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271. Assyrian History: the 'Black Hole' [SIS C&C Review $]
... From: SIS Chronology& Catastrophism Review 1998:1 (Sep 1998) Home¦ Issue Contents Assyrian History: the 'Black Hole' by Eric Aitchison Historical revisions draw their adherents along strange paths. Those who need to stay in touch with the various revisions must also follow these paths but, like Hansel and Gretel, should keep some markings to allow ... previously by a Shalmaneser and 703 in which Shalmaneser III refers to Tukulti-Ninurta, son of Shalmaneser, 'a prince afore my time'. The numerical order for these should also be chronological order. Sections 351, 352 and 353, being one of three documents concerning Ashur-dan II. After listing his genealogy back to his great grandfather, Ashur-rabi, thus allowing no ... be the reason for the break at Sennacherib, with only Sargon II being missing. So I argue that the four column set in Ancient Records of Assyria and Babylonia is suspect chronologically. However I cannot at this stage resolve this argument and do away with the 'Black Hole'. The five sections previously listed refuse to change their import. I am constrained ...
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272. The Biblical 40-Years Periods [SIS C&C Review $]
... consider them carefully before use. Unfortunately, probably because verification may seem impossible, this premise is generally ignored by both conventional ancient historians and revisionists. Key building blocks in all chronologies and revisions of Old Testament (OT) history are the 40-year reigns accorded in the Bible to Saul, David and Solomon and the three 40-year periods in the life of Moses ... From: SIS Chronology& Catastrophism Review 2001:2 (Jan 2002) Home¦ Issue Contents The Biblical 40-Years Periods Introduction This preliminary study of the Bible numbers is part of a wider investigation into the quality of evidence used for chronological purposes. There are two minimum requirements which must be met before anything reported as written on ancient tablets, monuments, ... papyri can be regarded as a fact. The first is an audit of the translation and the second is convincing independent supporting evidence. The numbers contained in ancient historic texts are much easier to translate than names of people and places but may be harder to verify. It is especially important therefore to consider them carefully before use. Unfortunately, probably because verification ...
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... David's scheme demands the full complement of years between Moses and his illustrious g/great uncle who had ruled Egypt as Pharaoh's right-hand man. Accordingly, at p. 339 the chronologies of Dynasty XII and Dynasty XIII are linked so that 223 years bridge the appointment of Joseph as Vizier in -1670 and the Exodus under Moses in -1447. This is so beautifully ... From: SIS Chronology& Catastrophism Review 1997:1 (Oct 1997) Home¦ Issue Contents Critique of David Rohl's A Test of Time by Dale F. Murphie Dale Murphie has spent his working life in accountancy and commerce. He is also a research consultant on family history and genealogy. He is currently preparing for publication a book on a revised ... both Ramesses II and Hattusilis really belong to a different time frame and Zerah was the Judaean nemesis of his own day? At the beginning of this time frame Shishak is tied chronologically to another celebrity who, like Zerah, simply cannot be ignored. On p. 178 Rohl mentions the Egyptian princess, bride of Solomon, but pays little attention to the ...
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... the Middle Kingdom (Middle Bronze II), our views coincide to the day. It is fair to point out that we are in agreement on the relative, not absolute chronology; yet Schaeffer conceded to me that some limited reduction of historical dates may be due- a view to which today more than one scholar tends [1. Examining the stratigraphical ... Jabin, is told in chapters IV and V of the Book of Judges. Since 1955 a team of Israeli archaeologists led by YIGAEL YADIN has been excavating at Hazor. Their chronological scale was the conventional timetable. In Middle Bronze II (the Middle Kingdom of Egypt) there was a huge settlement and fortress in Hazor; again it was a dominant city ... . SCHAEFFER of the CollŤge de France, the excavator of Ras-Shamra/Ugarit. During the years of World War II and the years following he laboured on his Stratigraphie comparťe et chronologie de l'Asie Occidentale. Working independently of myself, he came to the conclusion that great catastrophes of continental dimensions closed several historical ages; the greatest of them took place at the ...
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275. Atlantis [Pensee]
... made deliberately by the [Egyptian priests to magnify their own antiquity" (14), while scholars such as J. V. Luce and G. Ashe summarily dismiss Plato's chronology as mere fiction, fancy, or misunderstanding (15). One of the most careful analyses of Plato's Timaeus and Critias has been made by H. P. Lee ( ... came up with ca. 1342 B.C. for the termination of Atlantis (5). Velikovsky, on the other hand, introduced a simpler and more logical approach to the chronological question: "There is one zero too many here. We do not know of any vestiges of human culture, aside from that of the Neolithic age, nor of any ... (from ca. 9600 B.C. to ca. 1500 B.C.) opened the way for a whole new school of Atlantological thought. The equation of Atlantis with Crete became chronologically feasible and its demise could be theoretically correlated with the cataclysmic explosion of the island of Thera ca. 1500 B.C. The first person to recognize a possible identification of Atlantis with ...
