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41. New Proposals For A Downdating the Egyptian New Kingdom [Catastrophism & Ancient History Journal $]
... nice chronological fit for the entire above scheme. This is all problematic, however, because this scheme would consistently require a considerable downdating of ca. 7th c. Theban stylistic chronologies. This would seem to be quite unlikely on Montuemhat family evidence. But on the other hand, it seems to find good support from some attractive conflations involving, e.g. ... longer Dyn. 21/22 overlap appears to emerge from a series of long genealogies spanning the Dyn. 19-22 period which are consistently not long enough when measured by the accepted chronology. With much help from the (in any case except emendation) chronologically strained Berlin genealogy, an interplay of these genealogies with purely chronological evidence concerning Dyn. 19-26 appears ( ... in much lower dates than usual for the immediately preceding Egyptian New Kingdom (Dyn. 18-20). In view of the limited possibilities for shortening the dynasties involved, such a chronological shift would require very considerable dynastic overlaps during this period. Specifically: It appears that a solution to a number of problems in early Dyn. 21 princely genealogy requires a short ...
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... , in numbers of years, and by putting Reigns and Successions equipollent to Generations, and three Generations to an hundred or an hundred and twenty years (as appears by their chronology) they have made the Antiquities of Greece three or four hundred years older than the truth. Isaac Newton (1728) (4) Who ever considers that the pentaeteris agon ... compared to the Oriental tradition. In comparison with Egyptian, Mesopotamian, and Jewish chronology Greek history unfortunately was rather belated, despite its central importance for European identity. This obvious chronological inferiority-complex certainly provided one of the reasons why historians, for a long time, believed in the authenticity of ancient mythological genealogies. Thus, the long-cherished desire to lengthen Greek chronology ... , p. 228. 64. Franz Kiechle, Messenische Studien (Mnchen, 1957), p. 12. 65. F.K. Ginzel, Handbuch der mathematischen und technischen Chronologie, Vol. II (Leipzig, 1911), p. 498. 66. M.P. Nilsson, Primitive Time-Reckoning (Lund/London, 1920), p. 365 ...
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... about the date of 850 BC that those who were quoted in the article take for granted? Is 850 BC an independently derived date which can be reliably used for building the chronology of ancient Israel? Let us examine the circular reasoning. Avraham Biran believes that the stele's king of Israel may be identified with Baasha and that the king of the House of ... launch their attacks of the stratigraphy-dated -8th century on Egypt from Israelite soil. (9) By taking stratigraphy seriously, I also had to restore the Amarna correspondence to its evidence-based chronological position. The partners of the Medes (Mitanni) in Akhet-Aton were dated to the early Medean -6th century. (10) The dramatic shift from Middle to Late Bronze has ... hintereinander die Verkehrsprache eines vorderasiatischen Imperiums geworden? Sargonidica X," Vorzeit-Früzeit-Gegenwart 4: 4/ 5 (1992). 9. See Gunnar Heinsohn (B), "Stratigraphische Chronologie Israels. Ein Kurzabris zur Rehabilitation historischer Informationen aus den biblischen Legenden," Vorzeit-Frühzeit-Gegenwart 3: 5 (1991); Gunnar Heinsohn (C), "Stratigraphical Chronology of Ancient ...
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44. Index of Titles [Uncategorised]
... Possibility of Instantaneous Shifts of the Poles Barnard, Geoffrey Knowler: Experiments with Time II: Synchronisms and Stratigraphies Barnard, Geoffrey Knowler: Experiments with Time. I: 'Catastrophes and Chronologies' Barnes, Thomas: A Response to Dr Milsom BARNES, THOMAS G.: Recent Origin and Decay of the Earth's Magnetic Field Bass, Robert W.: "Proofs ... Allan: Fomenko is right! Bethell, Tom: DARWIN'S UNFALSIFIABLE THEORY Bietak, Prof Manfred: ISIS Fellowship Lecture Bimsom, John J: The Conquest of Canaan AND THE REVISED CHRONOLOGY Bimson, John J.: A Survey of Archaeological Evidence for a Revised Chronology Bimson, John J.: A Survey of Archaeological Evidence for a Revised Chronology Bimson, John ... John: Ancient History Revisions: the Last 25 years- a Perspective Crowe, John: Ancient History Study Group Report on meeting of 6th March 1999 Crowe, John: Conventional Chronologists: Sothic or So Thick? Crowe, John: SIS Study Group Meeting 16th October 1999 D Damien F. Mackey, Frank Calneggia and Paul Money: A CRITICAL RE-APPRAISAL OF ...
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... From: Pensée Vol. 4 No 4: (Fall 1974) "Immanuel Velikovsky Reconsidered IX" Home¦ Issue Contents Applying the Revised Chronology Israel M. Isaacson (E.M.S.) MYCENAE, TIRYNS, TROY, UGARIT, ALALAKH The author is engaged in East Mediterranean Studies, concentrating on the ancient Near East and Aegean. He has performed research ... diadems, sword handles, sword belts, and patterned gold discs from the graves to be products of the Geometric Age (26). When this observation was made, the chronological sequence for Greece, which places the Geometric Age some 500 years after the Shaft Grave Period, had not yet been established. The same author described animal depictions on the gold ... II (883-859 B.C.) (173). The elongated gallop of the horse is seen to be quite similar to depictions on Assyrian reliefs, but Assyrian influence "is chronologically impossible, all the Assyrian monuments presently known where horses are depicted at gallop being about half a millennium later than our plate" (174). Figure 7. Gold Bowl ...
