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... stela, which on Foster& Ritner's theory would relate to effects caused by Thera, is thought by them to have been produced between his Years 11 and 22. The two chronologies currently used date Ahmose's reign 1550-1525 or 1539-1514BC. Thus the old higher chronology can accomodate the carbon date range, but the now preferred lower chronology only works with the earliest part ... From: SIS Chronology& Catastrophism Review 1998:1 (Sep 1998) Home¦ Issue Contents Recent Developments in Near Eastern Archaeology Special Report: Demise of the 'Scientific' Date for Thera Until recently the identification of volcanoes in ice core records relied on finding higher than usual sulphate ion concentrations at particular years. Most major eruptions in the northern hemisphere emit ... the eruption, but not on the preferred low chronology. Thus conventional Egyptian chronology and carbon dating can barely be stretched far enough to meet at c. 1525 BC. New Chronologists may prefer to assume a fundamental error in calibrated carbon dating and thus be free to date Thera anywhere from Amenhotep I to Hatshepsut. Goedicke's old theory linking the eruption to Hatshepsut's ...
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... The Pylos beams are -800, the Gordion beams date from -700. Now the question arises, how can the radiocarbon method be used for deciding between the conventional and the revised chronologies. Many a reader of Volume I of Ages in Chaos, and a few readers to whom I made available the sequel volumes in typescript would agree that the reconstruction is built ... civilizations. This led Libby to write in 1963: "The data [in the Table are separated into two groups-Egyptian and non-Egyptian. This separation was made because the whole Egyptian chronology is interlocking and subject to possible systematic errors.. ." Also, "Egyptian historical dates beyond 4000 years ago may be somewhat too old, perhaps centuries too old at ... Museum, was -899 and -846 respectively. These results were never published. These cases make me appeal that all tests, irrespective of how much the results disagree with the accepted chronological data, should be made public. I believe also that the curiosity of the British Museum Laboratory officials should have induced them to ask for additional material from the Tutankhamen tomb instead ...
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213. Introduction [Velikovsky Archive Website]
... Israelite, the former is out of step with historical reality by over five centuries. The Assyrian Conquest is pivotal because the procedure no longer is a mere relative shifting of two chronologies. As I will show, the order of the dynasties, past the conclusion of the Eighteenth (Theban) Dynasty, needs to be altered. The present volume dealing with ... Sea. The main and singular purpose of this composition, through all its volumes, was and is to replace what are ages in chaos by a revised, or synchronized, chronology and history. In this respect the present volume is pivotal. The generations from the Exodus to King Jehoshaphat or, in Egyptian history, from the fall of the Middle Kingdom ... INTRODUCTION In the work of reconstruction of ancient history and replacement of the conventional scheme by a synchronized version, The Assyrian Conquest belongs, in chronological order, after Ages in Chaos: From the Exodus to King Akhnaton, and before Ramses II and His Time and Peoples of the Sea. By offering it to the readers I fill the gap left by ...
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214. From the Editor [Pensee]
... on physical and astronomical matters. But in this our fourth issue (and in the fifth as well) we come face to face with pharaohs and papyri, king lists and chronologies. We begin --and properly so --with a look at some of the basic tools of the ancient historians, and at the assumptions they employ in utilizing those tools. Specifically, ... fourth issue brings under analysis the radiocarbon dating method and the historians' use of astronomical calculations to set the conventional chronology of Egypt on a "firm" footing. Perhaps the most important features of this issue are the chronological charts. The centerfold consists of a large and detailed rendering of Velikovsky's revised chronology, prepared by Washington, D.C., architect, ... Holbrook. While the chart grew out of Holbrook's reading of the unpublished Ages in Chaos volumes, as well as his consultations with Velikovsky, it is not presented here as from Velikovsky's own hand: the reader is cautioned against assuming absolute fidelity to Velikovsky's views in the chart. Velikovsky himself, on page 41. offers a comparison between his own and the ...
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215. History (maverick science) [Maverick Science Website]
... thousand years. The German scholar Heribert Illig would have us believe that some 300 years need to be deleted from AD chronology and that Charlemagne never existed. I have discussed these chronologies at some length both in the journal Aeon and on the internet newsgroup Kronia. A brief sampling of these writings follows. For information on Dr. Heinsohn's historical revisions, click ... Mars Myth Archaeo- astronomy Evolution History Site Map Home History History Immanuel Velikovsky Inspired by Immanuel Velikovsky's Ages in Chaos series, a number of researchers have offered radical reconstructions of ancient chronology. Velikovsky argued that much of ancient Near Eastern history should be downdated by some five centuries. Gunnar Heinsohn would downdate the Old Babylonian period by over one thousand years. The ... For a discussion of how the science of astronomical retrocalculations impacts the radical chronologies, click here (PDF). For a discussion of ancient eclipse observations and their relevance to the chronological debate, click here. ...
