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111. Index of Titles [Uncategorised]
... The Amarna Period and Levantine Archaeology, The Amarna Royal Tomb, The Amarna Royal Tombs Project- the last 3 seasons, The Amarna Tablets, The Amazon Books Amenophis, Osarsiph and Arzu. More on the Third Intermediate Period of Egypt America B.C. and the Revised Chronology American Journal of Archaeology Analogous Mountain Building Analysis of the Babylonian Observations Analysis Of Old World Maps Anchors Aweigh Ancient Astronauts, Cosmic Collisions and Other Popular Theories about Man's Past (Review) Ancient Astronomical Values Revealed in The Book of the Secrets of Enoch Ancient Astronomy and Celestial Divination Ancient Calendars Ancient Celtic Water Cult: Its Significance in British Prehistory, An Ancient Giants and Gods Ancient Greeks in America Ancient History Revisions: the Last 25 years- a Perspective Ancient History Study Group, September 1993 Ancient History Study Group Report on meeting of 6th March 1999 Ancient Knowledge of Jupiter's Bands and Saturn's Rings Ancient Latin Name for Venus, An Ancient Mysteries by Peter James& Nick Thorpe Ancient Near East and Mediterranean World Ancient Near Eastern Chronology: To Revise or not to Revise? Ancient Near Eastern Chronology Revised Ancient ...
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112. Chapter V: the Yearly Path of the Sun-god [Dawn of Astronomy (Book)] [Books]
... in the heavens exactly similar to the means we have of determining the position of any place on the earth. We have already defined distance from the equator- as north or south declination in the case of a star, as we have north latitude or south latitude in case of a place on the earth. With regard to the other co-ordinate, we can also say that the heavenly body whose place we are anxious to determine is at a certain distance from our first point of measurement, whatever that may be, along the celestial equator. Speaking of heavenly bodies, we call this distance right ascension; dealing with matters earthy, we measure from the meridian of Greenwich and call the distance longitude. The movement of the earth round the sun is in a plane which is called the plane of the ecliptic, and- the axis of rotation of the earth is inclined to that plane at an angle of something like 23. We can if we choose use the plane of the ecliptic to define the positions of the stars as we use the plane of ...
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113. The Ching Hsing [Horus $]
... may first appear at this height but is already setting toward the horizon. It is not possible, visually, for Venus to pass overhead (cross the sky) during the night. Further, Venus cannot rise in the West and set in the East. Yet, despite the astronomical absurdities that the saying implies, an event recorded as late as the 14th Century A. D. still speaks of the phenomenon as if it were a reality. In his "History of the Civilization of China", Joseph Needham discusses a celestial phenomenon that the Chinese call the Ching Hsing, the "Orb" [Star of Splendor". Needham quotes a memorandum written by a member of the Astronomical Bureau. The year is 1340 A.D.:"... On the first day of the 7th month in the 6th year of the reign, there came... one of the Senior observers... who asked me to go to the Observatory as quickly as possible. [The Commissioner then reports that last night there appeared the Ching Hsing phenomenon ...
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... plasma beams centered on craters facing the Sun. What we saw were circular craters being formed right in front of the Giotto cameras-- producing the same kind of scarring seen on asteroids and moons. That the material was being electrically removed was confirmed by the discovery of x-rays and high energy ions near the nucleus." Thornhill goes on to discuss non-gravitational orbital anomalies, then attacks received opinion which states that a comet is defined by its size and composition. He claims instead that it is the eccentricity of the orbit of a celestial body, moving it into regions of increasing electrical stress, which creates the visible tail. "A planet on such an orbit would put on a spectacular cometary display..." (p. 48.) Thornhill found his motivation to leave the comfortable highway of orthodox astronomy and explore the lonely out-back of a new paradigm in the study of catastrophist mythology. Along the way, he incorporated insights from plasma physics and atmospheric electrical phenomena. The process of synthesizing these viewpoints into a new paradigm involved years of research, ...
Terms matched: 1  -  Score: 60  -  05 Mar 2003  -  11k  -  URL:
... the most conspicuous hero in Near Eastern literature. In itself this was nothing new; the same point had been made by numerous scholars before. (3) It was the attempt to trace the traditions of Heracles and Gilgamesh to ancient conceptions associated with the planet Mars that represented a radical departure from the norm in mythological analysis. In short, the thesis was put forward that the mythology of the world's great heroes commemorated-- at least in part-- the ancient appearance and activities of the red planet in relation to its celestial neighbors. If the ancients' identification of Heracles with the planet Mars has a rational basis it will provide us with an invaluable foundation upon which to launch a new analysis of ancient mythology. A case in point is the cult of the war-god. Nearly every ancient culture of which we have sufficient record has preserved traditions of a great war-god whose functions included-- among other things-- leading the battle-charge and defending the kingdom against invasion. The names of several of these gods, such as the Greek Ares and Latin ...
