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131. July 21, 1954 [Velikovsky Archive Website]
... to slide. He wished to explain the catastrophes as the result of forces in the Earth itself. I asked how asymmetries of a few degrees could bring the ice covers to latitudes of 45 degrees where the crust would be the most liable to disbalancing. I also pointed out that his rejection of the theory of isostasy, which claims that mountain ranges rest on deep subterranean structures, undermines Hapgood ? s position about the sliding of the Earth ? s crust. The conversation turned to my claim of the participation of electromagnetic forces in celestial mechanics. I said, ? All the sciences neurology, physiology, physics, and chemistry recognize the overwhelming role of electromagnetic forces; only astronomy lives in an age before kerosene, in the age of candles.? Einstein agreed with the thought I had expressed in my letter to him that it is my introduction of electromagnetic forces into celestial mechanics that caused the vehement opposition of the scientists. I explained to him that these matters are not discussed in Worlds in Collision, and read him a sentence from the Epilogue of that ...
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132. Reply to Earl Milton [Aeon Journal $]
... should deny these effects; that is, the effects should not have occurred. Why, then, did the pendulums accelerate differently during solar eclipses? What force from the Sun produced these effects? I raised a similar point in KRONOS and have never received an answer. (4) To these considerations must be added the evidence published by Danjon (5) and by Gribbin and Plagemann (6) indicating that the Earth's rotation was slowed by strong solar flares and thereafter sped up again after these glitches. If Coulomb's law rules celestial motion, why did solar flares slow the Earth's rotation? And since gravity could not have sped up the rotation afterwards, what did? From such anomalies as this I have concluded that electromagnetic interactions between the Sun and the Earth can accelerate the rotation of the Earth. If I have not "faced up to" Coulomb's law, it is because no one, so far as I know, has satisfactorily answered the glaring contradictions between prevailing theory and observed fact. I would certainly go further toward Milton's purely electrical analysis if ...
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... to hide the Sun. As Dr. Payne-Gaposchkin says, the thirty-six-day month mentioned by Velikovsky is incompatible with any total solar eclipses at all. But nearly any cosmic disturbance would be enough to render our present knowledge of Earth and Moon motions inadequate for eclipse computations before the supposed interference. The discrepancy between observation and calculation would become greater the further back in time we go. Nonetheless, the variation in eclipse records described above is the only one which has been found after known "perturbations" produced by the mutual gravitation of the celestial bodies have been allowed for. The gravitational pull of the Sun and of each planet on the Earth and Moon is taken into careful account in such computations as these. The calculations are highly complex, achieving a product of successful intricacy which, in spite of the fact that it defies verbal analysis, is one of the most imposing demonstrations of the validity of celestial mechanics. Some idea of the degree of "intricacy" may be conveyed by Dr. Payne-Gaposchkin's statement that lunar theory alone recognizes 155 major periodic terms and over ...
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134. Kessinger Publishing [SIS Internet Digest $]
... From: SIS Internet Digest 1998:1 (June 1998) Home¦ Issue Contents Kessinger Publishing Previously out-of-print books. Kessinger Publishing, P.O. Box 160, Kila, MT 59920. USA. Tel: +1 (406) 756 0167. Fax: 257 5051. Email: Arnold, Edwin, Song Celestial or Bhagavad-Gita (1885), Being a Discourse Between Arjuna, Prince of India, and the Supreme Being under the Form of Krishna. ISBN 0-7661-0249-1, 186 pages, $17.95. Clake, Hyde and Wake, C. Staniland, Serpent and Siva Worship and Mythology in Central America, Africa, and Asia and the Origin of Serpent Worship (1877), ISBN 0-7661-0472-9, 54 pages, $9.95. Deane, John Bathurst, Worship of the Serpent Traced Throughout the World and Its Traditions Referred to the Events in Paradise (1830), The Serpent, a world-wide symbol, is either an omen of good, or evil. This book reveals the serpent's place in mythology and religion ...
Terms matched: 1  -  Score: 60  -  05 Mar 2003  -  4k  -  URL:
... CONTENTS ASTRONOMY AS ART................. Amy Acheson NOTES ON THE COMPARATIVE METHOD......... Ev Cochrane VENUS AS THE DOVE.............. .Robert Lugibihl Comments by Dwardu Cardona CORONAL MASS EJECTIONS............. Wal Thornhill---- ASTRONOMY AS ART By Amy Acheson Ptolemy's mathematical epicycles were an effort to explain the celestial order as he saw it in terms of the "divine perfect circles" of his mythical/religious heritage. Copernicus' new viewpoint was based on the same assumption that there is something sacred about "celestial spheres". He tossed out Ptolemy's math and painted a new picture using a concept he imagined would replace the cumbersome epicycles with perfectly circular orbits. See? If you put the Sun here, at the center, the planets fall into order according to the lengths of their periods. The Earth naturally fits between Venus ...
