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101. Solomon and Sheba [SIS C&C Review $]
... [1 of Immanuel Velikovsky's thesis that Queen Hatshepsut was the biblical Queen of Sheba [2. In the interim, there has been a succession of other critiques- and new chronologies- by James, Rohl, Sieff and others. Dr. Bimson, by submitting Velikovsky's thesis to intense scrutiny, has done a great service, forcing those who wish to ... From: SIS Chronology& Catastrophism Review 1997:1 (Oct 1997) Home¦ Issue Contents Solomon And Sheba by Damien F. Mackey Damien Mackey (MA, BPhil) has a Masters Degree from the University of Sydney (Australia). His thesis 'The Sothic Star Theory of the Egyptian Calendar', was a 'demolition job' on conventional Egyptian ... the Punt expedition, i.e. while she was still only 'queen' in Egypt. Both the Old and New Testaments specifically entitle Solomon's visitor 'queen', which is a significant chronological clue. 2. SENENMUT IN HATSHEPSUT'S QUEENSHIP (Regnal years 1-6) Velikovsky claimed to have found in writings about the Queen of Sheba a profile of Hatshepsut, sovereign of Egypt ...
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102. Society News [SIS C&C Workshop $]
... lengthen accepted schemes, cannot simply be ignored. On the surface one cannot argue with tree rings. However, there are some elements of doubt. One paper published tree ring chronologies from bristlecone pines from 4 different locations which did not match. If one studies Baillie's pictures of Irish oaks, some rings do not match and there appears to be a potentially ... From: SIS Chronology and Catastrophism Workshop 1991 No 2 (Jan 1992) Home¦ Issue Contents Society News Members should by now be aware that there have been a few changes in their Society during the past year. Bernard Newgrosh produced his last Workshop as Editor with the 1991:1 edition. Bernard took over the editorship of Workshop from Derek Shelley-Pearce ... who was unconvinced. Tony Rees objected that Bob's scheme depends upon one Exodus whereas he thought there was sufficient evidence for multiple exodi, so members will not be short of future chronological controversies. After a quick break for a cup of tea we welcomed our Editor, Bernard Newgrosh, who gave us his latest thoughts on radiocarbon dating. Bernard pointed out that ...
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103. Forum [SIS C&C Review $]
... generally assumed ever since). If accepted, this would virtually force a down-dating of several supposedly MB II destructions (since Tell Beit Mirsim is more closely linked to the ceramic chronologies of other sites than Jericho has been). It would also upset the efforts of Kempinski and others to shift the start of LB I styles earlier than the conventional date. ... From: SIS Chronology& Catastrophism Review 1993 (Vol XV) Home¦ Issue Contents Forum Comet Catastrophes and the Interpretation of Myth- a response from David Salkeld Pages 35-44 of Review XIV (1992) present a 'challenge' (posed by the Editor and four responses to it) on the entwined issues of the agents responsible for cometary catastrophes and their ... cit. [3). Anyone familiar with Velikovsky's work would notice many more examples, e.g. having set off on the alleged Ipuwer-Exodus parallel, they apparently 'discover' a chronological fault of around half a millennium, then rather later (p. 256) in a passage calculated first to damn with faint praise, then to dismiss as 'totally unable to ...
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104. Bookshelf [SIS C&C Workshop $]
... From: SIS Chronology and Catastrophism Workshop 1986 No 2 (Feb 1987) Home¦ Issue Contents Bookshelf THE ORIGIN OF CONSCIOUSNESS IN THE BREAKDOWN OF THE BICAMERAL MIND by Julian Jaynes. First published in Great Britain by Allen Lane 1979: reprinted in Pelican softback version 1982. Anyone who has been convinced of the importance and general validity of the works of ... Testament is controversial, and which makes the eruption of Thera, the Exodus event, and the events of the ILIAD contemporaneous. This latter triple synchronism seems unworkable by any known chronological scheme, but most of all Jaynes seems unaware that Thera (which he calls a "vast geological catastrophe") did not coincide with any major archaeological event or hiatus. ... Kadashman-Enlil I of Babylon that "... from of old no king's daughter of Egypt ever has been given (to some other king)" (see C.Kuhne: DIE CHRONOLOGIE DER INTERNATIONALEN KORRESPONDENZ VON EL-AMARNA, Neukirchen-Vluyn, 1973 (AOAT 17), p. 17). This may pose a problem, as Hagens argues, as Solomon would have ...
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105. CHAOS AND CREATION: CHAPTER 10: VENUS AND MARS [Quantavolution Website]
... South Turkmenia civilization perished at about the same time as the proto-Indian, and the reasons are still unknown." [28 China did not escape. "We discover between the chronology and the stratigraphy of the sites of the second millennium of China and those of Western Asia a very close parallelism." [29 There appears to have been a hiatus of ... colleagues that no trace of "sea peoples" were to be found in certain cities [98. Yet, in 1948, he had been required, by the authoritatively accepted chronologists of Egypt, to mark a limit to the latest excavations of many sites of the Near East at about 1200, labelling them as destruction by "Peoples of the Sea. ... date. Only Isaacson, then, has pointed irrefutably to the circumstances, to wit. Velikovsky must move up to about 1000 B. C. or give up his immense chronological reconstruction. And the rest of the group concerned must follow suit or depend heavily on the conventional chronology of Egypt and Minoan Crete. Thira was only a minor disaster in comparison ...
