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... successive doves. A further 86 days occurred before the total experience ended. Thus 371 days passed. If the Bible is historically accurate, even only generally so, a tidal catastrophe is depicted in which rains played a minor role. Even granting that all the overrunning of the land and climbing of mountains was accomplished by tides, there remains in mind a ... animals were always found in association with marine fossils. Terrestrial strata were laid upon marine strata which were superimposed upon terrestrial strata. In 1796, he named three ages and three catastrophes, evidenced by three quite different 'aggregates of species. Man appeared following the last of these, he believed. Today, many fossil deposits consisting solely of land animals can be ... of the University of Chicago and was not accepted for many years because it was catastrophic. [13 In fact, the theory can be pressed further in the direction of radical catastrophism. First there are the reaffirmations of certain catastrophic doctrines. Energy kills time. Buttes, ravines, and river channels can be carved from dense rock in days. A biosphere ...
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... wares, a hiatus in the use of oak timbers across Europe and even an unfinished dug-out boat at Lough Neagh submerged in a sudden rise of its waters. Reports of a catastrophe event come in from far and wide: Procopius, John Lydus, Michael the Syrian, Cassiodorus, the Chinese records, the Irish Annals of the Four Masters, the Anglo-Saxon ... rings in Irish oaks and an ice core acidity peak. Despite reservations and doubts, the overall impression of Chapter 5 is favourable: Baillie has made a good case for volcano-related catastrophes in early times. Chapter 6 is a delight. In a wide-ranging and most convincing exposition, Baillie piles up the evidence for a severe event around 540 AD, citing narrow ... From: SIS Chronology& Catastrophism Review 1996:2 (May 1997) Home¦ Issue Contents REVIEWS A Slice Through Time (dendrochronology and precision dating) by M. G. L. Baillie Batsford, London, 1995 This is a book with a broad spectrum of appeal. It will interest students of the history of science; it is essential ...
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73. SIS Silver Jubilee Conference: Abstracts [SIS Internet Digest $]
... vague assertions that the break-up of a hypothetical polar configuration occurred in prehistoric times, they have never presented any dated geological, environmental or archaeological evidence for the effects that such a catastrophe would have had on the Earth. Far from providing a catastrophist model, the Saturnists seem to be increasingly settling into a crypto-uniformitarian position. Recent research in geology and archaeology, ... . 3. Venus was a comet observed and recorded by our ancestors. 4. A nova-type disruption of proto-Saturn, the binary of our Sun, initiated the sequence of major catastrophes 5. The Universe is driven, governed and controlled electrically. We Saturnists have now reached a point in our evolution where we can virtually present our own scenario. There are ... 2 (Oct 1999) Home¦ Issue Contents SIS Silver Jubilee Conference[ Full papers here Incorporating a Conference on Chronology& Catastrophism At Easthampstead Park, Berks. Fri 17th- Sun 19th September 1999 Organised by The Society for Interdisciplinary Studies. ABSTRACTS Harold Tresman: Introduction: The Impact Velikovsky Had. We ...
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74. Letters [SIS C&C Workshop $]
... would be a reasonable approximation if pronounced as in the Chinese "Tao". Is it possible that Tibetan monks are striving both vocally and instrumentally to recreate the cosmic music of catastrophe? Can anyone with a knowledge of music history comment on this or any other facet of religious music? A second useful line of enquiry might be regarding the origins and relations ... in fossils, stone, writing, and folk memory; and the world's immediate environs (i.e. the Solar System)- all show unmistakeable signs of having been shaped by catastrophes on a cosmic scale. He developed this thesis along three main lines, claiming: 1). that the most recent of these catastrophes occurred well within the span of homo ... From: SIS Chronology and Catastrophism Workshop 1987 No 2 (Jan 1988) Home¦ Issue Contents Letters The Velikovskian Challenge Today Dear Sir, Velikovsky's prime thesis was that the world as we see it- and this embraces the natural world as it is; the records left by nature and man in fossils, stone, writing, and folk memory; ...
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... 2, pp. 27-45.- LMG Roughly a hundred million is hardly a billion years. One may argue that it is even more hardly the few thousands demanded by the catastrophe theory. But let's pursue the matter a little further. The commensurabilities, or resonances, of which Ellenberger speaks are special perturbation conditions which influence otherwise regular orbits. Mathematically, ... of Velikovsky's tenets, as it also has been by those Velikovskians who have gone out of their way to prove its possibility. The irony is that Velikovsky's reconstruction of ancient cosmic catastrophes, as delineated in Worlds in Collision, neither stems from, nor rests on, this hypothesis. If Robert Bass is not mistaken, Velikovsky himself was quite willing to consider ... must have been lost by planets, recaptured, fragmented, and possibly even exchanged during the past history of the solar system."(32) Where conventional theory and cosmic catastrophism most differ is in the time factor involved. With perhaps the exception of Thomas van Flandern,(33) astronomers do not yet allow that such disruptions could have transpired only ...
