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101. Focus [SIS C&C Review $]
... was announced in Kronos No. 4: see Kronos review in this section.Stecchini also expressed his conviction to me the other day that the Egyptians were the survivors of a catastrophe that had its centre further west. The Egyptians' pre-dynastic culture seemed to just generate right out of the earth on top of a Neolithic base which he felt was inadequate to ... America reported in the following pages, discoursed at length and answered a large number of questions on the Flood, radiocarbon dating, the origin of Religion, Saturn and the earlier catastrophes, the age of the Moon, and his own researches into the origin of the (schizotypical) human brain, the history of the Moon, and the destructions of ancient ... , V. Axel Firsoff, Pierre Routhier, Harold Tresman and others; "Scientific Censorship and Thought Control" by H. C. Medley; "Geophysical Time Series and Catastrophism", by VÝt Klemes; "Actualism in Geology and in Geography", by W. J. Jong; "Ager's Neo-Catastrophism", by Jan Terasmae; "Ways ...
Terms matched: 6  -  Score: 3500  -  05 Mar 2003  -  31k  -  URL:
... THOTH A Catastrophics Newsletter VOL III, No. 4 Feb 15, 1999 EDITOR: Amy Acheson PUBLISHER: Michael Armstrong LIST MANAGER: Brian Stewart CONTENTS THE BENEFITS OF CATASTROPHE ARE UNDERAPPRECIATED. by Mel Acheson THE ELECTRIC UNIVERSE........... by Wallace Thornhill reviewed by Amy Acheson POLAR CONFIGURATION DISCUSSION.... ... . We are neither victims nor imitators of catastrophe but artisans creating aesthetic meaning from the chaotic and inchoate raw materials of matter and events. And underlying this is the implication that catastrophes may have driven, perhaps even generated, our creativity, our consciousness, our species. Whether born of catastrophe or matured by it, we can transcend the cramp of egocentrism ... I agree, but with a couple of reservations. The book should come with a warning: Lerner's political and religious opinions (including, but not limited to, barbs against catastrophism) may be offensive to some readers. Also, while describing the scalability of plasma phenomena, jumping from events in the lab to similar events in galaxies, his imagination fails ...
Terms matched: 6  -  Score: 3496  -  21 Mar 2007  -  28k  -  URL:
... Homeric writings reinterpreted. Hesiod, Ovid, Shakespeare et al. Q8. Catastrophes. Science Fiction and the Arts. Ancient art, modern and therapeutic art; science fiction and catastrophe; catastrophe in films and documentaries. Q9. The Mythology of Disaster: How myth and legend obscure while they discuss natural disasters and cultural consequences; the great bodies of myth ... , and natural sciences. Q3. Primeval Quantavolution in the History of Science to 1950. Quantavolution as reflected in Greek thought; the concept of the Deluge; cometary theories of catastrophes; Plato; G. Bruno, Whiston, Cuvier, Donnelly, et al. Q4. The Scientific Reception System and New Science. The Velikovsky Affair and analogies related to ... around the world are concerned with these topics, yet no university has come to serve as a focus of research, writing, publication, and coursework. The principal in scientific catastrophism has been Dr. Immanuel Velikovsky, recently deceased, whose published works, with several still to appear, have been read by millions of persons in several languages. At present ...
Terms matched: 6  -  Score: 3492  -  03 Apr 2004  -  23k  -  URL:
104. Monitor [SIS C&C Workshop $]
... to explain the peculiar properties of these steeds of Mars. The data must be viewed, therefore, as compatible with Velikovsky's hypothesis of Mars, and its recent involvement in cosmic catastrophe. "A DOUBLE PLANET"?- NEW SCIENTIST, 2/10/80, p.20 P. McIlmoyle has sent in this item, telling of Pluto's newly discovered moon ... recent of the Ice Ages. From a Velikovskian perspective, theories like these are of value for their illustration of the skills in Earth Sciences required to test for signs of global catastrophes. Of no less significance is the proposal of such an active moon, with active volcanoes, possibly ejecting debris as recently as the Pleistocene Period. EBLA AFFAIR- BIBLICAL ARCHAEOLOGY ... "we may in the near future see a great deal more attention paid to catastrophic theories in general, not just as an explanation of one striking geological boundary. The new catastrophism has arrived and achieved respectability." Sure enough, absent from mention once again is our friend Dr Velikovsky, although Alvarez, Napier, Clube and Enever share the glory. ...
Terms matched: 6  -  Score: 3492  -  05 Mar 2003  -  38k  -  URL:
... position of editor of THOTH, this is my goal: to make this magazine a catalyst for a paradigm shift and a forum for discussing and exploring the implications of ancient planetary catastrophe.. Submissions welcome. Amy Acheson A HEARTY WELCOME TO AMY By David Talbott I would like to personally express my gratitude to Amy Acheson ... of regular contributors. Since many new readers have signed on in recent months, I list below a few of the research-themes to be explored in THOTH-- 1. Planetary catastrophes have had a far greater impact on the evolution of the solar system, the history of our earth, and the evolution of human consciousness than science has acknowledged. 2. ... the tribality of the geological >profession in Australia, but what the heck, genius has to >pays its price. :-) [WT Good to hear from a catastrophist outback beyond the Black Stump! >Now I had, until this posting, assumed that the channels <on Mars were related to the Saturnian explosion which >caused a drenching ...
