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11. Ball Lightning With Bizarre Structure [Science Frontiers Website]
... Science Frontiers ONLINE No. 28: Jul-Aug 1983 Issue Contents Other pages Home Page Science Frontiers Online All Issues This Issue Sourcebook Project Sourcebook Subjects Ball Lightning With Bizarre Structure An older case of ball lightning with special features has just surfaced. "It happened in the afternoon in 1924. There came a large ball of fire-- or so it looked-- but the thing was that it had chains all the way round. It lasted about five minutes, then all the chains clashed together with a terrific bang; then we had a terrible thunderstorm which lasted quite a long time.' In a second let ter Mrs. Revell drew the ball lightning as a red globe with 16 rays, composed of links like a chain, issuing from it; the rays were rather longer than the diameter of the ball. She said, 'You asked the size. From the ground it looked about four to five yards across, which would be larger than that in the sky. The chains opened from the top to the bottom with a terrific bang. ...
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12. Bizarre Physiological Effects Of Lightning [Science Frontiers Website]
... Science Frontiers ONLINE No. 122: Mar-Apr 1999 Issue Contents Other pages Home Page Science Frontiers Online All Issues This Issue Sourcebook Project Sourcebook Subjects Bizarre Physiological Effects Of Lightning July 1969. Lawson, Missouri. Lightning is unpredictable and produces many weird effects, but the following case pushes the weirdness envelope. An electrician was driving home through an intense rainstorm that was accompanied by severe lightning. He parked his truck outside his house. Then it happened: "As I started up the drive, I took about three or four steps, and then it was as though I had stepped into a very soft cotton ball. My whole body felt as if my head was behind my shoulders and being pulled down between my shoulder blades." When he awoke, he was about 50 feet away on the other side of a fence and on his neighbor's property. His boots had been knocked off. The coins in his pocket and his belt buckle had melted. A visit to a doctor proved that he had been struck by lightning, and that his spine had ...
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13. A "Tornado" in Space [Thunderbolts Website]
... . Neither gravity nor standard gas laws would allow it. So the problem grows worse the more we discover. To see the problem clearly, just consider the language used to describe the stellar jets of “Herbig Haro objects” such as that imaged above. The words typically employed are taken from the behavior of wind and water on a rocky planet we call “Earth” a body that stands out as an exception in a universe that is 99.99 percent plasma and dominated by electric currents and their induced magnetic fields. A bizarre example of the outmoded language is the description of stellar jets on NASA s Hubble Telescope website the very page to which the APOD caption links for an explanation of “such energetic outflows”. The explanation begins with these words: “Stellar jets are analogous to giant lawn sprinklers. Whether a sprinkler whirls, pulses or oscillates, it offers insights into how its tiny mechanism works. Likewise stellar jets, billions or trillions of miles long offer some clues to what's happening close into the star at scales of only millions ...
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... From: SIS Chronology& Catastrophism Review 1996:2 (May 1997) Home¦ Issue Contents William Comyns Beaumont: Britain's most eccentric and least known Cosmic Heretic Did Immanuel Velikovsky knowingly present ideas someone else had developed many years earlier as his own? While this question seems bizarre even to his most ardent opponents, it was recently raised in a paper by Robert Stephanos [1. Hardly anybody has questioned the originality of Velikovsky's ideas of planetary catastrophes in historical times. While some critics have said that Velikovsky was mean with his acknowledgements of earlier catastrophists [2 and others have argued that the claims of Velikovsky's originality were spurious because earlier authors had written about cometary catastrophes [3, many SIS members still believe that Velikovsky was the first major planetary catastrophist of this century. The reader of Alfred de Grazia's book Cosmic Heretics [4 will therefore be surprised to learn that the first modern catastrophist was in fact a British super-eccentric, William Comyns Beaumont, who is hardly known today but was a top-ranking English newspaper editor. Some of his ideas seem quite mad- ...
Terms matched: 1  -  Score: 30  -  05 Mar 2003  -  11k  -  URL:
... this is presumptious! The "force" need not be gravity.) Observations suggesting that galaxies formed when the universe was less than a billion years old. The gravitational pull of the visible mass is inadequate to cause this clumping so quickly in the history of the universe. Many candidates have been proposed to play the dark-matter role. One of the more popular possibilities is that vast sea of neutrinos pervading the cosmos-- if they really do display just a hint of mass. Two other candidates now on the table are so bizarre that we marvel at the ingenuity of the theorists. One involves exceedingly large particles, the other unbelievably tiny clumps of particles. At the "giant" end of the size spectrum are galaxy-size particles weighing only 10 -24 as much as an electron, which is itself by no means large. It would be hard to experimentally distinguish such ethereal particles from a hard vacuum. A Princeton team, led by W. Hu, asserts that such particles would coalesce into giant globs of "fuzzy", cold, dark matter. ...