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... result, Leonard von Buch and Georges Cuvier modified the early diluvial theory into a more general catastrophic theory of the earth in which the earth was seen as not having suffered one catastrophe, but numerous catastrophes, of which the Deluge was but the most recent example. To deny catastrophism altogether was to deny the truth of the Bible, and hence the theological ... of early geology were quite clear. In 1673 Bishop Bossuet, tutor to the Dauphin of France, had drawn up his arguments in favor of kingship into a treatise, Politics drawn from the very Words of Holy Scripture, in which he argued that monarchy was the most common, the most ancient, and the most natural form of government. The key ... of the earth in which the earth was seen as not having suffered one catastrophe, but numerous catastrophes, of which the Deluge was but the most recent example. To deny catastrophism altogether was to deny the truth of the Bible, and hence the theological implications of early geology were quite clear. In 1673 Bishop Bossuet, tutor to the Dauphin of France ...
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... , 1982, pp. 28-35. However, considering the evidence from the Greenland ice cores, I am not as sanguine as Mr. Carroll about the occurrence of a global catastrophe within the last 10,000 years. Curiously, according to the Pyramid Texts, the ancients viewed a spectacular supernova at the celestial pole. A supernova 4000 years ago is ... among the Galilean satellites within the last few thousand years. That there is quantitative support for the idea that the Solar System we observe today could be the survivor of orbit-altering cosmic catastrophes within such a time frame turns out to be nothing but a figment of Bass's fertile imagination. Like "wild motions" discussed in KRONOS X: 1, pp. 88-91 ... From: Kronos Vol. XI No. 1 (Fall 1985) Home¦ Issue Contents Vox Populi Catastrophism and the Mammoths- I To the Editor of KRONOS: It was rather flattering that my previous letter on the above subject(1) attracted replies from no fewer than three distinguished correspondents: C. Leroy Ellenberger, Dwardu Cardona, and Dr ...
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... capture theory in several books, especially in Moon, Myths, and Man (1936). The main reason why V. dismissed the fission-eruption hypothesis was saying that such a catastrophe would have been too destructive: "since human beings already peopled the Earth, it is improbable that the moon sprang from it; there must have existed a solid lithosphere, ... but disdaining the multitude of their descendants who were equally impressed by ancient catastrophism; he lost sight of most of the world's people when accusing mankind of a collective amnesia of ancient catastrophes, focusing his mind upon the uniformitarian intelligentsia of modern times. He was loath to draw sustenance from and give thanks to the long line of Christian defenders of the historical and ... where, on the one hand, he was extolling the observations of ancient catastrophists of religion and natural history but disdaining the multitude of their descendants who were equally impressed by ancient catastrophism; he lost sight of most of the world's people when accusing mankind of a collective amnesia of ancient catastrophes, focusing his mind upon the uniformitarian intelligentsia of modern times. He ...
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79. The Origin and Decay of the Earth's Geomagnetic Field [Catastrophism & Ancient History Journal $]
... iron nail magnetism never occurs. But if it does, the field stays but decays. Perhaps it can be said that, from the nail's perspective, being magnetized is a catastrophe-- a rare but significant event. It is proposed that as Mars periodically and cyclically made ancient flybys, immense frictions were produced. These frictions generated a field which strongly ... , and is based on some mistaken assumptions. Larmor's Assumptions Larmor's assumptions include the following premises, most of which we wish to call into question: There have been no planetary catastrophes involving the Earth-Moon system and another planet within the most recent million, even billion, years. The cause of the Earth's geomagnetism IS (not "was") friction. ... From: Catastrophism and Ancient History IX:2 (July 1987) Home¦ Issue Contents The Origin and Decay of the Earth's Geomagnetic Field Donald Wesley Patten Geographical and Historical Background The Earth has a geomagnetic field of the dipole, or two-pole, type. One pole, the North Magnetic Pole, is located in the Arctic islands off Northern Canada at ...
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80. The Saturn Problem [SIS C&C Review $]
... on the physics involved here but theoretically the Saturnist model could explain the strange myths about Saturn's primeval importance, its Sun-like appearance, the myths of a Golden Age which ended in catastrophe, the associations of Saturn with the Pole and much more. A Pause for Thought... On the other hand, it barely needs stating that there are immense problems ... the Polar Configuration and the putative escape of the Earth. The other side of the coin is that while they have quite rightly eschewed Velikovsky's belief that Venus and Mars caused terrestrial catastrophes in the 15th and 8th centuries BC, they have at the same time ignored the mounting evidence for global disasters in prehistoric and historic times. After Velikovsky, recent research in ... From: SIS Chronology& Catastrophism Review 2000:1 "Proceedings of the SIS Silver Jubilee Event" Home¦ Issue Contents The Saturn Problem by Peter J. James Peter James describes himself as a 'generalist' in the ancient Near East and Mediterranean. He graduated in Ancient History and Archaeology at Birmingham University and pursued postgraduate research in Ancient History at London ...
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