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... ('The reliability of biblical synchronisms in constructing an historical chronology from Rehoboam to Hezekiah') in C&C Review Vol. XVI. Her proposed amendment of the Thiele and Aaronson chronologies is persuasive, raising the date of the division of the formerly united monarchy from 930 to 937 BC and of the sack of the Temple from 925 to 933 BC. In ... From: SIS Chronology& Catastrophism Review 1996:1 Home¦ Issue Contents REVIEWS A Test of Time: Volume I the Bible- From Myth to History by David M. Rohl (Random Century, 1995). In Volume XIV of Chronology and Catastrophism Review, I reviewed Centuries of Darkness, in which Peter James, in collaboration with Nick Thorpe ... to undertake the formal course of studies which led in1990 to a BA degree in Egyptology at University College, London, where he subsequently began work on the PhD thesis on the chronological revision which is the subject of the present work. The book is in five sections, following an introduction summarising the generally accepted histories of Egypt and Israel up to the destruction ...
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... that work and also Alasdair Beal's critique [2. A few small changes are detectable here and there, notably more modern data and charts are adduced in support of the replicated chronologies. E.g., the chart on p. 20 contains some splendidly high (therefore very significant) t values of 6-12. These are a great improvement on t values often ... From: SIS Chronology& Catastrophism Review 1996:2 (May 1997) Home¦ Issue Contents REVIEWS A Slice Through Time (dendrochronology and precision dating) by M. G. L. Baillie Batsford, London, 1995 This is a book with a broad spectrum of appeal. It will interest students of the history of science; it is essential ... for those who wish to learn more about dendrochronology, of prime importance to those whose passion is chronology or the application of chronological techniques, and a gold mine for catastrophists of all persuasions. Historians have much to learn from its pages, especially art historians, Dark Age historians and Egyptologists, though whether they will rise to the challenge remains to be seen ...
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133. Moderating the Middle Ages [SIS C&C Review $]
... proven evidence. It is psychological: OK, catastrophes occurred- but not so close to us in time. Similarly, many contributors to this journal are happy to accept short chronologies of the distant past but seem averse to having the Middle Ages shortened- but was the distant past not so far distant as we have been accustomed to thinking? Various continental ... From: SIS Chronology& Catastrophism Review 1999:2 (Feb 2000) Home¦ Issue Contents Moderating the Middle Ages by Derel Briarley Derel Briarley worked in a school laboratory and then returned to college and university. He is now retired. Recall the amount of evidence listed by Velikovsky and others to the effect that significant geological changes have happened recently enough ... or other changes in the skies, his reconstruction may even err on the side of caution. He observes, 'For a historian of the 20th century, the very thought that chronologists have followed an erroneous scheme for several hundred years naturally seems to be absurd, for it contradicts accepted tradition and the cultural knowledge assimilated since childhood'. Einstein observed that most ...
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134. The Chronology of Lyres [Aeon Journal $]
... From: Aeon II:3 (1990) Home¦ Issue Contents The Chronology of Lyres Gunnar Heinsohn Whoever takes part in the debate on ancient chronologies will agree that the correct date for the Amarna correspondence settles it all. This correspondence connects, inter alia, the powerful nation of Mita (Mitanni in English) in Northern Mesopotamia and Syria/Israel ... From: Aeon II:3 (1990) Home¦ Issue Contents The Chronology of Lyres Gunnar Heinsohn Whoever takes part in the debate on ancient chronologies will agree that the correct date for the Amarna correspondence settles it all. This correspondence connects, inter alia, the powerful nation of Mita (Mitanni in English) in Northern Mesopotamia and Syria/Israel ... represented not only by written sources but also by archaeological strata in Africa (Egypt-Hyksos in Tell el Daba) and Asia alike. This epigraphical-stratigraphical sequence, thus, allows for a chronological network stretching from the Nile to the Persian Gulf and beyond in the South-East and to Anatolia and beyond in the North-East. In addition, any excavation site with strata for Hyksos ...
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135. EBLA -- A New Look at History (Review) [Catastrophism & Ancient History Journal $]
... more often than not, to explain away anomalous finds. It may be true but it may equally be untrue and moreover obscure the need to look more closely at the accepted chronologies of Egypt's Old Kingdom and by extension Mesopotamia. The copying of older texts is certainly known to occur in Mesopotamia as is the archaizing of later texts especially those in stone whose ... its rich archives. The following review is my first public statement on this important subject. I shall organize the review along the following topics: language, geography, traditions, chronology and history. With regards to language Eblaite can now, after fifteen years of intensive investigation, be classified as neither East nor West Semitic, but rather as Old Semitic. ... . They may prove fruitful to someone who is patient enough to investigate the problem further. But for the time being 15 plus years of argument and discussion have not resolved the chronological placement of the palace C archives with respect to Egypt and Mesopotamia to the point of demonstration. As for the destruction of the above palace and Ebla it is unlikely that Naram ...
