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41. More Evidence Of Precolumbian Contacts From Asia [Science Frontiers Website]
... Science Frontiers ONLINE No. 108: Nov-Dec 1996 Issue Contents Other pages Home Page Science Frontiers Online All Issues This Issue Sourcebook Project Sourcebook Subjects More Evidence Of Precolumbian Contacts From Asia The following news item appeared in the NEARA Transit: "Dr. George Carter excitedly reported news of a possible breakthrough in Asian/pre-Columbian contact. Dr. H.M. Xu is a Chinese scholar teaching linguistics at the Central Oklahoma State University at Enid, OK. There is a small publication reporting Dr. Xu's ability to read some Chinese characters plainly visible on several ceremonial jade adzes from La Venta, Mexico. The dates would be about 1100 B.C., relating well to the beginning of the Olmecs." (Anonymous; NEARA Transit, 8:7, no. 2, September 1996) NEARA= New England Antiquities Research Association. Comment. This is a first-class anomaly because mainstream archeologists wince visibly at the mention of ancient Chinese visits to the New World. Hopefully, details will be forthcoming. Reference. Our Handbook Ancient Man contains much more information on precolumbian contacts ...
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42. Celestial Events in the Iliad [Velikovsky Archive Website]
... 5 The event described as the reversal of motion of the sun took place, as illuminated Worlds in Collision, on March 23rd, -687. 6 The fixing of the event to the early spring of -687 is made on the strength of the information from Hebrew sources that the event took place on the night of Passover, during the second campaign of Sennacherib against Judah, the ninth campaign of his reign. The exact date for the last of this series of catastrophes 7 is provided by the records of the astronomical observations of the Chinese, where we learn that in the year -687, on the 23rd of March, ? during the night the fixed stars did not appear, though the sky was clear. In the middle of the night stars fell like rain.? 8 This date is also confirmed by Roman sources Romulus found his end during a celestial-terrestrial catastrophe connected with the planet Mars: Both the poles shook, and Atlas lifted the burden of the sky... The sun vanished and rising clouds obscured the heaven... the sky was ...
Terms matched: 1  -  Score: 45  -  31 Aug 2000  -  15k  -  URL:
43. ABSTRACTS OCTOBER 2005 [Thunderbolts Website]
... is associated with the wider category of “axis symbols.” Axis symbols, in turn, have been associated with plasma formations observed in laboratory-generated high-energy-density electrical discharges. It is considered that the theme of stacked ancestors originated in observations by ancient peoples of an unusual and prolonged “auroral pillar”. Oct 24, 2005 Milky Way Plasma-focus Plasmoid Infrared and x-ray telescopes have confirmed the existence of a plasma-focus plasmoid at the core of the Milky Way. This high-energy electrical formation is the heart of the galactic circuit. Oct 14, 2005 Chinese Longevity Symbol This symbol will be found in most Chinese restaurants, and even in some Chinese homes. The symbol in the picture above is a stylized version of the "squatter man" or "stick man", themselves stylized derivations of the plasma formation seen in the sky by the ancients. Oct 13, 2005 Electric Sunspots Conventional theorists look to magnetism to solve the problem of solar energy distribution. If they were to open their eyes to the electrical cause of magnetism, the solution would suddenly become visible. Oct 12 ...
Terms matched: 1  -  Score: 45  -  29 Nov 2006  -  19k  -  URL:
... de Ondegardo, had a significance that went far beyond their value as means of communication. Here is Polo's description: "From the temple of the Sun went, as from the center, certain lines, which the Indians called ceques, and they were divided into four parts according to the four royal roads that went out of Cuzco... ." And Polo goes on to describe in great detail the shrines that were situated along the ceques and the roads. The organization of the Inca kingdom resembles closely that of the Chinese Empire.(4) According to the Han historian Ssuma Ts'ien, the planet Saturn "corresponds to the center". The four other planets represented the four cardinal points; Saturn was placed at the pole, and the entire stellar sphere was said to revolve around it.(5) The earthly kingdom was set up to reflect the heavenly sphere. Just as Saturn occupied the central position in the sky, so the imperial palace and the emperor occupied the central location in the Chinese empire. At the center of the ...
Terms matched: 1  -  Score: 45  -  05 Mar 2003  -  19k  -  URL:
... and South America and Asia, starting in the first half of the first millennium B. C.(3) Given the fact that Olmec civilization, the first advanced society of North America, grew up at this time on the Atlantic coast of the Isthmus of Tehuantepec- where Atlantic and Pacific are linked by the Coatzacoalcos river valley- is it not likely that the Olmecs were stimulated by these two trans-oceanic routes of exploration, if those routes indeed existed? Several studies have concerned themselves with this question. The possibility of a Chinese influence on the Olmecs has been explored by Gordon Eckholm,(4) R. A. Jairazbhoy,(5) and Betty Meggers.(6) The theory of a Phoenician contact with the Olmecs has been formulated by James Bailey,(7) R. A. Jairazbhoy,(8) and Ivan Van Sertima.(9) Van Sertima stresses the naval ability of the Phoenicians (whose circumnavigation of Africa is generally accepted), (10) the need to search out new sources of iron in the ...
