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121. Akhnaten, Aten, and Venus Reconsidered [Journals] [Pensee]
... of- and extreme reaction against- the new faith. It is generally assumed that Amen represented the sun and Aten was merely the solar disc elevated to a new position of eminence by its royal patron. (Velikovsky maintains that the god Amen was Jupiter.) But what if Aten were actually a synthesis of the old solar theology with a new cosmological phenomenon of considerable impact?(1 ) If one is willing to accept Velikovsky's thesis of the recentness of Venus' joining the family of planets(2 ), the interesting possibility for a new hypothesis about the true meaning of Aten presents itself. Akhnaten with wife and daughter worshipping Aten. (el Amarna) According to Velikovsky ( ...
Terms matched: 1  -  Score: 28  -  05 Mar 2003  -  URL: /online/pubs/journals/pensee/ivr01/41akhnat.htm
... July mcmxxxvi First published in Mcmxliii (1943) by Faber and Faber Limited 24 Russell Square London W.C .1 Second revised and augmented edition mcmxlix Printed in Great Britain by R. MacLehose and Company Ltd All rights reserved Built Before the Flood The Problem of the Tiahuanaco Ruins By H. S. Bellamy CONTENTS Preface The Inter-Andean Altiplano Cosmological Considerations An Ancient Refuge of Man The Rise of a New Culture The Enigma of Tiahuanaco The Mightiest Stones in the World The Problems of the Slanting Strandline The Selection of the Site The End of a World The Calendar of Kalasasaya Postscript Bibliography Index DIAGRAMS The diagrams of the sculptures on the Calendar Gate were drawn by the author from special rubbings ...
Terms matched: 1  -  Score: 28  -  26 Mar 2007  -  URL: /online/pubs/books/bellamy/flood/index.htm
123. Aeon Volume VI, Number 5: Contents [Journals] [Aeon]
... cue from a previous study of Wolfe Creek Crater by Louis Hissink, it is here argued that the lunar Mare Imbrium shows evidence of having been excavated by a cosmic electric discharge. News by Tania Te Maria Newest Member Of Our Solar System Page 7 More Astronomical Mysteries Page 17 Cometary Jets Page 54 Primate Perception of Celestial Events page 75 Plasma Cosmology Comes Of Age page 142 Contributors Mel Acheson graduated from the University of Arizona in Tucson in 1965 where he studied astronomy, physics, and mathematics. The major influence in his life, however, came from his advisor who warned him not to get mixed up in philosophy, and from his future wife, who introduced him to Immanuel ...
Terms matched: 1  -  Score: 28  -  12 Apr 2007  -  URL: /online/pubs/journals/aeon/vol0605/index.htm
124. Orphic Hymns And Astronomy [Journals] [Kronos]
... From: Kronos Vol. VI No. 4 (Summer 1981) Home | Issue Contents Orphic Hymns And Astronomy Livio C. Stecchini Copyright (C ) 1981 by the Estate of Livio C. Stecchini Greeks of classical times assigned great importance to a body of religious literature known as Orphic Hymns, which dealt with cosmology and were understood to have originated in archaic times. Up to now, the Orphic Hymns have been analyzed by scholars of religion and literature; but, recently (Athens, 1967), an astronomer of the Observatory of Athens, Constantine S. Chassapis, published a monograph, Greek Astronomy of the Second Millennium B. C. According to the Orphic ...
Terms matched: 1  -  Score: 28  -  05 Mar 2003  -  URL: /online/pubs/journals/kronos/vol0604/003hymns.htm
125. Variations on a Theme of Philolaos [Journals] [Kronos]
... in later accounts by other writers and in a score or so of "fragments" (that is, direct quotations attributed to Philolaos himself). There has been much controversy about the authenticity of the fragments, but that controversy is of little importance here: except for several brief allusions in the fragments, all of our information about the cosmology of Philolaos is from the later accounts in their own words by a number of other ancient writers, of whom perhaps Aetius deserves special mention. According to the conventional interpretation, the system of Philolaos had Earth in orbit around a Central Fire, with the same face turned at all times toward that Central Fire. Those living on the ...
