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... investigations he endeavored to prove the existence of a Providence that goes beyond mechanical causes. To prove that prophecy can be accepted scientifically he reduced the entire problem to a question of chronology. If it can be documented empirically that the prophecies of the Scriptures can be trusted, one would have reasons to accept the promise of an unhindered development of the history of ... , eliminating what today we call the Greek Dark Ages. According to Newton, the Trojan War took place one generation before Homer. It is rather bizarre that Newton used this chronological scheme in order to dismiss the evidence for the occurrence of past cometary impacts. It seems that he built his chronology when he was still in agreement with Whiston and used it ... the precise day of creation with anything like the punctiliousness of Bishop Ussher".- LER A number of scholars of the time wrote heatedly for and against his Defense de la chronologie fondee sur les monuments, contre le systeme chronologique de Newton (Paris, 1758). The strongest argument, however, against Newton's contention that the ancient evidence on astronomical events ...
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... From: Pensée Vol. 3 No 2: (Spring-Summer 1973) "Immanuel Velikovsky Reconsidered IV" Home¦ Issue Contents Astronomy and Chronology Immanuel Velikovsky Copyright 1973 by Immanuel Velikovsky The sources of error in the conventional chronology This paper, first set in type in the early 1950's, will appear as a supplement to Peoples of the Sea. The student ... is there historical evidence to indicate the order of two dynasties that ruled consecutively. The monumental evidence, it is admitted, does not provide material sufficient by itself for constructing a chronological system. If such a system can be built by other means, the monumental inscriptions may help here and there in fixing more precisely the dates of events in the reigns of ... . 2 (Paris, 1864); J. L. Ideter, Meteorologia veterum Graecorum et Romanorum (Berlin, 1832). 29. See E. Meyer, Aegyptische Chronologie, pp. 17-18. 30. Borchardt, Quellen, vol. 2, p. 13. 31. "Beaucoup plus convenable serait Mennofirre de quelques scarabées 'hyksos.' ...
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... the Bogazköy Hittites of the Empire period who conquered Carchemish and made it the key to their strategy in Syria. Chart comparing the conventional (left) and revised (right) chronologies for Hittite Carchemish. The accepted scheme creates a "blank" period in the archaeological record between the Bronze Age (Amarna) and Iron Age (Yunus) occupations, made ... 1982) "The 1978 Glasgow Conference Proceedings" Home¦ Issue Contents Saturday afternoon CHAIRMAN: HAROLD TRESMAN Chronological Problems in the Archaeology of the Hittites Peter J. James A revised chronology of the sort proposed by Immanuel Velikovsky's Ages in Chaos, if applied to the history of ancient Anatolia and Syria, might rescue the archaeology of those regions from a series of ... From: SIS Review Vol VI No 1-3 (1982) "The 1978 Glasgow Conference Proceedings" Home¦ Issue Contents Saturday afternoon CHAIRMAN: HAROLD TRESMAN Chronological Problems in the Archaeology of the Hittites Peter J. James A revised chronology of the sort proposed by Immanuel Velikovsky's Ages in Chaos, if applied to the history of ancient Anatolia and Syria, might ...
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... 1. This article uses Kitchen's chronology (TIPE, 466; TIPE/2, 533 and 588) as a basis for comparison with current views. For earlier lower-than-usual Egyptian chronologies, see, e.g., J. Lieblein, ZAS, 7, 1869, 121ff. and C. Torr, Memphis and Mycenae, 1896. A significantly more extensive ... shifts would consist of a short Dyn.20/21 overlap, a quite long Dyn.21/22 overlap (c. mid-later 9th century), an internal compression of Dyn.22/23 chronology, and the survival of Dyn.22 into the early 7th century. 2 1. FOUR LONG GENEALOGIES Together, the three long genealogies 3 reproduced in the left half of Fig. ... his year 67) to the late 11th century B. C., instead of the late 13th century (probably 1213 B.C.) as currently accepted. 1 The indicated chronological shifts would consist of a short Dyn.20/21 overlap, a quite long Dyn.21/22 overlap (c. mid-later 9th century), an internal compression of Dyn.22/23 ...
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... VIII (1986) "Tenth Anniversary Tour Issue" Home¦ Issue Contents Shoshenq and Shishak: A Case of Mistaken Identity John J. Bimson The currently accepted framework for Egyptian chronology during the Third Intermediate Period is supported by a key synchronism with biblical history. The identification of the biblical Shishak with Shoshenq I of the 22nd Dynasty is the only generally accepted ... upwards towards the more obscure ages" [56. Therefore, beginning with the 26th Dynasty which terminated with the Persian conquest, Prichard worked backwards through time, carefully assessing the chronological information provided by the various ancient sources. For the period of interest to us, these sources are primarily Julius Africanus (early 3rd century AD) and Eusebius (early 4th ... that Shoshenq's forces had campaigned in Palestine. In addition, a scheme of dates for Egypt's kings had been developed and refined to the point where the identification seemed to be confirmed chronologically. We will return to these two factors below to assess their precise implications. But firstly, we will examine the most obvious similarity between the two kings- their names. ...
