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71. TPOD Subject Index [Thunderbolts Website]
... home updates news and views picture of the day resources team a role for you contact us picture of the day archive subject index subject abstracts Asteroids Atmospheres Atmospheric Phenomena Auroras Big Bang Comets Concretions Cosmology Craters Dating Dendritic Ridges Discharge Jets Earth Earthquakes Fossils Galactic Clusters Galaxies Gamma Ray Bursters Gravity Ice Cores/Deposits Lightning Magnetism Meteorites Misc Moons Mythology Nebulae Novae/Supernovae Paradigms Planetary Rings Planetary Sheaths Planets Plasma Predictions Quasars Radio Jets Redshift Rilles Rock Art Solar Solar System Spiders Stars Volcanism X-rays Weather Asteroids Aug 06, 2004 Asteroid Ida Mar 28, ... Asteroid Itokawa Jul 14, 2005 Asteroids That Should Not Be Sep 29, 2004 Big Holes in Little Moons July 20, 2004 Blushing Asteroid July 12, 2004 Craters on Eros Jul 12, 2006 "Doomsday Asteroids" Enchant Astronomers May 11, 2005 Eros: Got Erosion? Apr 07, 2006 When Asteroids Become Comets Atmospheres Jan 24, 2005 Seen Through Titan's Haze Feb 04, 2005 The Atmosphere of Venus Feb 07, 2005 The Electrified Atmosphere of Venus Jan 20, 2005 Titan's Strange Atmosphere Dec 08, 2005 Titans's Winds Aug ...
Terms matched: 2  -  Score: 568  -  05 Jan 2007  -  77k  -  URL:
... , 2001 EDITOR: Amy Acheson PUBLISHER: Michael Armstrong LIST MANAGER: Brian Stewart CONTENTS WHEN LOGIC FALLS SLOPPY DEAD.......... by Mel Acheson THE THUNDERBOLT IN MYTH AND SYMBOL...,,,. by Dave Talbott BIG BANG GENESIS........... .a Kroniatalk Discussion >> >> >> >> >> >> >> >> >> >---<<<<<<<<<<< ... <<<<<<< WHEN LOGIC FALLS SLOPPY DEAD by Mel Acheson A common assumption about myths explains them as stories about "daily life as we know it." The idea is that the prehistoric world was little different from today's world, but prehistoric people were both ignorant and credulous: Instead of developing scientific explanations for the events of daily life, they told stories which were anthropomorphic exaggerations. Many scholars have labored for many years trying to explain myths with this assumption. For example, a shining god driving a ...
Terms matched: 2  -  Score: 564  -  21 Mar 2007  -  34k  -  URL:
73. Hannes Alfvén (1908-1995) [SIS Internet Digest $]
... , the dynamics of plasmas in our galaxy, and the fundamental nature of the universe itself. Alfvén was the first to predict (in 1963) the large scale filamentary structure of the universe, a discovery that confounded astrophysicists in 1991 and added to the woes of Big Bang cosmology. Hannes Alfvén has played a central role in the development of several modern fields of physics, including plasma physics, the physics of charged particle beams, and interplanetary and magnetospheric physics. He is also usually regarded as the father of the branch of ... physics known as magnetohydrodynamics. In addition, Alfvén's contributions to astrophysics have been as important as his contributions to physics. His postulation in 1937 of a galactic magnetic field forms the basis today for one of the fastest growing areas of research in astrophysics- Cosmic Magnetism. In 1950, together with his colleague N. Herlofson, Alfvén was the first to identify nonthermal radiation from astronomical sources as synchrotron radiation, which is produced by fast-moving electrons in the presence of magnetic fields. The recognition that the synchrotron mechanism of radiation is important in ...
Terms matched: 2  -  Score: 560  -  05 Mar 2003  -  20k  -  URL:
... ...... by Mel Acheson RECONSTRUCTING THE SATURN MODEL......... by Dave Talbott MAY 5th CONJUNCTION............... by Amy Acheson SCIENCE HEADED FOR A BIG BANG......... .by Wal Thornhill >> >> >> >> >> >> >> >> >> >---<<<<<<<<<<<<<< ... <<<< THE COLOR PURPLE By Mel Acheson Rediscovering F. A. Hayek's The Sensory Order has been exciting. He began his inquiry into the foundations of theoretical psychology in 1919 before specializing in economics (and winning a Nobel Prize in that latter field in 1974). He didn't publish The Sensory Order until 1952, when he found "with considerable surprise" that theoretical psychology "remained pretty much in the same state in which it had been" 30 years before. He attributed this stasis to "the prevalence during ...
Terms matched: 2  -  Score: 556  -  21 Mar 2007  -  34k  -  URL:
... THOTH A Catastrophics Newsletter VOL III, No. 6 March 31, 1999 EDITOR: Amy Acheson PUBLISHER: Michael Armstrong LIST MANAGER: Brian Stewart CONTENTS STEREOSCOPIC VIEWPOINT OF CATASTROPHICS...... by Amy Acheson THE BIG BANG AS A RELIGIOUS WORK....... .by Dwardu Cardona SHOEMAKER-LEVI SPECULATIONS.......... .By Wal Thornhill SUMMARY OF RALPH JUERGEN'S ELECTRIC SUN MODEL.. by Wal Thornhill---- STEREOSCOPIC VIEWPOINT OF CATASTROPHICS By Amy Acheson Titus FitzImeter Said ... "The planimeter Agoragraphs a vicinity." Herein he was right, But he scarcely shed light On the Circular Points at Infinity. ~_The Space Child's Mother Goose_ While the Discipline of Catastrophics may not illuminate infinity any more than Titus FitzImmeter's planimeter, its tremendous scope gives it an advantage over traditional science and religion as a tool for understanding the recent history of the solar system. And this is why: Science, in its quest to explain every detail of a stable system, closes an eye to mythology. It assumes that ...
