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... We do not know what proportion of fossils contributing to paleontology was derived from conglomerates as against individual finds. As expected, no one has sorted the assemblages into those involving collective catastrophe and those accumulated by normal individual disasters. A committee of experts would probably find few if any of the latter category, some of doubtful origins, and the majority to be ... and in the deserts. The inhospitability of these environments is only relative to dubious premises. Conventional long-time uniformitarian evolution and adaptation would have permitted all niches to become life-niches. Recent catastrophes provide of extinct niches such as would support a 50-foot winged dinosaur. If the oceanic salt seas carry few analogous niches for today's species, the reason may be limits imposed by ... ,000 Years of Earth at Grand Canyon (N. Y.: Times Books, 1980). Cf. G. M. Price, Evolutionary Geology and the New Catastrophism (Mountain View, Calif: Pacific Press, 1926), 234-9. 3. V S. I. S. Rev. 1 (1980-81), 10-1. 4 ...
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62. Book Reviews [SIS C&C Workshop $]
... of view. One suspects, quite simply, that the original reason for the adoption of the hypsomata, together with the zodiac itself, was the occurrence of the last major catastrophe involving the planet Mars. This would also be sufficient to explain, of course, the rise of the great avatars and heroes of Indian mythology as well as other world heroes ... describe themselves as feeling the situation is unbearable and yet hopeless: "no exit"-- "hell". It is associated with visions of wars, epidemics and natural catastrophes. The foetus struggles desperately to escape and save its life. In the initial stages there is intense anxiety, but its source cannot be identified. Later come visions of engulfment ... global catastrophe. They can be disregarded because, after all, it was only the dinosaurs that disappeared, not the whole of animal life- or even all the reptiles. Catastrophism is thereby utterly dismissed in two short sentences, whereas it takes a lengthy paragraph to argue against the competition-with-early-mammals theory. Yet, if Attenborough did but realise it, the spectre ...
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63. Monitor [SIS C&C Workshop $]
... climatic change. Her reasons include literary evidence of a low Nile and low pollen counts dated to 2600 BCE: however, she seems to have overlooked much of the evidence for catastrophe at the end of EB III provided by the sites themselves, and she fails to look for a cause for this climatic change. One plus point for the article is her ... Another Catastrophe Theory source: The Ley Hunter No.90, Spring 1981, p. 17 "It would appear that the scientific community is beginning to take seriously the idea of global catastrophes." So begins this piece, appearing under the heading "Aquarius", dealing with "prophecies, change, and cycles of heaven and earth". The theory of ... association between volcanic activity and the evolution of maize, a major crop in Central and South America. This theory was noted to have important implications, supporting the case for Velikovskian catastrophism. Further evidence, strengthening this case, derives from analysis of human bones. By determining the ratio of carbon-12 to carbon-13 in the apatite of bone it is possible to deduce ...
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... this idea, and it was no accident that he almost immediately placed the idea of the intelligent evolving savage into a restricted enclosure. He searched instead for the larger meaning of catastrophe, now quantavolution, that formed a different creature to begin with. Primordial man was now catastrophized in two senses, first genetically and second in the sense of reinforcement through repeated ... more or less sane during times of the twilight of the gods. But I also believe that the very principle of natural selection could and did cope with the possible influences of catastrophes or cosmic radiation escalations. Either in the mutational sense or in the mentally adaptive or both. Which would mean in biological and cultural fields. (...) The ... 'heaven' is animated. It is a Being. I have that hook to hold on to. What set me to thinking was this: Tao seems like a refutation of catastrophism; no bloody gods. But in the beginning it relates the stories of heavenly conflicts. I was baffled. Tao seems so benign, calm, apathetic. Then the thought ...
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65. CHAOS AND CREATION: INTRODUCTION [Quantavolution Website]
... scientists. such as C. E. R. Bruce, D. Ager, H. Urey, J. Lamar Worzel., or C. Emiliani, who use catastrophe to explain important episodes of natural history. It may be of interest to place C. Lyell, C. Darwin, S. Freud, A. Wegener, and A ... Quantavolution.Org E-MAIL: TABLE OF CONTENTS CHAOS AND CREATION by Alfred de Grazia INTRODUCTION QUANTAVOLUTION VS. EVOLUTION Some millions of persons have lately begun to read about ancient catastrophes. In this, they have been recapturing a habit of their ancestors who had been schooled, whatever their religion, to believe that once upon a time, in the beginning ... of Olduvai Gorge. Every bite of the archaeologist's spade, every oceanographer's deep coring of the sea bottom, every penetration of outer spaces seems capable of attracting the attention of the catastrophist- that is, the potential quantavolutionist of natural history and human origins. THE UNIFORMITARIAN RESISTANCE The history of science took a sharp turn around 150 years ago [2. Before ...
