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... first public meeting of the S.I.S. outside London since the Glasgow Conference. Held in a lecture theatre of Trent Polytechnic (Nottingham), under the title "Global Catastrophes: New Evidence from Astronomy, Biology and Archaeology", the aim was to present broad reviews of the recent and accumulating evidence for global catastrophism by specialists in those three disciplines. The result was a day of highly informative lectures and debates. One especially encouraging feature was the ability of the lectures to cross-reference and correlate their respective subjects. A different sky Halley's Comet The first speaker was the distinguished astronomer Dr Victor Clube, a Principal Senior Scientific Officer at the Royal Observatory, Edinburgh. His work with Dr Bill Napier, published as The Cosmic Serpent in 1982 and outlined in an address to the Society in the same year (see "Focus", SISR V:3, pp. 73-4), has proved to be something of a bombshell to both the uniformitarian and catastrophist schools of thought. Dr Clube's talk, "Comets- the cause of historic and prehistoric catastrophes", ...
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... and Catastrophism Workshop 1992 No 2 (Jan 1993) Home¦ Issue Contents Darkness Over Sinai (Where was Moses when the light went out?) By David A. Slade In Jewish tradition the Israelites did not see the face of the Sun during the wandering in the desert because of clouds. They were also unable to orientate themselves on their march. No cause is given for these overcast conditions. This forty year-long obscuration is considered by Velikovsky as being due to multiple prolonged volcanic eruptions and the gaseous tail of a great cinder-trailing comet [1. The degree of 'darkness' is not known, but it is common knowledge that cloud cover during normal storm conditions makes observations of the Sun, Moon and stars impossible. As all record of the passage of time has to be based on observation of these bodies, the question arises as to just how this was done in darkness. How did the Israelites know they were forty years in the desert? How did Moses know he was a year older? How long were these 'years'? As though the ...
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243. Mountains of Creation Create a Comet [Thunderbolts Website]
... archive subject index abstract archive Links: Holoscience Electric Cosmos The Universe Plasma Cosmology Society for Interdisciplinary Studies educational resources Aeon Journal Thunderbolts of the Gods is a 108 page 8-1/2 x 11 full color monograph based on the life work of the two authors --a revolutionary synthesis of comparative mythology and the newly-discovered "Electric Universe". The Monograph includes an hour-long DVD introducing various aspects of the Electric Universe explained by members of the Thunderbolts Group. More Information Book Synopsis Read Chapter One Order Link Nov 22, 2005 Mountains of Creation Create a Comet Popular theories dominated by metaphors of weather and weathering fail to apprehend actual conditions. An awareness of plasma behavior makes possible a more realistic view. The popular theories of star formation see in this image “thick and turbulent clouds of gas and dust” that are “being sculpted into pillars by radiation and winds from hot, massive stars.” “Radiation and winds from the massive stars subsequently blast the cloudy material outward, so that only the densest pillar-shaped clumps of material remain. The process is akin to the formation of ...
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... . For Spedicato, who 'acknowledges stimulating discussions with... Victor Clube' [6 and others, the link is still current. One error in Spedicato's paper concerns the Barringer object, a large meteorite of the iron-rich variety (a siderite) which impacted explosively in Arizona some tens of thousands of years ago. Spedicato conjectures that it could have been one of the disintegrating fragments of Clube and Napier's original supercomet [7. They are partly responsible for his error, since they base their calculation for the size distribution of large comet fragments on the Arizona meteorite [8. The problem, presumably a fatal one, is that such large, metal-rich bodies can only occur, it is believed, in the differentiated cores of bodies such as the larger asteroids [9. An icy body of the size postulated by Clube and Napier- 50 km in diameter- could not possibly evolve in such a way: not even Chiron, which might be loosely regarded as an immense comet (250 km in diameter), is big enough. Section 3 of the ...
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245. An Interim Reply To Weir [Kronos $]
... that the eccentricity of Earth may have been at least five or six times the present eccentricity. In any event, if the eccentricity of either planet was radically different from its present eccentricity, any retrocalculation of disappearances and appearances would clearly be ruled out by some eccentricity-reducing event or process subsequent to the observations. These are the four ideas mentioned in Weir's letter in KRONOS XI:2. A further idea of Weir's was mentioned by Ellenberger in Nature (21 November 1985, page 204). This idea is that a very bright comet periodically increased the brightness of the sky, and thereby altered viewing conditions. But this suggestion will not explain the Venus tablets. Such a comet might have made "seeing" more difficult, and might therefore have lengthened some of the periods of invisibility. In terms of the present orbits, however, many invisibilities on the Venus tablets are too short, and many others are wrongly placed. Only if Earth was on a different orbit at the time of the observations can we make sense of these latter sorts of invisibilities. ...
