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261. The Scandal of Enkomi [Pensee]
... between Mycenaean and Greek art, which could not be explained if an interval of many centuries lay between them. He tried to disconnect the link between Mycenaean and Egyptian archaeologies and chronologies, but he felt that this was an unsolvable problem. The proposal to reduce the time of the Mycenaean Age was rejected by the scholarly world. Sir Arthur J. Evans ... 5: (Winter 1974-75) "Immanuel Velikovsky Reconsidered X" Home¦ Issue Contents The Scandal of Enkomi Immanuel Velikovsky Copyright 1974 by Immanuel Velikovsky A DILEMMA RESULTING FROM THE CONVENTIONAL CHRONOLOGY This paper comprised part of the unpublished sequel to Ages in Chaos originally set in type in 1952. It is now scheduled for publication-in an elaborated and updated form --in The Dark ... was rejected by the scholarly world. Sir Arthur J. Evans, the explorer of the Minoan Age on Crete, came out against Murray's work, "so full of suggested chronological deductions and --if its authors (5) will pardon the expression --archaeological insinuations, all pointing in the same direction," namely, "a chronology which brings the pure Mycenaean ...
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262. Chapter I: The Review [The Age of Velikovsky] [The Age of Velikovsky] [Books]
... sometimes the acts of one pharaoh were attributed to more than one person. When these details were corrected, Velikovsky's revised chronology contained an exact one-to-one correlation between the Hebrew and Egyptian chronologies. In 1945, Velikovsky published a booklet titled Theses for the Reconstruction of Ancient History. This was an outline of the major changes that he felt would provide a more accurate ... events are physically possible. Also, evidence will be cited indicating that something did happen in the periods discussed and that the historical reconstruction solves many major problems created by the conventional chronology. Most of the references used are generally known, but two less familiar sources are the journal KRONOS 1 and a ten issue series of the magazine, Pensee. Information about ... happened, this proved that Velikovsky was wrong when he said something did happen. EGYPTIAN CHRONOLOGY Ancient Egyptian history has been used for years as the standard by which to determine the chronological order of other countries. This has caused a number of problems in the historiography of the Ancient Middle East and Greece. By force-fitting the histories of these regions to the assumed ...
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263. The Two Jehorams [SIS C&C Review $]
... years. Edwin Thiele's chronological scheme (11), based on the premise that full calendar years were not always intended, shows that there is no real problem here: the chronology is tight, but it is plausible: 853 Death of Ahab at Ramoth-Gilead (after battle of Karkar) 853-852 Reign of Ahaziah 852-841 Reign of Jehoram 841 Accession of Jehu Finally ... This instance of double dating is not unique (cf. II Kings 8:25 and II Kings 9:29), and far from being a stumbling block for Biblical chronologists such double dates are an essential key to the chronology of the Divided Kingdom. Any attempt to base a chronology for this period on a straight reckoning of the reign lengths of ... Annals of Shalmaneser III. By questioning the "very existence of Jehoram, king of Israel" (and thereby extending the reign of Ahab), Velikovsky hoped to alleviate a chronological problem that he saw in synchronising the reigns of the kings of Israel with the Annals of Shalmaneser III. This king referred to Ahab of Israel in his sixth year (853 ...
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264. Focus [SIS C&C Review $]
... , there is a tendency to over-interpretation." A brochure based on Mr James' paper is included with this issue of the Review: it offers a comprehensive summary of the chronologies of the ancient civilisations of the Middle East, and the solutions offered by the Revised Chronology advocated by Velikovsky. The paper began by considering the "disconcerting absence of definite synchronisms ... has observed: see Bookshelf in this issue. PETER JAMES, B.A. Mesopotamian Studies, University of Birmingham,and winner of John Humphries Memorial Prize in Archaeology: Velikovsky's Revised Chronology. Introducing this paper, GEOFFREY GAMMON pointed out: "The material which is available to the ancient historian is not only sparse but is very random- it is quite rich ... complacency of historians and archaeologists, who seemed to consider the ancient history of Egypt and its neighbours no less firmly fixed than history AD: with no inclination to experiment with different chronological models, they were unlikely to juxtapose events that were taken to be separated by several centuries, and no "Velikovskian" parallels would be noticed. A lively discussion followed on ...
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265. Heinsohn's Ancient "History" [Aeon Journal $]
... 2 (February 1998), p. 7. Clark Whelton has expressed a similar opinion: "But in my opinion Heinsohn's is not only the most rational of all revised chronologies, it is the easiest to confirm or deny. To a much greater extent than his competitors, Gunnar follows a logical method of analysis." [2 Of the Persian ... a revolution in our understanding of ancient history, since it would mean that the Old Babylonian king's reign-- conventionally dated to c. 1792-1750 BCE (according to the middle chronology)-- rightly belongs in the Achaemenid period (c. 500 BC). Heinsohn's claims have the singular advantage of being easily falsified, one of the hallmarks of a ... an excellent test for Heinsohn's thesis. As is well-known, archaeologists frequently employ coins in correlating various strata, since distinctive coins from one king or culture serve to provide a secure chronological context for their level of deposit. The practice of minting coins for commerce was first developed by the Lydians in the seventh century BCE. Cyrus the Great, upon conquering Lydia ...
