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121. Forum [SIS C&C Workshop $]
... chronology, I must confess that at first I was unenthusiastic about it, but now I am beginning to see that it can answer many previously anomalous questions pertaining to the different chronologies. So, from my own research I offer the following: 1. Unless I have overlooked it, there does not seem to be any mention in any of the Velikovskian ... From: SIS Workshop Vol 6 No 1 (May 1985) Home¦ Issue Contents Forum Question from Bob Doorenbos: In the Rohl/James Chronology (item 19(c) on page 20 of WORKSHOP 5:2) it is argued that the 'Shishak' who gave his daughter to Solomon as a wife cannot have been Thutmose III as per ... the text of the 'Stela of the Year 400'. This seems to me a strange oversight, since it would appear to be an important text, furnishing a 400 year chronological 'fix' between the Hyksos period and the 19th Dynasty. I should like to know how the information in this 'Stela of the Year 400' fits a) Velikovsky's own chronology ...
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122. Towards a New Chronology of Ancient Egypt (Review) [Catastrophism & Ancient History Journal $]
... from circa 16,000 to 4000 BP (Before Present) may be found in a two volume BAR International Series 379 (i/u) 1987. It is entitled Chronologies du Proche Orient C.N.R.S. International Symposium Lyon, France 24-26 November 1986. Interesting papers on the history of calibration, the Ubaid period and the Proto and Early periods of Mesopotamia ... From: Catastrophism and Ancient History XIII:2 (July 1991) Home¦ Issue Contents BOOK REVIEW "Towards a New Chronology of Ancient Egypt," By Jesse E. Lasken in Discussions in Egyptology 17 (1990) p. 89-141. Reviewed by: Herbert A. Storck The author of this article and I are agreed on a number of ... some statistics and tree rings. If the sample represents a relative order either corrected or uncorrected then one can construct a chronology around the dates or use the dates to test a chronological proposal. I prefer to use uncalibrated dates as I believe, like Lasken, that a shorter rather than longer chronology is required. But even so we are a long way ...
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... From: SIS Internet Digest 1997:1 (Sep 1997) Home¦ Issue Contents Heinsohn's Revised Chronology& Lynn Rose's Retrocalculations From: (Robert W. Bass) Date: Sat, 15 Mar 1997 01:41:54 -0600 (CST) Could somebody please explain to this newbie, say using absolute dates like "B.C. ... and moreover, nothing at all is heard about the indications coming from (Fomenko's independent) Statistical RHNH, in relation with our own, that the history written up by the chronologists in fact consists of just four actually known periods moved back into the past under different connotations by 1) some 330, (2) about 1000& (3) close ... historians- Peter James, Bernard Newgrosh, and numerous others- I know that most reject outright most of Heinsohn's identifications and conclusions. To summarize: I view Heinsohn's work in chronological revision in much the same light as I do Velikovsky's- It is the product of a very learned man; it makes for some very entertaining reading; in the final analysis ...
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... this simple way of keeping track of reign lengths gives rise to the suspicion that both co-regencies and total reign lengths enumerated in the Bible serve a different function. Shortcomings of the chronologies of Thiele and Aaronson Thiele [1 and Aaronson [2 have such confidence in the accuracy of biblical data as a contemporary record that they devise complex systems to account for the ... From: SIS Chronology& Catastrophism Review 1994 (Vol XVI) (Oct 1995) Home¦ Issue Contents The Reliability of Biblical Synchronisms in Constructing an Historical Chronology from Rehoboam to Hezekiah by Daphne Garbett The Old Testament supplies the length of each king's reign, the age at accession of the Judean kings and the corresponding regnal year of the king of Israel ... of Thiele and Aaronson Thiele [1 and Aaronson [2 have such confidence in the accuracy of biblical data as a contemporary record that they devise complex systems to account for the chronological inconsistencies. Off-set regnal years, changes from accession year dating to non-accession year dating and back again, co-regencies and alterations to the Assyrian Eponym lists are all enlisted as explanations. ...
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125. An Answer to Hickman [Catastrophism & Ancient History Journal $]
... has a one-year difference. Biblical Gaps A favorite method of dealing with biblical chronological problems is to fill in the gaps with civil wars, co-regencies, and extended Assyrian or Babylonian chronologies. These theories are sometimes valid, but they require exploration and evaluation. As with all ancient texts, some data may not be correct-- this also has to be ... From: Catastrophism and Ancient History X:2 (July 1988) Home¦ Issue Contents INTERACTION An Answer to Hickman Jim Schlecker D. Hickman (" The Chronology of Israel and Judah," C&AH, 7:2, 8:1) is difficult to follow, and his arguments are generally based on a weak foundation. He ... avoided many of the chronological problem areas and needs a better understanding of ancient documents. I will deal with just a few issues. Ezekiel's 390 Years Hickman relies on a vague statement in Ezekiel (4:4) that the time of the "House of Israel" (Jeroboam 1) was 390 years. He takes this to mean the length of ...