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... of Darkness and A Test of Time, the former emerges as the stronger candidate. Introduction: setting limits to the survey As there is currently a whole supermarket shelf of revised chronologies on offer, it would be impossible in the context of this short paper to examine each one in turn from the perspective of the archaeological evidence. I shall therefore confine my ... From: SIS Chronology& Catastrophism Review 2000:1 "Proceedings of the SIS Silver Jubilee Event" Home¦ Issue Contents A Survey of Archaeological Evidence for a Revised Chronology by John J. Bimson John Bimson has been a member of the SIS since its inception, and contributed his first article to the SIS Review in 1976. He is the author ... Dynasty and may in the end prove more capable of resolving the outstanding difficulties. The evidence To provide a framework for this very selective survey, I have arranged the evidence in chronological order, beginning with the Israelite sojourn in Egypt. 1. Israel in Egypt Archaeological evidence for Israel's sojourn in Egypt has always been notoriously elusive, leading some biblical scholars to ...
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... From: SIS Chronology and Catastrophism Workshop 1988 No 1 (May 1988) Home¦ Issue Contents On The Merits of the Revised Chronologies Brad Aaronson Questions: I am responding to the criticisms of Emmet J. Sweeney's letter offered by Lester J. Mitcham and David Rohl in C& C Workshop 1987:1 in order that certain fallacious arguments do not ... From: SIS Chronology and Catastrophism Workshop 1988 No 1 (May 1988) Home¦ Issue Contents On The Merits of the Revised Chronologies Brad Aaronson Questions: I am responding to the criticisms of Emmet J. Sweeney's letter offered by Lester J. Mitcham and David Rohl in C& C Workshop 1987:1 in order that certain fallacious arguments do not ... such as those from Sweeney and Aaronson, let alone the chronology of Gunner Heinsohn, makes such a philosophy somewhat difficult to pursue, but there is always the hope that other chronologists might occasionally take up their pens to add their own views on the points raised. The debate should not just be restricted to myself, Lester Mitcham, Emmet Sweeney and now ...
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... From: SIS Chronology& Catastrophism Review 1997:2 (Apr 1998) Home¦ Issue Contents Recent Developments in Near Eastern Archaeology Yet Another Inscription From Israel! This one is an ostracon (potsherd with writing in ink) which has turned up in the hands of an antiquities dealer. Its origin is unknown but it appears to be from Jerusalem and ... : Ussishkin suggests extending the period of Iron Age IIA pottery to cover both Solomon and Ahab, whereas Woodhead agrees with Finkelstein's recent articles that Iron IIA should be down-dated. New Chronologists would probably see Iron IIA as 8th century with the only indication of Ahab's time being the LBA and/or Iron I pottery. The excavators suggest that the destruction of the ... , Tomb III built, death of Psusennes, death of Harnakht with modification of Tomb I, and finally death of Osorkon. This seems to be giving New Chronologists a precise chronological relation between the overlapping Dynasties 21 and 22. 3. Brissaud proposes no less than two pre-Osorkon phases for Tomb I. The explanation for his earliest phase includes terms such as ...
Terms matched: 4  -  Score: 2325  -  05 Mar 2003  -  16k  -  URL:
... approach as a positive step which allows us more space than would otherwise have been available to put forward these new proposals. In this context a review of past hypotheses and alternative chronologies would be somewhat indulgent given the length of the existing paper. It is our view that the evidence overwhelmingly points to Abdi-Heba being a pre-United Monarchy Jebusite king, as his Hurrian ... From: SIS Chronology& Catastrophism Review 1988 (Vol X) Home¦ Issue Contents The el-Amarna Letters and the New Chronology David Rohl and Bernard Newgrosh David Rohl is currently studying for a degree in Ancient History and Egyptology at University College, London. He is Director of The Institute for the Study of Interdisciplinary Sciences and Editor of the Journal of Ancient ... letters from, the major and minor kings of the Near East. The major rulers were of the northern kingdoms of Hatti, Babylon, Assyria and Mitanni but they provide little chronological information that can be said to be independent of Egyptian chronology [4. That being so, it will be the minor kings of the Levant who will form the main focus ...
Terms matched: 4  -  Score: 2319  -  06 Mar 2003  -  130k  -  URL:
50. Additional Notes on Assyro-Babylonian Chronology [Catastrophism & Ancient History Journal $]
... From: Catastrophism and Ancient History XV:2 (July 1993) Home¦ Issue Contents Additional Notes on Assyro-Babylonian Chronology (Rejoinder to James J. Schlecker) Carl Olof Jonsson James J. Schlecker's argumentation in his article "Sennecherib& Esarhaddon (Response to Carl Olof Jonsson)" (C&AH XIV:2, July 1992, pp. ... AH X:l (January 1988), pp. 36-38, it seems appropriate firstly to remind the readers of the contents of that article. My article dealt with the chronological problem created by Nabon. H I, B, one of the three stelae inscriptions of Nabonidus discovered by D.S. Rice at Harran in 1956. Translations of the inscriptions accompanied ... 22; see also Frame, Babylonia, p. 106, ftn. 15.) 9. Note for instance the comments by Friedrich Schmidtke, "Der Aufbau der Babylonischen Chronologie" in Orbis Antiquus, Heft 7, Münster in W., 1952, p. 41. 10. Reallexikon der Assyriologie, Vol. II, (Berlin& Leipzig ...
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