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11. Khima and Kesil [SIS C&C Review $]
... From: SIS Review Vol III No 3 (Winter 1978/79) Home¦ Issue Contents Khima and Kesil Immanuel Velikovsky Copyright (c) 1978, 1979 I. VELIKOVSKY When identifying the biblical "Khima" as Saturn and "Kesil" as Mars, Dr Velikovsky promised support,for this interpretation in a later work. The paper below outlines the grounds on which these identifications were made. In the Tractate Brakhot of the Babylonian Talmud it is said that the Deluge was caused by two stars that fell from Khima toward the Earth. The statement reads: "When the Holy One decided to bring the Deluge on the Earth He took two stars from Khima and [hurling them against the Earth brought the Deluge on the Earth." [1 The sentence is said in the name of RABBI SAMUEL. This Rabbi Samuel was regarded as a great authority in the field of astronomy, actually as the Talmudic authority in this science. The Tractate Brakhot so explicitly points to the cause of the Deluge that, before classifying the narrative in Genesis in its ...
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... present heights, but rather were only then forming under catastrophic diastrophism. The Saturnian or Noachian Flood some thousands of years later than the postulated lunar tide also would have had major traits of a tidal disaster. Patten estimates aquatic tides of 5,000 to 10,000 feet above sea level and extensive tides of magma beneath the crust. This "breaking up of the fountains of the deep," he says, might account for 99.9% of the flood waters of the Great Flood of Noah, leaving only 0.1% as deluge waters from the skies. His schedule of events follows Davidson, Stibbs and Kevan and is useful [3. During forty days the rains fell. For another 110 days flood (tidal) waters continued to rise. Next, 74 days were occupied in the "going and decreasing." Not until another 40 days passed did Noah send out a raven. Then 21 days were taken to send out three successive doves. A further 86 days occurred before the total experience ended. Thus 371 days passed. If the Bible ...
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13. A Hebrew Cosmogony [Velikovsky Archive Website]
... skin. But Man did not keep the precepts of his Creator and a day came, and The sun had grown dark the instant Adam became guilty of disobedience. The flames of the ever-turning sword terrified Adam. In another legend it is told that celestial light shone a little while in the darkness. And then The celestial light ceased, to the consternation of Adam, who feared that the serpent would attack him in the dark. The illumination of the first period never returned. Anticipating the wickedness of the sinful generations of the deluge and the Tower of Babel, who were unworthy to enjoy the blessing of such light. God concealed it, but in the world to come it will appear to the pious in all its pristine glory. The sky that Man saw never appeared before him again. The firmament is not the same as the heavens of the first day. The moon was bigger before, and suddenly grew smaller, ? because he spake ill of the sun.? ? As a punishment thou mayest keep but one sixtieth of thy light. ...
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14. Nefilim [Velikovsky Archive Website]
... regarded as ? sons of God.? But if we are today on the eve of interplanetary travel, we must not declare as absolutely impossible the thought that this Earth was visited, ages ago, by some people from another planet. Or was this earth alone populated by intelligent beings? In my understanding this passage from the book of Genesis is a literary relic dealing with a visit of intelligent beings from another planet. It appears that the extraterrestrial visitors made their landing as if in advance knowledge of the impending catastrophe of the Deluge. (5) It could be that Jupiter and Saturn were approaching each other ever closer on their orbits and that a disruption of one of them was expected. (6) Possibly many centuries, or even millennia, passed between the landing and the Deluge. The mission could have been undertaken to ascertain the conditions on Earth. If it was an escape it could also have been from another catastrophe in the solar system, one of those that preceded the Deluge, like the one described as the dethronement and emasculation of ...
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15. Seventeen [Velikovsky Archive Website]
... Seventeen In the story of the Universal Deluge it is said: ? In the six hundredth year of Noah ? s life, in the second month, on the seventeenth day of the month, the same day were all the fountains of the great deep broken up, and the windows of heaven were opened.? (1) Five months later, according to the Book of Genesis, on the seventeenth day of the seventh month, the ark rested upon Ararat. In Egyptian religious belief Osiris was drowned ? on the seventeenth day of the month Athyr.? (2) The fast for Tammuz, commemorating his descent into the netherworld, began on the seventeenth of the month named for him. (3) Although the similarity of the Babylonian and Biblical versions of the story of the Deluge was repeatedly stressed, the significance of the number seventeen in the story of Tammuz in relation to the same number in the book of Genesis was not emphasized, or even noticed. The feast of Saturnalia began ? always on the 17th of December ? and ...