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126. Forum [SIS C&C Review $]
... From: SIS Chronology& Catastrophism Review 1996:1 Home¦ Issue Contents Forum C&C Review 1994 (Vol. XVI) Forum Response by Phillip Clapham Velikovsky was like a computer word processor. He cut up and repasted large chunks of ancient history. In Ages in Chaos, Egyptian pharaohs tumbled. Biblical events took prominence in the new scheme ... of its construction would more accurately reflect the building of the second temple, as noted by a variety of scholars. For a long time I could not understand why the Glasgow chronologists ignored the Late Bronze variation of Velikovsky, events that could perhaps have been shoe-horned into his 8th century Mars cycle of catastrophes. The idea was that it was necessary to create ... an obsession with fertility and food resources are a constant feature of religio-myth around the world. This connection has already been made by Baillie [13 and James, a former Glasgow chronologist [14. The evidence points to a series of natural disasters, not necessarily catastrophic but certainly disruptive in nature, which appear to have had a global dimension. Why has ...
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127. Failure of a Concept? [SIS C&C Review $]
... Egyptian Middle Kingdom: "On one point alone, not necessarily decisive for the theory of cosmic catastrophism, I borrow credence: I use a synchronical scale of Egyptian and Hebrew chronologies which is not orthodox." (Preface to W in C) Does Marx really expect Egyptologists to be convinced of any revision of chronology, especially if they feel that it ... and again, and taking care not just to make a few singularities fit a notion when even the most modest piece of the puzzle should fit the whole picture, the Revised Chronology today is clear enough for anyone accepting the challenge of having to overstep his discipline's "scientific" boundaries. Has not the Velikovsky Affair demonstrated to the utmost that the so-called scientific ... at once illustrate as well as substantiate this analysis for other readers, too. I refer to the new idea advanced by our history experts, and strongly opposed to Dr Velikovsky's chronological reconstruction, that the 18th Dynasty in Egypt was not followed (around -830) by the Libyans (22nd and 23rd Dynasties), and the Ethiopians (25th Dynasty), ...
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128. Problems for Rohl's New Chronology [SIS C&C Workshop $]
... by the Egyptians until the 26th Dynasty (664-525 BC). According to the received chronology, the so-called Iron Age began in these countries c.1200 BC; according to the revised chronologies 925 BC or later. Genealogies: I discussed the significance of the Spartan king lists in Workshop 1990:1. I am not aware that Rohl has ever claimed that these ... From: SIS Chronology and Catastrophism Workshop 1991 No 1 (July 1991) Home¦ Issue Contents FORUM Problems for Rohl's New Chronology Emmet Sweeney questions: A. Greece David Rohl places the Trojan War around 950 BC and the end of the Bronze Age about fifty years later. Yet these early dates fly in the face of a great body of evidence ... in a fairly fluid state and it is possible to disagree with particular aspects of it in a common endeavour to test and refine what is simply a maturing hypothesis, a new chronological model that has the merit of being more workable than the old. The Olympic Games: It is generally accepted by modern historians that the institution of the Games long predated the ...
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129. A New Interpretation of the Assyrian King List [Catastrophism & Ancient History Journal $]
... the conventional chronology lies in its author's ability to organize and consider all the data around a single interpretation. In this Mitcham has a little more work to do, as the chronologies of Elam, Hatti, Mitanni, Egypt, and Syro-Palestine must be more fully integrated into his reconstruction. For the time being his present position must be considered an acceptable initial ... rather the son of a previous Assur nasir apli, who was the son of Tukulti Ninurta (I). With this as a point of departure Mitcham proceeds to re-align the chronology of Babylonia with respect to the dual Assyrian royal line that emerges from this repositioning. That Assur nasir apli, the son of Tukulti Ninurta (I) had played a role ... to do with an artificially stretched out Assyrian chronology as much as the usual reason concerning the random nature of archaeological finds. Whatever the case, Mitcham does present a tentatively attractive chronological reinterpretation of the Assyrian Kinglist (AKL) while avoiding any direct conflict with the later limmu list tradition. Some minor and major concerns need to be addressed at this point. ...
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... the Pyramid Age and its technological achievements, emphasising their 'abundant use of iron tools to carve the hard granite...'. Chapter 2 reviews the basis for the conventional chronologies and notes they 'depend almost entirely for their validity upon venerated literary tradition'. He then looks at the 'whole custom of pyramid building', which is seen as 'part of ... From: SIS Chronology& Catastrophism Review 2001:1 (Apr 2001) Home¦ Issue Contents The Pyramid Age by Emmet J Sweeney Domra Publications, 65 Constable Road, Corby, Northants. 1999 Reviewed by John Crowe 1. Introduction Emmet Sweeney has been a contributor to SIS publications since 1986, and this is the third book he has had published ... mysterious pieces of iron deep inside them, will probably be disappointed but, although they will probably disagree with Sweeney's dates, hopefully they will find plenty of new pieces of the chronological jigsaw puzzle that may help shape their own theory. The purpose of the book is explained in its Introduction. Herodotus placed the pyramid builders of Dynasty 4 just before the Ethiopian ...
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