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141. Ash [Pensee]
... is nothing we know of now in all periods which reflects the catastrophes of Velikovsky's theory. By and large the hundreds of dates we now have from Carbon-14 confirm fairly closely the chronologies worked out by the archaeologists. Several years ago we here at the Museum discussed preparing an answer to Velikovsky's claims and we all decided it was not worthwhile. At this late ... W. F. Libby Institute for Nuclear Studies University of Chicago DEAR PROFESSOR LIBBY: In my work "Ages in Chaos" (Doubleday) I present a reconstruction of ancient chronology from the Middle Kingdom in Egypt to the advent of Alexander. I place the end of the Middle Kingdom in ca. -1500 (instead of conventional -1680); the time ... in good harmony with my chronology. What is not found in Libby's analyses, is some object from the 18th, 19th, or 20th Dynasty,--the New Kingdom --where my chronological scheme is five to seven hundred years out of line. I wonder whether the Museum under your care possesses a wooden coffin from one of those dynasties and would be interested to ...
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142. History, Harmony and the Hebrew Kings (review) [Catastrophism & Ancient History Journal $]
... of course, convinced they understand the prophecy correctly. Nevertheless, as important as the sorting out of such number puzzles may be, they contribute little to the proof of the chronologies offered by either author. This is all the more so because the prophecy dates are juggled to suit the theory. But none of this is any more than an intellectual exercise ... . FAULSTICH History, Harmony and the Hebrew Kings (review) Reviewed by Herbert A. Storck The purpose of this review is to give some attention to amateur research into the chronology of the Hebrew kings. This book (1986, $19.95, Chronology Books, Box 3043, Spencer, Iowa 51301) represents a contribution to that growing genre. Also ... foundation for Hebrew chronology is Assyrian chronology. Both authors do attempt to address this desideratum-- but neither one succeeds. Hickman's work, which seems a paraphrase of Martin Antsey's chronological romance of the early years of this century, still suggests the completely unprovable Assyrian interregnum theory. This theory contends there is a gap in the Assyrian King List at some point ...
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... 4 No 5: (Winter 1974-75) "Immanuel Velikovsky Reconsidered X" Home¦ Issue Contents Rejoinder to Velikovsky William H. Stiebing, Jr. PALESTINIAN STRATIGRAPHY AND THE REVISED CHRONOLOGY Dr. Stiebing is Associate Professor of History, University of New Orleans. In the Winter, 1973-74 issue of Pensee (pp. 38-42), Immanuel Velikovsky replied to my ... , mostly pottery." Neither pottery nor any other type of artifact constitutes stratigraphical evidence unless it is found stratified --buried in layers --in the remains of ancient cities. The correct chronological sequence of pottery types in Palestine has been determined (mainly since the 1930's) by the careful excavation of a number of sites in which the occupation layers were meticulously observed and ... pottery which each stratum contained was kept separate and compared with the pottery of the other layers. Such a stratigraphical succession can provide only a relative chronology-that is, from the superposition of materials in the earth we can learn that the pottery types and other artifacts we label Early Bronze Age in Palestine were in use before the types of artifacts characteristic of the Middle ...
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... Helck.) (84) As in the other areas of the ancient world, Mesopotamia does not present us with any site which would meet the most important test of prevailing chronologies, yielding glass-containing strata deep down at -2200, on top of which 700 years of glass-empty strata are present, with glass reappearing again only above these levels. Such a sequence ... know best is the chemical composition of ancient glasses. (6) When it comes to techniques of glass-forming, there is much less consensus. And if one turns to the chronology of early glassmaking, bewilderment-if not desperation-- would be a modest expression to characterise the attitude of scholars who, for some 120 years, have sought to detect the proper ... From: Aeon II:1 (1989) Home¦ Issue Contents Early Glassmaking And Chronological Puzzles Gunnar Heinsohn I wish to express my gratitude for the generous bibliographic assistance of Frau Faulstich (Library of the Deutsche Glastechnische Gesellschaft/Frankfurt/M.), Frau Herrmann (Library of the Museum für Kunst und Gewerbe/ Hamburg), and Herrn Zamia ...
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... the Middle Kingdom); and somewhat following Fry it proposes that Abraham's story fits naturally at the beginnings of civilisation (Pre or Early Dynastic in Egypt). Table 1. Chronologies Compared For notes see text, section 'F' F) Comparison with Conventional Chronology Table 1 shows the conventional Egyptian dynastic system together with the relative placements of Solomon, the Exodus ... From: SIS Chronology and Catastrophism Workshop 1990 No 1 (June 1990) Home¦ Issue Contents Solomon, The Exodus and Abraham Related to Egyptian Chronology by R. M. Porter It is the purpose of this article to recap on some of the proposed revisions and then to propose yet another which is mainly a synthesis of earlier ideas. The title ... angled lines bounding the Late Bronze Age indicates uncertainty as to its position and the extent to which it overlaps the Middle Bronze and Iron Ages. The Proposed Theory A) The Chronological Outline The proposed chronology is outlined in table 2. The key points are: i) Solomon's contemporary Shishak [12 is identified as Ramesses II as in the New Chronology and ...
