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... in the solar system. These disasters have happened within reach of human memory. Cultures everywhere have assigned disasters to the planets. Human nature was both physically and psychically affected by catastrophe. The human mind first, later, and always has suppressed its terrible memories of such events, and let them emerge in altered forms, sometimes benevolent, productive and artistic ... , as one popular writer has implausibly said, or to shield them from "flak"? Civilized centers known to us seem to connect with common centers that were obliterated in catastrophes, leaving behind many puzzling connections between the Orient, America, and the Mediterranean. All such problems extend beyond history into anthropology and other fields, of course. III A ... the disciplines might be affected if, as a result of such a debate, there occurred a major shift away from the prevailing ideology of uniformitarianism in the direction of quantavolution or catastrophism. I attach the word "cosmic" to the debate with three meanings. First, as I have implied, it is cosmic in that all fields of knowledge are involved ...
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... And so began authority. The story of Job, in the Bible, represents the individual trying with all of his might to subject himself to the will of Yahweh. Dreadful catastrophe, initiated by Yahweh, abetted by the Devil and by hostile humans, crushes his life-values: his loved ones, his possessions, his power, his respect, and his ... monarchy. All human organization resolves into a combination of these. The republican is of hominid origin and was the logical first form of human organization. The monarchies originate from the catastrophes following creation and the relentless evolution of homo sapiens schizotypus. By the time of the first extant historical records, ca. 5200 B. P., past ages and past ... severely chastised in order to give it a memory. For the keeping of promises was the basic condition of humanization and civilization. Surprisingly, Nietzsche does not take the leap to catastrophism, inasmuch as he thought that some immense event must have happened to cause mankind to acquire a memory. He says that he cannot think of anything more severe than the punishment ...
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... describes complicated, extraordinary and violent natural events. And yet neither, on the other hand, could the appearance of Venus as the morning star awaken the idea of a universal catastrophe- even in the wildest imagination. One might well conceive of the morning star as the driver of Helios' chariot, or imagine the evening star to be a deity fallen ... , lib. XIII), yet we have no right to deny the traditions concerned any core of historical fact. "If then, there really were at one time simultaneous catastrophes of fire and flood, then- if we wish to exclude chance from playing a role- we must look for a common cause of the two phenomena. Now, it ... has been recognized all over southern Britain. The black colouration is due to charcoal fragments from burnt wood. In fact, at one stage in this study our thoughts ran on catastrophism of a biblical king and we pictured half-seriously a universal conflagration to account for the black band. It is more likely, however, that it represents a short period of dry ...
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84. Forum [SIS C&C Review $]
... a social programme and became the basis of a new form of society. No civilised culture has been without "philosophical monotheism", but only Judaism developed societal monotheism. The catastrophe does not explain this in the sense of exhausting its content; it was only the trigger which set a new world of ideas in motion. I am far from adopting a ... tribes probably followed this outlook. Abraham, Isaac and Jacob were according to the Bible, leaders of these tribes who found themselves enslaved in Egypt at the time of the Venus catastrophes ca. 1500 BC. These events transformed philosophical monotheism into national monotheism. Amidst the turmoil and anguish of the time the monotheistic slaves fled as a group from Egypt (together ... attempt to understand monotheism in its historical context and in relation to the human condition. JAMES B. DOUGLAS Ely Sir, It was good to read of Hyam Maccoby's views on catastrophism and the birth of monotheism in the S.I.S. Review for Summer, 1977. I would like to suggest, however, that there are two theses of how catastrophic experiences played ...
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... the Organizing Committee of the 2nd SIS Cambridge Conference. CONTENTS: 1. The Context of Evolution: The Earth and Its Surroundings. 1.1 The Solar System 1.2 Possible causes of catastrophe on Earth 1.3 The fall and rise of catastrophism. 2. The Establishment of Gradualism 2.1 Catastrophism, gradualism and evolution 2.2 Myth, cosmogony and pre-nineteenth century catastrophism 2.3 Catastrophism and ... it may be possible to photograph the kind of effects to be expected on an object like Europa. Wal Thornhill---- Book Announcement: Trevor Palmer: CONTROVERSY- CATASTROPHISM AND EVOLUTION: THE ONGOING DEBATE Plenum Company: New York/London [to be published in early 1998 For the last 20 years, Professor Trevor Palmer has been one of ... as I may, I could not see anything in the character of the channels to suggest internal geology. That recent chaotic motions of planets and their moons might account for the catastrophic melting and re-freezing would seem self- evident. ** *** [Wal Thornhill: Jim, Dave has effectively answered the question for me while I was in Melbourne ...
