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91. Focus [SIS C&C Workshop $]
... From: SIS Workshop Vol 3 No 1 (Jul 1980) Home¦ Issue Contents Focus VELIKOVSKY AFFAIR? New Scientist. 10/5/80, p. 102-3 It seems that when the Letters Editor of New Scientist slipped in Jill Abery's letter (see Workshop.vol .2 no.4. p.6) he did so without prior consultation with John Gribbin. And Mr. Gribbin is not pleased, to judge by the 1 columns of "refutation" he fills in the Forum section. He will admit that Velikovsky did precede the others- very generous of him- but explains:- "The difference is that, in scientific terms, the Velikovsky version has a bolt missing, whereas Enever, Barry Niven and Jerry Pournelle did their sums properly". We have seen this kind of argument before, have we not, in relation to Prof. Alvarez? (see Workshop vol.2 no.4. p.10) Mr. Gribbin has a "champion" to refute Velikovsky (he doesn't do this himself) and this shining knight is one Carl Sagan, "astronomer" ...
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92. Monitor [SIS C&C Workshop $]
... who suffer at the hands of the censors, as Jess Artem found. Apparently, he'd been having difficulties in getting his views published, and almost in desperation, he placed a box ad. in New Scientist to attract potential readers. It was not allowed to pass, however, without what he called "some form of cynical comment from the scientific intellectual 'shareholders'..." And his complaint is a familiar one to Velikovskians, for he writes: "So the anonymous authority who hides behind the New Scientist Feedback columns (" It's rubbish by Jove", 24 July, p.311), considers the idea that Jupiter may once have been a neutron star a most amusing one. Well, as he says, it's a free world. But is it?" JUPITER'S X-RAYS- New Scientist 14/8/80 p.522 Results from the orbiting Einstein observatory have indicated that Jupiter emits X-rays. It is therefore the only planet so far to be detected to emit X-rays, other than Earth itself. It is thought that the X-rays are produced ...
Terms matched: 1  -  Score: 15  -  05 Mar 2003  -  16k  -  URL:
... . How well do these findings agree with the view of Greek history presented in Velikovsky's reconstruction? In the works of Velikovsky so far published, references to Crete and Greece are relatively few, fuller treatment being reserved for The Dark Age of Greece (unpublished). His Supplement of October 14, 1953 to Earth in Upheaval shows that he expected the Linear B tablets to be in Greek [11, and in 1973 Pensee published a chronological and synchronical chart prepared by John Holbrook after consultation with Velikovsky. The salient points of the columns for Greece and Crete are reproduced here: Cretans Greeks Luvians Luvians Linear A -1000 Advent of Greeks LM I LH I Shaft Graves Tholos Tombs= Phase I -900 LM II LH II Destruction of Knossos?= Tarshish Arrival of Cadmus= Nikmed Greeks 1st cyclopean citadels LH IIIa Mycenae& Tiryns Palace construction: Linear B Mycenae, Tiryns, Pylos, Thebes -800 2d cyclopean citadels Mycenae& Tiryns LM III LH IIIb Tholos Tombs: Phase III Linear B Atreus& Thyestes -700 LH IIIc Agamemnon Destruction of Knossos? Destruction of Mycenae Here ...
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94. Bookshelf [SIS C&C Workshop $]
... From: SIS Chronology and Catastrophism Workshop 1988 No 2 (Jan 1989) Home¦ Issue Contents Bookshelf Black Athena: The Afroasiatic Roots of Classical Civilization, Volume 1 The Fabrication of Ancient Greece 1785-1985, by Martin Bernal. Free Association Books, 26 Freegrove Road, London N7 9RQ, (1987). A controversial book, fiercely criticised in the correspondence columns of The Guardian, which argues against the standard view that classical Greek civilisation was the product of the conquest of the Greeks by vigorous Indo- Aryan peoples from the north. Bernal notes, instead, that the Greeks derived their ideas from the Egyptians, and he traces the history of the Aryan conquest idea. The Dinosaur Heresies by Robert Bakker. Reprinted in paperback by Penguin (Harmondsworth, 1988). Nearly all you ever wanted to know about dinosaurs: were they cold or warm blooded, could they run, what is their relationship to the birds, and how do they fit with the Gould/Eldredge ideas on 'punctuated equilibrium'? Well illustrated and highly readable. Cosmic Blueprint by ...
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95. Venus Tablet Anomalies [SIS C&C Workshop $]
... late, in relation to their computed values. Computed and recorded intervals should coincide if the historical date is correct. Why does that not happen? The reason only becomes obvious if we reconstruct the original tablet. The Venus Tablets, as we know them today, have a schematic Venus table separating Years 1 to 17 from the remainder of the text. Its purpose may have been to differentiate between data taken from the Obverse side of the tablet and data taken from the Reverse side. Assuming the Obverse side was divided into four columns, the first could have had Years 1 to 5b, probably with the omens; the second, Years 6 to 8b; the third, Years 9 to 13b; and the fourth, Years 14 to 16b. That arrangement would leave a space after Year 8b for the date-formula and a space after Year 16b for Year 17. The Reverse side would have Years 17 to 21b. By having Year 17 on both sides of the tablet, one could check that the sequence on the back followed on from that on the ...
