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121. The Mapmakers from the ice age [SIS Internet Digest $]
... . The second map (below the first map) is built according to the principle of a stereographic projection centered on the point X (intersection of the meridian of Alexandria and of the tropic of Cancer). From this point, I have traced the circumferences the radiuses of which equal 36, 72 (2x36), 108 (3x36) and 144 (4x36) degrees. We notice that: The megalithic sites of Stonehenge (Great Britain) and of Carnac (France) are situated on the first circle. The ancient Chinese observatory of Gaocheng (area of Luoyang) and the site of Angkor Vat (Cambodia) are situated on the second circle. The remarkable solar observatory of Chaco Canyon (USA, New-Mexico), the Maya cities of Uxmal (Mexico), of Tikal (Guatemala) and of Copan (Honduras) and, finally, the Peruvian sites of Nazca and of Machu Picchu are found on the third circle. Easter Island (Pacific Ocean) is on the fourth circle. This order can be inverted if you choose the antipode ...
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122. Atlantis Rising [SIS Internet Digest $]
... ; Robert Bauval; Out of Place Artifacts; Secret History. #6 Michael Cremo; Gordon Michael Scallion; Evolution vs. Creation; Cosmic Collisions. #7 Rand Flem-Ath; John Anthony West; Crystal Planet; Anti-Gravity& the Third Reich. #8 Edgar Mitchell; Where Was Atlantis; The Sphinx Scandal; Age of the Pyramid. #9 Colin Wilson; Beneath the Martian Rock; Moira Timms; Goddess Runes. #10 Psychic Spooks; Crystal Skulls; Ancient Aircraft; UFO Cover-up; Paul Roberts. #11 Chinese Pyramids; Jurassic Art; Pattern from the Other Side; Carbon 14 Problems. #12 John Michell; Cataclysm 9500 BC; Edgar Cayce on Atlantis; Coral Castle Mystery. #13 Japan's Undersea Ruins; Secret Tunneling in Great Pyramid; Tesla/Marconi Connection; Stan Tenen; Alan Alford. #14 Crop Circles; Problems with Darwin; Rand Flem-Ath on Atlantis; Richard Noone; Ostrander& Schroeder. #15 Giza Hall of Records; Nan Madol; Zecharia Sitchin; Psychics and Science; Christiane Northrup; Victor Hugo ...
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123. Dance of the Planets [SIS Internet Digest $]
... as can be measured to the biblical age of man, as given in Genesis based on the ages of the patriarchs. For those whose primary interest lies in mythology, Volume 1 identifies the major mythical deities of a number of cultures, such as Aditi, Agni, Varuna and Indra (Vedic,) Brahm„, Siva and Vishnu (Hindu,) Osiris, Isis, Horus, Hermes, Set, Anubis (Egyptian,) Zeus, Atlas, Atlantis and Cyclops (Greek,) and the Fiery and Yellow Emperors (Chinese.) These were all aspects of the planets, or features associated with them which became visible as they approached the Earth. Volume 2- "A New Solar System Paradigm" (ISBN: 0-7414-0295-5 ©2000): The second volume, Dance of the Planets 2- "A New Solar System Paradigm", examines the consequences of the Velikovsky/Angiras (V/A) scenario for the origin and makeup of the other planets. Based on the scenario, we postulate that every planet is different from what scientists ...
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124. Bob Kobres' Research Menu [SIS Internet Digest $]
... premise upon which it builds. If this footing slips the foundation crumbles, and an edifice of thought construct comes tumbling down. Sir Charles Lyell, like his philosophical model James Hutton, simply could not... Discussion Part B: Franz Xavier Kugler (1862-1929), a Jesuit priest who devoted much of his life to the study of cuneiform astronomical texts, ultimately reached the conclusion that most of these ancient tablets reflected actual observations and were not, as many other philologists had adduced, nonsensical. Discussion Part C: The Chinese Classics (1960 ed.), translated by James Legge, are an excellent source of astro-myth, particularly volumes III and IV (The Shoo King and The She King). Legge's translation of these ancient texts is biased toward a gradualist interpretation. Discussion Part D: Interestingly: "A curious phenomenon occurred at the farm of Balvullich, on the estate of Ord, occupied by Mr. Moffat, on the evening of Monday last. Immediately after one of the loudest peals of thunder heard there, a large and irregular-shaped ...
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125. Dragons in the Sky [SIS Internet Digest $]
... From: SIS Internet Digest 2000:1 (May 2000) Home¦ Issue Contents Dragons in the Sky CCNet, 15 March 2000 From (Neil Bone) While much is made in many quarters of fireballs described as 'drakes' or dragons, in some Chinese records, it might be equally possible that these references are also to auroral displays. The twisting, serpentine form of an auroral rayed band, for example, might as easily be the source of the cited reports here. Some years ago- I think it was 1981- there was even the suggestion in New Scientist that St George's dragon was actually an aurora... Not everything in the sky has to be a meteoric fireball! ...
