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121. Letters [Velikovsky Archive Website]
... tarried to answer because I did not wish to appear just obstinate; but the problem is permanently on my mind. I have to ask patience, which a ? Fachman ? is generally reluctant to accord to an outsider. Without this patience we shall build barriers between sciences, in this case astronomy and history. I would certainly listen carefully to what you may say on history or psycho- analysis. You say that the fact of the exact correspondence of the planetary motions with the theory proves this theory as correct: in the celestial motions only two agents participate gravitation and inertia. Let us first assume that your statement of exact correspondence between theory and phenomena is rigidly correct. Still the mere fact of a force acting at an inverse square rate would not exclude electricity and magnetism, also acting at the inverse square rate, from participation in celestial motions. But the statement is not rigidly correct, either. Let me illustrate. Here is the year 1845. Leverrier in France and Adams in England, out of perturbations of Uranus calculated, to the exactness ...
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122. Darkness and the Deep [Aeon Journal $]
... Tiamat, according to him, was shrouded in darkness. (54) 5. The Waters of Chaos Up until 1979, I had held the view that the waters of chaos had actually been terrestrial. In fact I had already earlier described these waters as having been piled up in a tidal heap due to the gravitational pull of Saturn which hovered overhead. (55) Although I have not quite discarded this hypothesis, I was compelled, on the advice of Roger Ashton and David Lorton, to reconsider ancient testimony concerning the celestial nature of these waters. This idea is perhaps best indicated in Egyptian myth. Traditionally, the Egyptian waters of chaos, known as Nu and/or Nun, are described as having been in the sky. Budge tells us that "the name expressed by three vases of water which indicate the sound, and the outstretched heaven...and the determinative for water...and the sign for 'god,' all of which show that this deity was the god of the watery mass in the sky." ( ...
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123. Before the Forum [Velikovsky Archive Website]
... suggest that this be investigated. It is generally thought that the magnetic field of the earth does not reach sensitively to the moon. But there is a way to find out whether it does or does not. The moon makes daily rocking movements librations of latitude, some of which are explained by no theory. I suggest investigating whether these unaccounted librations are synchronized with the daily revolutions of the magnetic poles of the earth around its geographical poles. Actually, both tests suggested were derived from one and the same concept: that the celestial sphere is not electrically and magnetically sterile. After the lecture one of the graduate students who surrounded me told me about certain folkloristic material of the Indians that would support my views; I observed that he did not come forward to say this during the question period. As I walked to my car, I chanced to meet in the dark the three ladies who had come from Einstein ? s house to my lecture: his daughter, Margot, his secretary, Helen Dukas, and their friend, Gina Plungian. Later Gina ...
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... attracted some 290 people, including about 50 professional scientists, historians and archaeologists. Judging from conversations overheard and from questions put in the formal sessions, it also attracted a few Biblical fundamentalists, astrologers and devotees of pseudo-scientific beliefs like ley lines and world-wide megalithic cultures; the interventions of these caused some squirming among the relatively orthodox professionals present. The aim of the symposium was to focus debate on problems of fundamental importance for the catastrophic and uniformitarian viewpoints and much of the first two days was taken up with the problem of reconciling modern celestial mechanics with a cataclysmic solar system, perhaps the main obstacle among astronomers to treating Velikovsky's ideas seriously. The arguments here have to consist in essence of assuming that the mathematical explanation of modern observations can be extrapolated into the past and can reliably reconstruct what a celestial body was doing a few thousand years ago. Students of the historical sciences, however, naturally place more reliance on hard evidence surviving from the past epochs concerned, and several of the crucial problems discussed depend on such historical data. One of the problems- which ...
Terms matched: 1  -  Score: 60  -  05 Mar 2003  -  7k  -  URL:
... one step removed in literality from the events which gave rise to it. Thus, when I apply his discoveries to my approach, I feel I am simply carrying his materials back to their true source. Cleopatra, says Davidson, is given traditional sets of qualities which relate her, among others, to The Whore of Babylon, a brilliant Queen, the temptress Circe, a provocative gypsy, and the goddess Venus. To this list we must add Velikovsky's Venus, for she is also given the qualities of a fiercely disruptive celestial body. For instance, Davidson describes her as active and hot-- so hot that the seeming Cupids on her barge with their fans only make her "delicate cheeks" glow with their sensual warmth.31 She is portrayed as a disturber of natural order. She stands for excess, since she will not pause at the limits set by nature.32 Her object is to disrupt a pre-existing scheme. Thus she usurps the phallic role, Shakespeare suggests; of course, such usurpation is an attempt to achieve a reversal of the natural order ...
