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41. Notes and Themes [Velikovsky Archive Website]
... Notes and Themes Themes for Shamir (mostly from the Old Testament; miracles-ancient lore) Genesis Serafim Sanverim Sulfur (brimstone) Interplanetary travel Giants ? Smoke of furnace ? Deluge Giant animals also Ziz bird, (mammals) Struggling with the angel? Angels visit Abraham Dream interpretation Exodus Manna hydroc. combin. Numbers Radiation disease-Tzaarat ? leprosy ?-Hair fell out Joshua Wild ducks (meat of fowl) radioactivity in exposed animals-case of radiated engineer. The death after eating the wild ducks (irradiated). Phosphorescence hand white after being kept in dark Karnaim-the horns or rays of Moses (rays of Venus like horns) Finding water Diamonds Petroleum Vermin plague Jordan running back Deluge of fire Serpent and Baal worship Leveling of mountains Judges& Kings Magnet Mouth-to-mouth breathing Weather forecast Telepathy and hypnosis. Since 1740? Necromancy Shamir-radium ? Oil-enzyme ?? ? Leprosy ? and sulfur baths Ball of fire (left cloth); Sennacherib (burnt but cloth) Sword over Jerusalem Glilim ? Terrible ones ? Music in psychiatry Even shetia (Mars?) (also Mecca) Daniel& his friends Mene ...
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42. The Blind Pharaoh [Catastrophism & Ancient History Journal $]
... year of the Jewish king, 747 in the Romanist reckoning. This seems to have been the time when the great poet Isaiah was excited into transformation as a prophet. Two years before, Amos, the earliest of the Hebrew prophets whose visions have been preserved in Scripture, predicted that the land of Israel would rise up like a flood, "and it shall be thrown out and drowned, as by the flood of Egypt." The sun would go down at noon, he prophesied. [11 The reference to the deluge of Egypt appears to be a scholastic insertion, what academic lore calls a gloss, referring to an event which afflicted Egypt on the 12th day of the first month of the second season, in the third year of the Libyan Pharaoh Osorkon II. On that day, a miserably preserved inscription noted, "the flood came on, in this whole land... this land was in its power like the sea; there was no dyke of the people to resist its fury... All the temples of Thebes ...
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... mankind was regenerated. The gods. at that period, for the fifth time, created a man and a woman.(5) In "The Hurricane," we read that, "Manuscript Troano and other documents of the Mayas describe a cosmic catastrophe during which the oceans fell on the continent and a terrible hurricane swept the earth." In the documents of the collection of Kingsborough, the writings of Gomara, Mitolinia, Sahagun, Landa, Cogolludo, and other authors of the early postconquest time, the cataclysm of deluge, hurricane, and volcanoes is referred to in numerous passages.... In "Boiling Earth and Sea," the Manuscript Troano is one of three sources that Velikovsky gives for his contention that the Venusian cataclysm provoked massive volcanic activity and the creation of new mountain ridges. One of the other sources he mentions is the Popol Vuh, in which we find a vivid description of the raising, shaking, and leveling of mountains. These activities were carried on by the two "sons" of the arrogant demon Vucub-Caquix ...
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44. Rainbow [Velikovsky Archive Website]
... Rainbow After the Deluge the hope grew into faith that no such or similar destruction would again come to decimate mankind. The story is told that the Lord made a covenant with Noah, and the following were the terms of the covenant: Then God said to Noah.... ? I establish my covenant with you, that never again shall all flesh be cut off by the waters of a flood, and never again shall there be a flood to destroy the earth.? (1) As a visible sign of the obligation not to repeat the catastrophe, a colorful rainbow appeared for the first time after the Deluge it was a new and till then unknown atmospheric phenomenon. In this colored refraction of sunlight in small and suspended drops of water the rescued believed to see the divine promise not to repeat the flood: And God said, ? This is the sign of the covenant which I make between me and you and every living creature that is with you, for all future generations: I set my bow in the cloud, and ...
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... From: SIS Chronology and Catastrophism Workshop 1992 No 1 (Aug 1992) Home¦ Issue Contents REVIEWS Apollo Objects, Atlantis and the Deluge: A Catastrophical Scenario for the End of the Last Glaciation by Prof. Emilio Spedicato The above paper was kindly sent to me but without any accompanying letter. The paper is of around 20,000 words, including a list of over 100 references and two appendices. The author is Prof. Emilio Spedicato of the University of Bergamo and the paper is published as a 'quaderno' (quarterly?) of the Department of 'Matematica, Statistica e Informatica e Applicazioni' by the 'Istituto Universitario di Bergamo'. It is the 1990 revision of a 1985 paper. Of interest to me was the author's readiness to cite both Velikovsky and Clube/Napier. Surely this is the right approach to the investigation of the possibility of recent catastrophism: an attempt to couple Velikovsky's impressive catalogue of catastrophic myths, legends and perhaps historical accounts with agents (Apollo objects) which are readily available in the mainstream of astronomical thought. Spedicato ...
