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61. Assuruballit [Kronos $]
... for the dates of the Egyptian kings.(7) In order to make the reign of Assuruballit and the time of these pharaohs contemporaneous, it was necessary to shift both chronologies, the Egyptian and the Assyrian. The Amarna Period, in order to meet the the earlier found king lists,(8) was moved back into the 15th century. ... existence of an Assuruballit in the fourteenth century would link the Assyrian king lists with the Egyptian dynasties of the New Kingdom. Thus, the letters play an important role in conventional chronology, being the sole link in the space of many centuries between the Egyptian and Assyrian histories. In Assyria were found king lists in which the names of the kings and the ... of Immanuel Velikovsky See note (1) There are two letters in the el-Amarna collection signed by Assuruballit. These letters, though rather unimportant, are given much attention by the chronologists, not for their content, but for the name of their author. Assuruballit is not an unusual name, but the existence of an Assuruballit in the fourteenth century would link ...
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62. Forum [SIS C&C Review $]
... From: SIS Chronology& Catastrophism Review 1992 (Vol XIV) Home¦ Issue Contents Forum IIa. Early Bronze Age Exodus/Conquest- presented by Bob Porter Introduction Placing the Exodus at the end of the Old Kingdom (end of 6th Dynasty) and the Conquest at the end of Early Bronze Age (end of Early Bronze III) has obvious ... Thiele dates Solomon's 4th year to 968/7 BC and according to I Kings 6:1 the Exodus occurred 479 years earlier, a length of time consistent with the abundant chronological details in Judges. The date is accepted both by Velikovsky and by Bimson [4. As an introduction to questions of chronology, Velikovsky's Ages in Chaos [5 makes intoxicating ... in Centuries of Darkness for the TIP). This is exactly what we find:- i). C. E. F. Schaeffer in his mammoth Stratigraphie Comparee et Chronologie de l'Asie Occidentale [reviewed by G. Gammon (1980) in SIS Review compared the strata of the 3rd and 2nd millennia from many sites in the Levant, Anatolia, ...
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... ancient art, Egypt has served as a primary source for the establishment of an absolute chronology (13). "Of course, any shortening of the Egyptian or the other chronologies [involves a corresponding shortening of Minoan chronology, and hence of the chronology of other Mediterranean cultures and indeed of the chronology of the whole of prehistoric Europe (14). ... a role in reinforcing a possible illusory authenticity. Stratigraphical evidence resulting from site excavation in depth has proven to be a major tool for the archaeologist in establishing a system of comparative chronology. The system is however, not without its pitfalls (11). First, there is the problem of establishing a relative (12) chronology or proper sequential arrangement of ... key monument in the history of ancient art serving, so to speak, as a kind of portentous prelude to the later sculptural works of the Classical Greeks (7). CHRONOLOGICAL AND HISTORICAL CONSIDERATIONS Almost from the moment of its rediscovery, the Lion Gate and other adjacent material gave rise to "vehement disputes between 1880 and 1890 about the dating of the ...
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64. Untitled [Catastrophism & Ancient History Journal $]
... Conquest. At the outset of his investigation Bietak has reexamined the current state of studies on the chronology of Egypt. Currently there is a difference of some 20 years in the chronologies of even those scholars who work within the traditional framework for the New Kingdom period. This difference has to do with the way one interprets some of the dates for astronomical events ... the datum provided by 1 Kings 6:1 which states that Solomon began to build the temple in Jerusalem 480 years after the Exodus. With the use of progressively more accurate chronology developed for the Hebrew kings, Solomon's accession to the throne can be dated c. 970 B.C.; connecting that date with the period given in this text establishes the Exodus ... times an extensive challenge has been brought against the traditional chronology employed by Egyptologists. The thrust of this challenge is to suggest that particular persons and events which fall in a relative chronological relation to each other should be modified in terms of the absolute dates applied to them. Six centuries are suggested for the magnitude of this chronological telescoping of data. This means ...
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65. Sennecherib & Esarhaddo [Catastrophism & Ancient History Journal $]
... , conventional scholars credited Sennecherib with a 24 year reign, based on Ptolemy, and these "8 years." This error has became firmly fixed, in all the standard chronologies. We will, nevertheless, continue to produce evidence that this view is not correct. Esarhaddon's accession-year, and eponyms, will be discussed below. d. The "Babylonian ... text for many years, and have found it to be a valuable chronological source. The problem with Jonsson, is that this stele doesn't fit in with his view of the chronology. We will show that his chronology is faulty. Assyrian Eponym Canon When George Smith published his "Eponym Canon" in 1875, this became one of the foundations for Assyrian ... understanding, but Sennecherib remains with a 24 year reign. The very fact that these prime sources had to be revised shows that they weren't error-free to begin with. Even conventional chronologists have made changes in sources thought to be without error, and they are generally accepted today. Jonsson claims no other changes are possible. Why? If Ptolemy made several errors ...