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126. Electro-Gravitic Theory (Forum) [SIS C&C Review $]
... From: SIS Chronology& Catastrophism Review 2001:2 (Jan 2002) Home¦ Issue Contents Forum Electro-Gravitic Theory Charles Ginenthal responds to Crew review Having read Eric Crew's review of my Electro-Gravitic Theory of Celestial Motion and Cosmology (C&CR 2001:1 pp. 56-57), I'm sorry he saw little value in it. However he didn't get the nature of the electro-magnetic mechanism correct: I was writing about emitting antennas with radial and tangential magnetic fields, which is a well known aspect of radio engineering. In deciding that celestial bodies were like solenoids rather than antennas, Eric misrepresented my work. The Appendix he mentioned left out the most important fact in the book. There is a test offered that can determine whether magnetism effects motion in space. No one reading the review would be aware that the motion theory can be tested in space. Because of these aspects of the review, no-one who read it will even read my book. My theory can be tested to determine the truth of what I presented about celestial motion. The hallmark of ...
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127. Thoth Vol. VI, No. 7 Oct 31, 2002 [Thoth Website]
... ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** *** THE SERPENTS OF CREATION By Dave Talbott EDITOR'S NOTE: The following text is excerpted from a chapter of the forthcoming THUNDERBOLTS OF THE GODS, by David Talbott and Wallace Thornhill. ENVISIONING THE ANCIENT SKY Were it possible for you, the reader, to stand alongside our early ancestors, to witness the events that provoked the age of myth-making, you would see celestial dramas on a scale virtually inconceivable today. You would see an electric sky filled with luminous clouds, threads of light, and undulating rivers of fire. And you would see great spheres joined in a cosmic performance --events seemingly too vast, too improbable for anything but a dream. Observe this celestial theater, and your first thought will be, "This could not have happened!" Yet allow events to unfold, and that first response will give way to a contradiction --a sense of the eerily familiar: "Where have ...
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128. The Pre-Adamite Age [Velikovsky Archive Website]
... of Eden, placed in the East, was, it must be conceived, under perpetual rays of the Dawn. The earth was not watered by rain, but mist ascending from the ground condensed as dew upon the leaves. ? The plants looked only to the earth for nourishment.? Man was of exceedingly great stature: ? The dimensions of man ? s body were gigantic.? His appearance was unlike that of later men: ? His body was overlaid with a horny skin.? But a day came and the celestial illumination ceased: ? The sun... had grown dark the instant Adam became guilty of disobedience.? (3) The flames of the ever-turning sword terrified Adam (Genesis 3:24). In another legend it is told that the celestial light shone a little in the darkness. And then ? the celestial light ceased, to the consternation of Adam.? The illumination of the first period never returned. The sky that man was used to see never appeared before him again: ? The firmament is not ...
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... comments, nevertheless, are more amenable to speculative discussion. Parker asserts that the difference of calendars between the Senmut and Ramesseum ceilings illustrates that the normal twelve-month year could also "be shown with the intercalary month added". Questions, however, are demanded by the word "shown". Whatever may have been the nature of Egyptian tomb inscriptions, they were most unlikely to have been there for "show". If their purpose was indeed the concrete "magical" one of aiding the deceased in his continued existence on the celestial plane, then correspondence to astronomical reality might well be crucial. It would follow that material changes in depiction of the calendar would be more likely to signify changes in the celestial order than to express changes in artistic style. Unsatisfactory, likewise, is Parker's treatment of the rationale for the 365-day civil year. For one thing, he seems to present the twelve 30-day months and the five epagomenal days as having been introduced simultaneously as a single calendar "sometime in the Old Kingdom... no doubt for simplicity in government ...
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... From: SIS Chronology& Catastrophism Review (1994) "Proceedings of the 1993 Cambridge Conference" Home¦ Issue Contents Revelation and Catastrophe during the Christian Era: a Basis for Historical Interpolation and Future Extrapolation. S. V. M. Clube Department of Physics, University of Oxford, UK. Celestial Sophistry The question whether cosmic catastrophes are a significant problem so far as civilisation is concerned has recently been directed at NASA by a US Congressional Sub-Committee. No doubt the question is seen as having been prompted by purely scientific considerations, but from the viewpoint of a historian any notion that cosmic catastrophes are a particularly neoteric issue would have to be regarded as singularly wide of the mark. Thus, as far back as the Roman Empire in its prime, those in authority would have been advised as to the possibility of a destroying angel or thunderbolt which 'devastates whatever it strikes and changes the state of public and private affairs'. Several centuries before this, a noted Greek source, relying on Egyptian knowledge, would speak of circulating astronomical bodies and of torrents ...
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