Terms matched: 2  -  Score: 556  -  21 Mar 2007  -  25k  -  URL:
76. Science Frontiers [SIS C&C Review $]
... of it. This is astounding because the farther away an object is, the greater its redshift is supposed to be. [Other examples of such anomalous red shifts are known. Three possible conclusions are: (1) the redshift-distance law is wrong, upsetting the Big Bang Theory; (2) some galaxies and other objects have acquired anomalous velocities through some unknown mechanism; and (3) these unusual redshifts do not indicate velocities at all. Ed.( Arp, Halton M.; "NGC-1199," Astronomy, ... :l5, September 1978.) ASTEROIDS WITH MOONS? Several recent observations made of asteroids as they occult stars suggest that some asteroids are circled by moonlets. The observational technique resembles that used in the discovery of the now-famous rings of Uranus. Briefly, the star being observed blinks out not once in a clean-cut fashion but in a complex scenario that may indicate the presence of a second body. To illustrate, during the 1975 occultation of a star by the asteroid Eros "all sorts of people saw things," meaning secondary ...
Terms matched: 2  -  Score: 555  -  05 Mar 2003  -  14k  -  URL:
77. resources [Thunderbolts Website]
... good website and information. Walter Cruttenden I'm an electrical technologist and a welder. I find this work fascinating. Mike Menezes I am so excited about this. Your new website is great! Margery Winters Having explored most of your Website, in addition to reading The Big Bang Never Happened, I find this a most thought-provoking and plausible cosmology, making the Big Bang seem like the modern age's Ptolomaic cosmology. Evan Maze I hope I will someday help in one way or another (I'm an Electronics Engineering student). I've already ... a lot from all the info you are sharing. Can't wait for the book& movie. Keep up the amazing work (BTW, this site rocks!) Juan I have been a disciple of Velikovsky and now Talbott since Worlds in Collision 1950. I have recently purchased Remembering the end of the World. I can hardly wait for Thunderbolts. Vester Sheeley I look forward to both reading the book and watching the film. This is amazing science teaching us amazing things about an amazing Universe. Mike Eheler The electric universe has ...
Terms matched: 2  -  Score: 555  -  21 Nov 2006  -  12k  -  URL:
78. Astronomers Stumble Over Assumptions [Thunderbolts Website]
... observations that in the 1990s, according to NASA ’ s press release, “forced [astronomers to conclude that the Universe contains Dark Energy.” Further observations at “near-infrared wavelengths [will measure how the large-scale distribution of matter in the Universe has evolved since the Big Bang.” Taxpayers may suppose that looking with the same blind eye through the same end of a new, more expensive telescope will refine the imagined view of the exotic, unseen, and ever-elusive energy. But the conclusion that Dark Energy exists was forced by ... logic of unquestioned assumptions and creed-bound observations. The theorized existence of Dark Energy depends on a long list of such assumptions: IF stars are isolated self-gravitating objects IF stars are powered by internal thermonuclear fusion IF electrical forces can be neglected IF the “K effect” (anomalous redshift of the brightest stars) can be ignored IF stars evolve to a supernova condition IF matter can be compressed to a superdense state IF supernovae are “standard candles” (all have the same absolute brightness) IF intervening dimming from absorption is known IF redshift ...
Terms matched: 2  -  Score: 555  -  29 Nov 2006  -  15k  -  URL:
79. Seeing Red: Book Review [SIS Internet Digest $]
... telescopic work by having access to x-ray images of many of the deep-space objects that were crucial to his argument that the cosmological redshift was related more to the age of an object since its birth than to its velocity away from us. With this new book, the Big Bang theory is seen at best to be theoretical flatulence, at worst it is an indictment of academic behaviour and the way science is done these days. "Sometimes I think that Astronomy is not so much a science as a series of scandals." [ ... Red, p. 64. However, some comfort can be taken by members of this list from Arp's opening remark"I started getting letters from scientists in small colleges, in different disciplines, from amateurs, students and lay people. The amateurs in particular amazed and delighted me, because it quickly became clear that they really looked at pictures, knew various objects and reasoned for themselves while maintaining a healthy skepticism toward official interpretations." At the heart of Arp's argument is the discovery that faint, high red-shift quasars seem to ...
Terms matched: 2  -  Score: 555  -  05 Mar 2003  -  8k  -  URL:
80. Letters [SIS C&C Workshop $]
... for concluding that all the evidence points to a universe in which God is unnecessary. It has always been part of Church tradition that it is necessary to postulate a God who started everything going from the beginning- some omnipotent being who was perhaps responsible for the "big bang" which is currently the most popular theory for the origin of the universe. (However, the Big Bang Theory is becoming increasingly questionable on account of anomalous red shifts- see NEW SCIENTIST, 88:22, 1980.) Nevertheless, it is ... to note that the Greek philosopher Aristotle was of the opinion that there was no such thing as a "beginning" since the universe has been in existence for ever in one form or another. St Thomas Aquinas, the medieval theologian who adopted the philosophy of Aristotle as being the most suitable vehicle in which to express Christian theology, agreed with Aristotle that on purely philosophical grounds, there was no need to posit any kind of beginning to the universe, but maintained that such a beginning must be accepted since it was part of ...
Terms matched: 2  -  Score: 540  -  05 Mar 2003  -  15k  -  URL:
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