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... From: SIS Review Vol VII Part A (1985) Home¦ Issue Contents Forums ASTROPHYSICS Celestial Dynamics and "Worlds in Collision" by Earl Milton Dr Milton, Ph. D. (Alberta) is a spectroscopist and Associate Professor in the Department of Physics, Lethbridge University, Canada; he is a physics consultant for the Review. Congratulations on the release of the long-awaited Proceedings, "Ages in Chaos?". I find the volume both enjoyable and useful. I have some remarks to make about important points contained in Dr Robert Bass's contribution, "The Celestial Dynamics of 'Worlds in Collision'". In the past Bass and I have approached quite differently a means of "legitimizing" colliding-planet scenarios with short-time readjustment of the orbits back to circles following the collision. We both agree that the collisions happened recently and that the collisional imprint has been hidden quickly. Bass has pursued the solution via rather sophisticated mathematical constructs and has had some success in demonstrating that recent collisions cannot be excluded. I have sought another solution, stressing a conceptual reassignment ...
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137. Origins of the Red Dragon Symbol? [SIS Internet Digest $]
... to mean a 'dragon', and even though it has also been used in the past to refer to 'Mellt Distaw'- (sheet lightning), and also 'Mellt Didaranau'- (lightning unaccompanied by thunder), even today in the 21st century, in common usage in the Gwynedd dialect of Cymraeg (Welsh), is the word "Dreigiau" (dragons) to describe Mellt Didaranau (lightning unaccompanied by thunder). It is also interesting that Alastair McBeath gives the date 537 as referring to a siting of a celestial object (probably a comet) as having a bearing on the origin of some dragon- related myths. In 'Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire', Gibbon (Pelican abridgement, Low. D.M., 1960, p. 580) refers to this very date as one where a comet was sighted widely in Europe and was considered to have brought pestilence and crop failures in the following years. This is also the date given generally to the year of birth of the poet Myrddyn (Merlin of Arthurian myth). ...
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... From: Aeon II:6 (1991) Home¦ Issue Contents The Countdown to a New Celestial Hazard S.V. M. Clube Summary By authorizing NASA to undertake a survey of near-Earth asteroids with a view to discovering any that are on a collision course with our planet, the US House of Representatives has inadvertently brought us to a turning point in our relationship with the celestial environment. It is likely that this will introduce a new element of public responsibility to the academic debate concerning celestial hazards, and that the issues originally raised by Velikovsky will once again have to be seriously addressed. From major to minor planet While the pioneering days of the planetary flagship have been drawing to a close, man's conquest of space has appeared to falter. Questions as to the expected return from the investment in space, which were there from the start, have continued to be unanswered. That a new challenge was necessary was evident enough therefore, but that the hard men at NASA would see the challenge in terms of their own survival was not. Plunder and profit ...
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139. Celestial fireworks [SIS Internet Digest $]
... From: SIS Internet Digest 2002:2 (Dec 2002) Home¦ Issue Contents Celestial fireworks By Rens van de Sluij. A graphic model for an alien sky that inspired the myths and symbols of our forebears based on patterns in myth, ritual, and symbolism. 'Celestial fireworks' is a series of pictures that can serve as a model with which ancient mythology, ritual and symbolism can be understood. These pictures are based on a detailed reconstruction of patterns that pervade a universal 'lost' tradition. They illustrate a sequence of highly dramatic events that loomed over the heads of our ancestors and inspired them to create stories, sacred dramas and buildings in short all of civilisation, for the entire ancient world strived after only one aim: to revive the celestial age of the gods The presentation consists of three parts, which enable you to familiarise yourself with the imagery of world mythology in 10 minutes: a general presentation of the pictures that appeared in the sky; a presentation where such pictures are compared to works of ancient art ...
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140. what the experts say [Mythopedia Website]
... go back to 'Mythopedia' send an e-mail myth and celestial catastrophe (comet encounters, novae and supernovae) what the experts say (last update 28 th October 2002) The conjunction of these ideas, linking astronomy and history, therefore suggests that human societies may have been witness to a somewhat more active celestial environment during past millennia. [1 Could the prehistoric 'sky' have been much more active than now? [2 In fact, the extreme preoccupation of most early societies with celestial imagery and the making of astronomical observations appears to be part of a world-wide phenomenon during the period leading up to and including the Bronze age This would be consistent with the presence of a once powerful extraterrestrial source with the capacity to cause both local and global destruction and to trigger a common social response. [3 Further arguments for a possibly more active sky in the past include the fact that iron was apparently first known through its occurrence in meteorites and the fact that flood myths and related ceremonies from around the world frequently seem to have a common historical basis [ ...
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