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146. A Different View on the Chronology of Hazor [Catastrophism & Ancient History Journal $]
... used by Dr. Yadin and to illustrate the possibility that the new chronology instituted by Dr. Velikovsky is the correct one. The crux of the problem between the two competing chronologies is the five-hundred year gap between them. For example, the conventional chronology places Thutmoses III in the Late Bronze Age, c. 1450 B.C., while the new Velikovskian ... From: Catastrophism and Ancient History II:2 (Jun 1980) Home¦ Issue Contents A Different View on the Chronology of Hazor Marvin Arnold Luckerman Hazor is the largest archaeological site of Israel, consisting of an upper tell and a lower city. It lies on the famous highway, the Via Maris (Way of the Sea), at the ... must be the goddess of the temple, the consort of the moon god. 6 Before beginning the explanation of this find, we must point out that the proof of the chronology's validity can not come from Egyptian sources or Egyptian-based chronologies like the Minoan, Mycenaean, and Hittite (since the Egyptian scale is indeed better), but only from chronologies that ...
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... accepted chronology of Egypt is radically revised to take into account the innumerable "time-lags" of 500 years or more which afflict the histories of those areas dependent on Egypt for their chronologies. While Velikovsky's theories have stood the test of time, and the evidence to support them mounts up, the conventional chronology continues to suffer further embarassments from the results of new ... From: SIS Review Vol 1 No 5 (Summer 1977) Home¦ Issue Contents A REVISED CHRONOLOGY FOR THE ANCIENT NEAR EAST Copyright (c) Society for Interdisciplinary Studies, 1977. THE PURPOSE OF THIS PAPER is to draw the attention of ancient historians and archaeologists, particularly those concerned with Biblical and Near Eastern Studies, to 'Ages In Chaos' ... in Pensée, Spring-Summer 1973, p.5. 30. Reported in Pensée, Winter 1974-5, p.43. THE OBJECT of this paper has been to give a brief summary of the chronological revision of the ancient history of the Near East formulated in "Ages In Chaos" and to show the extent to which flaws in the conventional chronology have been amply demonstrated while ...
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... , Nairi-Urartu (Tiflis, 1954); G. A. Melikishvili, Urartskie klino-obraznye nadpisi (Moscow, 1960); Machteld J. Mellink, "Anatolian Chronology" in Chronologies in Old World Archaeology, ed. by Robert E. Ehrich (Chicago, 1954) 101-132; J. Markwart, "Le berceau des Armeniens", Revue des History ... and the Armenian Plateau, for these revisions, if valid, must be applicable to every geographical area of the ancient East, great and small, well-known and obscure, whose chronology has been based on that of Egypt.(1) Unless this can be done successfully, these revisions are not going to be acceptable-- at least not in their ... From: Kronos Vol. I No. 3 (Fall 1975) Home¦ Issue Contents Eastern Anatolia and Velikovsky's Chronological Revisions* I Robert H. Hewsen [* Paper read at the Duquesne History Forum, Pittsburgh, Pa., October 29, 1974.I In this study, I would like to address myself to an examination of Dr. ...
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... It quickly became obvious that if Heinsohn was right Biblical history was in peril. For a while I was hopeful that both sides could be accommodated by a synthesis of the competing chronologies. But when Heinsohn withdrew his support for Velikovsky's 9th century placement of the Amarna period, and moved this key epoch of Egyptian history down to the end of the 7th century ... From: Aeon I:6 (1988) Home¦ Issue Contents Velikovsky, Fundamentalism and the Revised Chronology Clark Whelton In the summer of 1977 I spent a day at Immanuel Velikovsky's home in Princeton. We sat in the living room and talked about history. Peoples of the Sea had just appeared in print. Velikovsky was brimming with optimism. By ... - I think it has a great deal to do with Velikovsky. It wouldn't be fair to call Velikovsky a religious fundamentalist, or a theological fundamentalist. But he is a chronological fundamentalist. He accepts the later chronology of Biblical history as literal truth. On page 76 of Ages in Chaos Velikovsky weighs the evidence for determining the length of the Hyksos period ...
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150. Rethinking Hatshepsut [SIS C&C Review $]
... and to the very shaky nature of the dating, the whole chronological framework, upon which our current interpretations rest... The revolutionary suggestion is made here that the existing chronologies for that crucial phase in human history are in error by several centuries, and that, in consequence, history will have to be rewritten... I feel that their ... From: SIS Chronology& Catastrophism Review 1999:1 (Jul 1999) Home¦ Issue Contents Rethinking Hatshepsut by David K. Down Some 50 years ago Dr Siegfried Horn identified the Egyptian princess who drew Moses out of the water as Queen Hatshepsut of the XVIII dynasty. He did so by synchronising biblical chronology, I Kings 6:1, which ... , 'This disquieting book draws attention, in a penetrating and original way, to a crucial period in world history and to the very shaky nature of the dating, the whole chronological framework, upon which our current interpretations rest... The revolutionary suggestion is made here that the existing chronologies for that crucial phase in human history are in error by several ...
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