY NEWS 23 FOCUS: The 'New Scientist' and Velikovsky 27 CONTACT 32 LETTERS: On Circe and Atlantis- On Myth and Logos- More Thoughts on Velikovsky's Reconstruction- Sea Route to Syria- Sagan... Clutching at Straws- Slipping Shell and Tippe-Tops 33 Copyright (C) 1980 Society for Interdisciplinary Studies THE VELIKOVSKY DEBATE TODAY WORKSHOP ...
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... one to six other such sites. These lines, known as leys, were first discovered by the English writer Alfred Watkins in the 1920's and are now the focus of heated debate between academic archeologists, who hold that such alignments are illusory, and amateur antiquarians, who spend a great deal of time in search of them. Statisticians, however, support the amateurs-- at least to the extent of agreeing that the chances of seven-point leys being accidental are only one out of a thousand. Though one tradition calls them "dragon paths," it is unlikely that the leys were ever human paths, since they frequently cross steep hills and wide bogs. What, then, were they? Hitching suggests that they were power lines of some sort. Most of the menhirs exhibit electro-magnetic anomalies of a magnitude hundreds of times in excess of the normal surface fluctuations detected by gauss-meters. Yet the energy in question may have had electro-magnetic effects without being wholly or even primarily electro-magnetic in nature. Instead, it may have been what East European paraphysicists are now calling ...
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108. Bookshelf [SIS C&C Review $]
... Michael E. Moseley (Thames& Hudson, £18 95) Update of a classic text, including recent discoveries and relating rise and fall of S. American civilisations to climate. Facing the Ocean by Barry Cunliffe (Oxford Univ. Press, £19 99) Alternative view of ancient European history, tracing the development of a distinctive Atlantic culture from coastal Mesolithic hunter-gatherers about 8000BC to 1500AD. Shipping and trade from N. Africa to Scandinavia forms a shared identity stronger than the bond with Celts in central Europe. Arthur the Dragon King by Howard Reid (Headline, £18 99) An argument that the origins of the mythical king are to be found among the warrior peoples of Central Asia. Britain and the End on the Roman Empire by Ken Dark (Tempus, £25) A radical reinterpretation of the period 400-600. Britain is placed in the mainstream of European development from the beginning of the 5 th century, with the survival of much of the Roman era alongside new 'Germanic' elements. Seahenge by Francis Pryor (Harper Collins, 19 ...
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... Mars- Aucayoc- they said they had charged with matters relating to wars and soldiers; Mercury- Catu Illa- with those having to do with merchants and travellers and messengers. Saturn- Haucha- they charged with pestilence and slaughter and famine, and lightning and thunder; and they said that he held a club and bows and arrows to hurt and punish men for their evils. Besides the Coricancha the anonymous chronicler mentions a Temple of Viracocha, a Temple of the Planet Jupiter, and one which we may call a "Dragon Temple". "The Temple of the Sun", the writer tells us, was later converted into the Church of Santo Domingo but according to Martin de Morua and other writers, the Church of Santo Domingo is the former Coricancha. Thus the "Temple of the Sun" and the Coricancha are one and the same temple. But we have already examined the altar of the Coricancha and found no evidence that the Sun's cult was pre-eminent there. Its chief object of worship is identified as Viracochan pachayachachiy. The cult of ...
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110. East is East? [SIS C&C Workshop $]
... ';( mw) was an ideogram or a determinative signifying 'water'. Of these signs alone presents a problem, since, as the 'sky', it would appear to oppose the idea of a watery deep such as the concept of Nun would seem to imply. However, since the sign is sometimes found inverted, it may be intended to denote the idea, well attested in Egyptian cosmology, that the water encircled the universe, above as well as below. Is the Earth a tippe-top? Note the item 'Primordial Dragon.- Stonehenge Viewpoint, no. 35' in the Monitor section.- Ed. \cdrom\pubs\journals\workshop\vol0302\05east.htm ...
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