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... 2. The Tradition that General Catastrophes have occurred on Earth defined. Terms such as revolutionism, macroevolution, punctuated equilibria, quantum evolution, quantavolution, natural saltations, cyclism, catastrophe (in topological mathematics). The concept of a sudden, intensive large-scale change in the process of natural and human history. 3. Examples of the infiltration (amounting often ... Professor Alfred de Grazia New York University I. INTRODUCTION 1. Explanation of the goals and work of the Seminar. Writing the Research Paper. 2. The Tradition that General Catastrophes have occurred on Earth defined. Terms such as revolutionism, macroevolution, punctuated equilibria, quantum evolution, quantavolution, natural saltations, cyclism, catastrophe (in topological mathematics). ... 00 P. M.) INTRODUCTION 1. February 4 REVOLUTIONARY PRIMEVALOGY: The science of first ages as products of abrupt, large-scale, intense events; evolution and uniformitarianism, catastrophism; the intimate relation of nature to humanity. 2. February 11 AGES OF CHAOS AND CREATION: The timetable of revolutionary changes; great world cycles; rise and fall of ...
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67. Comments: on the First Issue [Catastrophism Geology $]
... about the ferruginous loess in Holland and in the Mato Grosso was good. It was the only thing in your magazine that was on target. This iron distribution does suggest a catastrophe, and I hope that there will be found a solution for it. Chester Davis Marietta, Ohio, USA*** I have given preference to methodology only in the ... enterprise. Stephen Henley Edinburgh Chairman of the UK group of the Internat.Assoc. for Mathematical Geology*** Catastrophists do not deny uniformitarian processes, whereas uniformitarians have tried to exclude catastrophes from their system whenever they can. With an emphasis on the study of catastrophes, this journal may help to reestablish a balance. Should this magazine prove valuable as a forum ... and I quite agree that there is a need for a geological 'counter-culture' journal. However, I am not sure that I am convinced by the emphasis on a conflict between catastrophism and uniformitarianism. I believe supported by geological evidence- that the history of the Earth is one of continuous but irregular change, with intermittent small and large catastrophic events generally occurring ...
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68. Society News [SIS C&C Review $]
... both national and local press. Our Chairman noted that the recent spectacular appearance of comet Hale-Bopp had served to remind everyone that cometary impacts could be one of several possible causes of catastrophe on planet Earth. Although the Conference was restricted in this instance to one particular topic, the Society was clear in its determination to remain a forum for discussion of all aspects ... Bronze Age of the Conference title. He then introduced Robert Matthews of The Sunday Telegraph, a well known science journalist who was one of the first to raise the issue of catastrophes in the scientific press and therefore a most appropriate person to deliver a keynote address. Matthews suggested that the society, in arranging this conference, was trying to dispel two prejudices ... From: SIS Chronology& Catastrophism Review 1997:1 (Oct 1997) Home¦ Issue Contents Society News The 1997 AGM This was held on 19th April at the University of London Union. The forthcoming Cambridge Conference was discussed and bookings received so far, together with details of the speakers engaged, indicated that this event was on schedule to be a ...
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69. Briefings [SIS C&C Review $]
... for 5th March likened the Alvarez theory of the extinction of the dinosaurs (see "Extinguishing Marks", SISR IV:I, p. 5) to "some Velikovskian catastrophe". Unfortunately, usage of the word, like that of "aggravate", "chronic" et al., is a little lax, and a far from promising ... , since all the planets are still here, none of this can have happened; there is no mention in the information we have received of the implications of such "instability catastrophes"- such as the resultant "hole" in the all-important orbit ratios- and the unfettered mind is free to ruminate on "rogue" planets careering across the universe as ... , however, at a distinct advantage here, in not being burdened with any of the historical and mythological evidence which is responsible for catastrophists' aberrant views. A breath of catastrophism does, nevertheless, enter the theory. Computer simulations have confirmed, says NASA, that such a gas-giant configuration would indeed remain stable for several times the thousand years necessary for ...
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70. Discussion [Aeon Journal $]
... that discussed by Warlow, is nowhere commensurate with the chaotic conditions during the event that he so vividly describes. This is a commonplace situation where the supposed evidence for a world-shattering catastrophe is a vague shadow of what would be expected and is capable of being readily explained by other less extravagant processes. The Pleistocene extinctions and climactic changes do not require an inversion ... C Workshop 1986:1, p. 5. This is also implicit in the small perturbations in the orbits of artificial satellites. On the other hand, evidence of local catastrophes that pre-dates the putative inversion can be found, such as the 100,000 year old marine deposit 326 meters above sea level on Lanai (KRONOS X:3, p ... ...occasionally collide with the inner planets." (18) This quote is in contrast with Morrison's quote in Scientists Confront Velikovsky: "It is the concept of exceedingly recent catastrophism that separates Velikovsky so dramatically with the mainstream of science." The contrast is even more striking when Morrison (in the former article) recounts the recent (March, 1989 ...
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