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... historians of its validity. (2) Its purpose was to independently buttress Biblical chronology. It is not generally known today that from the 2nd to the late 19th century, chronologies of the ancient Near East and, indeed, of the entire world, were bound to the date of the patriarch Abraham. (3) Take any history book from the ... From: Aeon III:3 (Oct 1993) Home¦ Issue Contents Astronomical Dating and Calendrics Gunnar Heinsohn I. The Debunked Masterpiece of astronomical dating: Sothic chronology A. The Pre-Sothic Dating Scheme of Comparative World History he most important and, at the same time, the most detrimental use of astronomical dating ever applied to ancient history was the Sothic ... was established that Abrahamic lore dates from the Persian period and later (6)-- historical chronology had to start from scratch. As far as Mesopotamia is concerned, the chronological materials now in use consist of the king-lists that are gradually being unearthed, without, however, the stratigraphical levels in which they are found always being identified. Abraham is hardly ...
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... East, beginning in the middle of the 8th century BC. On numerous points Herodotus substantially agrees with biblical sources and epigraphic material that elucidate the period after c750 BC. Modern chronologies of the Saite period differ by only a few years from the chronology deducible from Herodotus. Herodotus had Ethiopians in Egypt about when both the Bible and Assyrian inscriptions suggest Ethiopians were ... From: SIS Chronology and Catastrophism Workshop 1993 No 1 (Aug 1993) Home¦ Issue Contents Chronological Implications of a Proper Identification of the Labyrinth: Part II by Jesse E. Lasken In Part I (C&C Workshop 1992:2), I equated the Step Pyramid complex with the Egyptian Labyrinth described by Herodotus. This equation was argued ... of chronological considerations, but it has important chronological implications. As I have elsewhere discussed in some detail, conventional chronologists assume that the epitomes of Manetho by Africanus and Eusebius provide a valid framework of Egyptian chronology consisting of some thirty dynasties- an assumption formulated a few years after Champollion announced the decipherment of hieroglyphics in 1828 [1. The early Egyptologists also ...
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18. Forum Part Two [SIS C&C Review $]
... natural catastrophes [14, climatic data [15 and written evidence [16. I am simply unable to accept the argument- which is, moreover, based on most dubious chronologies- that the last cosmic catastrophe of global extent occurred during the 3rd millennium BC. I am extremely doubtful that all major catastrophe traditions and rituals around the world, monotheistic movements ... From: SIS Chronology& Catastrophism Review 1994 (Vol XVI) (Oct 1995) Home¦ Issue Contents Forum Part Two Was the Cambridge Conference a Flop? (Evidence for multiple catastrophes in historical times) the challenge, set by Benny J. Peiser "But the derivative from an impact will give you many local causes which are detectable. The ... dragon-inspired iconographies only emerge 1500 years later than the cultures of the Near East? According to conventional chronology, the Olmec culture only began during the late second millennium, and 'whichever chronological scheme we may choose, the fact is that the known beginning of civilisation in China is approximately a millennium and a half later than the initial phases of Near Eastern civilisations' ...
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... Time reckoning of political developments and the synchronising of contemporary rulers in the Near East hinge, to a large extent, on the validity of the astronomical dating of Egypt. Floating chronologies and the complete lack of a means of absolute dating for the early periods in Mesopotamia, Greece and other Mediterranean regions are dependent on the dynastic structure of Egypt. Every effort ... From: Kronos Vol. II No. 4 (Summer 1977) Home¦ Issue Contents A Re-examination of the Sothic Chronology of Egypt Ronald D. Long Reprinted with permission from Orientalia, Vol. 43 (Nova Series- 1974), pp. 261-274. For many years now we have accepted and incorporated the astronomical chronology of Egypt into our histories ... ancient nations, but the foundation vitally necessary before this can be accomplished is the validity and accuracy of the Sothic chronology. We must first be certain of the foundation. Radiocarbon chronologists, testing the accuracy of carbon 14 as a scientific dating technique, have utilised what they consider the firmly grounded chronology of pharaonic Egypt as a check. Geophysicists have discovered, ...
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20. Letters [SIS C&C Workshop $]
... and who reconquered the fallen cities of the Northern Kingdom? This idea has already been published in Centuries of Darkness. It would seem, therefore, that the Rohl and James chronologies are tending to converge toward the latter end of the 22nd Dynasty. 5. How do we achieve the above redating of Shoshenq I, to c. 800 BC whilst retaining ... From: SIS Chronology and Catastrophism Workshop 1994 No 2 (Dec 1994) Home¦ Issue Contents Letters Ahab, Labayu... and the £20 reward The idea of interdisciplinary studies is a fine one and I am sure we are all aware that if we were to require degree studies from anyone who wished to present a view there would be ... his policies (notably the use of foreign mercenaries). 'Atkinson appears to favour Bede and the Anglo-Saxon Chronicle as sources more reliable than Gildas. Bede... introduces a chronological distortion... the linking of Vortigern with the legend of Hengist and Horsa... which has parallels in Norse saga. We can therefore dismiss Atkinson's criticism of Gildas ...
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