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31. The Road To Saturn [Aeon Journal $]
... identities of their gods. Where they did not, the rules of comparative mythology unerringly lead the way. But that is something that only crept slowly on me as my research continued to unfold. After reading Velikovsky I should not have been surprised at the sheer amount of mythological tales which hinted at, referred to, and sometimes explicitly described catastrophic events. These appeared of such magnitude that, were they to be believed, they could only be explained by the shaking of the Earth's framework. Predominant among these disasters was the universal deluge, which the Biblical account associates with Noah. Moreover, the cosmic thread that ran through the ages was intertwined with these disasters so that it did not take long to realize that Velikovsky had been right when he insisted that catastrophism was literally heaven-caused. What became more and more obvious was that the celestial order with which ancient man was so obsessed was entirely different from the one we are presently acquainted with. Ancient man described the Sun as rising in the west, setting in the east, stopping in mid-course, and turning ...
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32. On Saturn And The Flood [Kronos $]
... Attis the great lamentations and crying for the fate of Tammuz. Similar rites were observed in Egypt for Osiris; and it should be understood that these lamentations were actually for Saturn, because the time of Saturn-- the Golden Age of Saturn, or Kronos-- came to its end when the supreme god of that period, the planet Saturn, was broken up. I have already discussed the statement, contained in the Tractate Brakhot of the Babylonian Talmud, which points to the celestial body Khima as the source of the Deluge; and I have shown why Khima is to be identified with Saturn.(4) [Hindu sources also provide information which links the planet Saturn with the Deluge. This catastrophe is said to have taken place during the Satya yuga, in the reign of Satyavrata, who is usually identified as Saturn. Actually, it becomes apparent that the whole epoch named Satya yuga was the Age of Saturn as well as of the Deluge. Sir William Jones, who occupied himself mainly with comparative linguistics and with Hindu lore, expressed ...
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33. Astronomical Knowledge Before the Deluge [Velikovsky Archive Website]
... Astronomical Knowledge Before the Deluge In the Deluge a civilization was destroyed the real value of which is incalculable. Hebrew tradition estimates that the population of the ante-diluvian world ? amounted to millions.? Adam is said to have invented seventy languages; Cain, his son, built cities and monuments and ruled over kings. They were representatives of generations. According to Hebrew legends the Deluge and its time had already been predicted by Enoch, and even more ancient generations were said to have erected tablets with calendric and astronomical calculations predicting the catastrophe. (1) This might have been the knowledge of months, of years, and of the periods of comets that the remote generations had acquired. It was in the celestial harmony and disharmony that the secrets of the upheavals were conceived to lie. The science about the times in which calamity could return and fall on our Earth was cultivated among populations that had a vivid remembrance of days of misfortune or of lucky escape. It is told about the children of Seth, the son of Adam, that they were the ...
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34. The Light of the Seven Days [Velikovsky Archive Website]
... light of the seven days ? refers, in my view, to the seven days preceding the Flood that are referred to in the verse: ? For yet seven days, and I will cause it to rain upon the earth.... And it came to pass after seven days, that the waters of the Flood were upon the earth.? (Genesis 7: 4, 10) It is not explained in the text after seven days of what? But the rabbinical tradition relates that for seven days before the Deluge ? the people heard a great commotion in the heaven,? that signified ? the end of the age.? The Talmudic tradition that often reaches much farther into the past than better known sources, like the books of the Scriptures, reveals in this instance a memory not suspected at the reading of the seventh chapter of Genesis. But in view of what we have brought out until now, and what we intend to illuminate on the following pages, the blinding light preceding the Deluge by seven days is an interesting and ...
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35. Festivals of Light [Velikovsky Archive Website]
... Festivals of Light The Deluge and the seven days of brilliant light immediately preceding it were a universal experience, and they left indelible memories. Many of the religious rites and observances of all creeds go back to these events of the past in which the celestial gods Saturn and Jupiter were the main participants. Among the most ancient of all such observances were festivals of light of seven days ? duration, held in honor of Saturn. The ? seven days of light ? just before the Deluge overwhelmed the Earth are recreated in these feasts. (1) Herodotos describes a nocturnal light festival held each year at Sais in commemoration of Osiris ? death and resurrection. It was called the Feast of Lamps: There is one night on which the inhabitants all burn a multitude of lights in the open air round their houses.... These burn the whole night.... The Egyptians who are absent from the festival observe the night of the sacrifice, no less than the rest, by a general lighting of lamps; so that the illumination is ...
