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41. The Rise of Blood Sacrifice [Aeon Journal $]
... have alas turned to clay, because I said evil things in the Assembly of the Gods! How could I say evil things in the Assembly of the Gods, ordering a catastrophe to destroy my people?! No sooner have I given birth to my dear people than they fill the sea like so many fish!' The gods-- those of ... also conveys that in those days "the planets were gods." (37) The period termed Bronze Age by modern scholarship, according to Aristotle, was divided by periodic catastrophes that destroyed civilizations. (38) His predecessor, Plato, reported three "disastrous floods which preceded the destructive deluge in the time of Deucalion." (39) In ... behind Earth-involving battles of the gods (theomachies) are still being challenged and can be shown to contain a number of errors. Yet, in substance, his view of cosmic catastrophism not only gained in reputation for geological time (extinction of dinosaurs, etc.), (77) but was also backed for the Bronze Age, i.e. for the ...
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42. Ice Cores and Common Sense (Part II) [Catastrophism & Ancient History Journal $]
... - Shakespeare's imagery, human sacrifice, Japanese monster movies, soap opera-- you name it. Velikovskians seem to think they are the only real catastrophists. The proponents of catastrophe by cometary impact are resented, largely because their catastrophism is not robust enough to turn the solar system inside out every few thousand years. An anonymous editor of SIS Workshop expressed ... this is almost certainly correct. But what of it? Since when is it necessary to have an exact count of annual layers in order to test Velikovsky's scenario? If the catastrophes he describes did take place, the physical traces would furnish reference horizons that could be used to cross-correlate all cores. If published time scales for the cores of interest are even ... From: Catastrophism and Ancient History XII:2 (July 1990) Home¦ Issue Contents Ice Cores and Common Sense (Part II) Sean Mewhinney Chronology The time frame of the scenario of Worlds in Collision is from 2700 to 3500 years ago. Rose defines "the period... that is of special interest to Velikovskians" as from two ...
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... or periods in nature. Deg knew he was on a right track with "quantavolution" when he read in Otto Schindewolf the new term "anastrophe" as opposed to "catastrophe" and found in it what he meant, for as Schindewolf had stated in 1961, "faunal discontinuities, as understood by us, involve not just the dying out of ... historical psycho-politico-anthropo-sociology. When this is applied to science, as the science of science, a partial truth such as V .'s concept of collective fear being inherited from the trauma of ancient catastrophes takes its place as a modest useful contribution to the science of science. The more general truth is contained in Deg's model of the gestalt of creation where Homo Schizo emerges out ... exoterrestrial causes, at other times remarking on the shortening of time scales implied in the new discoveries. In paleontology, Stephen Jay Gould, collaborating with Niles Eldredge, was promoting catastrophism in evolution and paleontology as processes of "punctuated equilibria," thus keeping to the fore the gradualist and incremental aspects of natural history and offending as few people as possible. ...
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... 15 to 30 years. In 14,000 years [2 there have been a total of 280 memorial generations. Figure 8. QUANTAVOLUTIONARY PRIMEVALOGY FITTED TO THOM'S CUSP MODEL OF CATASTROPHE. René Thom has been instrumental in developing a new area of topological mathematics to describe catastrophes. The above model is called the "cusp" model and is suited to portray ... was especially Zeus, the Lightning-hurler, who was also called the Thunderer. The Calendar is but a rough path chopped through the dense thicket of early history. THE NUMBER OF CATASTROPHES Plato in his Politicus paints a mythical representation of what he indeed believed to be the historical reality: that a supreme being directly controls the movement of the world ship through boundless ... recovery and reconstruction, and then entered upon a second catastrophic set of events. Figure 8 depicts the catastrophic cycle, as it might be dealt with by the topological mathematics of catastrophism. Of the first age of Pangea, no beginning is described here; nor is any end foretold to the present age of Solaria, which began about 1,600 years ...
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45. Ice Core Evidence [The Velikovskian $]
... . In 1977, R. G. A. Dolby sent an article to the Society for Interdisciplinary Studies Review (SISR), submitting the view that, if Velikovsky's Venus catastrophe had occurred, then volcanic and cometary materials should appear "visible at the appropriate depth in the cores recently collected" from Greenland and Antarctica. (1) C. Leroy ... isotope. (2) He also explained how other signals in the ice could be used to determine the validity of Velikovsky's scenario: As a test of Velikovsky's scenario of historical catastrophes, the initial expectation was that the ice would preserve a series of conspicuous dust layers of cometary origin at the proper level. Such dust layers are not in evidence, but ... signs of catastrophism could take the place of the missing dust. Extreme acidity peaks are produced by major volcanic eruptions, which inject volcanic acid gases into the stratosphere. These gases travel to high latitudes, being converted to acid en route, and are incorporated in the ice through snowfall. This deposition can be detected either as elevated, specific conductivities measured on ...
