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1. The Mark Of The Beast [Kronos $]
... 20), aleph (1), lamed (3), samech (60), gimmel (3), aleph (1), resh (200), bet (2), aleph (1), sheen (300), vov (6), vet (2),= 666.(14) It might also be noted that, in addition to receiving the mark of the beast on their foreheads, initiates into the service of the Devil in the Middle Ages were obliged to tread the Cross underfoot.(15) The more prestigious the Cross used, the more efficacious the ritual, and most of all if a piece from the Cross on which Jesus was put to death were used. Not every location could provide such a relic, but here and there churches possess alleged fragments of the True Cross. In such cases, the church (and perhaps even the city) where these are preserved are named in honor of the Cross, although such a name does not guarantee the presence at any time of such ...
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2. The Enclosed Sun-Cross [The Saturn Myth] [Books]
... . Issuing from the polar centre (i.e., the central sun), the four rivers flow to the four corners of Saturn's Earth. The sign of the enclosed sun-cross, observes Cirlot, "expresses the original Oneness (symbolized by the centre)," and "the four radii... are the same as the four rivers which well up from the fons vitae..." (17) But if one myth identifies the arms of the sun-cross as four paradisal rivers, there are other interpretations of the cross as well, for this primal image produced a wide-ranging and coherent symbolism, as I shall now attempt to show. THE CROSSROADS From Saturn, the central sun, flowed four primary paths of light. In the myths these appear as four rivers, four winds, four streams of arrows, or four children, assistants, or light-spirits bearing the Saturnian seed (the life elements) through the four quarters of the celestial kingdom. The sun-crossand enclosed sun-cross, depicting the four life-bearing streams, thus serve as universal signs of the ...
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3. Notes and Queries [SIS C&C Review $]
... Andesite and basalt served as materials for everyday utility vessels for grinding or pulverising certain foods, spices, drugs, pigments, etc.' Useful references are A. Lucas, Ancient Egyptian Materials and Industries (4th ed., rev. by J.R. Harris, London, 1962) and P. Warren, 'The First Minoan Stone Vases', Kretika Chronika 19, 1965, pp. 7-43. John E. Dayton, Teneriffe Editor's note: see also Michael Rowland letter, p. 60. The strange history of Gerrards Cross Gerrards Cross, west of London, is a commuter village and home to city types and BMWs parked in driveways witha strange past. According to the official legend an early saint went on walkabout planting crosses at various places in England. This is a tale that disguises a deliberate act of sanctification of sites associated with devils. In other words, Banbury Cross and Gerrards Cross had pagan shrines which had remained active into the early medieval era. This is not surprising as the Chilterns are marginal land unsuitable for arable crops (until ...
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4. The Pecked Cross Symbol In Ancient America [Science Frontiers Website]
... Science Frontiers ONLINE No. 6: February 1979 Issue Contents Other pages Home Page Science Frontiers Online All Issues This Issue Sourcebook Project Sourcebook Subjects The Pecked Cross Symbol In Ancient America Twenty-nine instances of the so-called "pecked cross" have been collected by the authors of the present article. Usually consisting of two concentric circles centered on orthogonal axes, this cross design is found carved on rocks and in the floors of ceremonial buildings throughout Mesoamerica. Such a motif would ordinarily not evoke much comment, but here the figure is formed from many small, evenly spaced depressions so arranged as to hint at larger meanings. For example, many pecked crosses have 260 depressions, suggesting a calendric interpretation (i.e., the 260-day Mesoamerican cycle). On some occasions the cross arms are astronomically oriented. In addition, the holes may have been used to hold pieces in ritual games similar to patolli. The pecked crosses are widespread and were apparently quite significant to the ancient Mesoamericans. Perhaps, the authors suggest, the figures had a composite astronomical, calendric, and ritual ...
Terms matched: 1  -  Score: 90  -  29 Apr 2005  -  5k  -  URL:
5. Trisms and Planetary Iconography [The Velikovskian $]
... base) from Boeotia dated to the 7th century BC. It is, therefore, close in time and place to Figure 1, above, based on Velikovsky's chronology. At least two trisms appear in Figure 2: the W-shaped, extended arms of the "lady" and her heart-shaped face. Figure 1 Figure 2 Figure 3, is my sketch of a dove, an early Christian symbol of the Spiritus Sanctus, the Holy Ghost of the Trinity. Its W-like shape identifies it as a trism. Note its attachment to the cross and its presence within a starry background. Also note how the middle of the configuration resembles a fish, another major symbol of Christianity. Figure 4, is my sketch of the Hindu deity, Vishnu, incarnated as the god Krishna. In his right hand, Krishna holds a device that ends in a trism. In many works of art gods often appear holding such devices, their only significance-- to me-- appearing to be their configuration. Figure 5, above, is from an unpublished manuscript from the ...