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36. World Catastrophes as Punishment [Velikovsky Archive Website]
... actually an injustice and mockery: it adds insult to injury. It is an assertion to justify the unseen power, that must be wise, good, and omnipotent; if such attributes are not the qualities of the deity, then all hope for an insurance against evil by righteousness is dissipating. But if the power against which man is pitted, is sensitive to the distinction of good and evil, then the only hope is to placate it by abstention from evil and furtherance of good. When the chronicler tells us that the Deluge was caused by the population of the world growing evil and that the Lord repented of his act of creation and decided to destroy it, he needs to ascribe to the animal world the same depravity and moral wretchedness that he ascribed to man. G. Couvier, paleontologist and catastrophist, asked with sarcasm: Was the fish free from ardent passions that it was spared in the common destruction? (But, to a great extent, it perished, too). Man grew evil, a catastrophe destroyed him, but did ...
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... Quantavolution.Org E-MAIL: TABLE OF CONTENTS CHAOS AND CREATION by Alfred de Grazia CHAPTER EIGHT SATURN'S CHILDREN The year 1977 marked the beginning of quantavolutionary publications about Saturn. Three articles appeared, written by David Talbott, by Dwardu Cardona, and jointly by Harold Tresman and B. O'Gheoghan. A few months later, Velikovsky, who had inspired the studies in each case, without participating in them released a fragment of his manuscripts on Saturn [1. "Two stars erupted from the planet Saturn and caused the Deluge." So states the Talmud, in Velikovsky's translation [2. This is one of the several principal conclusions reached by the other writers. Saturn was a second sun, shining by day and night upon Earth. The record of the star is preserved in the legends of every ancient people. It was the dominating star of its age and most of the basic mythology of the world is traceable to its varying aspects, behavior, and fate. After leaving its infinitely complex imprint upon Earth and mankind, Saturn exploded in a nova ...
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38. Vox Popvli [Aeon Journal $]
... from ancient testimony were presented to that effect. [5 Needless to say, this does not exclude the possibility that Earth, also, was enshrouded in a thicker atmospheric envelope than at present. Indeed, there is a possibility that Earth itself was enveloped within Saturn's own atmospheric shell. But, again, this is a subject which requires further study. Is it possible that debris from Saturn, or one of the other bodies composing the Saturnian configuration, could have seeded Earth's cloud cover to make it rain enough to produce a deluge vast enough to fill the ocean basins? That, of course, would depend on the constituents of the cloud cover, but the idea is not altogether impossible. What is possible, however, is not the issue here-- better to ask: is it probable? Immanuel Velikovsky himself was of the opinion that the flood waters originated from Saturn in the form of two watery filaments, one of which eventually collided with Earth. He, too, was of the opinion that the waters of the Atlantic, at least ...
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39. Saturn the God of Seeds [Velikovsky Archive Website]
... Saturn the God of Seeds Saturn was called ? the god of seeds ? or ? of sowing,? (1) also ? the lord of the fieldfruits.? (2) A Deluge destroying much faunal life must have caused a dissemination of plants: in many places new forms of vegetation must have sprouted from the rich soil fertilized by lava and mud; seeds were carried from all parts of the globe and in many instances, because of the change in climate, they were able to grow in new surroundings. The axis of the earth was displaced, the orbit changed, the speed of rotation altered, the conditions of irrigation became different, the composition of the atmosphere was not the same entirely new conditions of growth prevailed. Ovid thus describes the exuberant growth of vegetation following the Flood. ? After the old moisture remaining from the Flood had grown warm from the rays of the sun, the slime of the wet marshes swelled with heat, and the fertile seeds of life, nourished in that life-giving soil, as in a mother ? ...
Terms matched: 1  -  Score: 45  -  31 Aug 2000  -  9k  -  URL:
40. Saturn's Sacred Mountain [Catastrophism & Ancient History Journal $]
... Sacred Mountain Dwardu Cardona It was bad enough to see critics burden Immanuel Velikovsky with ideas he never really entertained, only to have them ridiculed together with the man who supposedly formulated them. It is however much worse to have a supporter ofthe man burden him in this manner, no matter what the intent may be. While he may have meant well, Charles Seitz is guilty of nothing less. According to Seitz: [1 Immanuel Velikovsky proposed that Saturn was in a stationary position at the North Pole until the time of the Deluge, when it became a nova. Behind Saturn was Jupiter and the rest of the planets. Where, may I ask, did Velikovsky ever propose anything of the sort? Not only were most of the ideas delineated above entirely alien to Velikovsky, he was emphatically against such notions when these were proposed by others. Parts of the above scenario were independently presented by David Talbott and myself. [2 Velikovsky, who was aware of our separate work, not only disagreed with both of us but actually disclaimed any connection with ...
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