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241. Discussion [Aeon Journal $]
... of Velikovsky in Ages in Chaos-- were motivated by a fundamentalist approach to the Biblical sources. Acknowledging that a fundamentalist approach all too often influences the debate over the various chronologies being bandied about~even a casual perusal of recent publications of SIS or Calastrophism& Ancient History will confirm as much-- Whelton responded that, far from being a positive ... but rather that most of them were very much backstage. As we have seen, the involvement of Hermes/Mercury is merely the involvement of the "flux tube." Chronology An Indispensable Key Finally, and with all due respect to Cardona, it seems likely that Velikovsky might be shown to have been less in error as regards his celestial scenario than ... of course, the "sword" image, are examples of the recognized close proximity of Mars according to what must by now be part of the post-Velikovskian consensus! Any apparent chronological irrelevance objected to in connection with the mention of David in this context would, of course, raise the issue of David's historicity and the question of whether and when such a ...
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... the section "Scandal of Enkomi" we shall read how Evans objected to chronological implications of the Cyprian archaeology on the basis of relations between the Minoan (Cretan) and Egyptian chronologies on one hand and Minoan and Cyprian, on the other. In Ages in Chaos, vol. I, it was shown in great detail why the end of the Eighteenth ... that Mycenae must have borrowed the image from there and from a period well preceding the Phrygian models(7). Yet one should not lose sight of the fact that Crete's chronology was built upon relations with Egypt. In the section "Scandal of Enkomi" we shall read how Evans objected to chronological implications of the Cyprian archaeology on the basis of relations ... the Minoan (Cretan) and Egyptian chronologies on one hand and Minoan and Cyprian, on the other. In Ages in Chaos, vol. I, it was shown in great detail why the end of the Eighteenth Dynasty of Egypt must be placed in the later part of the ninth century. If this is so then Ramsay's view should be contemplated anew ...
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... basic assumption about the nature of diachronic change. Catastrophists, who assume radical discontinuity in protohistoric development, are inclined to prefer the "revised chronology" of Immanuel Velikovsky to all chronologies based on uniformitarian assumptions.(15) My own very tentative seriation for these linguistic separations, based on an eclectic application of the four divergent approaches listed above, is as ... )) from the latest estimate (c. 250 B.C.(2))! This bimillennial gap, to be sure, need not be construed as meaning that the chronology of pre-Roman Britain is in chaos. To a large extent it reflects a temperamental difference between those who are willing to deal in mild probabilities and those who insist on virtual certainties ... *(*Footnote: It should be noted that any established archaeological contact between the British Isles and the Mycenaean World could require a lowering of absolute dates in accordance with the chronological revisionism proposed by Immanuel Velikovsky in Ages in Chaos.- LMG) The Italic/ Celtic split seems to me to have been approximately co-eval with the arrival of the Urnfielders, ...
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244. Ugarit [Velikovsky Archive Website]
... Salammbo,? Rivista degli Studi Orientali 42 (1967): 189-99. Picard, ? Installations,? sees close relations between the Ras Shamra and Carthage tombs but recognizes the chronological difficulty. His suggestion, pp. 197-98, that this tomb type came from Cyprus does not help matters. The Carthaginian settlers were primarily Syro-Phoenicians, not Cypriots. Besides, ... King Assurnasirpal II (883-859 B.C.). 16 The elongated gallop of the horse is seen to be quite similar to depictions on Assyrian reliefs, but Assyrian influence ? is chronologically impossible, all the Assyrian monuments presently known where horses are depicted at gallop being about half a millennium later than our plate ?( 174). The gold bowl (Fig ... II, p. 47. M. Vieyra, Hittite Art, pp. 45-46. Schaeffer, Ugaritica II, pp. 22-23: ? Une influence de ce coté est chronologique-ment impossible, tous les monuments assyriens actuellement connus où figurent des chevaux au galop étant postérieurs de près d ? un demi-millénaire à notre patère.? Frankfort, Art and Architecture, ...
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... Austrian history, the chronology of the Holy Roman Empire of the German Nation might easily match the one of Ancient Egypt. Thus, the conventional textbook habit of placing Old Kingdom chronologies as a compact block before the Middle Kingdom, which in turn forms a similar block prior to the New Kingdom, is not compatible with archaeological evidence. Particularly where Old Kingdom ... From: Aeon I:6 (1988) Home¦ Issue Contents Egyptian Chronology: A Solution to the Hyksos Problem Gunnar Heinsohn In Egypt, as in Mesopotamia, an advanced civilisation centred on the temple only arises towards the end of the second millennium BCE. The Old, Middle and New Kingdoms-- terms which were completely unknown to the ancient ... reasonable to consider a temporal control-- or even a mere stylistic influence-- of one territory over another. The coexistence of Nile Valley periods now lined up in a chronological sequence has in fact always been recognised where Egyptian artifacts were datable on the basis of their artistic features or technological development. The scrupulous observer Dietrich Wildung, for example, repeatedly ...