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126. The Atlantis Blueprint [SIS Internet Digest $]
... - From the Ashes of Angels- Seven Sages- Baalbek at 7N during Yukon Pole. Chapter Eight: Golden Section Sites. Rennes-le-Chateau- Lincoln's Key to the Sacred Pattern- Beranger Sauniere's fabulous wealth- the Knights Templar excavate King Solomon's Temple- Gothic architecture- King Philip destroys the Order- Lincoln's quests- Priory of Sion- the pentagram- Cornford and Poussin's painting- German miners near Rennes-le-Chateau in 1156- the orbit of Venus- Nanking and Rennes at a golden section division- The Mummies of Urumchi- Bruce Cathie locates the Chinese pyramids- Geneset- aligned churchs on Bornholm- the underwater 'pyramid' at Yonaguni- Berriman's ancient measures. Chapter Nine: What the Templars Found. Rosslyn Chapel and The Hiram Key- Critchlow's Time Stands Still- origins of Freemasonry- Tintagel, Glastonbury, Stonehenge, Avebury and ancient latitudes- Korean pyramids at Pyongyang- The Yukon Pole- Jacques De Molay- Jesus in France?- Carthage at 30N during the Hudson Bay Pole- the golden wand and Cuzco- Viracocha involved in measurements- links between Cuzco and Quito- ...
Terms matched: 1  -  Score: 15  -  05 Mar 2003  -  8k  -  URL:
127. Untitled [SIS Internet Digest $]
... think you have a paper to contribute, please contact the assistant conference organiser, John Crowe, (email:, or write via the SIS at the address below left. Suitable papers sent before the end of November 2001 will be considered for inclusion. The SIS Autumn meeting will be held at 10:30am on Sat 13 Oct 2001 at University London Union, (Room 2A, Malet Street, London, WC1E 7HY), and will feature talks by Steve Mitchell on the influence of Egyptian Hieroglyphs in Chinese writing, and David Eccott on Pre-Columbian Transoceanic contacts with the New World. Details in the next SIS Bulletin. A number of other conferences are also on the horizon this year, including (1) "Electricity, Cosmology and Human History" from 6- 9 July in the USA (see advertisement on page 20), (2) "The Amarna Heresy Conference" 3- 5 Aug in Reading (page 5), (3) "A Revised Chronology and Alternate History" 22- 24 June, in ...
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128. Laura Lee Archives [SIS Internet Digest $]
... From: SIS Internet Digest 2001:1 (Jun 2001) Home¦ Issue Contents Laura Lee Archives 05/02/01 Rand Flem-Ath- Pyramid Connection: What explains the similarities between Egyptian, Chinese and South American pyramids and other sacred sites? Flem-Ath and co-author Colin Wilson suggests these civilizations received templates from Atlantis with geodesic, geological and geometric information. 03/23/01 Gregg Braden- Experimental Evidence for the Quantum Hologram: Gregg outlines three recent experiments that indicate the presence of a field that binds all of creation and operates with the laws of Quantum physics laws. He also sheds new light on ancient textual references to this field, and how our emotions and state of mind influence our DNA, which in turn influences this field. 03/14/01 Charlotte King- Sensing Earthquakes: Earthquake Sensitive offers latest research and personal experience on headaches and pain that serves as an early warning device 03/12/01 Sherry Anderson- The Feminine Aspect of the Creator: Inspiring stories drawn from surveys from over 100 women, including Maya ...
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129. Pluto's Rank Again - Needs Changing... [SIS Internet Digest $]
... ) like a cross: the king of that land will die, and famine will seize (it ).COM: (This means) two stars flashed. In terms of the present discussion, the last line of text is most interesting. Could it not be read: If in the sky a comet tail appears from east to west and north to south and stands out like a cross? We know from modern observation that comets can produce jets of gas which radiate outward. We have learned from a 2,500 year old Chinese comet atlas that records of a comet appearing as a cross on more than one occasion were in existence. Furthermore, sky borne crosses begin to appear in the art of a variety of cultures (including the one which produced the above text) all over the world at least 5000 years ago. And lastly, the lines quoted above are taken from an omen text devoted to Ishtar (generally labeled as Venus) which has for one of its symbols a four pointed cross within a circle. A number of cultures retained stories ...
Terms matched: 1  -  Score: 15  -  05 Mar 2003  -  15k  -  URL:
130. Checking Out Those Australian Pyramids [Science Frontiers Website]
... the Gympie area. His results: "What are we left with? The facts are (probably) that the Gympie 'Golden' pyramid is actually an ordinary hill terraced by early Italian immigrants for viniculture that has been disfigured by erosion and the removal of stone from the retaining walls for use elsewhere; the stone wall around Gympie's Surface Hill Uniting Church is exactly what the Rev Mr Geddes says it is-- a wall made from irregular, freshly quarried stone. The 'Gympie Ape/Iron Man' statue was carved by a Chinese gold prospector and later abandoned. The sun symbol and snakes were carved quite recently. The prickly pear was introduced to Australia by early settlers journeying via South America. As for all the supporting statements by the various authorities, all but a few unimportant ones fade away as one after another proves to be a misquote, a falsification or an outright fabrication." (Wheeler, Tony; "In Quest of Australia's Lost Pyramids," Omega Science Digest, p. 22, November/December 1985.) From Science Frontiers ...
Terms matched: 1  -  Score: 15  -  29 Apr 2005  -  5k  -  URL:
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