Terms matched: 1  -  Score: 28  -  05 Mar 2003  -  URL: /online/pubs/journals/kronos/vol0501/012theme.htm
... the field, except for occasional adverse comment about scattered points over matters where differing interpretations are possible by any standard. Such hesitation is peculiar since the thesis here is constructed quite independently from the arguments put forth in Worlds in Collision and Earth in Upheaval. Though both studies started from the same investigation, conceivably Velikovsky could be entirely wrong about cosmology without affecting his chronology at all. On the other hand, a portion of the evidence used to buttress his cosmology depends on the correctness of the chronological reconstruction. Hence, the volumes have been delayed so that they could be all the more carefully completed, drawing from the widest variety of sources, in order to spell out precisely ...
Terms matched: 1  -  Score: 28  -  19 Jun 2005  -  URL: /online/pubs/articles/zetetic/issue3-4.htm
127. CANEPA: BOOK REVIEW [Journals] [Aeon]
... comets is concerned, Hughes satisfies himself with the postulated Oort-pik belt and the Kuiper cloud. As for the book itself, Hughes has high praise for it and calls it "a magnum opus that seemingly leaves no stone unturned" and "an authoritative, well-referenced, well-illustrated, comprehensive and profound review of an extremely complex but fascinating topic in cosmology." Another favorable review by the Czechoslovakian astronomer Lubor Kresak appeared in Sky & Telescope (April 1991:384). Despite some mild criticism, mainly concerning the lack of specific information about individual comets, Kresak concluded that the work, with its over 1200 references, remains an indispensable tool for the serious researcher. A third review ...
Terms matched: 1  -  Score: 28  -  30 Jul 2008  -  URL: /online/pubs/journals/aeon/vol0305/099book2.htm
128. Letters [Journals] [SIS Workshop]
... ignorance or oversight, the parallel has again gone unmentioned. "Velikovsky's Comet" anticipated Hoyle's on at least two points: not only is it made responsible for Pharaoh's afflictions but it is also suggested as the cause of an otherwise difficult-to-explain rise in the level of the ocean. The specialists from British and foreign universities who have been examining Velikovsky's cosmological and historical theories in the SIS REVIEW are building a powerful case against the over-hasty dismissal his ideas originally met with - Sir Fred's empirical conclusions can only strengthen it. Yours faithfully, (signed) R. M. Lowery - Editor, SISR Sir, Mr. N. P. Warren is probably not alone in finding Violation of ...
Terms matched: 1  -  Score: 28  -  05 Mar 2003  -  URL: /online/pubs/journals/workshop/no3/16letts.htm
129. Annotated Bibliography for Catastrophism [Journals] [SIS Internet Digest]
... references. I've tried to emphasize the lesser-known catastrophist literature since devotees of Velikovsky often don't realize just how derivative of earlier catastrophists Velikovsky's work really was." Copyright © 1995 by Philip R. Burns. Bellamy, Hans Schindler. Moons, Myths, and Man. Faber and Faber, London, 1936. Bellamy, following the "ice cosmology" of Hoerbiger, suggested that humans had experienced two major catastrophes in the last 50,000 years. The first was the disintegration and impact of the earth's previous moon. The second was the capture of the earth's current moon. Bellamy collated hundreds of myths from all over the world to support his ideas. Velikovsky used a number ...
Terms matched: 1  -  Score: 28  -  05 Mar 2003  -  URL: /online/pubs/journals/i-digest/1996-1/04anno.htm
... beginning, as the first glimpse they got of the true and hidden heavens in the polar star-hole. A little thing that posed among the arches, and grew and grew till it became the vast visible universe. One of the strange facts accessible to the common reader but quite overlooked is the universal absence of the true sun from the ancient cosmologies, and at the same time a direct or indirect allusion to the stars. I may here recall the very strange fact that the sun and moon are not mentioned in the cosmogonic narrative of Genesis, while the stars are particularly alluded to. The statement runs: "And God said ' Let there be lights in the firmament of ...
Terms matched: 1  -  Score: 27  -  19 Jun 2005  -  URL: /online/pubs/books/vail/heavens.htm
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