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66. Letters [SIS C&C Workshop $]
... the same answer in an experiment, then anyone disagreeing with that answer has only one option- redo the experiment. In our case, dendrochronologists have not only replicated the oak chronologies, they have independently replicated the bristlecone chronologies. Moreover, dendrochronology is not static. As time goes on, more and more chronologies are built/extended. For example, ... From: SIS Chronology and Catastrophism Workshop 1995 No 1 (June 1995) Home¦ Issue Contents Letters Saul, David and the Amarna Pharaohs I was fascinated by the correspondence in 'Forum' in C&C Workshop 1994:2 on the subject of the Amarna correspondence and the respect- or not- in which Saul and David were held. One ... - at least until then- was held not to be a Prince in the eyes of the Pharaoh concerned. One wonders to what extent the history of David is actually in chronological order in the Bible. It would appear that immediately after Saul's death it was his brother Abner who assumed the Kingship, until he voluntarily handed it over to David, shortly ...
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67. New Chronology Issues [SIS C&C Workshop $]
... and the previously mentioned one between Jehoahaz and Shoshenq I. In order to help consider these problems, a chart is included elsewhere in this issue to enable the Egyptian and biblical chronologies to be compared. My thanks to Peter James for drawing my attention to some of the references used above. DATES PHARAOHS LENGTH OF REIGN PORTER CAH 934-878 Ramesses II 56 67 ... From: SIS Chronology and Catastrophism Workshop 1992 No 1 (Aug 1992) Home¦ Issue Contents FORUM I: New Chronology Issues Tony Rees asks: 'Where is the 20th Dynasty in the New Chronology?' During May of 1991 I circulated a paper entitled 'Crying for the Moon and a Critique of the New Chronology'. It was in a format ... changed radically from those shown in 1986 and that there may now be an even bigger compression in TIP dates than those proposed at that time. It is high time the 'new chronologists' proposed a set of dates showing the transition from the 19th Dynasty to the 20th and thence from the 20th Dynasty to that of the HPA's etc. Then perhaps the onlooker ...
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... that the NC could not be right because it allows too little time for the Third Intermediate Period in Egypt and that it could never come to terms with the Assyrian and Babylonian chronologies (these convictions have been recently expressed more precisely by Phillip in Workshop [2), he naturally was very suspicious about any of our deduced synchronisms. One of these is ... From: SIS Chronology& Catastrophism Review 1993 (Vol XV) Home¦ Issue Contents The habiru as the 'ibrim of I Samuel and the implications for the 'new chronology' by Peter van der Veen Peter van der Veen is the author of 'I Samuel and the Habiru-Problem', a thesis which helped him obtain the degree of Licentiate in Theology at the ... Hittite king Tudhaliya IV" [20. I agree with Peter James that only few Letters from the International Correspondence between Hatti and Assyria can be shown to be helpful in providing chronological links between Hittite and Assyrian kings from the royal king lists. Following here a rather recent list of presumed parallels [21, only KBo XVIII 25 and KUB III 74 can ...
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... (1999), pp. 43-49. 20. The 'New Chronology' needs a less pretentious name. In SIS and ACF publications alone, there have been dozens of new chronologies! 21. I have set all this up in Rohl's own manner, i.e. with exactly 30 days between the field flooding and the end of the highest water and exactly ... From: SIS Chronology& Catastrophism Review 2001:2 (Jan 2002) Home¦ Issue Contents The Role Of The Nile In Egyptian Chronology by Lynn E. Rose The 1996 reprint of the 2 nd edition of Kitchen's The Third Intermediate Period in Egypt (1100-650 BC) [1 included a new Preface emphasising a west-Theban graffito that supposedly noted the arrival ... 1212. Any dates in the vicinity of these could be considered for the arrival of the annual Nile flood in the late 13th century. Kitchen's purpose is to discredit various alternative chronologists. He insists that 'The game is up' for Peter James [5, David Rohl [6 and, especially, Velikovsky[7. According to Kitchen, the graffito ...
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... follows: Rees: 264 yrs., Stenring: 263 yrs., Garbett: 251 yrs. and Thiele: 244 yrs. It may be noted in passing that these chronologies appear to fall into two groups. Garbett and Thiele both give the same match with the 680 BC datum (Garbett: 938-251-12= 675 BC, Thiele: 931-244-12= 675 ... From: SIS Chronology& Catastrophism Review 1997:2 (Apr 1998) Home¦ Issue Contents Shishak, the kings of Judah and some synchronisms by Michael G. Reade Summary Synchronisms between Palestine and Egypt during and to either side of the divided Monarchy; integration with the climatically disturbed and intermittently catastrophic era described by the Ninsianna tablets; the miraculous destruction ... Sennacherib's army; the era of 10 month years. Introduction The researches of the 'New Chronologists', possibly due to over-concentration on detail, appear to be straining the overall picture of the chronological relationships between Palestine and Egypt more than seems reasonable. It is worth going back to the original raw data to check whether current trends- especially the attempts to locate ...
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