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... From: SIS Chronology and Catastrophism Workshop 1991 No 2 (Jan 1992) Home¦ Issue Contents FORUM New Chronology Issues, continued from Workshop 1991:1 Further response from Emmet Sweeney: Dear Sir, My reaction to the 'responses' to my 'Problems for Rohl's New Chronology' in the last issue of Workshop was one of astonishment. If my paper ... in the mayhem of a battlefield. Unless their horsemanship was superb this stratagem should have proved instantly disastrous! In any case, the conclusion drawn by Emmet as to the relative chronological placement of Seti I (and his contemporaries) and Assurnasirpal II (and his contemporaries) is also to be challenged. Take for example a later period, that of the ... and its people a long time earlier. But if one followed the technological imperative of Sweeney (q.v. Heinsohn) one would have to make the Carthaginians follow the Romans, chronologically. 3. Artwork of the Ethiopian period. In an earlier incarnation of his article, Emmet had claimed that the artwork of the Ethiopian period resembled that of the Old Kingdom ...
Terms matched: 3  -  Score: 1499  -  05 Mar 2003  -  20k  -  URL:
... to confirm that the similar carbon dates from Thera itself were not greatly distorted by old carbon from the volcano (as has been argued for example by Peter James). Most chronologies place the Thera eruption not far from the commencement of the 18th Dynasty (conventionally c. 1550 BC), therefore any revised chronology with much more than a century and a ... From: SIS Chronology& Catastrophism Review 2001:1 (Apr 2001) Home¦ Issue Contents Recent Developments in Near Eastern Archaeology R. M. Porter A number of interesting finds have been reported in the press such as the world's oldest city in Syria, carbon dated to c. 6000 BC, and a submerged village on an early shoreline of ... combined calibrated date of 916-832 BC at 2-sigma (98% confidence) which better fits the Aramaeans than Shishak. Mazar assumes that Shishak destroyed an earlier stratum, C-2. New Chronologists would probably assume errors in the calibration curve and propose a true destruction date in the second half of the 8th century, due to later Aramaeans or Assyrians, or some other ...
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248. Forum [SIS C&C Workshop $]
... Aug 1985) Home¦ Issue Contents Forum Questions from Lester J. Mitcham: While in broad terms I accept that the general thrust of the proposed David Rohl/Peter James chronology is correct, I am having difficulty with a number of the finer details. The points of most immediate interest are: 1) The 'Pasenhor genealogy': Pasenhor himself, ... Libyan royal line, whilst on the other an administrative line related to the 21st Dynasty and functioning in the Southern religious capital of Thebes. It has already been proposed by orthodox chronologists that a second line of HPAs ruled over the cult centre to Amun at Tanis in order to explain the multiplicity of High Priests at this time, but there is no evidence ... This sort of reasoning should indicate that we are leaving our options very much open and feel that this is the best way to proceed until the flesh is fully developed on our chronological skeleton. So with that in mind I'll attempt to answer Lester's questions in the order in which they are presented: (1) The Pasenhor Genealogy: For those unfamiliar with ...
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249. On Dating the Trojan War [SIS C&C Workshop $]
... From: SIS Chronology and Catastrophism Workshop 1990 No 1 (June 1990) Home¦ Issue Contents On Dating the Trojan War by Steven Robinson Suppose that the 'New Chronology' for Egypt's Third Intermediate Period is sound (allowing for a margin of uncertainty at the earlier end): what consequences would this have for the chronology of Mycenaean Greece? This was ... of the indigenous 'Rasna' people with refugees from Troy, who, as they settled in Etruria instructed them in the ways of their more advanced civilisation, is no longer a chronological absurdity. For the same reason, finally, we should also reconsider the oldest tradition concerning Rome's origins, namely that the Romulus who founded her- who became her first king ... of the Peloponnese, and according to Thucydides the invasion took place 80 (60+ 20) years after the Trojan War [5. Now when Rohl examined fourteen dynasties from chronologically established periods of ancient history, he found that the shortest average length of a king's reign was 10 years, the longest 23 years, and the average overall 16.4 years. ...
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250. Velikovsky's "The Dark Age of Greece" [The Velikovskian $]
... immediately directs our attention to the reason why the Helladic period is adrift in history. The Mycenaean Age in Greece and the contemporary and partly preceding Minoan Age on Crete have no chronologies of their own and depend on correlations with Egypt. Objects inscribed with the names of Egyptian kings of the Eighteenth Dynasty, found at Mycenaea, were like a calendar leaf. ... still not appeared in print. It is both sad and ironic to speculate that Velikovsky himself may have died without knowing the complete answer. The last two volumes of his revised chronology were received not with the acclaim he hoped for but with unfavorable comments from a number of his admirers and supporters, specially in the U.K. This criticism may have prompted him ... Egypt brought forth the illegitimate history we know as the Dark Age of Greece. Usually it is easier to fill a hole than it is to dig it. But not the chronological hole created by the Dark Age. Specially vexing was the absolute lack of literary remains. Velikovsky quotes Sir Maurice Bowra: There is no evidence whatsoever that the Mycenaean script continued ...
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