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251. Three Views of Heinsohn's Chronology [SIS C&C Workshop $]
... From: SIS Chronology and Catastrophism Workshop 1990 No 1 (June 1990) Home¦ Issue Contents FORUM Three Views of Heinsohn's Chronology A. Egypt and the Akkadian Language a reply from Gunnar Heinsohn In Workshop 1989:1, p. 21, Bernard Newgrosh put forward the claim that 'there is, indeed, absolutely no evidence that the Hyksos dynasties left ... 14th century BC. This author does not see any reason to separate Akhenaten from Psalm 104, and it was not by intention that his new date for Akhenaten also solved the chronological problem of Psalm 104. For the same reason the surprise of scholars to see Jeremiah, who became prophet in 627/626 BC, applying Amarna terminology of the 14th century ... scarabs, scimitars, horse-drawn chariots, weighty daggers, and glacis fortifications etc- but they never qualified for Akkadian. The perception of them as speakers of a Mesopotamian language appeared chronologically too horrifying to come to the minds of Egyptologists and Assyriologists alike. Why is the question of Thutmose III's teacher of Akkadian a problem at all? Because the Egyptians, like ...
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252. The Egyptian Prince Moses [Catastrophism & Ancient History Journal $]
... life of Moses which can affect biblical studies profoundly, as well as the histories of Israel, Egypt, Greece and Rome-- as well as East Mediterranean archaeology and ancient chronologies. These new perspectives are a prologue for future studies dealing with issues like the following: The role of the Baal/Apollo cult in the dissemination of Egypto-Semitic culture to the ... husband, however did not appreciate the Nile's little gift. According to Artapanus he plotted Moses' death; this was just before the time of Moses exile. [20 A Chronology for Moses The Relationship to the Old Testament. It seems appropriate at this point to set some sort of chronology for the life of Moses. I assume from I Kings 6 ... that many of the early seventeenth-dynasty rulers were one and the same as twelfth-dynasty rulers. This paper is by no means intended to be a full report answering all the problems of chronological placement of Moses and the Children of Israel during their stay in Egypt. Nor are details rigidly fixed. It merely introduces new and basic concepts in order that a new chronological ...
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253. Monitor [SIS C&C Workshop $]
... H.Stiebing Jr., who participated in the debate on Velikovsky's chronology in PENSEE in the 1970's, renews his attack on all major revisions of ancient chronology. He discusses the revised chronologies of Velikovsky, Courville, Bimson and Anati (for the latter see BAR Xl:4, pp.42ff and WORKSHOP 5:4, p.29). Of the revisions like Anati's ... From: SIS Chronology and Catastrophism Workshop 1986 No 1 (Jul 1986) Home¦ Issue Contents Monitor Another 'Living Fossil' source: INTERNATIONAL HERALD TRIBUNE 27.3.86 Remember the coelacanth? The coelacanth was thought to have become extinct 60 million years ago, and there the matter would have rested but for the discovery of living specimens of the creature, indistinguishable from ... measurements: the Irish oak has an estimated error in date conversion of less than 20 years. Greater accuracy should therefore be possible, and a better tie-in between calibrated radiocarbon and chronological dates might be expected. Shaw states with justified conviction that "It can no longer be seriously argued that dendrochronological calibrations are inapplicable to the Near East." If an accurate ...
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254. Letters [SIS C&C Workshop $]
... From: SIS Chronology and Catastrophism Workshop 1989 No 2 (Feb 1990) Home¦ Issue Contents Letters Ice Age Mysteries Dear Sir, New Scientist (17th June 1989) had an interesting feature about the history of the astronomical theory of ice ages. In it, John Gribbin credited the Scottish mathematician James Croll as the originator of the idea later developed ... of other appalling examples of Tony Rees' blatant manipulation of evidence, but I am sure that the pages of Workshop are worthy of better things. This sort of material gives chronological revisionism a bad name! David Rohl, Redhill, Surrey Catastrophes- ancient or modern? Dear Sir, Between January and April of 1941- while Adolf Hitler was consolidating his ... use of the Iliad, but so far he appears to be doing a bit of a 'Leroy' as regards Homer! Now that the Velikovsky edifice appears to have virtually crumbled chronologically by virtue of the 'revisionists' and celestially by virtue of Cardona's Saturnian revisions, one hopes that there is still a world of difference between these revisionists and Leroy Ellenberger if only ...
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255. Letters [SIS C&C Workshop $]
... early history". This approach, although aimed at denying Velikovsky any real significance in the field of scholarship, effectively acknowledges his claim of recent catastrophes, and implies that accepted chronologies deserve re-examination. Just when such cosmic encounters occurred, and what chronological revisions best fit the often contradictory data, will be long debated; but the result will be to supplement ... From: SIS Chronology and Catastrophism Workshop 1987 No 2 (Jan 1988) Home¦ Issue Contents Letters The Velikovskian Challenge Today Dear Sir, Velikovsky's prime thesis was that the world as we see it- and this embraces the natural world as it is; the records left by nature and man in fossils, stone, writing, and folk memory; ... real significance in the field of scholarship, effectively acknowledges his claim of recent catastrophes, and implies that accepted chronologies deserve re-examination. Just when such cosmic encounters occurred, and what chronological revisions best fit the often contradictory data, will be long debated; but the result will be to supplement or modify, but not de-bunk, two of his three main lines ...