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... because so very little has been said about Velikovsky, the man-- except perhaps in parody or vituperation-- that I thought it would be most appropriate to relate a chronology of a few of the more human and pleasant, if not humorous, encounters that I have had with him which may give a better understanding of the man himself. My ... From: Aeon III:1 (Nov 1992) Home¦ Issue Contents Velikovsky: A Personal Chronological Perspective of His Final Years Frederic B. Jueneman (c) 1992 by Frederic B. Jueneman A Rare Encounter It is a singularly unique event in one's life to come to know with comparative intimacy an historical personage whose scholarship one has been admiring from ... washing over the universe in complex, interlacing fields as to leave no space unaffected-- a concept so vast and sweeping that it confounded Einstein and earlier cosmologists. He had chronologically reconstructed ancient history, covering more than twelve centuries of error and confusion, to make them more closely conform with all available evidence; and this, in itself, was a ...
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267. New Evidence for Ages in Chaos [Velikovsky Archive Website]
... Middle Kingdom (Middle Bronze II) our views coincide to the day. It is fair to point out that we are in agreement on the relative, not the absolute, chronology; yet Schaeffer concedes to me that some limited reduction of historical dates may be due a view to which today more than one scholar tends. (1) Examining the stratigraphical ... of King Jabin, is told in chapters four and five of the Book of Judges. Since 1955 a team of Israeli archaeologists led by Yigael Yadin excavated at Hazor. Their chronological scale was the conventional timetable. In the Middle Bronze II (Middle Kingdom of Egypt) there was a huge settlement and fortress in Hazor; again it was a dominant city ... A. Schaeffer of the College de France, the excavator of Ras Shamra-Ugarit. During the years of World War II and the years following he labored on his Stratigraphie comparee et chronologie de l ? Asie occidentale. Working independently of me he came to the conclusion that great catastrophes of continental dimensions closed several historical ages; the greatest of them took place at ...
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268. "The Scandal of Enkomi" [Velikovsky Archive Website]
... between Mycenaean and Greek art, which could not be explained if an interval of many centuries lay between them. He tried to disconnect the link between Mycenaean and Egyptian archaeologies and chronologies, but he felt that this was an unsolvable problem. The proposal to reduce the time of the Mycenaean Age was rejected by the scholarly world. Arthur J. Evans, ... seventh centuries. Since the objects are representative of Mycenaean culture, the excavator questioned the true time of the Mycenaean Age. But as the Mycenaean Age is linked to the Egyptian chronology he found himself at an impasse. We shall follow him in his efforts to come out of the labyrinth. He submitted a vase, typical of the tombs of Enkomi, ... . Evans, at the time having just embarked on a long series of excavations at Knossos on Crete, came out against Murray ? s work, ? so full of suggested chronological deductions and if its authors [i.e., A. S. Murray and his collaborators will pardon the expression archaeological insinuations, all pointing in the same direction,? namely ...
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269. Workshop Crossword, set by J. N. Green [SIS C&C Workshop $]
... connection (7). 3. Pharaoh, megaliths and catastrophe theory (4). 5. Polytheists (6). 6. Favourite material for 23,1A based chronologies (4). 7. Two sun gods transforming wine with note (9). 8. Scatters drops in press link (9). 10. Now a man-made ... From: SIS Chronology and Catastrophism Workshop 1994 No 1 (Jan 1994) Home¦ Issue Contents Workshop Crossword, set by J. N. Green ACROSS 1. See 23. 4. Eyewitness of catastrophe? (6). 9. Toe-losing ops form decoys (5,7) 11. 4's profession (6). 12. Chronological ... at copper works (5). 15. Polymath silk has two fives in yoke (10). 16. All-time regnal record holder (4). 17. Want a garden jumble? (4). 18. Ignite Alan? Makes for estrangement (10). 21. Deity deep in thought? (5). 22. Feline ...
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270. Historical Forum [SIS C&C Workshop $]
... the mummy of Ramasses II.- Ed. Historical Forum Sir, In 'Forum' of SISR III/2, Chris Marx criticised the "Glasgow" and other such revisionist chronologies by advocating the merits of what he terms the method of 'structural analysis' as against the 'heuristic method'. Although it way be an over simplification to categorise all the revisionist ... This pottery has been dated to the 10th as well as to the 7th century reflecting the confusion caused by the mythical "Dark Age" in the Aegean resulting from the conventional chronology of the Ancient Near East. (7) I would never accuse anyone of fabricating evidence, but much has been interpreted and even experts in specific fields do not have all ... critique, which is printed above. As a fellow-revisionist, with Peter James and John Bimson, I feel that I ought to begin by reaffirming my and their conviction that the chronological scheme proposed by Dr. Velikovsky in the first volume of "Ages in Chaos" is fundamentally sound. Regrettably, however, our experience has been that, whereas almost every ...
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