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246. Monitor [SIS C&C Workshop $]
... known as Hiawatha. Their greatest enemy was Atotarhoh who was so evil that his body was twisted in seven places and snakes grew from his hair. The hero's name is derived from the fact that he combed the snakes out. Catastrophic asteroid swarms Scientific American May 1992, p. 93 and The Age 21.9.91 An unusual new asteroid has proved to have an almost identical orbit to that of a large asteroid called Icarus discovered 40 years ago. An Australian astronomer says this indicates that they are both derived from the break up of a comet 'within the past few thousand years'. Dr Steel considers the distinction between comets and asteroids is largely arbitrary and refers to the new scientific discipline of catastrophism, with serious discussion about comet swarms and multiple impacts. Recent findings in Yucatan and Quebec also indicate that mass extinctions are caused by multiple impacts by 'killer comets'. Philip Morrison, reviewing a book about comets says: 'Comets are as disorderly and ominous as the ancients held....' Venus unveiled New Scientist 15.6.91, p. 24; 4.4.92, p ...
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247. Mountains of Creation Create a Comet [Thunderbolts Website]
... home updates news and views picture of the day resources team a role for you contact us picture of the day archive subject index subject abstracts Credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech/Harvard-Smithsonian CfA/ESA/STScI Jul 18, 2006 Mountains of Creation Create a Comet Popular theories dominated by metaphors of weather and weathering fail to apprehend actual conditions. An awareness of plasma behavior makes possible a more realistic view. The popular theories of star formation see in this image “thick and turbulent clouds of gas and dust” that are “being sculpted into pillars by radiation and winds from hot, massive stars.” “Radiation and winds from the massive stars subsequently blast the cloudy material outward, so that only the densest pillar-shaped clumps of material remain. The process is akin to the formation of desert mesas, which are made up of dense rock that resisted water and wind erosion.... [T he pillars eventually become dense enough to spur the birth of a second generation of stars.” The unreliable confidence that arises from having only one model with which ...
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248. The Birth and Odyssey of Halley's comet [Catastrophism & Ancient History Journal $]
... From: Catastrophism and Ancient History XIII:2 (July 1991) Home¦ Issue Contents INTERACTION The Birth and Odyssey of Halley's comet Robert de Telder "The birth and Odyssey of Halley's comet," Donald Wesley Patten and Samuel Ronald Windsor in C&AH Volume XI, part I In their fascinating article, especially about the MEGA-catastrophes in 864 B.C., 1404 B.C., 1944 B.C. and 2,484 B.C., the authors used the shortened Hebrew Kings list of Thiele to describe certain events that took place with the MEGA-catastrophes. Following the naturally stretched out biblical chronology of the Israeli kings as published in Volume X part 2 we arrive at some interesting occurrences that happened in especially 864 B.C. 864 B.C. falls within the reigns of Jehu and Jehoash --revised-- Jehu: 881 until 853; Jehoash: 875 until 836. Nothing seems to have happened halfway between the reigns of these two kings. However linking the Assyrian Shalmaneser III to the revised reign years of Jehu we arrive at the years 898/864 for Shalmaneser III. ...
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... give asymmetry, eg: the Anaxagoras crater [see, lunar corkscrew crater, Tharsis Tholus [eg see The asteroid Mathilda has a crater almost equal to its radius [eg see which, if it was an impact, looks as if it should have broken it apart. And the asteroid Eros also shows some unexplained surface features [see: Comet jets are supposedly material subliming from their surface [eg see Giotto's image of Halley's Comet at, but Wal suggests that the jets are actually cathode arcs, due to the comet moving radially to the Sun in which the comet's voltage is changing. Meteorites often contain crystals, condules and isotopic anomalies which Wal suggests were due to them being struck by cosmic lightning bolts in space. Meteor Crater in Arizona [ shows features associated with electrical arcs, including: fulgarites [eg see ...
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250. Annotated Bibliography for Catastrophism [SIS Internet Digest $]
... and impact of the earth's previous moon. The second was the capture of the earth's current moon. Bellamy collated hundreds of myths from all over the world to support his ideas. Velikovsky used a number of these myths in Worlds in Collision. Braghine, Alexander. The Shadow of Atlantis. Dutton, New York, 1940. Braghine collates geological, astronomical, historical, and mythological evidence to support the idea of at least one and possibly two global catastrophes having been witnessed by humans during the Holocene. He suggested that a giant comet entering the inner solar system around 4,000 B.C. altered the orbits of the earth and Venus, at least, and also caused a variety of cataclysmic events on the earth itself. Braghine was aware of the dating problems associated with catastrophes, so he was willing to credit the ideas of Bellamy and others who suggested an earlier catastrophe around 9,000 to 10,000 B.C. Much of the material presented in Braghine appears in Velikovsky's later works, although Velikovsky never mentions Braghine. Carli, Comte Giovanni Rinaldo. ...
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