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256. Letters [SIS C&C Review $]
... perfectly parallel the biblical ones. Both sources could be equally correct except that these characters played out their roles in the heavens and not on Earth. That these considerations affect many chronologies is obvious. Only those which look at the basic facts and start with few historical assumptions, such as the strata-based work of Heinsohn, are likely to get near the truth ... From: SIS Chronology& Catastrophism Review 1998:2 (Mar 1998) Home¦ Issue Contents Letters Sennacherib and Solomon In C&CR 1998:1 (Letters p. 59), Michael Reade queries my dating of the death of Sennacherib to 405BC, claiming that this would place the Exodus in 630BC, 25 years after the time of Solomon ... is not due to any intention of the bible compilers to falsify the true record but to the lack of any means- like stratigraphy or reliable handbooks- to check the correct chronological order of things. The Hebrew pioneers had different texts on their tables and could only guess how to interconnect them. [Imagine yourself before a tray with snippets listing names of ...
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257. No title [Aeon Journal $]
... the returnees from an archaeological point of view. That has since changed and quite dramatically. Peter James demonstrates that at least two empty centuries can be directly attributed to artificially extended chronologies of the ancient Near East based on Egypt. He shows that these ghost centuries are in evidence in most ancient Near Eastern histories and in areas well beyond Egypt, Mesopotamia and ... the Greek Dark Ages; "Redating the Hittite Empire;" "Biblical Archaeology Without Egypt;" "Empty Years in Nubian History" as well as two chapters on Mesopotamian chronology. James' book concludes with several appendices on "Radiocarbon and Dendrochronology," "Greek and Roman Theories on Ancient Chronology," "The Venus Tablets of Ammizaduga" and ... early maps of Antarctica. Peter James, Centuries of Darkness (Jonathan Cape: London), 1991. Reviewed by Herbert A. Storck This book outlines some of James' chronological revisions for the period from roughly 1200-800 BCE. It is forwarded by a very positive endorsement by Colin Renfrew. Numerous aspects of ancient near eastern history from Egypt to Mesopotamia to ...
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... 702-687 B.C. while conventional dating places Haremhab in the latter part of the fourteenth century B.C. Gammon's proposal was offered as part of "some tentative beginnings of an alternative 'Glasgow chronology' ", to use the words of Peter James,(1) begun at the Glasgow Conference on Ages in Chaos held in the spring of 1978. However, Gammon ... to present a single shred of synchronistic evidence in support of a ninth century placement of Haremhab; and his essay is nothing more than a summary collection of conventional chronologists' attempts to place Haremhab at the close of the Eighteenth Dynasty. The ninth century context is not established. Even though the "Glasgow chronologists" agree that the Eighteenth Dynasty should remain where ... him and used as an argument for placing Haremhab's reign in the late eighth and early seventh centuries B.C., as indeed Velikovsky does. The historical circumstances surrounding Atenism fit Velikovsky's chronological scenario. They do not fit the "Glasgow chronology"-- at least not with the limited evidence so far put forward.-- LMG Conventional theory assumes that Haremhab ...
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259. On "the Year -687" [Kronos $]
... Ch'un Ch'iu. They record wars, diplomatic missions, and above all, the deaths and funerals of emperors and the rulers of all the major states of China, tying their chronologies together indissolubly. The history of no other nation on Earth is known so well at this period. This activity of the chroniclers of Lu was nothing unusual for the time: ... , edited by Confucius from the annals of the State of Lu. There it appears under the entry for the seventh year of Duke Chuang of Lu, which, in the chronology that became traditional among Chinese scholars, corresponds to 687 B.C. Legge translates the passage as follows: "In summer, in the fourth month, on sin maou, at ... in astronomical years, which he explained to Legge as follows: "The year may be expressed in either of these forms: -775 for Astronomical purposes; B.C. 776 for Chronological purposes." (See page 88 of the Prolegomena.) However, the following statement by Legge shows that he missed the point of the explanation: "At his request ...
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260. Untitled [Catastrophism & Ancient History Journal $]
... out of style with the patriarchal age," as he claimed, but a style commonly used in Babylonia at the time. And not just in Babylonia! Even in conventional chronologies, the Assyrian Empire of the 8th and 7th centuries, like Babylonia after it, used cuneiform. So how on earth can Cardona claim that it was "an archaic writing ... destruction of the city of Jericho, previously referred to as "the city of palm trees." Judges 3:13 clearly states that at a later point in the Biblical chronology, apparently after the death of Joshua, Eglon, king of Moab, "gathered to himself the people of Ammon and Amalek, went and defeated Israel, and took possession ... /Canaan with the end of the Middle Bronze Age, when the rich so-called "Canaanite" cities were all sacked. This position meets with Cardona's evident approval. "The chronological dating of the site (of Samaria) must.... rest on whatever reconstruction best fits the evidence from the rest of Palestine," Cardona solemnly tells us. ...
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