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401. Thoth Vol III, No. 2: Jan 31, 1999 [Journals] [Thoth]
... , we are primarily interested here in reports concerning Mars. Suffice it to say that the ancient Babylonians specifically referred to meteorites falling from the planet Mars, making such objects the subject of various omens. Witness the following example: "If in the sky a meteor (train) from a planet [Mustabarru mutanu=Mars] appears: destruction of cattle will occur in the land." Yet another text has the following passage: "If a fireball [meteor] (coming from) Mars is seen..." If such reports reflect reliable eye-witness testimony-the view defended by Bjorkman-and meteorites were indeed witnessed emanating from or circling Mars, it stands to reason that the various ...
Terms matched: 1  -  Score: 29  -  19 Mar 2004  -  URL: /online/pubs/journals/thoth/thoth3-02.htm
... contact with French archeologist Claude Schaeffer, who had been digging at Ugarit (Ras Shamra) since 1929. On a visit to Carl Blegen's dig at Hissarlik (Troy) it had occurred to Schaeffer that his Ugarit and Blegen's Troy, more than 500 miles apart, seemed to have been destroyed simultaneously. He surveyed the archeological reports of site destructions throughout the Mediterranean and Near Eastern region and concluded that the evidence was incontrovertible that the area had been the subject of repeated natural destruction on a continental scale. On July 23, Schaeffer thanked Velikovsky for the copy of Earth in Upheaval, which he had read on vacation, and encouraged Velikovsky to continue with his investigation; but " ...
Terms matched: 1  -  Score: 29  -  19 Jun 2005  -  URL: /online/pubs/books/vorhees/12late5.htm
403. Quantavolutions [Books] [de Grazia books]
... been lately devastated. The belief in catastrophism, he said, in surprising pre-Jungian language, was a true grasp of what had happened to the World. "Catastrophism is therefore the survival of a terrible impression burned in upon the very substance of human memory."[1 ] Because catastrophism is a word that excites emotion and connotes only destruction, the present work and the series to which it belongs prefers the more general idea implied in the word quantavolution. The concept allows a more peaceful invasion of the realms of gradualism, uniformitarianism, evolution, and anthropology. I do not mean this book to be violent and bloodcurdling. We have far too much of such stimulus today ...
Terms matched: 1  -  Score: 29  -  29 Mar 2004  -  URL: /online/pubs/books/degrazia/lately/ch01.htm
... relic of the catastrophic past. 7. FLYBY DISTANCES. These ancient Mars-Earth "close encounters" varied in distance from an estimated 75,000 miles at the farthest to as close as 15,000 miles. The Noachian flyby was undoubtedly (in our view) the closest of these "near misses" with the postulated embellishment of the destruction of a Martian icy satellite fracturing at Earth's Roche limit of 11,000 miles. This icy spray event contributed the water by which the river beds of Mars were created and the ocean depth on Earth was increased. (The suddenly created rivers of Mars have given rise to some of the wildest current imaginings by those defenders of the ...
Terms matched: 1  -  Score: 29  -  30 Jul 2008  -  URL: /online/pubs/journals/aeon/vol0203/083clash.htm
... now that the catastrophic picture emerges. Material such as has been studied by Clube and Napier is now becoming accepted. David Rohl: Is there any way that an astronomical event of that kind can cause the sorts of things that occurred in biblical stories in the Old Testament- we don't actually have nuclear winters, but we do have site destructions throughout the whole area that are thought to be caused by earthquakes- what could have caused that? Archie Roy: Do you mean earthquakes all over the globe at the same time? David Rohl: At the end of the Bronze Age period there are dramatic destructions at the different citadel sites where the whole thing is levelled through earthquake ...
Terms matched: 1  -  Score: 28  -  01 Jul 2001  -  URL: /online/pubs/articles/talks/sis/851012ix.htm
406. The Transfiguration of Trauma [Books] [de Grazia books]
... might remark: "You cannot imagine how really badly these gods behaved; it was inutterably worse... Anyhow, no one is saying that these are your gods, and we had better not get onto that subject." The gods of Demodocus opera theater behave as they do to cover up their real behavior which is infinitely more destructive, indiscriminate, and punitive. The next problem of this stage is to show how their more intolerable behavior works itself out as a bedroom farce. How was the traumatic disaster transformed? DREAMWORK The best available model for the interpretation of a myth is the dream. As was shown in an early chapter, the staging of the telling ...
Terms matched: 1  -  Score: 28  -  29 Mar 2004  -  URL: /online/pubs/books/degrazia/love/ch16.htm
... in the thirteenth century B.C .; any deviation (even if it comes from the head of a major Near Eastern department) encounters personal abuse. Was there a conquest of Jericho? If you go along with the above date for the Exodus and adhere to the findings of Kathleen Kenyon, there is absolutely no evidence for a destruction some forty years later, when Joshua supposedly led the Israelites into Canaan. But what if these dates are wrong? If one is ready to follow the biblical narrative, the chronological calculations involved are quite simple. Our starting point is 963 B.C . (hardly any dispute here) when Solomon ascended the throne in Jerusalem. ...
Terms matched: 1  -  Score: 28  -  05 Mar 2003  -  URL: /online/pubs/journals/cat-anc/vol1201/49pass.htm
... Poles moved to the direction more or less where we now find them. We observe how utterly incapable the average geological attempts are to explain this phenomenon of the Drift by terrestrial origins. I offer the solution to the mystery without the slightest doubt, and on grounds which, from the evidence produced, is overwhelmingly and scientifically correct. This destruction from the north, with its earthquakes and floods, and its volcanic mountains bursting into flame, originated and could only originate through the agency of a visitant from the skies. The event was both violent and sudden. It struck the highest mountains, and the lowest valleys, bombarded the resisting heights from the direction of the north and ...
Terms matched: 1  -  Score: 28  -  31 Jul 2007  -  URL: /online/pubs/books/beaumont/comet/307-mystery.htm
409. Collapsing Tests of Time [Books] [de Grazia books]
... quantavolutionary theory, agemaking and age-breaking episodes occurred, the earth passed near to heavily radiating bodies and was also subjected to heavy radiation storms from a distance. In fact, every change in the earth's atmosphere lessened or increased the reception of radiation: the cloud canopies, the lowering or dropping of canopies, the rising of exploded vapors, the destruction of biospheres and the loss or gain of atmosphere from comets, meteors and planets. In all of this, the parent and daughter elements involved in radio clocks have experienced a turbulent history. No pair of elements can be granted to have remained locked in their crystallized rock interior since the beginning of its time. There is no way ...
Terms matched: 1  -  Score: 28  -  21 Mar 2004  -  URL: /online/pubs/books/degrazia/chaos/ch03.htm
410. Chaos and Creation by Alfred de Grazia [Books] [de Grazia books]
... of Catastrophes, Why 14,000 Years? Chapter Five: Solaria Binaria The Stacked Binary System; Decline of the Electric System; The Break-up of Super-Uranus; Planetary Behavior; Completion of the Transformation; The World of Pangea; The Sky-Watches; Early Astronomical Ideas; Summary Reflections upon the Changing World System. Chapter Six: The Uranians The Destruction of Pangea: The First Chaos; The Ice Dumps; The Creation of Man; Religious Beginnings; Birth of the Heavenly Host; Ecumenical Culture; Old and New World Concordances; Climate Changes and Time; Puzzles of Tihuanacu; Signs of Uranian Culture; Hand, Rod, and Snake. Chapter Seven: Earth Parturition and Moon Birth ...
Terms matched: 1  -  Score: 28  -  25 Mar 2004  -  URL: /online/pubs/books/degrazia/chaos/index.htm
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