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... From: SIS Chronology& Catastrophism Review 1992 (Vol XIV) Home¦ Issue Contents On the Length of Reigns of the Sumerian Kings by Hildegard Wiencke-Lotz Hildegard Wiencke-Lotz studied Medicine at the University of Berlin and did her internship in the Paediatric department. In 1965 she obtained an MA in Folklore and German at the University of Pennsylvania, following this up with ... periods, and the frustrating job of sifting out the contemporaries, the overlapping rulerships, the reigns of the principals and the simultaneous reigns. Berossus most certainly only quoted the accepted chronological accounts of the history which the Bel-priests taught, comprising their text-book knowledge, mandatory for graduation. If Berossus had made up the text, he would have used our every-day span ... unit, period: Umlauf eines Jahres, Monats, as Gostony has stated correctly (p. 1, n. 2). Notes and References 1. Thureau-Dangin: 'La Chronologie de la Premiere Dynastie Babylonienne', Memoires Presentes par divers savants a l'Academie des Inscriptions et Belles-Lettres 43 (1942), p. 230 2. Gostony Colman-Gabriel: Dictionaire d'Etymologie ...
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107. A Time of Pestilence and a Shaking of the Earth [Catastrophism & Ancient History Journal $]
... it seems, an affliction associated with madness and the wearing of sackcloth (cf. the biblical Nebuchadnezzar). [5 These outbreaks of natural phenomena do not contradict the Glasgow chronology, we might note, but they do not appear to have been devastating occurrences that we might compare with the wars of Homer's gods or the Mars of Velikovsky's Worlds in Collision ... site destructions in the Near East and Aegean during late dynasty XIX and again during dynasty XX. These are generally assumed to be due to human agency, and even the Glasgow chronologists favored the Assyrian wars for some of the site destruction. [2 Too, the new scheme of James and Rohl coincides with the campaigns of Assurnasirpal II and Shalmaneser III ( ... form of a scimitar. A sword god is included in the procession of the gods at the Hittite shrine of Yazilikaya, and yet we can hardly use such examples as a chronological maxim. Josephus, the Jewish historian, for instance, in a description of Halley's comet in A.D. 66 refers to it as a sword stretched above Jerusalem (an analogy ...
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... Binaria, a million years is given. (See page 497.) Only a small fraction of the operations and product of the earth sciences and biology depends directly upon the chronologies that have been developed in natural history. Determining whether the dinosaurs were exterminated five thousand or fifty million years ago may have little to do with deciding whether the mammals had reptilian ... to late criticism of biostratigraphy, the license to capture time has become more restricted. But radiochronometry, newly developed, reigns supreme over time and is dizzied by success. Conventional chronology today gives about 15,000 years to the Holocene and latest period, and about two million years to the Pleistocene. Then some 35 my go to the Tertiary, with ... system, Earth biosphere, and hominoidal presence, each of long duration -say, of 6 gigayears, 5 gigayears, 3 gigayears, and five million years -the challenge which short-time chronologists present to the time-keepers of science should be easily disposed of: these need only provide one incontrovertible proof of long duration where short duration is claimed. Should it be demanded that ...
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... biblical narrative: neque mihi quisquam Judaeorum fabulas objiciat [9. Scholars began to doubt the notion that the universe had been created once and forever. They started to investigate ancient chronology, and laid down the foundations of geology and paleontology. In the age of Reformation some religious apologists argued that a distinction must be made between the creation of the universe as ... must be shortened by four hundred years, eliminating what today we call the Dark Ages of Greece. Like Velikovsky, he claimed that some dynasties of Egypt have been duplicated in chronological schemes. A main contention of Velikovsky is that the Pharaoh Shishak of the Book of Kings, a contemporary of the successor of King Solomon of Israel, is the same person ... . 8. Of Learned Ignorance, Transl. by Germain Heron (New Haven, 1954), Bk. II ch. XI-XII, 107-118. 9. Johannes Funck, Chronologia cum commentariis chronologicis ab initio mundi (Nuernberg, 1545). 10. Opera latine conscripta, Ed. by F. Fiorentino (Napoli, 1879), I, 1 ...
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110. The Age of Moses [Catastrophism & Ancient History Journal $]
... , Willard F. Libby. In another essay, Radiocarbon Dating, I allege that the tree-ring chronologists, in their effort to calibrate the radiocarbon dating method, have mismatched floating chronologies in order to conform to this "astronomically" based Egyptian standard. For an excellent debunking of the astronomical foundation of the conventional chronology, you are referred to the Supplement to ... and inscriptions of the Egyptian and Middle eastern people. From these fragmentary records, historians and Egyptologists put together a listing of Egyptian kings, arranged in dynasties and couched in a chronology that left no room for the Biblical patriarchs and their deeds. The Exodus was finally placed at the time of Ramesses II, a powerful king of the 19th Dynasty. The ... this century and I refer to the radiocarbon dating method developed by Nobel prize winner, Willard F. Libby. In another essay, Radiocarbon Dating, I allege that the tree-ring chronologists, in their effort to calibrate the radiocarbon dating method, have mismatched floating chronologies in order to conform to this "astronomically" based Egyptian standard. For an excellent debunking of ...
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