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46. Quantalism: The Big Picture [Aeon Journal $]
... mastodons-- one specimen of which is pictured above-- exemplify the relatively sudden disappearance of Pleistocene megafauna. (Illustration by Bob Giuliani) The most dramatic manifestation of global catastrophe is probably biotic extinction, as exemplified by the relatively sudden disappearance of the Pleistocene megafauna, notably mammoths and mastodons. The most dramatic manifestation of its converse is, of course ... and eat alien cubs. Catastrophism and Animal Behavior Velikovsky's intellectual ecumenism was well exemplified, I believe, by the fact that he offered behavioral as well as physical evidence for ancient catastrophes. In Mankind in Amnesia, he detailed the psychopathology involved in mankind's self-repressive denial of collective trauma. [12 To the best of my knowledge, however, neither he nor ... themselves, was the catastrophist paradigm, based on the assumption that ancient disruptions of a previously long-established order had transformed all aspects of human life on earth. Before proceeding to put catastrophism itself in perspective, let us briefly face a problem that no discussion of Velikovsky's thought can long avoid; and this is the fact that Velikovsky himself is widely regarded as a ...
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47. Bookshelf [SIS C&C Review $]
... attention to the testimony of other ancient peoples in myth and astronomical records. Their catastrophic model holds Mars to be responsible for all major catastrophes except the second half of the Flood catastrophe, interacting with the Earth in 52 to 54-year cycles over a 2,000 year period. This completely fails to hold up against the testimony of ancient cultures which Velikovsky deploys ... From: SIS Review Vol IV No 4 (Spring 1980) Home¦ Issue Contents Bookshelf Edited by Brian Moore A Choice of Pattens THE LONG DAY OF JOSHUA AND SIX OTHER CATASTROPHES by Donald W. Patten, Ronald W. Hatch and Loren C. Steinhauer (Seattle: Pacific Meridian Pub. Co., 1973) In a footnote to his article ... . They oppose uniformitarianism because they see it as leading to statism, high taxes, loose marital bonds, rationalism, atheism, socialism, and communism. They are attracted to catastrophism because they see it as favouring providence, creationism, freedom, marital bonds, private enterprise, and nationalism. Their sort of catastrophism seems to be inseparable from their Christian ( ...
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48. The New Orthodoxy's Respect for Fact [SIS C&C Workshop $]
... , not the refutation of specific claims."(20) He then goes on to criticize the general by refuting the specific, or attempting to. His refutation of the catastrophe of the Old Red Sandstone is a pathetic whimper that the distressed fish "are distributed through hundreds of feet of sediments that record several million years of deposition" (emphasis added ... remarkable incorruptibility of these fish. The cratering of the Moon spanned billions of years. Glaciers take thousands of years to form. And "most of Velikovsky's 'examples' [of catastrophes are... local events combined with an unwarranted extrapolation to global impact". (Only "most"?) The African rift is merely a junction between two crustal ... upon two bits of cunning to establish his uniformitarian view as the only true (sic) geology." "First he set up a straw man to demolish" by equating catastrophism with the "supernatural" and creationist theories "held by many laymen, and... advocated by some quasi-scientific theologians" of the time. "It is not Lyell's ...
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... one kind of explanation makes sense out of such abrupt, self-contained periods: periodically everything alive (with the possible exception of a few marine organisms) is destroyed in a diluvial catastrophe: Must not all organisms on the earth have perished in a tidal catastrophe? One group must, anyway, have had the best chance to survive, viz., marine ... Heribert Nilsson, late Professor of Botany and Director of the Botanical Institute at Lund, Sweden- a scientist who gave much effort to studying and documenting the evidence for widespread diluvial catastrophes. Yet up to the very end of his long professional career, he thought of himself primarily as a geneticist devoted to forging an exact, experimental science of biology. Nilsson's ... From: Kronos Vol. VII No. 4 (Summer 1982) "Evolution, Extinction, and Catastrophism" Home¦ Issue Contents Alternatives in Science: The Secular Creationism of Heribert Nilsson Bennison Gray The memorable exchange of letters in KRONOS about the baleen whale found standing on its tail in a diatomaceous-earth quarry in Lompoc, California, concluded with Frederic Jueneman's ...
Terms matched: 6  -  Score: 3556  -  05 Mar 2003  -  48k  -  URL:
... l+ species of 10 biological families in less than a year in an area of 1,000 km diameter." A number of phrasings may be formulated to denote physical catastrophe in biological terms as well as in terms of physical science. At the same time, genesis may be used as an indicator of quantavolution. Thus. "The simultaneous appearance ... of them has to occur in less than a million years? This would please some conventional geologists who have given themselves some five thousands of such units to reckon with. Five catastrophes distributed over the period would consume only one-thousandth of the time allowed. But what kind of catastrophe is it that would take a million years to happen? Suppose some poison slowly ... In an article on "Landform Evolution" (geomorphology), interesting in its vagaries and confusion, the Encyclopedia Britannica cites many catastrophic conceptions, ascribes erroneously the beginnings of scientific catastrophism to Bishop Usher's Biblical literalism, and summarizes uniformitarianism today as holding, "Although present processes are similar in kind, process rates must have been variable." But it is ...
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