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16. I. Velikovsky: In the Beginning [Velikovsky Archive Website]
... IN THE BEGINNING by Immanuel Velikovsky Come, weigh me the weight of the fire or measure me the measure of the wind or recall me the day that is past. IV Ezra A Technical Note Introduction PART I: THE EARLY AGES The Hebrew Cosmogony Planet Ages Sabbath Deification of the Planets Uranus The Earth Without the Moon A Brighter Moon The Worship of the Moon The Pre-Adamite Age Giants Nefilim Astronomical Knowledge Before the Deluge PART II: SATURN AND THE FLOOD Deluge William Whiston and the Deluge Deluge and Comet Khima Saturnian Comets Saturn and the Deluge The Light of the Seven Days Nova ? Star of the Sun ? Arrival of the Waters The Deluge in Rabbinical Sources Hydrogen and Oxygen The Origin of the Oceans Saturn the God of Seeds The Worship of Saturn Seventeen Festivals of Light Saturn and Jupiter The Rings of Saturn Saturn ? s Golden Age Rainbow PART III: MERCURY AND MEMORY The Confusion of Languages Mercury PART IV: JUPITER OF THE THUNDERBOLT The Overthrow of the Cities of the Plain The Age of the Dead Sea The Great Rift and the Jordan The End of the ...
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17. Hydrogen and Oxygen [Velikovsky Archive Website]
... Hydrogen and Oxygen The conflict between the larger planets resulted in long-stretched filaments ejected by a disturbed Saturn to cross the Earth ? s orbit. The hydrogen of the planet combined with the oxygen of the terrestrial atmosphere in electrical discharges and turned into water. There are definite indications of a drastic drop in the atmospheric oxygen at the time of the Deluge for instance, the survivors of the catastrophe are said in many sources to have been unable to light fires. (1) The consumption of the oxygen in the air by its conversion into water could not fail to have a marked effect upon all that breathes. The animal life that survived needed to accomodate itself to the changed conditions. According to rabbinical sources, before the Deluge man was vegetarian; but the post-diluvian population did not continue the vegetarian habits of the ? sinful ? population of the earth. The Talmud and the Midrashim narrate that after the Deluge a carnivorous instinct was awakened in animal and man, and everyone had the impulse to bite. (2) The fear of you and the dread ...
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18. Khima [Velikovsky Archive Website]
... Khima In the Tractate Brakhot of the Babylonian Talmud it is said that the Deluge was caused by two stars that fell from Khima toward the earth. The statement reads: When the Holy One... wanted to bring a flood upon the world, He took two stars from Khima and brought a flood upon the world. (1) I have already mentioned that Rashi, the medieval exegete whose authority is unsurpassed among the rabbis, says that in the quoted sentence Khima means a star with a tail, or a comet. This explanation found its way into the works of several gentile theologians. (2) Should it be understood so that two large meteorites fell from a comet and falling on Earth caused tidal waves? Instances when meteorites fell while a comet was glowing in the sky are known, and the classic case is found in Aristotle. (3) Should a meteorite equal in mass to the one which by its impact formed the Arizona crater fall into the ocean, tidal waves of a wide spread would result, possibly circling the ...
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19. The Immanuel Velikovsky Archive [SIS Internet Digest $]
... , and contained frequent allusions to the earlier catastrophes; this work will probably never see publication. Other material included in this manuscript comes from Velikovsky's lectures and other scattered writings. Chapters include: Part I: the Early Ages. 1. The Hebrew Cosmogony 2. Planet Ages 3. Sabbath 4. Deification of the Planets 5. Uranus 6. The Earth Without the Moon 7. A Brighter Moon 8. The Worship of the Moon 9. The Pre-Adamite Age 10. Giants 11. Nefilim 12. Astronomical Knowledge Before the Deluge. Part II: Saturn and The Flood. Deluge. 1. William Whiston and the Deluge 2. Deluge and Comet 3. Khima 4. Saturnian Comets 5. Saturn and the Deluge 6. The Light of the Seven Days 7. Nova 8. "Star of the Sun" 9. Arrival of the Waters 10. The Deluge in Rabbinical Sources 11. Hydrogen and Oxygen 12. The Origin of the Oceans 13. Saturn the God of Seeds 14. The Worship of Saturn 15. Seventeen 16. Festivals ...
Terms matched: 1  -  Score: 90  -  05 Mar 2003  -  8k  -  URL:
... one concrete determinant in the institution of kingship. Everyone knows the ethnological cliche that agricultural peoples dependent on a single great river-system need to secure political harmony over a wide area of it, in order that control of the river's flow in one part not disturb it in another. This leads to the creation of an empire and the need for a human symbol by which its unity can be expressed, a single ruler. Here catastrophism gives an old cliche new force. Mythologies the world over imply that in the golden age before the deluge agriculture did not exist or was not widely used. Tales of abundant food and eternal spring suggest that in antediluvian times the incline of the earth's axis was much smaller and thus seasonal change more negligible; only after the seasons brought periods of hunger was it necessary to sow and reap. The specific mythology of Egypt implies that its empire was created in response to the deluge and shortly after it. Hence Osiris, the divine king associated by Velikovsky with the deluge, is among other things a culture-hero who teaches agricultural arts. ...
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