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... live depth [28. The vertical growth rate of coral can be from 1 to 12 meters per thousand years. The lower limit is actually zero, depending upon thermal, chemical, nutritional, wave-energy, and pollution conditions. The highest rate, for all we know. may be limited only by the speed with which the sea-level is rising. Fossil ... heavy seismic shock [29. RADIODATING William Thomson (Lord Kelvin, 1824-1907) estimated in 1899 that the Earth might be no older than 24 million years if its matter were chemically inert and its heat only the primordial remnant. Other scientists disagreed, opting for longer durations to accomplish evolutionary processes. How uncertain were the stratigraphic estimates of time that geologists relied ... , as required by current theory. There appears to be a chain type reaction operating... similar to that observed in neutron induced sustained nuclear fission," here citing chemists J. L. Anderson and G. W. Spangler. Dudley asks for the incorporating in decay theory of "the energy state of the entire atom [not just the ...
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62. Bookshelf [SIS C&C Review $]
... from L-amino acids and do not include any of the alternative D-forms. This indicates some sort of surface effect, for it could not have arisen in the first place by purely chemical reactions taking place in free solution. There is a brief mention of stereoisomerism in Lifecloud, and it is here that the authors reveal the limitations of their biochemical and chemical understanding ... of their three-dimensional structures. Unfortunately, glycine, the simplest amino acid, is the one out of the twenty which does not have stereoisomeric forms, and any schoolboy well-versed in chemistry and able to think in three-dimensional terms should be able to see that the two molecules depicted in the diagram are absolutely identical in every respect. So, Lifecloud does not solve ... , such as those of clays, could be important. One piece of evidence in favour of this is that cells contain only one stereoisomeric form of each compound, this being chemically identical but with a different spatial arrangement of atoms to the other steroisomers: for example, all proteins are made up from L-amino acids and do not include any of the alternative ...
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... notes on the structural evolution of the central portion of the Witwatersrand basin," Workshop on Cryptoeurplosions, in press. B.M. French, 1987, "Vredefort bronzite granophyre: chemical evidence relating to its origin," Workshop on Cryptoexplosions, in press. J.W. Gabelman, 1984, "Circular geomorphic features permissive to interpretation as conduits of mantle degassing, ... boundary clay (as opposed to siderophile metals only), first by DePaoli et al., and then by Hildebrand and Boynton and Badjukov et al., showed that the chemistry required an aerosol derived substantially from "oceanic crust" along with some "continental type crust." Quantity calculations led Hildebrand and Boynton to suggest that a 200 km diameter crater ... and entrain large boulders locally, thus contrasting with previously discussed injection melts, which have entrained only fine particles (-10 mesh for the most part.) The bronzite granophyre rock is chemically of lamprophyric-dioritic composition with elements of assimilation from adjacent country rock. Regarded as a magmatic component of Vredefort structure, its injection features are intrinsic to the diapiric aspects of emplacement, ...
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... gestalt of creation. Generalized delays of milliseconds in response time between the limbic and cortical systems and between the left and right brain hemispheres, experienced as environmental, electrical, and chemical impulses, introduce conflicts between the systems and the hemispheres. The delays occur not once, but repeatedly and continuously, because the external forces are not withdrawn immediately. The delays ... Many die without seeming cause. Many infants are born dead. Many dead animals of the water, sky and air are discoverable and eatable, though some may be radiated and chemically toxic. So living is easy, but stresses are heavy. Ma bears forth two monsters, identical twin males, glabrous, their heads noticeably larger, their movements and cries ... governed by a single coordinated instinctual being. Only rarely and temporarily are they "distorted;" no matter how bizarre or self-destructive its behavior (induced by disease or fright or chemicals) it does not ask "What am I doing?" Postulate now a set of terrorizing natural disasters and distraught faunal populations. Problem now posed is: How could a ...
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... on the 50th anniversary of the death of Alfred Nobel for the best work in the physical chemistry of high explosives; he has also received the highest award given by the American Chemical Society, and his monograph on the physical chemistry of high explosives [24 was one of their publications. To my mind, he is a very brilliant physical chemist, and ... think that, if his theory of gravity is correct, he deserves another Nobel prize.* [* Mention of Melvin Cook reminds me that there is a point on which I do have a difference of opinion with Dr Roy- not in the field of celestial mechanics, but in the area of radioactive clocks, geochronology: long-time dating by radioactive methods ... is almost a Nobel prizewinner: he received a prize known as the Nitro-Nobel Medal given on the 50th anniversary of the death of Alfred Nobel for the best work in the physical chemistry of high explosives; he has also received the highest award given by the American Chemical Society, and his monograph on the physical chemistry of high explosives [24 was one of ...
