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... It is acceptable to me if millions of years are used to fill in the gaps between catastrophes." No doubt this view prevails among the scientists who are first to leave the fold of uniformitarianism. Of these, certain writers ascribe the catastrophes to extraterrestrial sources, such as Urey and Ager, others to internal stresses of the Earth. At the other extreme of catastrophism would be scientists such as Donald Patten, who holds closely to a time schedule permitted by the Bible. Calculating back from Biblical references, he hypothesizes the Universal Deluge of Noah (caused by a near passing astral body) at 2800 B. C. and then musters as much scientific evidence as he can to show that this is possible and provable. Patten also matches up other catastrophic references in the sacred scriptures to a set of dates involving planets Mercury and Mars between the Deluge and the seventh century B. C. Moreover, he adds a pre-Deluge, astrally caused catastrophe sometime within 100,000 years of the Deluge, that brought coal, oil, and other products and gases ...
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... the ithyphallic god Min. Shiva (the Hindu equivalent of Jupiter) emasculated himself when the realized that his creative ability had left him. The analogy of this legend with the end of the visible electric arc is plain. The golden Age of Saturn contrasts both culturally and physically with the bright harsh Age of Jupiter. We must explain brighter skies, a worsened climate, a larger role for sporadic electrical phenomena, and certain striking astronomical movements of Jupiter's "Olympian family", The Earth emerged from the magnetic tube following the Saturnian Deluge (about 5,700 BP) with its rotational axis forcibly relocated. While in the tube, it was constrained to maintain a magnetic axis along the tube's perimeter. Freed from the tube, the magnetic axis found a new alignment in the magnetic field induced by the apparent motion of the charged Sun about the Earth. This magnetism, albeit weak, established a new rotational pole on the Earth close to, if not coincident with the Earth's magnetic pole (see Lapointe et al.) A small tilt and a relatively ...
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103. Ice Cores and Common Sense Part 1 [Catastrophism & Ancient History Journal $]
... Collision scenario began appearing even before its publication in book form. This may have something to do with the fact that Velikovsky never finished the books describing these earlier catastrophes, because they make Worlds in Collision look pretty tame by comparison. Some day his executors may release the manuscripts of Jupiter of the Thunderbolt and Saturn and the Flood. In the meantime, some articles in Kronos provide a few details. Ice cores also have implications for claims of these earlier catastrophes, which I will review here. Chief among catastrophes was the biblical Deluge, which Velikovsky ascribed to an explosion of the planet Saturn that he called a "nova." "It is conceivable that the earth was, at that time, a satellite of Saturn, afterwards possibly becoming a satellite of Jupiter."[31 Shortly after the explosion the earth was enveloped in clouds of water or of hydrogen gas ejected from Saturn, which precipitated the Flood. "The volume of water on the earth was vastly increased.... [T he Atlantic Ocean... came to be ...
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... keep a hold on us, and they cannot be ultimately understood without the Egyptian elements they react to or incorporate. Through our habitation here the archaic American religions also have a kind of authority over us. To start with Egypt, then, The Old Kingdom precedes the catastrophes reconstructed in Worlds in Collision, and Velikovsky has promised a separate volume dealing with the earlier catastrophes [4 which Egyptians in the Old Kingdom were concerned to memorialize. All the religions I am using as examples make references to these earlier events, particularly the Deluge, but in none of the others are there religious texts available in materials which actually predate -1500. (Other cultures, such as the Sumerian, do possess such texts in abundance; Old Kingdom Egypt will suffice ice for one example here.) The events with which the Egyptians were obsessed from the beginning of their civilization were those of the Deluge, and it can be shown that there are three distinct words or phrases in hieroglyphic writing for a flood of water; one designating the annual inundation, a second the primeval ...
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... have been released. And from this, ancient man should have deduced that the column did contain a reservoir of water. Does the mytho-historical record meet this demand? We have already seen that, among the Australian Aborigines, the great python is the most impressive representative of the polar column. It is therefore significant that this python is not only believed to tower up to the level of the clouds, but that he also "brings about rain and flood." [117 The Efe pygmies of the Ituri forest tell of a deluge of water which gushed forth as a mighty river when their version of the Cosmic Tree, which was the polar column, was felled. [118 Similarly, the Arawak Indians of the Guinas tell of a wondrous tree which Sigu cut down. From its stump, water gushed out in such quantity as to cause a deluge. [119 This tale is also found among the traditions of the Cuna, who tell of their mischief-maker, the Tapir, chopping down the Saltwater Tree from which salt water gushed out to form the ...
