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... when the great Island sank amidst frightful tumult. Here were Beaumont's more "reasonable" propositions: 1. The geology of the world's surface is largely catastrophic. 2. The catastrophe was caused by a cometary collision. 3. All geological formations were shifted as result. 4. Cosmic lightning played a major role. 5. Hydrocarbons were present in cometary ... Scholar's weather. Velikovsky's Earth in Upheaval assembles "the testimony of stone and bone." "Wherever we investigate the geological and paleontological records of this earth we find signs of catastrophes and upheavals, old and recent." It gives an old-fashioned sense of the geology of the last century, before jargon swamped its literature. The feeling is deceptive. The ... Quantavolution.Org E-MAIL: TABLE OF CONTENTS COSMIC HERETICS: Part 3: by Alfred de Grazia CHAPTER NINE NEW FASHIONS IN CATASTROPHISM Deg's Journal, November 24, 1967 Rereading carefully V .'s Earth in Upheaval, I read the sections on the age of waterfalls this morning and, as I poured coffee beans into the coffee grinder just now I wondered ...
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... is no reason to believe that these are a biased sample of the hundreds of thousands of manuscripts that were lost. Indeed, because the later writers were prone to amnesia about catastrophe, they would have quoted from and edited their sources to conform to the solarian consensus that I have sometimes referred to. The Bible appears to the modern sensitive mind to be ... carried on the shelves of a large bookcase. Almost all of the lost works that dealt with astronomy, geology, anthropology, and the history of religions must have treated of catastrophes and possessed a catastrophic viewpoint. I venture this from the fact that the great majority of the works that remain can be so described. There is no reason to believe that ... the deliberate attempts to suppress the uniformitarian ideas of evolution when these were advanced by Darwin, Huxley and their allies, and more effective too than the uniformitarian efforts to censor Velikovsky's catastrophism. Catastrophism flourished in the religious dogma of the world and still does. Certain doubtful exceptions are provided by a few primitive tribes, some modern versions of Christianity, periodic cultic ...
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... even though she may at times appear to be. Notice too what Nature then does. Having decided for male over female and for permanence over change (or for stability over catastrophe), she then simply disappears from human perception. The serene and just lawgiver is said by the poet to simply hide herself. I see in this a strange anticipation of ... ? What did each one sell? Why were they successful? And do they have anything in common? Using the working hypothesis established in the earlier paper (that huge natural catastrophes provoked by non-terrestrial objects have occurred on the Earth within the past three or four millennia and that they have left behind in our psyches enormous unconscious collective terrors which have to be ... From: SIS Chronology& Catastrophism Review (1994) "Proceedings of the 1993 Cambridge Conference" Home¦ Issue Contents A Catastrophic Reading of Western Cosmology Irving Wolfe Département d'études anglaises, Université de Montréal Introduction In this second of a pair of articles, I will submit cosmology to the same kind of catastrophically-oriented bottom-line analysis as I performed on religion. This ...
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14. Enheduanna and the Goddess Inanna [SIS C&C Review $]
... preserved, e.g. as myth. Although catastrophists have frequently fired the imagination of the lay public, scholars have been slow to accept the idea of myth as a record of catastrophe. There are, however, signs of change. In recent years a number of mainstream academics have discerned some catastrophist reality behind myth: for example, the Assyriologist J. ... recorded for posterity in the form of myth. Velikovsky, a psychoanalyst of the Freudian school, notes that man's behaviour is often dictated by deep-seated compulsion. He explains that cosmic catastrophes would have been terrifying events to witness, so profoundly disturbing that their memory would always need to be preserved, e.g. as myth. Although catastrophists have frequently fired the imagination ... From: SIS Chronology& Catastrophism Review (1994) "Proceedings of the 1993 Cambridge Conference" Home¦ Issue Contents Enheduanna and the Goddess Inanna Bernard Newgrosh Introduction The latter end of the 3rd millennium BC saw the production of some extraordinary literature. The invention of writing had taken place maybe several hundred years earlier but already the Sumerian and Egyptian languages were ...
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... fully within the time of man's cultural flowering. It appears, therefore, that every hypothesis trying to explain the means of humanization must be developed within the historical bounds of natural catastrophe. THE HUMANIZING FACTOR The closest that we can come to distinguishing a key factor in humanization is an instinct-delay system operating in the brain but serviced by the body's electrical and hormonal ... that a new kind of creature emerged from them. We must look into these possibilities more closely. But before we do so, I ought to stress the importance of natural catastrophes as a background and source of quantavolutions in biology. ANCIENT CATASTROPHES Legends everywhere carry stories of great numbers of people reduced to a few survivors. They are obsessive tales, repeated ... past and present have exposed the revolutionary character of natural events in such ages. For the moment, and so that argument may proceed along its main line, the extent of catastrophism of the past fourteen thousand years can be barely sketched. It would help conceptually to regard all expressions of natural forces of a destructive character witnessed by modern humanity as but the ...
