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... number of EduTours- educational excursions to archaeological sites of interest to our members, readers, students, and general public. In the Fall we are planning another EduTour to the southern climate and seashores of the Yucatan peninsula. [Now is the time for readers to consider the tour because of the advanced planning time required.We fly first to the city of Merida, capital of the Yucatan, this Mexican land of ancient pyramids and temples. We will stay at the Hotel Colon, a pleasant old hotel with marble floors and columns, brightly colored ceramic tiles and grand piano-bar in the lobby. The hotel staff makes guests feet at home with polite, pleasant, and good service at the outdoor pool and gardens, the suana and steam-bath rooms, and at the patio restaurant. But enough about the comforts for now. What about the adventure? The eight-day EduTour will include the best-known sites in the region- Uxmal, Chichen Itza, Kabah, Sayil, Labna and Xlapac- plus some not so heavily toured ruins- Chichen Viejo, Mayapan. and ...
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42. Bent Magic [Science Frontiers Website]
... the most blasť of us. (SF#127) Take, for example, the 8 x 8 extra-magic square displayed below. 17 47 30 36 21 43* 26 40 32 34 19 45 28* 38 23 41 33 31 46 20* 37 27 42 24 48 18 35* 29 44 22 39 25 49 15 62* 4 53 11 58 8 64 2 51 13* 60 6 55 9 1 63 14 52 5* 59 10 56 16 50 3 61 12 54* 7 57 All rows and columns add up to 260, although the two diagonals do not. This deficiency would seem to greatly diminish the square's magickness. But get out your calculator and add up the numbers in those two blunt chevrons marked by and*. They add up to 260, so does an (uncoded) S-shaped column beginning with 36. Its mirror image beginning with 21 also yields 260. But wait, there's more, as the TV adds I! shout, the four "bent" columns can each be slid to right or left ...
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43. Sacred Science Institute [SIS Internet Digest $]
... ; The Lost Sign Now Represented As Libra; Dagon; Reign Of Law; Signs Of Zodiac In Euphratean Art. CAT#191 $44.44 The Numeration, Calendar Systems& Astronomical Knowledge Of The Mayas by Charles P. Bowditch: 1910 346p. 64 Illustrations, 33 Tables, 19 Plates. Originally Printed By Cambridge University Press For The Use Of The Peabody Museum Of Harvard University. An Extraordinary& Exhaustive Work On Mayan Cosmology, Like No Other! Contents: Sources Of Information; Day Signs In Codices; Day Forms In Columns; Day Series Continuous; Lanes& Dots In Mayan Numeration; Red Day Numbers 1-13; Columns& Rows Of Numbers; Direction Of Reading Numbers; Scattered Numbers; 20; Numeration By Position; Long Numerical Series Of Codices; Uinal; Kin; Tun; Katun; Black Numbers; Uinal Or Month Signs In Codices; Names Of Months; Day Numbers Of Beginning Of Month; Year 7 Calendar Round; 52 Year Period; Year Bearers; Goodman's Plan; Distinction Between Year& Calendar; Higher Numbers Of Codices; Table ...
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... in the calendar. On matters of language and orthography, I have drawn heavily on MacNeill's work. With regard to the latter MacNeill declared: The language of the Calendar was easily recognized to be Celtic and the fragments constitute the sole extant document of Celtic language that has come down from an earlier time than the oldest manuscript remains of Irish. [p. 1 As to the description of the document itself: [It was a table of 62 consecutive months, including two intercalary months. The tablet was divided into 16 vertical columns. Each column contained the tables of four months, except columns 1 and 9, each of which began with an intercalary month and contained the tables of two other months. [p. 1 (See Table A.) MacNeill provided a description of the general content of a typical month: The [date numbers are in vertical alignment on the left of the table of each month, from I to XV. Beneath the line of the 15th day, every month has a subheading ATENOVX, and beneath this the numbers ...
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45. The Cycle of 320 Days [Aeon Journal $]
... in the last part of an old era with its special cycles of time, such as would relate to Earth's rotation and other factors. The Persistence of the Year of 320 Days It seems that the available evidence places the life of Tefibi in a specific slot in the historical context. Presumably, this context also has an astronomical, or at least geophysical, aspect. With this in mind, the second source of information implying a royal year of 320 days may be considered. The coffin lid of Tefibi is illustrated with 32 columns for periods of 10 days each, [27 totaling a year of 320 days. In the era of Dynasties 9 to 12 inclusive, Dynasties 11, 12, and 13 constituting the Middle Kingdom, the coffin lids of some notables were painted with diagrammatic scenes of nightly shifting stars. In these calendars, there were generally 36 columns representing 36 periods of 10 days each. [28 Extra columns at the end to the left are interpreted as indicating intercalary or epagomenal days. [29 The 12 horizontal rows in the diagram ...
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... world pillar was how to connect something-that-was to something-that-wasn't-- i.e., how to connect the Earth's horizon by a visible pillar to a reflection at the zenith. There was nothing on Earth that could have reflected itself as a column in the sky that would have appeared to connect the central sun god to the horizon. He was therefore forced to assume that the world pillar had to have been a physical reality no matter how ethereal in substance. He thus came up with surplus gases escaping from the polar regions extending upward in columnar majesty, entwined by altered earth-bound particles emanating from the Sun. (81) In effect, then, the world pillar was merely a column of auroral light-- and that is precisely what Zysman calls it. (82) This pillar, according to him, would have extended so high-- anything up to 8000 kilometers (83)-- that it would have appeared to reach the zenith "where, depending on the observer's location...the axis would appear to approach or touch the base of the Earth's ...