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... the Maya of Classic times (300-900 A.D.) and of the Post-Classic period (900-1400 A.D.). We know this because the Classic and Post Classic Maya had a glyphic writing system, and in it the glyph collocation representing Venus includes the glyph for the color red. More specifically, the Lamat-Venus(1) glyph (T510)(2) is the glyph of the planet Venus,(3) an identification accepted by virtually every epigrapher concerned with the Maya glyphs. The basic form of the glyph a circled cross with a circlet in each quadrant-- is so widespread that it has the meaning "Morning Star" (which we usually interpret as Venus) among the Tarahumara of Northern Mexico.(4) The name that some Mayans have for Venus appears to have been borrowed by Tarascans (as far away as Michoacan, Mexico).(5) More relevant to the Maya area: "The red prefix is usually found with the Venus glyph (fig. 42, 31, 33), but rarely on the monuments ...
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7. The Saturn Thesis (Part 2) [Aeon Journal $]
... soul, of the king, thus causing his death. The strands of hair will be the rays of the heart-soul, and removal of the heart soul is the removal of Venus itself. (As I suggested above, the tri-form appears to be the unique form of Venus prior to departure from its position squarely in the center of Saturn.) But for now I think we should stop here, since other features of the evolving configuration are just as interesting and will give us the bigger picture we are looking for. EQUAL-LIMBED CROSS AEON: Without getting away from the bigger picture you refer to, can you at least tell us something concerning the relationship between the tri-form and the four-armed cross? Talbott: Though the configuration of the life-streams was not static, and there is more than one archetypal form of the Radiant Venus, the four-armed cross is certainly a Venus image par excellence. There is, however, a fascinating general distinction between the three-rayed star and the four-rayed star. A virtually universal rule is that the three-rayed star is a goddess archetype, ...
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8. Pluto's Rank Again - Needs Changing... [SIS Internet Digest $]
... A planet (Mustabarrumutanu) is shining brightly. TEXT: [If in the sky a meteor train which is like the meteor train from the Nasru-star,= from the KUR.MUSEN-star, appears from east to west: famine will be in the land. COM: This means: the Nasru-star produced (a meteor train) from the top; these look alike to him. TEXT: If in the sky a meteor train occurs from east to west (and) north to south (and) stands out (?) like a cross: the king of that land will die, and famine will seize (it ).COM: (This means) two stars flashed. In terms of the present discussion, the last line of text is most interesting. Could it not be read: If in the sky a comet tail appears from east to west and north to south and stands out like a cross? We know from modern observation that comets can produce jets of gas which radiate outward. We have learned from a 2,500 year old Chinese comet atlas ...
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9. Triangular Holes In Boulders [Science Frontiers Website]
... along a local creek when my attention was arrested by a -ton granite boulder in the creek bed. The boulder had 3 holes drilled in its face, about 6 inches apart, and all in a straight line. (See photo.) I had not noticed this boulder before, so I'm fairly confident it was uncovered by the storm's 10-inch deluge of rain. Because the three holes seemed too close together to be blasting holes, I took a closer look at them and was surprised to see that they had "trianguloid" cross sections rather than round ones. By "trianguloid" I mean the cross section was thus: Casts of the holes were made by using modeling clay. The expanded bases of the casts suggest that a shallow pit was pecked out of the granite before drilling began, and the constricted tips show that the first 3/4 inch of the drill bit was of a smaller diameter, perhaps to give it greater penetrating power so that the holes could be started more easily. The smaller "pilot" holes were also trianguloid in ...
Terms matched: 1  -  Score: 60  -  29 Apr 2005  -  6k  -  URL:
10. As the Cross of the Cardinal Points [Migration of Symbols (Book)] [Books]
... From: The Migration of Symbols and their Relation to Beliefs and Customs Home¦ Issue Contents SECTlON II As the Cross of the Cardinal Points Swastika as symbol- The Cross Symbol- Moslem symbol of cardinal points- Early man's discovery of cardinal points- Finger-posts of Hunters- Azihans and the sun- Ofnet cave-burial custom- The Cult of the West- Egyptian reference to Azilian custom- Dismemberment of Osiris- Osiris as "First of the Westerners"- Rival Cult of the East- How Egypt reveals the cardinal points- Egyptian winds and the Inundation- Pre-dynastic burial customs connected with North and South- The Northern stars- Pharaoh as the Pole star- Mariners and symbols- Sky-goddess and the cardinal points- Egyptian gods of Four Quarters. No doubt can remain that in the Old and New Worlds the swastika was a sacred symbol and therefore a "luck bringer". It was one of the several designs which meant something to the ancient peoples who adopted it, as it does to the modern peoples who continue to make use of it in a variety ...
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