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... dating cannot easily be used conclusively to support the revised or conventional chronology. However, it can be instructive to review some of the carbon dating results and methods relating to these chronologies. Soon after Libby's publication of information about the carbon dating method, Velikovsky began his attempt to have radiocarbon analysis performed on material from especially the 18th, 19th, and 20th ... "missing rings" the problem becomes so difficult that sometimes the distinctive patterns are not really distinctive. Some logs are used which would cross match regardless of their position in the chronology. What does one do in this situation? The problem was partially solved by carbon dating the two samples to find where they should match. Even with this solicited aid, ... reference to the Museum having unpublished radiocarbon dates for the New Kingdom, Schaeffer said that he would publish, whatever the result, since he was "not concerned with opinions and chronological schemes, but only with the advance of knowledge." Also he noted that 'the truth needs time to sink in. And so we must be in a position to wait ...
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137. Untitled [Uncategorised]
... Poles [Aeon Vol0406 Barnard, Geoffrey Knowler: Experiments with Time II: Synchronisms and Stratigraphies [Review V1998n2 Barnard, Geoffrey Knowler: Experiments with Time. I: 'Catastrophes and Chronologies' [Review V1998n1 Barnes, Thomas: Response to Dr Milsom [Review V0204 Barnes, Thomas G.: Recent Origin and Decay of the Earth's Magnetic Field [Review V0202 ... W1994no1 Bethell, Tom: Darwin's Unfalsifiable Theory [Kronos Vol0704 Bietak, Prof Manfred: Isis Fellowship Lecture [Review V1991 Bimsom, John J: Conquest of Canaan and the Revised Chronology [Review V0103 Bimson, Dr John J.: Can There Be A Revised Chronology Without A Revised Stratigraphy? [Review V0601to3 Bimson, Dr John, Peter J. James ... Heinsohn, Gunnar: Chronology of Lyres [Aeon Vol0203 Heinsohn, Gunnar: Did the Sumerians and the Akkadians Ever Exist? [Aeon Vol0102 Heinsohn, Gunnar: Early Glassmaking and Chronological Puzzles [Aeon Vol0201 Heinsohn, Gunnar: Egyptian Chronology: A Solution to the Hyksos Problem [Aeon Vol0106 Heinsohn, Gunnar: Israelite Conquest of Canaan [Aeon Vol0104 Heinsohn, ...
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138. Assessing Middle Kingdom Lunar Dates [SIS C&C Review $]
... From: SIS Chronology& Catastrophism Review 1994 (Vol XVI) (Oct 1995) Home¦ Issue Contents Assessing Middle Kingdom Lunar Dates work reviewed: Lynn E. Rose: 'The Astronomical Evidence for Dating the End of the Middle Kingdom of Ancient Egypt to the Early Second Millennium: A Reassessment', JNES 53:4 (1994), pp ... ' estimation for this regnal year, many now consider the end of the 12th Dynasty to be astronomically fixed at 1786 BC. Rose quotes Gardiner's well-known statement in regard to the chronological importance of this date: "To abandon 1786 BC as the year when Dyn. XII ended would be to cast adrift from our only firm anchor, a course that would ... of using Sothic and lunar materials to date the Twelfth Dynasty'. These are R. Krauss: Sothis und Monddaten (Hildesheim, 1985) and U. Luft: Die chronologische Fixierung des aegyptischen Mittleren Reiches nach dem Tempelarchiv von Illahun (Vienna, 1992). The lunar evidence used by Parker, and later by Krauss, are the four documents A ...
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... , Nederlands Historisch-Archaelogisch Instituut in Het Nabije Oosten, 1972, pp. 1-15. '1. The Dating of the Hammurabi Dynasty', pp. 2-3. '3. The Early Chronologies'. 6. Langdon-Potheringham-Schoch, The Venus Tablets of Amizaduga, Oxford University Press, London, 1928. 7. E.g. Year 5b, which is displaced by 2-3 days ... From: SIS Chronology& Catastrophism Review 1998:1 (Sep 1998) Home¦ Issue Contents Dating the Hammurabi Dynasty Using the Venus Tablets by John D. Weir The famous library of the Assyrian king Ashurbanipal containe an astrological section of about 70 clay tablets [1. The 63rd tablet gives a sequence of setting and rising dates of the planet Venus ... 8. Velikovsky, Immanuel, Worlds in Collision, London, Victor Gollancz, 1951 (first published Sept. 1950). 9. Neugebauer, PV, Tafeln zur Astronomischen Chronologie, Leipzig, Hinrichs, 1912, 1914, 1922, 1925. 10. Langdon-Fotheringham-Schoch, op. cit. [6. The book contains a set of astronomical tables compiled ...
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... . The answer is only partly to be found in those pages, but although much of the material presented supported Velikovsky's general thesis (that there is something amiss with most accepted chronologies for the ancient Near East), the Glasgow Conference sounded the death knell for major sections of his specific chronological reconstruction. Many of those who attended were shocked to hear strong ... From: SIS Chronology& Catastrophism Review (1994) "Proceedings of the 1993 Cambridge Conference" Home¦ Issue Contents Evidence that the Earth has Suffered Catastrophes of Cosmic Origin in Historical Times: the Conclusions of the 2nd SIS Conference One of my most abiding memories of the 1993 Cambridge Conference was how happy we all were. It was a very friendly ... Velikovsky's general thesis (that there is something amiss with most accepted chronologies for the ancient Near East), the Glasgow Conference sounded the death knell for major sections of his specific chronological reconstruction. Many of those who attended were shocked to hear strong evidence against two of his books, Peoples of the Sea and Ramses II and His Time; and in particular ...
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