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... been seen shining through the tails of comets, which are believed to be the source of meteor showers. A fine haze could dim the light of the stars, however, or the brilliance of the meteors could temporarily outdazzle them. The explicit statement of the T'ung Chien Kang Mu that the sky was cloudless is probably an inference from the comment in the Tso Chuan that "the night was bright". If there were clouds, it would be dark. In this connection, two observations collected by Zhuang Tianshan in "Ancient Chinese Records of Meteor Showers" (Chinese Astronomy Vol. l, pp. 197-220) are worth noting: On November 3,1533, "stars fell like rain and the sky thereby turned red". And on June 12, 1547, "stars fell like rain.... and the sky glowed like fire". Sean Mewhinney Ottawa, Ontario [Editor's Note: If all we are told is that the zenith of the city lies approximately on the celestial equator, then Mewhinney is correct in saying that " ...
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... The first chapters of the story trace to the beginnings of human memory, prior to the rise of the great civilizations. Before there was an "evil" monster-- a serpent or dragon of chaos --there was a serpent that called forth no moral judgment at all. The myths describe it as prodigious and awe-inspiring, even frightful in its countenance, but its appearance occurred before disaster. In fact, the serpent of chaos is but the alter ego of the serpent of LIFE, a creature well represented around the world. Chinese serpents and dragon are frequent bearers of the life elements. The Mexican "feathered serpent" was the giver of life. For the ancient Egyptians, the Uraeus serpent was the soul or "life" of the creator himself. The Chaldean word for "serpent" meant also "life." And while the Arabic word for "serpent" is el-hayyah, the word for "life" is el-hayat. Thus, El-Hay, one of the common Arabic names for the creator (betraying an archaic but unrecognized relationship to the ...
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53. Beliefs Connected with the Cross and the Swastika [Migration of Symbols (Book)] [Books]
... From: The Migration of Symbols and their Relation to Beliefs and Customs Home¦ Issue Contents SECTION III Beliefs Connected with the Cross and the Swastika Swastika and gods of the cardinal points- Various symbols used like swastika- Various forms of swastika- Importance of cardinal points in ancient religions- Posts or pillars of cardinal points- Nile flowing from sky- Ancient Stellar cult- Egyptian, Chinese, Semitic and Celtic crosses- Mexican concepts- Greek augurs looked North and Latin augurs looked South- Hindu gods of four quarters- North east and gods-Scandinavian East- Odin looks North- Pyramids and cardinal points- Mesopotamian Ziggurats and cardinal points- Chinese system- Internal Organs connected with cardinal points- More Ancient Burial customs- English, Scottish and Irish Customs and Beliefs connected with cardinal points- Swastika and gold- Gold symbolism. Light is thrown upon the swastika problem when we examine the Trojan whorls unearthed by Schliemann and note how this particular symbol was used. Plate III shows that it was sometimes a symbol of a god of a cardinal or subsidiary point. Other ...
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... Other pages Home Page Science Frontiers Online All Issues This Issue Sourcebook Project Sourcebook Subjects The changing magnetic climate: does it affect civilizations? Abstract. "Past values for the geomagnetic intensity may be obtained by laboratory analysis of the thermoremanent magnetization carried by clay baked in ancient times. From global averages of such determinations it is commonly accepted that the intensity in any given region went through a broad maximum about 2000 years ago, reaching a level about 50% higher than at present. Here we present results obtained from a wide range of Chinese pottery, spanning the interval from 4000 BC to the present, indicating that the field behaviour was more complex. The intensity was high between 1500 and 1000 BC and again in the first half of the first millennium AD. Comparison with results reported for Western Asia, Egypt and Crete suggests that these high values are due to non-dipole disturbances in the geomagnetic field, consistent with long-term records of the cosmogenic radioisotopes 14 C and 10 Be." (Quing-Yun, Wei, et al; "Geomagnetic Intensity as Evaluated from Ancient Chinese ...
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55. Giant Fish Reported In China [Science Frontiers Website]
... Republic of China, reporting the discovery of enormous red fish in a remote lake in the Xinjiang Autonomous Region of northwestern China. The report, originating with the Xin-hua News Agency, quoted Professor Xiang Ligai, of the biology department of Xinjiang University, as stating: 'The mystery of monsters in Lake Hanas has been solved.' The fish, he stated, were a giant species of salmon reaching a size of over 30 feet." The ISC Newsletter originally declined to relay the AP/UPI stories without confirmation by more responsible Chinese sources. Then, in April of 1986, the official Chinese Magazine China Reconstructs, presented a short article on the subject, which included additional information. For example, large nets have been destroyed and horses going down to the lake to drink have disappeared! (Anonymous; "Giant Fish Reported in China," ISC Newsletter, 5:7, Autumn 1986. ISC= International Society of Cryptozoology.) From Science Frontiers #51, MAY-JUN 1987.© 1987-2000 William R. Corliss Other Sites of Interest SIS. ...