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47. Chapter X: the Solar Temple of Amen-ra At Karnak [Dawn of Astronomy (Book)] [Books]
... can claim, as I hope to be able to show, as an early astronomical observation. So it is. quite fair to say that, many thousand years ago at all events, the Egyptians were perfectly familiar with the solstices, and therefore more or less fully with the yearly path of the sun. Axis of the Temple of Amen-Ra from the Western Pylon, Looking South-east Plan of the Temple of Amen-Ra and Some of its Surroundings, including the Sacred Lake. II. Original Sanctuary III. Obelisks IV. Hall of Columns V. Interior Pylon VI. Outer Court VII. External Western Pylon VIII. Sphinxes. 1. Temple M. of Lepsius 2. Temple of Seti 3 .Side Entrance 4. South Wall 5/6. Pylons of South Courts. 7/8/9/10. Inner Courts near the Sanctuary a/b. N. Wall; c, d. Columns in Outer Court. N. Side e/f Columns in Outer Court. S. Side. g. Taharqa's Columns. This temple of Amen-Ra ...
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48. LIVING WITH ELECTRICITY [Quantavolution Website]
... in Egyptian 'an,' 'techen,' or 'ucha'; in Akkadian 'durr'; cf. Latin turris, Greek pyrgos, and perhaps stele, which is a memorial stone, inscribed slab, or obelisk, Hebrew 'shath.' When a pillar, Greek kion, was used in the construction of a temple, it was a support of heaven. We have met a description by Pausanias of pillars as planets; it may be relevant that the source of light for the palace at Knossos was a courtyard surrounded by seven columns. (J. D. Pendlebury, A Handbook to the Palace of Minos, p. 50; quoted by Kerenyi, Dionysus: Archetypal Image of Indestructible Life, tr. R. Manheim. p. 95). The capital of a column, in Latin pulvinar, was a cushioned seat for a god. The Hebrew caphtor is the capital of a column, the crown of a candelabrum, the island of Crete, or Cyprus. The Greek kalathos, basket, can also mean the capital of a column ...
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49. Archeology Anomalies by Subjects [Science Frontiers Website]
... Glozel Tablets Tartaria Tablets Dighton Rock Monhegan Inscription Chinese in Dead Sea Scrolls Grave Creek Stone Brazilian Petroglyphs Pre-Maya Glyphs Los Lunas Inscription Hieroglyphics (Mica Sheets in Mounds) Phonecian in Sumatra Phaistos Disk Olmec Hieroglyphs Newark Holy Stones Parahyba/Paraiba Inscription Phonecian in America Australian Stick and Bone Writing Egyptian in America Early Multiplication Table Polynesias in America Braxton Tablet Micmac Writing Esperanza Stone Chatata "Inscription" [MGS Piqua Tablets Runes in South America Egyptian in Pacific Vikings in Chesapeake Area Metcalf Stone Spirit Pond Runestones Lenape Stone Micronesian Script Mayan-Cretean Similarities Tucson Crosses Inscribed Columns off Peru [MSO Inca Writing in Textile Patterns Bourne Stone Brandenburg Stone Greecian in South America Minoan in Georgia Mixtex Codices MM ARTIFACTS MMB BONE ARTIFACTS Polish Bone Boomerang Early African Harpoon Cut and Punctured Bones Perforated Human Teeth Very Ancient Bones [MAF Bone Weapons Fossils Containing Diamonds Eskimo Ivory Artifacts MMC CLOTH ARTIFACTS MME FOSSIL FOOTPRINTS AND TOOL MARKS Paluxy/Glen Rose Berea, KY Carson, MV Shoeprint and Trilobite, UT Giant Footprints Nicaragua Intentionally Carved Footprints Footprints of Gods, etc. El Salvador Laetolil/Tanzania Warrnambool Russia With Dinosaurs, ...
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... . This results in those 17th Dynasty Hyksos making their exodus from Egypt during the rule of both Phshonu and Ahmose I. The 18th Dynasty dates are reduced by about 230 years with the start of Amenhotep's rule (i.e. King Amemphis or Amophis) [10 being synchronised with the era of Menophre [11 (? Meno-fre i.e. Memphis). The remainder of the 18th Dynasty dates and those of the following 19th-23rd are derived from Jeremy Goldberg's chronological thesis [12. Similarly, the Middle and Late Assyrian/Babylonian dates in columns IV to VII are also derived from Goldberg [13. However, the earlier Babylonian dates for Hammurabi as shown in column V are based on the conventional astronomical calculation of Weir [14. Consequently, while the dates in columns I-III for Egypt, Khatti and Carchemish are reduced by 200 plus years, those for Assyria (column IV); Ur III and Babylon (column V); Isin and Sealand (column VI); Akkad, Larsa, and the Kassites (columns VII); and Mari and Elam ( ...
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