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46. Flood Legends: Their Hidden Perspectives [Catastrophism & Ancient History Journal $]
... From: Catastrophism and Ancient History IV:1 (Jan 1982) Home¦ Issue Contents INTERACTION Flood Legends: Their Hidden Perspectives James E. Strickling Legends of the Great Deluge have survived in all parts of the world. They clearly embody remembrances of an ancient world-wide catastrophe; it is inconceivable that so many accounts could have risen as a result of nothing but localized flooding conditions. This is evidenced not only in their proliferation but in their geographical scope and similarity of content. Most of the legends fall into one of two general categories. In one of these a favored family is saved, and in the other we find survivors varying in number and relationship-- a remnant. Four particular aspects found in the Biblical account occur in varied combinations in many of the legends in both categories. Because of these variations it is difficult to classify the individual accounts as one specific type or another. Based on a sample of forty-seven legends, I have made a statistical analysis[1 of the selected aspects in an attempt to gain some insight into their possible ...
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47. The Primordial Light? [SIS C&C Review $]
... collided with or disrupted Saturn. 4. Some of the débris of this collision is marked by the asteroid belt of today (20). 5. Saturn went nova as a result of disruption. 6. Comets originate from the great collision (21). 7. But the Venus-comet was born of Jupiter, so did Jupiter acquire some of the mass of the disrupted Saturn, thus itself becoming unstable? (22) 8. Some more of the débris from Saturn approached the Earth and was the cause of the great Deluge, whose waters were salty. Permit us then to extrapolate from this basic scheme in the light of our own research, and present our own reconstruction of the history of the Solar System. Will the evidence of mythology, geology and the physical sciences bear out the reconstruction sketched out above? Or will we have to modify this outline to a greater or lesser extent? We propose to deal here with the first of these three fields: the myths and records. 1. The "Génie du Pivot" We shall begin ...
Terms matched: 1  -  Score: 44  -  06 Mar 2003  -  53k  -  URL:
... of one's normal endeavours. Those few who had access to the terms belonging to the study of chronology (i.e. the record keepers and legitimators of royal pedigrees) were powerful people. This is because 'knowledge is power' and when that knowledge is socially important, but is restricted to a few, then the power grows in like proportion. Those record keepers recognised their power and were jealous of it. They had access to the knowledge of at least three of four fixed points in their past, such as when the 'Great Deluge' occurred. From those fixed points, there had been kept a continuous count of various cycles which had been recorded by means of the specialised symbols that were part of their secret tradition. As each chronological list was compiled, various reign lengths were changed slightly, resulting in a pattern of symbol values that could fix the list to an exact composite cyclical date, or describe situations such as co-regencies and contemporary dynasties. In such a way, any of their 'school' members anywhere in the civilised world, both contemporary and ...
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49. The Confusion of Languages [Velikovsky Archive Website]
... The Confusion of Languages The sequence of events as presented in the Book of Genesis places the catastrophe of Babel next after the Deluge. And the whole land was of one language and of one speech.... And they said, Go to, let us build us a city and a tower whose top may reach unto heaven.... And the Lord said, behold, the people is one, and they have all one language.... Go to, let us go down, and there confound their language that they may not understand one another ? s speech. So the Lord scattered them abroad from thence upon the face of all the earth. (1) The rabbinical sources explain that the purpose of the Tower was to secure a shelter for the city of Babel in case the Deluge should occur another time: The men who were before us God has destroyed with a deluge; if he shall again think fit to be wroth with us, and seek to destroy us even with a deluge, we shall all ...
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50. The "Great and Terrible Wilderness" [Velikovsky Archive Website]
... tradition reports that the Amalekites violated the privileges of the sacred territory and that the Almighty God sent against them ants of the smallest variety which forced them to desert Mecca. Afterwards the Lord sent drought and famine and showed them the clouded sky at the horizon. They marched without rest toward those clouds which they saw near them, but were not able to reach them; they were pursued by the drought which was always at their heels. The Lord led them to their native land, where He sent against them the toufan a deluge. (2) Our interest is aroused by this last statement that it was a deluge that took the tribe of the Amalekites by surprise when they reached their old native land. Evidently the disturbance in the accustomed flow of events was experienced not only in Egypt, but in Arabia, too. Mecca, like Memphis, was visited by plagues: the shock that overthrew the cities of Egypt brought the Amalekites, at that time conquerors of Mecca, into disorder and tumult. They became like herds of animals brought to a ...
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