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56. The Answer to Clapham's Question: Revise! [Catastrophism & Ancient History Journal $]
... composition. It certainly contains historical distortions designed to bolster the religious and political positions and values of its authors. But it does not automatically follow from this that the Biblical chronologies are in total error. After all, inscriptions from Assyria, Babylonia, and Moab provide strong confirmation of the basic accuracy of the chronological framework of Kings-- at least from Omri onward. And Herodotus provides independent confirmation of Kings on several points. All that should be non-controversial. I have also argued that a number of independent literary sources-- Chinese, Indian, Persian, and Roman-- strongly suggest that the Biblical flood was an historical event that took place around 1700 BC, a time frame one can also reach via Biblical genealogies using an estimate of thirty years to a generation. 54 The physical evidence suggests that this Flood took place in the Indus Valley and devastated the Harappan Civilization, which most certainly was the pre-deluvian Genesis civilization beginning with Cain and Seth. 55 There is also strong reason to believe that the accounts of the dispersion through at least the sons ...
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57. 10 Bright Sons of the East and the Sun [SIS Internet Digest $]
... From: SIS Internet Digest 1996:1 Home¦ Issue Contents Newsgroups: alt.mythology 10 Bright Sons of the East and the Sun From: Edward Hopkins, Date: Thu, 7 Sep 95 22:26:05 GMT I saw a newspaper story that was part of the "Tell Me A Story" series syndicated by Universal Press Syndicate. The by-line says it was "a Chinese tale adapted by Amy Friedman". In the story, Dijun, god of the east, and Shijo, goddess of the sun, have "10 bright suns". Dijun warns his suns against dancing in the sky all together, but they disobey him, causing the Earth to dry and crack. Both mother and father try to call them in, but they don't listen. Finally, Dijun reluctantly sends the immortal archer Yi with 10 white arrows, to stop them, but tells him not to harm them more than necessary. Yi goes to Earth with his wife Chang'o, and reports to the emperor. Then he yells at the 10 ...
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58. Blondes In Ancient China [Science Frontiers Website]
... Science Frontiers ONLINE No. 95: Sep-Oct 1994 Issue Contents Other pages Home Page Science Frontiers Online All Issues This Issue Sourcebook Project Sourcebook Subjects Blondes In Ancient China Authorities on ancient Chinese civilization have usually considered it to have been completely isolated from European influences for millennia-- a homegrown culture characterized by unique cultural and technological innovations. This classical picture of ancient China will have to be modified after the recent unearthing of mummified Caucasians up to 4,000 years old in China's northwestern province of Xinjiang. These dried corpses have the long noses, deep-set eyes, and long skulls typical of Caucasians. Some even have blonde hair! Some 113 such corpses have already been excavated at Qizilchoqa, one of four sites discovered so far. It is clear that we are dealing with permanent settlements and not merely a few lost Europeans. "Besides the riddle of their identity, there is also the question of what these fair-haired people were doing in a remote desert oasis. Probably never wealthy enough to own chariots, they nevertheless had wagons and well-tailored clothes. Were they ...
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59. Did Cosmic Impact Hit Early Chinese? [SIS Internet Digest $]
... From: SIS Internet Digest 1998:1 (June 1998) Home¦ Issue Contents Did Cosmic Impact Hit Early Chinese? 30 January 1998 Fission track dating of ancient man site in Baise, China, and its significances in space research, paleomagnetism and stratigraphy. S.L. Guo*, W. Huang, X.H. Hao and B.L. Chen. Radiation Measurements, 1997, Vol.28, No.1-6 SISI, pp.565-570. *Institue of Atomic Energy, POB 275 96, Beijing 102413, Peoples Republic of China A large number of artifacts (stone tools) have been discovered in Baise (Bose), Guangxi, China in recent years. They show that ancient man were living in the south of China during very ancient times. During excavation, tektites were discovered in the same layer of deposits as the stone tools. The structure of the layers of deposits in this site was never disturbed, which is the evidence that the stone tools were left behind by the ancient man at the time when the tektites fell on the earth, which were slowly covered over ...
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60. Venus: A Battle Star? [Horus $]
... 20. If Venus is visible in the West on the seventh of Elulu, the produce of the country's fields will prosper, for the heart of the land will be [in well-being. 21. It is in the West until the eleventh of Airu, the twelfth of Airu it disappears. 22. It remains gone from the sky seven days and on the nineteenth of Airu, Venus... 23.... again lights up in the East. Then there will be hostilities in the Land. Venus in Chinese Beliefs Lahaun Chan from the Venus Table in the Dresden Codex It is interesting to find basically the same belief in this relationship of Venus to warfare later, during 23 A. D. in China. History states that Wang Mang, who assumed power in 9 A. D. had killed three of Liu Hsin's children and Liu Hsin, himself, feared a similar fate. It was under these circumstances that Liu Hsin initiated a plot to overthrow Wang Mang; however, he delayed his revenge until the Venus was visible in ...
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