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116. Pensée [SIS C&C Review $]
... nuclear energy (reprinted from the N. Y. Post, 1948). IS VENUS' HEAT DECREASING- An article written in 1966 outlining Velikovsky's expectation that repeated measurements of infrared radiation from the cloud surface of Venus will reveal a detectable fall in temperature. THE ORIENTATION OF THE PYRAMIDS (reprinted from the Yale Scientific Magazine) EARTH WITHOUT A MOON OTHER MAJOR CONTRIBUTIONS Dr R. W. Bass. DID WORLDS COLLIDES/ "PROOFS" OF THE STABILITY OF THE SOLAR SYSTEM- Two articles of major significance by a specialist in celestial mechanics dispose of one of the main objections to Velikovsky's astronomical theories and offer further support. Dr M. M. Nieto/ Dr C. J. Ransom: THE TITIUS-BODE LAW AND THE EVOLUTION OF THE SOLAR SYSTEM- If the Titius-Bode Law is real, then recurrent large-scale changes in the solar system are unlikely to have occurred. Dr Ransom's response shows that a slight modification of the ad hoc first term of the equation equally well describes the solar system without Venus. Dr Carter Sutherland: CHINA'S DRAGON- Traces the mythological ...
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117. Richat Crater Revisited (2) [Thunderbolts Website]
... Talemzane Crater in Algeria home pic of the day archive subject index abstract archive Links: Holoscience Electric Cosmos The Universe Plasma Cosmology Society for Interdisciplinary Studies educational resources Aeon Journal Aug 12, 2005 Richat Crater Revisited (2) Why is it so difficult to find evidence of impacts for these craters? And why are their features so unlike those expected from impact craters? Both questions are answered if these craters were electrically machined by rotating Birkeland currents. Electric Discharge Machined (EDM) craters of these sizes require a discharge between Earth and a celestial visitor coming close. Chunks of charged material in orbit around the visitor, while being swept up by the Earth, would puncture the Earth's double-layer Langmuir sheath and leave ionized trails to the Earth. Such trails would be paths of least resistance for an ensuing discharge arc from the visitor. The discharges would likely fragment the chunks, and the fragments could impact around the craters. But the craters themselves are clearly from EDM because, among other distinctive features, the crater bottoms show no sign of impact fracturing. Talemzane Crater. ...
Terms matched: 1  -  Score: 60  -  29 Nov 2006  -  13k  -  URL:
... r n= 4+3+ 2 n Is it true, accurately? If so, is it anything more than a coincidence, as many astronomers have felt and still feel? Or does it betray an underlying order of nature, apprehension of which must ultimately permit deduction of the result directly from general physical laws? Nieto himself seems unconvinced after examining a great amount of accumulated scientific evidence. It is the diverse nature of the evidence that has a particular appeal to those who are less than satisfied with the patois of standard celestial mechanics based on consideration of gravitational forces alone. These were the only cosmic forces known to Isaac Newton who invented the laws of mechanics and gravitation, and to P. S. Laplace who created celestial mechanics two centuries ago. The fact is that celestial mechanicians, notwithstanding loud claims to the contrary, still stoutly defend and confine their attention to mechanics so narrowly construed. But now we know that magnetic fields are a ubiquitous component of interplanetary space, and we have had a coherent theory of electromagnetism already for well over 100 ...
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... From: SIS Workshop Vol 3 No 3 (Jan 1981) Home¦ Issue Contents Confirmation of Dr Velikovsky's Theories Regarding Electromagnetic and Electrostatic Forces in Celestial Mechanics Ian C. Johnson 1. "Cometary Collisions on the Moon and Mercury" by P.H. Schultz& L.J. Srnka in NATURE, 6/3/80, p.22-6. This article was summarised in WORKSHOP 2:4, p.9, but I wish to present a different gloss. Schultz& Srnka refer to enigmatic bright and dark swirls which cross portions of the lunar farside, and link them to lunar regions containing strong magnetic anomalies. These swirls are thought to be geologically young, not magnetised by an active lunar dynamo, but rather by colliding comets acting to amplify the magnetic field (i.e. during impact). As a strong magnetic anomaly has been correlated with swirl Reiner [eta, the authors conclude that the coma of a comet has a strong magnetic field. In WORLDS IN COLLISION, "The End", Velikovsky states regarding a future collision between Neptune and Pluto: " ...
Terms matched: 1  -  Score: 60  -  05 Mar 2003  -  5k  -  URL:
120. Weinert's Hypothesis [SIS C&C Workshop $]
... From: SIS Workshop Vol 4 No 1 (Jul 1981) Home¦ Issue Contents Weinert's Hypothesis Frederick B. Jueneman This past spring, George F. Weinert, a senior at Seneca Valley High School in Germantown, MD, became a semi-finalist in the annual Westinghouse Science Talent Search competition with a mathematical paper on celestial dynamics. This paper is an excellent, thoroughgoing effort to explore the perturbating effects of a planetary near-encounter. What makes it particularly remarkable is that the basic premise is drawn from Velikovsky's WORLDS IN COLLISION in conjunction with the Biblical account of the Exodus- an account which, in part, Velikovsky himself had used when he constructed his cosmological scenario of catastrophe in the 15th century BCE. Weinert's major findings, in a computer-assisted description of a planetary fly-by to Earth, were that the optimum size of another celestial body would have to be equal to that of the Earth itself to conform to the events related in Exodus and that the order of cataclysmic events also would have to occur in the exact sequence described in the Hebrew and Greek versions. ...
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