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216. Ancient Near Eastern Chronology Revised [The Velikovskian $]
... Mesopotamia follow the Old Akkadians (or Old Assyrians) just as the Mitanni in Israel or Syro-Phoenicia follow the Hyksos. It is, thus, not archeological discoveries but, preconceived chronologies which are responsible for assigning different dates to contemporary strata. Even the best archeologists tend to forget that they are confronted with two different dating techniques (Bible fundamentalist and pseudo-astronomical) ... From: The Velikovskian Vol 1 No 1 (1993) Home¦ Issue Contents Ancient Near Eastern Chronology Revised Gunnar Heinsohn Archeologists and historians have interpreted the stratigraphical record on the basis of the following diagram: A B A C B C D D C D E E Yields A B C D E Figure 1. A NOTE ON STRATIGRAPHY. The diagram ... to postulate their stratigraphic contemporaneity. To establish the identity of stratigraphical horizons for Old Akkadians (as well as for Old Assyrians) and Hyksos, we have to return to the chronologically all-important Mitanni: The -17th/ -16th century strata of the Hyksos in Egypt (Tell el-Daba), Israel (Megiddo) and Syro-Phoenicia (Alalakh) sit directly underneath the strata ...
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217. Bookshelf [SIS C&C Review $]
... this journal, the appearances and disappearances of Venus recorded on the Venus tablets are erratic, and Huber speedily shows that many of them just do not fit with any of his chronologies and so must be discarded as "clearly wrong" (N.B. It is, of course, impossible that all the recorded dates could fit with any orthodox chronology- the ... between them are too erratic). Fortunately for Huber, perhaps, the first few dates in the record are reasonably regular and so give him a good starting position- he only discards one date from the first 10 he lists, and that the last one (No. 10); of the next 10, he discards 3, with increasing discards ... the longitude in which the conjunction occurs but it does shift the associated calendar date). Huber's techniques for tackling such problems will be of interest to all would-be interpreters of ancient chronological matter, irrespective of whether they agree with his results or not. It would seem, however, that there must be many more starting years than the ones actually tested which ...
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218. Letters [SIS C&C Workshop $]
... of over five centuries- were not Gammon, James, Rohl, and Bimson all forced to abandon that position? SIS is in danger of being distorted into SCS (Silly Chronologies Society). If we are to have a 1993 Conference its chronology papers should build on the many years' work of Rohl, James etc. SIS can take pride in ... From: SIS Chronology and Catastrophism Workshop 1991 No 1 (July 1991) Home¦ Issue Contents Letters Who Was Hiawatha? Dear Sir, Irving Wolfe has made us well aware of the catastrophic import in the works of Shakespeare, and the catastrophic content of such literary works as Milton's Paradise Lost is self evident, but I was quite surprised to find ... ; D. Cardona: 'Bouquets and Brickbats: A Reply to Martin Sieff', forthcoming in Catastrophism and Ancient History XIII:1. Dwardu Cardona, Vancouver BC, Canada Chronological Feedback Wanted! Dear Sir, Re my article 'Solomon, the Exodus and Abraham Related to Egyptian Chronology' (Workshop 1990:1), I see that footnote 2 has ...
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219. Syria and Ugarit [Catastrophism & Ancient History Journal $]
... 46 The onus is now on Velikovskians to explain the position of Amurru in mid-seventh century, 47 at the time of Nebuchadrezzar, 48 and perhaps as late as 560. Variant Chronologies In a Pensee footnote 49 we are advised: Actually, Velikovsky only refers to one of the destructions at Ugarit, that which fell during Akhnaton's reign. He assigns this to ... doubt that the "city of Nikdime" cannot be Ugarit, 3 James seemed unaware of the fact that this Azaru (king of Amurra) cannot under the terms of Velikovsky's chronology be the Biblical Hazael, who is Velikovsky's Azaru. While I remain unaware of the treaty to which James refers, I believe there can be no doubt that the Azaru in ... date for the beginning of Hazael's reign-- James fails to synchronize the reign of Nikmed in connection with the destruction of the Amarna period, 11 and also to prove the chronological possibility of Azaru being identical to Hazael. The True End of Ugarit The city itself survived the destruction of the Amarna Age 12 by about one and a half centuries, its ...
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220. Ezra and Nehemiah in Recent Research [Catastrophism & Ancient History Journal $]
... Post Exilic Period. Faulstich's book is rather well done considering its fundamentalist point of view regarding the Bible and his idiosyncratic preoccupation with precisely dating every event by means of his computer chronology. While fundamentalist views, academic or religious, can interfere with Biblical interpretation, as do personal idiosyncracies, they do not seem to significantly affect the portion of his study concerning ... would grammatically subordinate the time of Artaxerxes to before that of Darius and more forcefully preclude placing Ezra 4:6-23 later than Darius. It would force the narrative to be strictly chronological which may underlie the ambiguity of the term. One must agree with Halpern that the use of this term is deliberately ambiguous but does it really misrepresent the chronology of the period ... Ezra 6:1 4b and in general the genealogies of the period. With respect to Ezra chapter four both Anstey and Faulstich clearly recognize that what follows verse five, while chronologically dislocated refers to the period between Cyrus and Darius and explains the reasons for the delay in Temple reconstruction during this period. That is if you do not make the a priori ...
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