Terms matched: 1  -  Score: 30  -  01 May 2005  -  7k  -  URL:
16. Samson Revealed [Aeon Journal $]
... by the spectacle of Samson slaughtering a thousand Philistine warriors while wielding the jawbone of an ass? (2) Equally thrilling is the image of the Danite strongman renting a lion with his bare hands, (3) or casting off his prisoner's bonds as if they were waxen flax while in the throes of his furor. (4) If the routing of the Philistines represents the pinnacle of the hero's career, his life is elsewhere marked by roguery and sadistic excesses. Included here are the destruction of the Philistine cornfields in the bizarre incident of the burning foxes, which resulted in the death of his wife and father-in-law; (5) the carrying off of the gates of Gaza; (6) and the unprovoked murder of the 30 men from Ashkelon. (7) Such incidents led Frazer to call attention to the glaring incongruities in the Biblical account of Samson. "Among the grave judges of Israel the burly hero Samson cuts a strange figureIf we accept, as we are bound to do, the scriptural account of this roy-stering swashbuckler, he never ...
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... Science Frontiers Sourcebook Project Strange reports* Bizarre biology* Anomalous archaeology From New Scientist, Nature, Scientific American, etc Archaeology Astronomy Biology Geology Geophysics Mathematics Psychology Physics Guides available Biology Catalogs Biology Handbook Archeology Handbook Geophysics Catalogs Geological Catalogs Astronomy Catalogs Astronomy Handbook Science Frontiers Sourcebooks Ordering details Publishing History 2006: Archeological Anomalies: Graphic Artifacts I 2003: Archeological Anomalies: Small Artifacts 2003: Scientific Anomalies and other Provocative Phenomena 2001: Remarkable Luminous Phenomena in Nature 2001: Ancient Structures (Archeology) 1999: Ancient Infrastructure (Archeology) 1998: Biological Anomalies: Birds 1996: Biological Anomalies: Mammals II: 1995: Biological Anomalies: Mammals I 1994: Science Frontiers, The Book 1994: Biological Anomalies: Humans III 1993: Biological Anomalies: Humans II 1992: Biological Anomalies: Humans I 1991: Inner Earth: A Search for Anomalies (Geological) 1990: Neglected Geological Anomalies 1989: Anomalies in Geology: Physical, Chemical, Biological 1988: Carolina Bays, Mima Mounds, Submarine Canyons (Geological) 1987: Stars, Galaxies, Cosmos 1986: The Sun and ...
Terms matched: 1  -  Score: 23  -  10 Sep 2006  -  47k  -  URL:
18. pc (Psycho-Ceramics) [Kronos $]
... I'm referring specifically to Dr. Isaac Asimov's article "CP", published in the October 1974 issue of Analog wherein Asimov mounts and ill-advised emotional and subjective attack on Dr. Immanuel Velikovsky. Since it is quite obvious that no forthcoming apology is likely from the sthenic Dr. Asimov, I feel impelled to answer him, and in kind. Therefore, I shall couch this belated and somewhat parodied reply in the Asimovian manner- but with just cause. In his article, Asimov considered Velikovsky to be merely one of a large bizarre group "who have hovered about the fuzzy borderlands of science." Furthermore, he equates Velikovsky's work with that of von Daniken's creative history, and in so doing he is insidiously and intentionally confusing scholarship with opportunism. I must ask somewhat rhetorically at this early moment if an Asimov, or a von Daniken, or anyone within acquaintance, has retired into an "exquisite seclusion" for a dozen years or more to pursue his or her work? Such dedication is an extremely rare quality which should by all means be cherished ...
Terms matched: 1  -  Score: 20  -  05 Mar 2003  -  33k  -  URL:
... - Talbott supplied no explanation. According to Rose, the Axis could be compared "to the recently discovered 'flux tube' joining Jupiter and Io"(49) an idea that was first suggested by Richard Smith in March of 1979.(50) Rose also wrote: "I would not exclude the possibility that Earth's atmosphere was so stretched out toward Saturn [due to the latter's great attraction at close proximity that the atmospheres of Earth and Saturn were virtually continuous."(51) This idea of a connecting atmosphere, bizarre as it may sound, is not entirely without merit. A similar idea had earlier been suggested by Frederic Jueneman. In fact, Jueneman supplied more than that, for to him do I owe the most viable mechanical model to date which can be made to account for the reality of the Axis Mundi. Like Saturn itself, the Axis was known under a multitude of names. It was described under the guise of various magical phenomena- especially at that time when its true nature must have long been forgotten. Among its ...
Terms matched: 1  -  Score: 20  -  05 Mar 2003  -  39k  -  URL:
20. On Dragons and Red Dwarves [Aeon Journal $]
... creative innovation and the attempt to historicize and localize the sacred events. Despite the ravages of time and the wholesale destruction of countless cultures and their sacred traditions, it is still possible to reconstruct the basic events behind the myth of the dragon-combat. That those events were celestial in nature there can be little doubt. And as the celestial prototype for the warrior-hero, the planet Mars figures prominently in numerous ancient myths of the dragon-combat. Indeed, it is the hero's identity with Mars which alone provides the rationale for many of the most bizarre elements of the myth. The following essay is an exercise in comparative mythology, and as such it is not intended to represent the definitive analysis of the dragon-combat. Whole volumes will be required to elucidate the spectacular events at the heart of this intriguing mythical theme. Here we merely attempt to analyze several intriguing motives hitherto overlooked. The Dragon and Creation In order to properly interpret the myth of the dragon-combat it is necessary at the outset of our investigation to place it in its proper mythological context. That the dragon-combat has a ...
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