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... In 1964, seven years after the first edition of Principia, Whiston, then a fellow of Cambridge University, became a devoted pupil of Newton, and two years later submitted to his master the manuscript of a book entitled New Theory of the Earth. The book was intended to replace the then popular Theory of the Earth (1681) by Thomas Burnet, and dealt with a theme with which Newton had been concerned for more than a score of years. This book contended that the cataclysm described in the Old Testament as universal Deluge was caused by the impact of a comet at the end of the third millennium B. C., and that up to the Deluge the solar year had the duration of 360 days only, yet the new calendar of 365 days had to wait to be introduced by Nabonassar (in 747 B. C.). These contentions were based mainly on historical evidence, whereas astronomical considerations were the main ground for suggesting that comets may become planets: Yet comets by passing through the planetary regions in all planets and directions. ...
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... on geology, ranging from Bishop Burnet's popular Sacred Theory of the Earth (which ran through seven editions between 1681 and 1753) to J. T. Klein's scholarly monograph on a single class of fossils, Dispositio Echinodermatum (1732). The Protestants were keen to demonstrate that God's handiwork was as easily seen in this world as in the next, and particularly they were eager to demonstrate the literal truth of a Bible which declared that God had not only created all the creatures of the earth, but had also brought down the Deluge to punish man for his sins. Shortly after the Glorious Revolution of 1688, when the Catholics were driven out of England, a rash of works appeared reconciling the book of Genesis with the new research into nature. The most successful of these was John Woodward's Essay towards a Natural History of the Earth, in which he explained the stratigraphic sequence of rocks by supposing that during Noah's flood, all the surface rocks of the earth had been dissolved by the sea, later to be gradually precipitated out into the stratigraphic sequences which ...
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... to the age of Kronos/Saturn.(27) In view of all this, it seems probable that the most prominent deity connected with Abram's early life was the planet Saturn. Jewish legend, if nothing else, intimates it. Does this mean that Abram lived during Saturn's Golden Age? Obviously not. What is implied is that Abram appeared on the stage of history not long after the close of that age. Again, Jewish legend hints at this when it presents Noah and his son Shem, survivors of the Saturnian Deluge, as still living in the days of Abram.(28) Whether this is taken seriously or not, what is important is that during Abram's early years Saturn still seems to have held the allegiance of the people. And with Saturn, as with any other deity, there were lesser gods personal gods, household gods. Allegiance to the gods, however, seems not to have been unanimous among the population of Ur, whichever Ur it might have been. There was one exception-- Abram himself. Early in ...
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109. Mercury [Velikovsky Archive Website]
... all peoples of antiquity; a special treatise could be written about this subject; I found the caduceus all around the world. (11) Mercury, or Hermes of the Greeks, was a messenger of the gods that speeded on his errand, sent by Jupiter. (12) Among the satellites that presently orbit each of the giant planets are bodies comparable in size to Mercury, or even larger. (13) Abraham Rockenbach, whose De Cometis Tractatus Novus Methodicus we had occasion to quote when investigating the causes of the Deluge, included in his treatise also the following entry: In the year of the world one thousand nine hundred and forty-four, two hundred and eighty-eight years after the Deluge, a comet was seen in Egypt of the nature of Saturn, in the vicinity of Cairo, in the constellation of Capricorn, and within the space of sixty-five days it traversed three signs in the sky. Confusions of languages and dispersals of peoples followed. On this the text of the eleventh chapter of Genesis speaks in more detail. (14) From ...
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... of material and their erratic deposition. Of many thousands of geological and atmospheric studies, is there one on the cosmic fossil cyclone? None, though we have mentioned the evidence of single fossil tornadoes. Yet we know the effects and conditions of cyclones, how they occur in multiples, of their transporting power, of their relation to volcanism and explosions, and of other characteristics that make them invariably part of a catastrophic scenario. In Solaria Binaria, Milton and I posit thousands of downbursting cyclones as the most logical means for a deluge to bring huge sky waters down to Earth, shaping itself thus with the help of the also inevitable electric discharges. Let us posit another example, trying to isolate fossil electrical discharges, while granting their presence in every high-energy expression. We would seek "Metamorphosed rock on one-fourth the prominences of a 100 km diameter mountain range, which is not otherwise metamorphosized." Or we might seek "non-assembled heavy biotic dissemination in contemporaneous sediments taking the form of fusain and calcination and extending over an area of 500 km diameter." ...
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