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66. Monitor [SIS C&C Workshop $]
... tectonic theory would suggest. and the sedimentation record for the ocean floor has proved to be disrupted as that on land. Van Andel suggests that there is cause to doubt the chemical constancy of sea water, which has been a tenet of long standing- though supported by little evidence. The discovery of circulation of water through fissures at mid-oceanic ridges leads to ... is worth quoting: "Extraterrestrial phenomena are the prime candidates for extensive short-term physical and possible biotic effects." It was emphasized that since the advent of life on Earth the chemistry of oceans, atmosphere and surface sediments has been dominated by life processes which not only reflect, but in themselves affect, climate changes. Geologists are obviously still feeling their way ... (Cambridge University) warned that tectonic interpretation depends largely on the disciplinary leaning of the person involved, whether physics, chemistry or geology. Another warning was given to the radio-isotope chemists who measure the age of the rocks- these should be well mapped. Doubtful sources could give rise to a wealth of error. The catastrophist prize must finally go to Gene ...
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... 19. Laughter. 20. More laughter. 21. Laughter. 22. More laughter. 23. Laughter. 24. Ralph E. Juergens, "The `Bulk Chemistries' of Venus and Jupiter," KRONOS II: 1 (August, 1976): 12. 25. Ibid., pp. 11-15. 26. Eric W. ... , to what extent any of those hydrocarbons have been chemically modified over the centuries. It depends upon how much oxygen is or was available for their combustion, how many other chemical processes have been taking place, and so on. Nevertheless, the theory does require that either hydrocarbons or their derivatives should be present on Venus in rich amounts. Velikovsky's own ... in several near-collisions, Venus was incandescently hot and contained hydrocarbons. It is not yet clear whether, and, if so, to what extent any of those hydrocarbons have been chemically modified over the centuries. It depends upon how much oxygen is or was available for their combustion, how many other chemical processes have been taking place, and so on. ...
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68. A Holographic World [Kronos $]
... 1979), pp. 71, 72, 74, 76, 79, 80, 83, 84. Wil Lepkowski, "The social thermodynamics of Ilya Prigogine", Chemical and Engineering News (April 16, 1979), pp. 30-33. Paul Pietsch, "Shuffle Brain", Harper's (May 1972), pp. 41-48 and Shufflebrain ... , the punctuated equilibrium theory of neo-Darwinian evolution, the possible meaning of Bell's theorem for psychic phenomena research, and Ilya Prigogine's theory of dissipative structures. Prigogine, a Belgian physical chemist, won the 1977 Nobel prize in chemistry for this work explaining irreversible processes-- the movement toward higher and higher orders of life. The theory provides a model for the ... of stress in biochemical systems and societies in triggering transformations to higher levels of organization and complexity. Prigogine's theory has stirred interest among social scientists, cyberneticists and general systems theorists. Pribram's and Prigogine's theories may be related. According to Brain/Mind Bulletin (May 21, 1979), "Pribram suggested that the dissipative structures may represent the way in which ...
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69. Monitor [SIS C&C Workshop $]
... of reality. Oceanic Rings of Truth? source: Scientific American March 1982, pp. 50-60 Large areas of the oceans are usually considered to be uniform in their physical, chemical and biological properties. This assumption lies behind the interpretation of many core samples taken to ascertain past climatic conditions as indicated by Earth's oceans. However, this assumption has been shown ... 377; The Unexplained pp. 2301-5 There are many unusual phenomena associated with earthquakes: deformation of the ground, changes in activity of small earthquakes, changes in ground-water level and chemistry, the strange behaviour of animals, changes in geomagnetic and electromagnetic fields, and earthquake lights- all these things can accompany and precede the earthquake. Reports of earthquake lights, ... , within an individual organism. Mutation of one of a few copies will rarely alter any characteristic of an organism but processes of exchange and conversion inherent in the properties of the chemicals from which genes are constructed (DNA) can eventually lead to the mutated form becoming predominant within the family. It is then likely to be expressed as a changed characteristic in ...
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70. Is the Universe Finite? [Aeon Journal $]
... 0.76 arc seconds and is therefore 1.32 parsecs, or 4.29 lightyears, distant. Moreover, as was pointed out to me since the appearance of my last essay by a polymer chemist, Philip H. Goldblatt, the distance calculations to far flung quasars are somewhat more involved. If we figure by the standard measurements, as is conventionally taught in astronomy classes ... energy and was chilled sufficiently for the still rather hot nuclei to gather electrons and become full-fledged atoms. Still later a few molecules would form from the random combination of the more chemically active free atoms. And, finally, clumps would form in regions of plasma instability, and proto-stars and proto-galaxies would begin forming, until ultimately we have the universe we know ... similar in many respects to a super-enormous crystal of calcium, according to Grant Mathews of the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, in a recent presentation sponsored by the Golden Gate Institute of Chemists for which I'm a councilor. This observational discovery raises some specific questions that need to be addressed: Does this mean that there are other universes with similar structures, not only ...
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