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86. Bookshelf [SIS C&C Review $]
... and remembered because they are exceptional and can have a disruptive effect on human activities and mind- they are newsworthy. There is a vast difference between the meaning of the word catastrophe in its geological sense and its usage by current or ancient news media. Commonly, one understands "catastrophe" to mean a sudden event of disastrous nature, in many ways ... to some of the short-lived phenomena now recorded by the Smithsonian institute. Furthermore, catastrophes in the latter sense are local or at most regional in their geographical impact. Events that are "sudden" in a geological sense and are used to define major stratigraphic boundaries are essentially global in extent. Another characteristic of geologically sudden events (mass extinctions of biota, ... the same pattern of development, with controversies raging about continental drift, submarine canyons, the age of the Earth, and the extinction of species. The conflict between uniformitarianism and catastrophism that underlies many of these controversies is as old as geology itself. These two philosophies offer incompatible interpretations of the earth's past, present and future, It has been claimed ( ...
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... would mark "intrinsic trends to higher states", if increased brain size does not? Two sections will be of especial interest to readers of this journal. "Uniformity and Catastrophe" (No. 18) attempts to clear up some misunderstandings about 19th-century geology, particularly the idea that before Lyell shone the light of uniformitarianism into that science, it was ... Collision and Earth in Upheaval once, which is more than can be said for some of Velikovsky's "critics". Gould turns, quite naturally, to the geological evidence for catastrophes in the latter volume, but he feels that Velikovsky has handled it "rather badly and carelessly". But I doubt if Gould's criticisms will cut much ice with Velikovsky's supporters ... From: Kronos Vol. VII No. 4 (Summer 1982) "Evolution, Extinction, and Catastrophism" Home¦ Issue Contents "Ever Since Darwin": A Review Peter J. James Editor's Note: This article originally appeared in the SIS Review, Vol. IV, No. 1 under the title "Darwinian Man". It is ...
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... sequence, nor a similar break in the "quiescent-looking regime" (to quote Ellenberger) of the 10,000 year old ice cores, suggests that a "1000 megaton catastrophe" is seemingly as unlikely as any of Velikovsky's. (And, I might ask parenthetically, is there any evidence in the cores for the "universal" flood as recorded ... that in some traditions various elements from different ages are fused together. In the final analysis, however, it is not so essential to segregate definitively the records of single world catastrophes. The evidence for the catastrophes which Velikovsky extracts from his sources is perhaps even more "fused" than he imagined. So fused, that his scenario for each event in ... : 1, "Worzel Ash", I wish to make the following comments. In dealing with Velikovsky's secular catastrophic hypothesis, one should never mix nor relate the concept of catastrophism with that of uniformitarianism. This, I construe to be the error committed regarding the interpretation presented by new evidence of "Worzel Ash". Ellenberger, in raising these issues ...
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... Quantavolution.Org E-MAIL: TABLE OF CONTENTS QUANTAVOLUTION AND CATASTROPHE PART FIVE by ALFRED DE GRAZIA THE SCOPE OF QUANTAVOLUTION There follows a list of terms to be used as entries in the Encyclopedia of Quantavolution and Catastrophes. Although there is no planned correlation between this list and the contents of the present CD-Rom of 14 volumes of Quantavolution, and although the ... volumes have an embedded search engine for calling up all references to any idea or person or incident that maybe contained in the volumes, the list here may be suggestive as to subjects that might be present and treated in the 14 volumes, and then searched for and found therein. Scores of scientific and humanistic fields have evolved. Actually every field of knowledge ... . Carpenter, Rhys Carquinez strait Carsbad caverns Carson Valley, NV Carthage Caspian Sea Cassini, Jacques cataclastic rock cataclysm cataforms Catal Hayuk catalysis catapulted ice catastrophe catastrophe, mathematics catastrophic dualism catastrophism catastrophist catatonism catechism cathode cattle cattle sacrifice Caucasoid Caucasus Mountains causality cave cave art cave dweller cave, bones found in cave, ice contained in caves, limestone celestial nucleogenesis celestial observation ...
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90. Letters [SIS C&C Review $]
... star table analysis) is that bodies such as the moon could be in a metastable state and are capable of resuming an axis tilt with independent spinning in the event of another catastrophe' [5. I believe somebody has also written elsewhere on the still incompletely explained antics of a cricket ball in the hands of a skilful spin bowler it is presumably all ... which seems to have a disturbed satellite system, may have had a close encounter with a large body.... the moon was born in one of the most violent catastrophes in solar system history.' The whole thrust of the article is for a catastrophic origin for the moon. However it also contains a curious passage: 'The idea that the ... From: SIS Chronology& Catastrophism Review 1998:1 (Sep 1998) Home¦ Issue Contents Letters Big Bang I have just been reading The Big Bang Never Happened (by Eric J. Lerner, Simon& Schuster, London, 1992), so I looked back to see what the SIS reviewer said about it. Peter McIlmoyle reviewed it in ...
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