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... declined greatly and reef communities were decimated [7, 8. The detailed pattern of late Cretaceous extinctions suggests a gradual extinction-rate increase for many groups of organisms, followed by a catastrophe lasting a few tens of thousands of years. In the sea, the extinction of planktonic foraminiferal species spanned 300,000 years below, and some 200,000 to 300 ... traditionally expected, then the microevolutionary processes invoked by the neo-Darwinians are inadequate to explain the shape of the biosphere. It is possible that, if evolution were not boosted by environmental catastrophes, whether terrestrial or cosmic in origin, life on Earth would not have advanced up the evolutionary ladder so rapidly [30. The paradox here is that, 'although catastrophic episodes ... From: SIS Chronology& Catastrophism Review 2001:1 (Apr 2001) Home¦ Issue Contents Controversy: Catastrophism and Evolution, The Ongoing Debate by Trevor Palmer (Kluwer Academic/Plenum Publishers, New York, 1999, ISBN 0-306-45751-2, £55) Reviewed by Richard Huggett The aim of this book is to show how recent geological discoveries have shaken ...
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22. Thoth Vol. IV, 7 April 15, 2000 [Thoth Website]
... planets with much pomp and zeal, including human sacrifices on a horrifying scale. And when the priestly astronomers invoked these points of light, they summoned memories of heaven- shattering catastrophe. What was it about these planetary specks that so preoccupied our ancestors, or prompted such pervasive fears? From ancient Babylon to China, from the Mediterranean to the Americas, ... of EARTH-CHANGING catastrophe. But when did the hypothesized disasters occur? Just twenty years ago the familiar theories, such as the dinosaur-exterminating asteroid claimed by the Alvarez team, placed the catastrophes in a very distant past, many millions of years before the arrival of Homo sapiens --not something we should be particularly concerned about More recently, however, the look of catastrophics ... "impact studies" from the depredations of crackpots. The unsavory truth is that Uniformists since the time of Lyell have done all they could to derogate ideas containing any hint of catastrophism. And they largely succeeded: No scientist would mention catastrophic events or their proponents (else he would quickly find himself no longer a scientist: Where, pray tell, is ...
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... from being constant, prior radio-carbon was at this point wiped out statistically and theoretically a new atmospheric accumulation began. This would appear to be about the time of the climactic Lunarian catastrophe. However, this calculation, as Dr. Cook might grant is more useful as a reductio ad absurdum than as a plotting of the true history of atmospheric carbon. TREE-RING ... I suggest that radiocarbon dating may be useless before about 2500 years ago and there may have been a completely different radiocarbon cycle, as M. Cook maintains, before the Lunarian catastrophes. (Source: Damon et al, extended and applied [47 by G. W. Oosterhout Half-life is 5730 years.) There are many anomalies in C14 dating, ... most catastrophists have been catapulted into the race. Long-term catastrophists heap scorn upon short-time catastrophists in order to keep in the running. They may be warned, however, that long-term catastrophism is thus asking for more and more time to do nothing. L. J. Salop [87 has discussed the effects of a 1% increase in the solar constant which ...
Terms matched: 7  -  Score: 4206  -  03 Apr 2004  -  100k  -  URL:
... , the myth was that a particular deity began lobbing islands around using a giant lever and that Hotu Matua had escaped in two long-boats with a handful of people from this horrendous catastrophe going on in the Pacific. This was the motive given for moving to Easter Island in the first place. It's characteristic of the myths of all peoples and the problem for ... that its been hard for me to treat catastrophism's ideas seriously- but, of course, one shouldn't throw away the baby with the bath water and, undoubtedly there have been catastrophes- great catastrophes which perhaps affected the course of civilization. Everybody talks about the one that apparently wiped out the Minoan civilization,- possibly in Santorini that may correspond to the ... therefore- I have a sort of academic lineage leading back to the time of Lyell, the great British geologist. Our professors told us the whole story of the overthrow of catastrophism by uniformitarianism and of Lyell, the great hero who showed how the strata was slowly formed under the sea and slowly elevated. It wasn't all the result of one colossal flood ...
Terms matched: 7  -  Score: 4204  -  05 Mar 2003  -  39k  -  URL:
25. The Birth of Planets [SIS C&C Review $]
... of the catastrophes. Two hundred years ago and more, most geologists and other scientists were catastrophists. They accepted that the evidence of the fossil beds and the sedimentary layers spelt catastrophe; they accepted the teachings of the Bible, that there had been a Flood, or a series of floods, on the Noachian scale. But they could not explain how ... did not appear in the final version. One of these was a section dealing with the problem of the source of the disturbances in the Solar System which led to the various catastrophes that have occurred on Earth throughout its life. The other was an acknowledgment to DR IMMANUEL VELIKOVSKY. The latter was as follows:- In his concluding remarks to a joint ... star. It is roughly comparable with kicking a football compared with blowing up a nuclear power station. It is that "kicking of the football" which is the key to catastrophism. Velikovsky's brilliant deduction from the data, that it was Venus passing close by the Earth that caused the penultimate catastrophe, has at last given the answer that so many have ...