Terms matched: 1  -  Score: 45  -  05 Mar 2003  -  13k  -  URL:
46. German Conference: from Gunnar Heinsohn [SIS Internet Digest $]
... as we know them in Europe. They discard this knowledge when dealing with the post-glacial past by invoking wonderfully bizarre ad hoc hypotheses why, then, the same biological processes had required 1,000 to 2,000 years. When, in Wie Alt Ist Das Menschengeschlecht? (How Ancient is Man?, 1996, p.112), I brought down the date for the appearance of homo sapiens sapiens from -30,000 to -2,100 I had none of this expertise. Of high interest to me was a talk on Chinese chronology which-- according to the Russian scholar Morozow-- was built in the 17/18th century by Jesuite missioners. Chinese -1400 as the starting point of high civilization there, thus, indirectly is also Bible, i.e., Moses bound. The poor Chinese (or better: Jeuites), I add, could not know that it would not be before 1900 that high civilization in Egypt, Mesopotamia and Palestine would be pushed back to -3000 and Moses be discarded as a historical figure of -1400. Though they ...
Terms matched: 1  -  Score: 45  -  05 Mar 2003  -  5k  -  URL:
47. The Spiral and Birth [Migration of Symbols (Book)] [Books]
... . The Mixtecs of Central America had in a cave at Achiuhtla a transparent stone (chalchiuitl) round which a serpent curved in spiral form. The serpent's head pointed towards a small bird. This group was adored as "Heart of the People". According to Burgoa the earth was supposed to be "supported" by this "Heart". Apparently it was also the source of Natural Energy, or the magical symbol of that source and of the energy itself. 21 The serpent may have been of similar significance to the Chinese red dragon which was seen "coiling and revolving" before the birth of the Emperor Wu. It coiled and revolved because it was inaugurating a new era. As the revolving dragon it inaugurated each spring a new year. The naga (serpent god) was, as De Visser shows, the dragon of India. Northern Buddhists absorbed much of early Hindu naga lore. Indeed, the nagas and their bird enemies, the garudas, became worshippers of Buddha. In the fifth week after reach imperfect Enlightenment the Buddha went to ...
Terms matched: 1  -  Score: 44  -  29 Mar 2004  -  31k  -  URL:
48. On Comets and Kings [Aeon Journal $]
... relating to cometary cosmogony." (8) In light of these recent developments it may be of some interest to review the ancient mythology of the comet. Is it possible, as Velikovsky maintained, that the ancient's may have preserved in their sacred traditions some memory of the catastrophic propensities of comets? The Mythology of the Comet That comets were universally regarded as harbingers of natural disasters of one form or another is well-known. For many ancient skywatchers the appearance of a comet portended the end of an age or dynasty. The ancient Chinese, for example, held that "comets eliminate the old and inaugurate a new order." (9) Lucan, similarly, spoke of the "comet that changes kingdoms on earth." (10) Shakespeare drew upon this archetypal symbolism with great effect in Henry the Sixth: "Comets importing change of Times and States, Brandish your crystal Tresses in the skies." (11) During Graeco-Roman times, according to Barrett, it was commonly held "that the comet was inevitably the presage of some cataclysmic event ...
Terms matched: 1  -  Score: 40  -  21 Aug 2004  -  85k  -  URL:
49. 'Worlds in Collision' After Heinsohn [SIS C&C Review $]
... -776, -747 and -687. Velikovsky's sources for these dates are the Biblical annals of the kings of Israel and Judah, from Uzziah to Hezekiah, and the prophecies of Amos, Isaiah, Joel and Micah, which the Bible closely synchronises with the reigns of these kings. Supplementary material is adduced from Mesopotamian annals of the successive Neo-Assyrian Sargonid kings Sargon II, Sennacherib and Esarhaddon (and also a new Babylonian astronomical 'era of Nabonassar' beginning in -747), the Greek tradition that the Olympic Games were founded in -776 and the Chinese annals in which 'stars fell like a rain' on March 23rd -687 [17. Velikovsky paints a picture of a century of chaos comprising the Libyan and Ethiopian dynasties in Egypt, the ferocious Neo-Assyrian invasions throughout the Near East, the even more ferocious descent of the Scythians from the north, the decline of the Etruscans, the successive wars at Troy and the migration thence of populations westward to found Carthage and Rome. I shall now go through each of the four civilisations' revised Heinsohnian datings as they bear on key pieces ...
Terms matched: 1  -  Score: 40  -  05 Mar 2003  -  72k  -  URL:
50. Calendars Revisited [The Velikovskian $]
... took place sometimes on July 18 Julian and sometimes on July 19 Julian. (This is for the latitude of Memphis.) By the time of Antoninus Pius, in whose reign a Sothic period supposedly came to an end, the heliacal risings of Sirius were sometimes on July 19 Julian and sometimes on July 20 Julian. Many of the dates that are conventionally equated do not coincide exactly, but only overlap. This is because some days are counted from sunset (Jewish, Babylonian, and Macedonian) and others from midnight (Chinese, Julian and Gregorian), or from sunrise (Egyptian and Alexandrian). These differences can usually be neglected, but sometimes they are of major importance. (4) (A much later example would be the death of Alexander the Great, known to have occurred after sunset and before midnight.) In an equation such as Dios 25 Macedonian= Choiak 8 Egyptian= January 29 Julian, -245, all three dates began at different times; the equation is usually regarded as justified, however, insofar as the same ...
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