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... birds measuring up to seven feet in height. FASHIONS IN CHRONOLOGY In nearly every discipline from cosmology to history, there exists a virtual conspiracy of silence conceming the shakiness of regnant chronologies. The only occasion on which the unreliability of a long respected chronology is readily admitted is one that occurs when that chronology is finally abandoned in favor of another which is regarded ... Eocene-Eligocene interface, which witnessed the origin of the Himalayas and the extinction of the diatrymids, a family of predatory flightless birds measuring up to seven feet in height. FASHIONS IN CHRONOLOGY In nearly every discipline from cosmology to history, there exists a virtual conspiracy of silence conceming the shakiness of regnant chronologies. The only occasion on which the unreliability of a long ... precisely, various anatomists date the man/ape split between 10 and 35 million years ago, while moleculists date it between 3 and 5 million years ago.(11) Chronological discrepancies of this sort do not disappear when we move from the domain of prehistory to that of history. In some cases, in fact, scholarly disagreements seem only to become ...
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277. Letters [SIS C&C Workshop $]
... common mythical origins for the traditions rather than claiming national origins. Nor do these comparisons mythologise or demythologise Abraham or Brahma, other than what differing readers might subjectively conclude. CAH chronologies were temporarily used so that interested readers who have no ready access to specialist works could more easily study the implications of my hypothesis with its concept of multiple exoduses as opposed to ... From: SIS Chronology and Catastrophism Workshop 1992 No 2 (Jan 1993) Home¦ Issue Contents Letters Double Tree Rings Dear Sir, Following his request for information on trees on p. 4 of last Workshop, Bob Porter has asked me to write up what I remember of a phenomenon that occurred in my early childhood, although I am afraid it ... II's rule of 94 years and that of a Pharaoh in the Jewish traditions (Aaronson's letter, Workshop 1989:2). Those papers introduced readers to various Hebrew and Greek chronological traditions that had hitherto been neglected by revisionists and orthodox historians alike, apparently on the grounds that they were, in the main, spurious. One of these traditions concerned the ...
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... From: SIS Chronology and Catastrophism Workshop 1994 No 2 (Dec 1994) Home¦ Issue Contents Early History of the Israelite People by TL Thompson (EJ Brill, New York, 1992) TL Thompson has caused something of a stir with the publication of this extensive work, nay- a controversy. Heads have rolled- the head of TL Thompson ... of 'foundation of the god Salem'). If the United Monarchy was a fiction, a ephemeral golden age in its entirety, this would have the effect of pulling the chronological crutch from beneath the king lists of Israel and Judah. Is this feasible? How much faith should we have in hypothetical temple and palace records of individual kings such as Rehoboam ... with Saul and they have produced some very attractive parallels which we may feel loathe to jettison, which may suggest that if the United Monarchy is a fiction, the location, chronologically, of Saul and Ishbaal, and therefore David, could be quite divorced from the monarchy as a whole (and Iron age I and II Palestine). In other words ...
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279. No title [Mythopedia Website]
... te vinden, dan komt men meestal uit bij het tijdvak van de Hyksos. Of de IsraŽlieten werkelijk in deze periode in Egypte gekomen zijn hangt in sterke mate af van de chronologie. In dit werkstuk willen we ons bezighouden met de vraag of de IsraŽlieten zoals ze in Egypte geleefd hebben identiek kunnen zijn met de Hyksos. We doen dit door eerst te ... Apionem (eerste druk 1783; Utrecht, 1974) Land, J. G. van der Van Abraham tot David; de oudste geschiedenis van het volk IsraŽl; archeologische, chronologische en historische aspecten (Amsterdam, 1993) Otto, E. ńgypten; der Weg des Pharaonenreiches (Stuttgart, 1979) Pritchard, J. B. Ancient Near Eastern texts ... vroege datering weggenomen te hebben en weet de geschiedenis van IsraŽls verblijf in Egypte zo in te passen in die van Egypte. 7: De duur van IsraŽls verblijf in Egypte Om chronologisch vast te stellen of de IsraŽlieten tot de Hyksos behoord kunnen hebben, zijn tweeŽrlei gegevens nodig. In de eerste plaats moet bekend zijn wanneer zij Egypte verlaten hebben. Daarnaast moeten ...
Terms matched: 3  -  Score: 1480  -  16 Mar 2007  -  40k  -  URL:
... historical texts. Archaeology At ancient Uruk (biblical Erech, present-day Warka) the following archaeological sequence has been recovered. It provides a relative-- but not absolute-- chronology. Uruk IV Various early phases, the most important being level four, where the earliest written tablets have been found IIIb Jamdet Nasr c. 2800 B.C.; more tablets ... its turn (BALA). expresses the concept that kingship descended from the gods, i.e. from above, and hence was divine. is essentially a political document, not chronological or historical, and hence needs to be consulted carefully. contains omissions-- most notably the ensis and kings of Lagash. expresses the idea that each dynasty-- kingdom ... , Metrology Methods, Problems and Perspectives, with further references. Finally, the whole idea that because something is similar to what we find later is grounds for moving things together chronologically is patently absurd, being an improper use of analogy. Greek concepts of a heliocentric solar system and spherical earth predate European belief in the same concept by almost 2000 years. ...
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