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... world, the species, and mankind were created abruptly; they were repeatedly subject to destruction by divine or natural forces in the skies and earth; the time spanned by these catastrophes was short, changes in temporal and spatial dimensions of the universe are brought on by divine, heroic, and natural forces that are immense and unpredictable; all the hosts of ... of being than miracles; history moves in cycles. Even since ancient Greek science (Parmenides, Pythagoras, Plato (et al). there had been a scientific type of catastrophism, employing the divine very much as Newton and most modern Uniformitarians did, as a removed and/ or mechanical power. This strain had been modernized, even as Newton was ... Polemics and Personages CHAPTER TWENTY-TWO MARX, ENGELS, AND DARWIN More research is needed to delineate the attitudes of Karl Marx and Frederick (or Friedrich) Engels towards the Uniformitarian and Catastrophist paradigms of the nineteenth century, and to explain why the two men chose to align themselves with the Uniformitarian rather than the Catastrophist mode of thought. After all, were they ...
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27. No title [Thoth Website]
... gods as luminaries of immense size and power, wielding weapons of thunder and stone. The universal claim that the ancient world evolved by critical phases or cycles, punctuated by sweeping catastrophe. Global traditions of gods and heroes ruling for a time, then departing amid terrifying spectacles and upheavals. The frequently-stated transfiguration of the departed gods into distant "stars". ... including many that have rarely if ever been doubted. The underlying principles of the theory are these: 1. Major changes in the planetary order, some involving Earth- threatening catastrophes, have occurred within human memory. 2. Through myth, ritual and symbol around the world, our ancestors preserved a global record of these tumultuous events. 3. The ... and Clark Whelton talks about some recent findings in the Arctic Circle that fundamentally challenge the current world view paradigm. If you understand and accept in general the theme of recent astral catastrophism --especially the Saturn myth reconstruction --the implications and ramifications of the reconstruction become enormous. The range and extent of intellectual knowledge and spiritual belief change becomes almost unmanageable or overwhelming for the ...
Terms matched: 7  -  Score: 4188  -  17 Mar 2007  -  31k  -  URL:
... of the present age. Otherwise they display actual rearrangements of stones, done with immense labor, which can best be accounted for by an axial tilt, that is, by catastrophe. Here, as at other magnetic settings, the earth scientist needs to take into account human motives, asking oneself: is it likely that the stupendous collective labor required to ... with respect to them, then the plans of temples, buildings, and settlements were shifted to conform to the new order of the skies. That is, celestial and mundane catastrophes of the past can explain many deviations from present "true" orientations. Controversy naturally is engendered by any claim that the planets and Earth have shifted their axes in million of ... Of Life and Death and Magnetism," Sci. News (Mar. 27, 1976), 9. 6. R. Juergens, "Reconciling Celestial Mechanics and Velikovskian Catastrophism," 2 Pensée 3 (Fall, 1972), 6-12. 7. Geoffrey Gammon, "Focus: Catastrophism Old and New," V SISR 2 (1980-81) ...
Terms matched: 7  -  Score: 4180  -  03 Apr 2004  -  59k  -  URL:
... to the normal cases? You make much of your revolutionary column; it is merely the geological column extended into the atmosphere. You will have as much difficulty proving a recent catastrophe in every column on Earth as geologists have in finding a real geological column with all ages represented by it. Geologists may not be able to prove that a certain discontinuity is ... gods" fly hither and yon at your bidding. Of course you can then explain all that is asked about nature and mankind. Even if, as seems possible, several catastrophes caused by external encounters have devastated the globe, it is more likely that one or more comets, coursing thru the solar system, have inflicted the damage and terrorized the human ... the solar system-- would have a new lease on life (backwards life, of course). Here again, the evolutionary idea, or at the least a long-term catastrophism, would take over. (3) Many of the anomalies that you have elevated to the dignity of data will be degraded to anomalies again. (4) Most disastrous ...
Terms matched: 7  -  Score: 4176  -  03 Apr 2004  -  25k  -  URL:
... , a new year. Babylonian Tiamat. Egyptian dragon of Apep. Greek Typhon. But within every culture, endless variations will be found: hundreds of monsters repeating the primeval catastrophe, each providing a different nuance, a different accent, a different way of remembering the cosmic agent of Doomsday. CHAOS HORDES These are the companions of the monster figures. ... shipping channel crack at South Whidbey island, etc., etc. The point is that essentially all cosmologists have proposed some kind of astral catastrophism, but generally insist that these catastrophes happened eons ago, buttressing their position with questionable dating methods, and counting on inertia to hold their world view together. But if major upheavals happened within human memory, it ... erosion of the sandstone bluff along the shipping channel crack at South Whidbey island, etc., etc. The point is that essentially all cosmologists have proposed some kind of astral catastrophism, but generally insist that these catastrophes happened eons ago, buttressing their position with questionable dating methods, and counting on inertia to hold their world view together. But if major ...
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