Terms matched: 6  -  Score: 3492  -  21 Mar 2007  -  25k  -  URL:
... not occur. The second says that they did exist but were sudden events, beginning and ending in disaster. A third admits their slow development but claims that they ended in catastrophe. Ignatius Donnelly is the best older critic of the very idea of ice ages. (Douglas Cox has recently presented strong persistent objections to the reality of the ice ages. ... was thus that the worst and best accident happened. The earth cleaved, lost most of its continental crust, and the ocean basins began to form. This greatest of all catastrophes removed the ice and permitted life to survive; it became the greatest of all blessings. A date of 11,500 B. P. may be ascribed to the event ... has not been seriously criticized; we forget that geology once got along without the ice ages, and that the inventor of the ice age theory, Louis Agassiz, was a catastrophist. The immense drift and till deposits could have come from exoterrestrial sources. Although the analogies between glacial behavior and ice sheet behavior are numerous and strong, it is possible that ...
Terms matched: 6  -  Score: 3492  -  03 Apr 2004  -  38k  -  URL:
107. Paradigm Lost? [SIS C&C Workshop $]
... the distant Sun'. Similar events are, of course, taking place in the inner Solar System: 'In this epoch, when the Earth is new, the most spectacular catastrophe in the history of our planet occurs: a collision with a sizeable world. It does not quite crack the Earth open, but it does blast a good fraction of it ... of simpler cells. Be that as it may, multicellular organisms soon followed and began to proliferate, but the course of evolution was to be disrupted by at least two major catastrophes. Until recently, that view would have been close to scientific heresy, and many still make the mistake of associating the catastrophist opponents of Charles Lyell's uniformitarianism with biblical fundamentalists. ... From: SIS Chronology and Catastrophism Workshop 1993 No 1 (Aug 1993) Home¦ Issue Contents REVIEWS Paradigm Lost? The Facts of Life by R.Milton (Fourth Estate, London, 1992) Shadows of Forgotten Ancestors by C.Sagan and A.Druyan (Century, London, 1992). It is a fair generalisation to say that the first priority of a journalist ...
Terms matched: 6  -  Score: 3488  -  05 Mar 2003  -  41k  -  URL:
... his wife, Gaea, the Earth-Goddess. The presence of the father of all the gods became intolerable. Across the world, American Indians tell this story which sounds like the catastrophe of 11,500 B. P.: "Monan, without beginning or end, author of all that is, seeing the ingratitude of men, and their contempt for ... . An asterisk (*) denotes items that perhaps originated with the original creation of the Moon; in certain cases, there is a reinforcement of an original condition by later catastrophes. 1.* The Moon's surface is one-sixteenth of the surface of the Earth. Its "crust" is igneous anorthosite to a great depth [20. This crystallization of ... thought during five billion years of earth history." [11 He calls his theory "cosmic volcanism". [12 I would categorize his theory as "long-term endogenous eruptive catastrophism." Because of the speedy rate at which comets and planetesimals dissolve into dust, Vsekhsviatskii maintains that these material bodies now moving in space were not long ago erupted (though ...
Terms matched: 6  -  Score: 3485  -  03 Apr 2004  -  110k  -  URL:
109. A Word about the Planetary Debate [The Velikovskian $]
... solar system devastation was caused by the Uranus events as opposed to the Cronus, Jupiter, Venus, or Mars events (if these occurred)? How can anyone tell one catastrophe from another? Nor can we even say "Here's the physical evidence, let's decide on the correct question." That cannot be done because we do not know what the ... asks a different question. If we were to present this plurality of theories as a diagram, it would have "Catastrophism" at the top and would ask, Did recent catastrophes occur in our Solar System? We all agree that they did. Beyond that, however, we would have in our diagram several different branches of inquiry as subsets of the ... because each camp not only pursues a different answer but also asks a different question. If we were to present this plurality of theories as a diagram, it would have "Catastrophism" at the top and would ask, Did recent catastrophes occur in our Solar System? We all agree that they did. Beyond that, however, we would have in ...
Terms matched: 6  -  Score: 3484  -  05 Mar 2003  -  29k  -  URL:
... accident, that a unified memory lies behind both of the expressions --the memory of an ancient "paradisal" condition, the mythical "Golden Age," giving way to overwhelming catastrophe, universal darkness, cosmic tumult, and wars of the gods. Look at the deepest yearning of civilization's builders, and you will see the yearning for paradise, a desperate ... systematic cross-cultural comparison. Global myths and symbols of an alien sky. ^└ Scars of planetary violence in the solar system, as exposed by recent space exploration. The new catastrophist profile of the planet Venus, resulting from the Magellan probe. Those improbable meteorites from Mars. The mystery of former oceans and rivers of Mars. ^└ Evidence of massive ... This Earthly Globe to thee assign'd Receiv'd the Gifts of all Mankind. Johnathan Swift, A Panegyric on the Dean As we publish this second edition of the THOTH newsletter, the catastrophic reconstruction of ancient history is alive and well based on an ever- deepening understanding of the ancient sources, records, mythologies, and cultural themes, as well as a developing ...
Terms matched: 6  -  Score: 3484  -  21 Mar 2007  -  20k  -  URL:
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