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... what geologists call diastrophism- that is, major rearrangement of the Earth's surface. (The term diastrophism, which was introduced only in 1881, comes from the same root as catastrophe and probably originated as a uniformitarian euphemism for catastrophism.) In petrological terms, periods of uniformity are marked by rock strata and those of upheaval by stratal boundaries; in paleontological ... prehistoric archeology, human biology, and linguistics. Nonetheless, broad as anthropology is, I soon found it too narrow to deal adequately with the subject of the role of global catastrophes in shaping the evolution of our planet, our forebears, and ourselves. For this reason, I have coined the term "polymathics" to designate the investigative field proper to ... From: Kronos Vol. IV No. 1 (Fall 1978) Home¦ Issue Contents Polymathics and Catastrophism: A Multidisciplinary Approach to Problems of Evolutionary Theory Roger W. Wescott The initially intended title of this essay was "Anthropology and Catastrophism". Being an unusually broad discipline, anthropology, though centered in the social studies, overlaps substantially into both ...
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... delighted and expected the results to show -820, not the conventional -1350. In another letter he did worry over the effects of original atmospheric contamination of the samples owing to a catastrophe. The University of Pennsylvania laboratory performed the tests and came up on the middle, between the conventional and heretical dating. Bruce Mainwaring had used his strong ties with the University ... of Libby, Cook figured that the atmosphere would have had to have been constituted (or reconstituted) some 13,000 years ago. Deg's deduction was that a series of catastrophes would have created the same effect. Further, Deg observed increasingly wild fluctuations as well as a secular swing of the C14 dates from "known" dating and bristlecone pine dates ... . He thought to wait until the dust would settle. He was made uneasy by a lurking contradiction in V. 's position. The great catastrophist seemed to be putting aside catastrophism in ordering the centuries. In early 1972, William Mullen had written in Pensée that Two assumptions from Worlds in Collision are taken as fundamental: first that no chronology using retrograde ...
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... uniformitarians, but they are, if anything, more disputacious, both amongst themselves and with others. Those who interpret natural history by the "sudden leap" of quantavolution or catastrophe may not accept even one, much less all three of the aforesaid principles. For instance, one of the greatest current catastrophists, the geo-physicist Melvin Cook, has treated a ... nature of the earth and man has been in the skies. Second, the latest period of time, roughly the holocene period, say 14,000 years, has witnessed catastrophes. Third, the great changes of recent times have created modern humans. In sum, nature and mankind have been recently catastrophized and transformed by forces of exoterrestrial origin. Science ... properly indexed as such and no special library of the field exists. Until lately, it has been the unwritten rule in scientific journals to "tone down" any indications of catastrophism in articles and especially in titles. Still I have come upon many hundreds of relevant items. They emerge mostly from conventional sources of science. A smaller number are centered upon ...
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... CONTENTS THE LATELY TORTURED EARTH: Part VI: Biospherics by Alfred de Grazia CHAPTER TWENTY-SEVEN GENESIS AND EXTINCTION Man is an exceptional creature, creative and destructive. He is a walking catastrophe for other kinds of life. Rashmi Mayur, in agitating for a "Kalotic World Order," projects that mankind will extirpate most species of life within this generation in exchange ... of quantavolutionary times are missing or totally destroyed along with their hypothetical fossils [6. Cook's view accords with his microchronic view of Earth history, which would permit one or several catastrophes and a natural dissembling of the fossil record to tempt exaggerations of the expanses of time and the progress of evolution. Between Cook's one million and Simpson's two million for living species ... to other's niches) and actual physical evolutions. So went the line of thought. The underlying amoral (but moral in its own way) view here found the idea of catastrophism disturbing, first because a moral agent called God was customarily employed to command the disasters and reconstitute the world afterwards, and second because catastrophism without divine controls appeared to be quite ...
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20. Comments [Catastrophism Geology $]
... good possibility to equate Atlantis with America, after the work of Heyerdahl, Cyrus Gordon, and many others. If this equation is valid, the legend may reflect a historical catastrophe other than the Thera eruption and seems certainly worth investigating. Neither should we dismiss offhand the age given by Atlantologists: see the article by Emiliani et al. in the September ... , U.S.A. Yours sounds like an exciting and necessary project. I wish you good fortune with it. John M.Bell Dept. of Humanities, New York University New York Uniformitarian catastrophes (for references see p.21) A growing misunderstanding regarding uniformitarianism as a basic concept in geology seems at present to develop due to confusion of causes, processes and results. The ... doctrine of uniformitarianism inspired by Cuvier's 'revolutions du globe'. One wonders whether Catastrophist Geology, 'dedicated to the study of discontinuities in Earth h-istory' tends to emphasize the consequences of catastrophism as opposed to uniformitarianism, rather than placing catastrophic events in their proper perspective, i.e. as the result of natural, uniformitarian causes. Darwin already was perfectly aware of the ...
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