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... who flourished c. 311-298 B.C.), both treat myth as veiled history. More than anything else, Donnelly's euhemeristic interpretation of myth is responsible for his theory of celestial catastrophism. Donnelly's theory is an extension of his investigation of the Atlantis myth, which is the subject of his first book, Atlantis: The Antediluvian World (1882). Like Velikovsky, who developed his theory while reconstructing ancient Near East history, Donnelly's catastrophism is an extension of his fascinating synthesis. Whereas Velikovsky is led to follow the tale of a comet beginning with Moses and the Exodus, Donnelly's story begins with Plato and the destruction of Atlantis. Donnelly's theory, in capsule form, maintains that Atlantis was destroyed when, in his Velikovsky-like words (published sixty-seven years before Worlds in Collision), "a serpent-like comet struck the earth".(12) Additionally, like Velikovsky, Donnelly says-- "This long trailing object in the skies was probably the origin of that primeval serpent-worship found all over the world."(13) Similar to Velikovsky, he speaks ...
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... obviously affects man in many ways.(42) So says a pioneering biologist and anthropologist. Now, if a relatively small charged body like the Moon can disturb human behaviour, imagine the lunatic frenzies able to be caused by Mars and Venus, which have much greater masses. When I speak of planetary lunacy, it should be understood that I do not refer to fear and desperation at impending disaster seen in the approach of a fiery body in the sky, for that is a psychological phenomenon which occurs even today when a comet is seen.(43) The kind I mean is physical, caused by drastic changes in the terrestrial magnetic field, which produce an alteration in the electromagnetic balance of the body and result, as the American Institute of Medical Climatology noted in its report on the full moon,(44) in psychotic behaviour of a destructive kind, such as arson, destructive driving, aggravated attack and homicidal alcoholism. This is similar to the response of peoples witnessing approaching planets, as cited in Worlds in Collision, where we are ...
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283. Monitor [SIS C&C Review $]
... Japanese astronomers has discovered a form of X-ray emission which seems to come from high speed electrons racing through a magnetic field at the edge of the shock wave of a nearby supernova, confirming theories that cosmic rays originate in supernova explosions. Meanwhile a large burst of X-rays from a bright star which normally gives out an unvarying stream of X-rays remains unexplained, as also a sudden X-ray beacon from the centre of our Galaxy. The Washington Post 5.4.96 Mystery X-rays were also detected, in the form of a crescent on the sunward side of Comet Hyakutaki, the recent new comet named after its Japanese discoverer. First sighted in January, the comet went on to become the most spectacular for twenty years, being visible with the naked eye during March and April. Astronomers are hard put to explain how a dirty ball of ice could produce one of the most energetic forms of electromagnetic radiation. Comets and asteroids unlimited New Scientist 23/30.12.95, p. 11, 9.3.96, p. 20 and 16.3.96, p. 96; Scientific American October 1996, p. 13 ...
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284. Morning Star* [Aeon Journal $]
... to conduct in honor of this star: "The actual time of the performance of the sacrifice is not fully known, but it seems to have been made in the late spring or summer of years when Mars was morning star. It was usually made as the result of a dream or vision in which the Morning Star appeared to some warrior and demanded it, but it might also be made as a result of some sign in the star itself, as when it appeared especially bright, or in years when there was a comet in the sky." (39) And it is this particular passage that Velikovsky tampered with. In his work he has it stated that "A human offering was sacrificed when Venus 'appeared especially bright or in years when there was a comet in the sky'," (40) which statement was unfortunately repeated by Lewis Greenberg and Warner Sizemore in an early work of theirs. (41) But, as can be readily seen from the actual quote above, the Morning Star in question is specified as having been ...
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285. Discussion [Aeon Journal $]
... obvious, however. That is, how was Venus introduced into the solar system, even if it did take place 2 billion years after Earth was here, and without affecting Earth. The heart of the matter is that the basic axiom of conventional astronomy, that all the planets and moons formed at one time 4.5 billion years ago, is simply not true. In a nut shell, the entire basis of traditional modern astronomy begs a seriously different and new approach. This result is one of the main points of my new comet theory which details how comets are captured into the solar system, and one by one become the planets, moons and asteroids. (19) Another example of denial by today's mainstream astronomers is found in the May 1990 Astronomy magazine article "Solar System Chaos". Watch as the terms coined by Velikovsky are freely borrowed and then denied. Regarding work of Peter Goldreich and Scott Trumaine (of the shepherding moon theory fame) and others, the article states: "As used by astronomers, the word chaos denotes an abrupt ...