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96. The 1989 ISIS/SIS Nile Cruise [SIS C&C Workshop $]
... of one of his sons, and Deir el Bahri, site of the huge temple of Hatshepsut with the Punt reliefs, then on to Deir el Medina and the workmen's village where we visited Senedjem's tomb and finally ended up in the Valley of Kings where the queue to see Tutankhamun's tomb encouraged many of us to head instead for the tomb of Ramesses VI with its famed star ceiling. Nevertheless, the evening saw most of us recovered sufficiently to undertake a son et lumiere expedition to Karnak, where we were introduced to the stupendous columns by sepulchral voices from the shadows and ever changing spotlights to emphasise the incredible achievements of a succession of pharaohs through much of the history of ancient Egypt. As we sat by the Sacred Lake, blackly mysterious by night, but presenting a rather less attractive stagnant appearance when viewed by daylight the following day, the tale of the 'heretic' Pharaoh Akhenaton lost some of its atmosphere as the microphoned voices had to compete with the cacophany of what seemed like a hundred imams calling the faithful to prayer from their minarets using space-age megaphones ...
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97. Editorial [SIS C&C Workshop $]
... the features which no longer appear regularly are in need of reviving. Having delayed the task thus far, I find this is, in fact, a good time to take stock. The 1990:2 issue has proved to be the largest we have ever produced, and it completes five years of Workshops in the A4 format. In those five years, not only has there been an increase in the size and word content of the publication (the latter two-fold), but the finished appearance has become more sophisticated with double columns and, since 1988:2, a laser printed typeface. As regards contents, Workshops have altered surprisingly little over the years. Certainly Society News has become more detailed and interesting, largely thanks to Jill Abery's skill in recording Society meetings for posterity. The Forum section has been widened in scope to take in not just matters arising out of one particular revised chronology but any currently debated issue, and not just questions and answers but various viewpoints on a topic. In 1989 the Horizons section, dormant since 1986, was ...
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98. Geology Anomalies by Subjects [Science Frontiers Website]
... Curiosities ETL PLANET-SCALE TOPOGRAPHIC ANOMALIES ETL1 Land-Water Distribution ETL2 Anomalies of Island Arcs ETL3 Patterns of Lineaments ETL4 Relative Velocities of Continents ETL5 Indications of an Expanding Earth ETL6 Continental Fits-- Good and Bad ETL7 Topographical Anomalies and Continental Drift ETM MOUNDS AND HILLS ETM1 Mima Mounds ETM2 Mounds in Gilgai Country ETM3 Mudlumps and Mud Islands ETM4 Drumlin Anomalies ETM5 Mounds of the Missoula Flood Surface ETM6 Fluid-Vent Mounds ETM7 Sandhills and Anomalous Dunes ETM8 Doughnut-Shaped Mounds ETM9 Dirt Cones on Ice Caps... ETM10 Ice-Cored Mounds in the Arctic ETM11 Blister-Like Structures ETM12 Curious Columnar Structures ETM13 Andes Ice Islands ETM14 Natural Beach Pyramids ETP PATTERNED GROUND... ETP1 Patterned-Ground Anomalies ETP2 Rock Cities and Block Fields ETP3 Giant Expansion and Contraction Polygons ETR ANOMALOUS RIDGES, MEGARIPPLES, ESKERS ETR1 Ridges and Ripples in Glaciated Regions ETR2 Esker Anomalies ETR3 Megaripples ETR4 Moving, Gravity-Created Ripples in Rock ETR5 Unusual Natural Dams ETR6 Lake Walls and Ramparts ETR7 Buried Ridges within Continental Margins ETR8 Desert Ridges of Unknown Origin ETS CREVICULAR CRUSTAL STRUCTURE ETS1 Biological Evidence for Wide spread Crevicular Structure ETS2 Fluid-Filled Crevicular Structure at Great Depths ETS3 Seismic Evidence ...
Terms matched: 1  -  Score: 15  -  03 Dec 2004  -  18k  -  URL:
... . If so, then, how about those stone anchors found in shallow waters off Palos Verdes, California? They are legitimate Chinese anchors all right, but they are modern, having been lost by local California fishermen of Chinese extraction. History tells how Chinese immigrants quickly applied the techniques of their native land to the California Coast. Finally, Frost does identify some genuine unsolved mysteries off Palos Verdes. It seems that some of the stones found underwater are most curious indeed. Near where the stone anchors were found are two grooved columnar stones over a meter long with drilled holes. There is also a ton-sized stone sphere with a groove around its circumference. (Frost, Frank J.; "The Palos Verdes Chinese Anchor Mystery," Archaeology, 35:23, January/February 1982.) From Science Frontiers #21, MAY-JUN 1982.© 1982-2000 William R. Corliss Other Sites of Interest SIS. Catastrophism, archaeoastronomy, ancient history, mythology and astronomy. Lobster. The journal of intelligence and political conspiracy (CIA, FBI, JFK, ...
Terms matched: 1  -  Score: 15  -  29 Apr 2005  -  5k  -  URL:
100. Evolution By Numbers [Science Frontiers Website]
... Science Frontiers ONLINE No. 28: Jul-Aug 1983 Issue Contents Other pages Home Page Science Frontiers Online All Issues This Issue Sourcebook Project Sourcebook Subjects Evolution By Numbers The following paragraph is taken from a letter to Nature by a "practising geneticist." "In the discussion in your columns about the application of quantitative methodology based on the study of evolutionary processes to the analysis of the development of human culture, there is an unquestioned assumption on both sides of that issue that quantitative theory, as expounded by practitioners such as Fisher, Haldane, Wright, Cavalli-Sforza and Maynard Smith, has been successful in illuminating and explaining the process of biological evolution and the genetic relationships between species. As far as I know, there is no evidence to support this assumption. Indeed, there is a vast number of observations unaccounted for in the extant quantitative evolutionary theories. Many of these observations (inducible mutation systems, rapid genomic changes involving mobile genetic elements, programmed changes in chromosome structure) challenge the most fundamental assumptions which these evolutionary theories make about the mechanisms of hereditary variation ...
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