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286. Beyond Bauer [Aeon Journal $]
... ) Past catastrophes were so threatening to mankind that overt reminders of them are suppressed, though they are described in more or less veiled form in common legends and traditions. The refusal to see descriptions of these actual catastrophes in the ancient writings is a result of psychological suppression, of collective amnesia; (4) The catastrophes resulted from near approaches of heavenly bodies to the earth; (5) Legends of gods fighting and courting reflect actual encounters between heavenly bodies; (6) The major catastrophes resulted from near approaches of a comet, which produced world conflagration, a long period of darkness, floods, hurricanes; the duration of the year was altered (it was at one time exactly 360 days); the earth's axis was tilted, or its rotation slowed, during Joshua's miracle; electromagnetic forces were important; (7) The comet settled into orbit around the sun as the planet Venus; (8) There is a continuing terror of comets among mankind as a result of these unconsciously remembered events; (9) The catastrophes can be used ...
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287. The Birth of Monotheism [Velikovsky Archive Website]
... the close of the Old Kingdom in Egypt. In that period Jupiter became the supreme deity having removed Saturn from its orbit. Meichizedek was the priest of the ? Most High ? the name by which Jupiter was known to the Greeks: ? all-highest, mighty Zeus.? (10) The end of the Middle Kingdom in Egypt was caused by a new world catastrophe: a period of a few centuries only intervened between this catastrophe and the previous one caused by Jupiter. Actually it was caused again by Jupiter, because the comet Venus was expelled from its body; this expulsion followed the contact of Saturn and Jupiter, and the fantasy of the peoples regarded Venus as a child of Jupiter, conceived to him by Saturn. But more than this origin of Venus, the fact that the peoples of the entire earth were confused and in many instances regarded Zeus-Jupiter as the planetary god that battled with the pillar of smoke or the trail of the comet, was of far-reaching consequences for the development of religion and the progress toward monotheism. Yahwe was the name ...
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288. Suns and Planets in Neolithic Rock Art [Maverick Science Website]
... the eight-spoked "wheel", see Figures 47 and 371; for rosette-like images see Figures 76, 85, and 275. Examples of the "sun" with rays, "sun" with central dot, and "sun" with pillar can be found on virtually every page of this book. 54 Quoted in A. Aveni, "Venus and the Maya," American Scientist 67 (May/June, 1979), p. 274. 55 D. Talbott& E. Cochrane, "When Venus was a Comet," Kronos XII:1 (Winter 1987), pp. 2-24. 56 E. Thompson, Maya Hieroglyphic Writing (Norman, 1975), p. 218. Similar names for Venus will be found around the world. The Polynesian Islanders, for example, refer to Venus as Hokutoa, "Great Star". M. Makemson, The Morning Star Rises (New Haven, 1941), pp. 141, 193-4, 207. 57 L. Sejourne, Burning Water (Berkeley, 1976), p ...
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289. Monitor [SIS C&C Workshop $]
... Greenland Dye 3 ice core, ocean sediments, bristlecone pine rings, and the revised late-glacial Swedish varve chronology. He indicates that the Rose and Vaughan theory requires Earth to be closer to the Sun than Venus is now, an "untenable condition", and the absence of major markers such as the iridium and soot that mark the Cretaceous-Tertiary divide [an "event" which could, of course, have been Velikovsky-type. Ellenberger then airs one constructive suggestion, made to him by John D.Weir, namely that a formerly very bright comet may have periodically altered the brightness of the sky- and this would affect the dates of appearance and disappearance of Venus on the Tablets. The Encke comet, as per the Clube and Napier hypothesis, would be just such an agent. Cretaceous Catastrophe source: INTERNATIONAL HERALD TRIBUNE 5/6.10.86 We reported in WORKSHOP 6:3, p.23, on the evidence of soot in the boundary clays of the Cretaceous-Tertiary divide and the support this lends to a catastrophist explanation for this "event". The circumstances of the find are ...
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290. Venus Before Exodus [SIS C&C Workshop $]
... to the Exodus incident. From Egypt we have the cow goddess Hathor, who is Venus, prominent in Old Kingdom times; from early Sumer their Venus was also a cow goddess, Inanna [37. Some of you will have heard Elizabeth Chesley-Baitty speak here on her studies of the fire-bull ritual, and will remember how she said "something must have really frightened them" in explanation for this widespread practice. This is also the theme of Zvi Rix's "Great Terror", an article concerning the terror effect of the Venus comet which he wrote for Kronos [38. Another of Rix's ideas was that of a "phallic" Venus-comet [39. Martin Sieff has brilliantly combined these ideas to account for the practice of circumcision. You see, Abraham, Ishmael, and all of Abraham's men are circumcised en masse, three days before Venus destroys Sodom and Gomorrah. There are a number of fascinating insights into this from Jewish legends. One tells that Abraham sought advice from his Amorite friends Eshcol, Aner and Mamre before the circumcision as regards what action ...
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