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71. The Egyptian Prince Moses [Catastrophism & Ancient History Journal $]
... in Old English) contained geodetic survey markers and sundials, the means for determining time and space relationships. Up to the age of the telescope that sacred place served as an astronomical laboratory. Now could it be that the roots for "ship," that is, "nauos" "nave," and "nafu" are linguistically related to " ... Abraham a holy arsonist responsible for his brother's death. We must also question certain aspects of Josephus' account of Abraham as a great astronomer-mathematician who subsequently taught the Egyptians mathematics and astronomy. Josephus did not want Abraham tainted with a polytheistic background. Josephus, of course, called Abraham a monotheist whom the Chaldeans rejected.[43 But did the Chaldeans really ... of Abraham as a sacred-place prophet. If we assume that in its most ancient meanings, especially among the Chaldeans, that the word "prophet" referred to someone as an astronomer or surveyor, then we readily understand why the Medieval rabbis wanted to divest Abraham of his intellectual powers and transfer them to Rikayon. But in terms of Abraham's religious life I ...
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72. Thoth Vol. V, No 6 May 31, 2001 [Thoth Website]
... must be tacked on to produce the pulses of radiation. The self-constraining filaments of plasma spiraling out from the poles of active galaxies --galactic jets --require even more gravitational hammering. An astronomical quantity of matter must be pounded into such a tiny volume that it loses most of its recognizable properties and becomes a black hole. The black hole then pulls in all the ... specifics, the observed rigidity becomes even more severe. What about the evidence for changes in the motions of planets only a few thousand years ago? With the birth of empirical astronomy in the first millennium BC, every priest astronomer knew that the planets, then seen as distant points of light, were once towering forms in the sky. The astronomers knew ... , in a remote age of gods and wonders, the planets ruled the heavens, determining the fate of kings and kingdoms, and indeed the destiny of the world. Planets brandished weapons of thunder, fire, and stone. In their earliest-remembered appearance, they inspired awe and reverence, but in the end their behavior was both capricious and violent, leading ...
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73. Response to Critique by Leroy Ellenberger [Catastrophism & Ancient History Journal $]
... A shift of 6 percent in orbit period is roughly equivalent to a shift of 4 percent in distance. We model the ancient value of the semi-major axis of Mars at 1.57518 astronomical units, whereas the new, uniformitarian value is 1.52369. This is a shift of 3.3 percent, which is a decrease in orbit period of 4.9 percent. Recall that we ... here elevated from private correspondence to public debate. Second, I wish to express appreciation to my support group. My expertise is primarily in geography, and secondarily in history and astronomy. However, even in the realm of the planets and in history I think like a geographer, with a mind-set to analyze location, not dynamics, equations, mathematics, ... , we note that the Venusian perihelion (its closest position in orbit to the Sun) is at the 130 degree celestial longitude. This is according to a system of longitudes astronomers have adopted, with Degree No. 1 falling on September 21, the first day of fall, the autumnal equinox. The Earth crosses this longitude on February 1 or 2 ...
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... solar character of these gods. And yet the profile of the great "sun" gods presents a fascinating dilemma. During the past century several authorities noticed that Greek and Latin astronomical texts show a mysterious confusion of the "Sun"--Greek Helios, Latin Sol --with the outermost planet, Saturn. Though the designation seems bizarre, the expression "star of ... has hitherto been believed to be true. Nietzsche---- SATURN: THE ANCIENT SUN GOD By David Talbott ( Many threads of Greek and Roman astronomy appear to lead back to a priestly astronomy arising in Mesopotamia some time in the first millennium B.C. The Babylonians were apparently the first to develop systematic observations of the planets, ... lived under the rule of the creator El. That is, the Hebrews honored the same ancestral tie to Saturn as did the Romans. Indeed, the consistency with which early astronomies identity Saturn as the former creator-king is extraordinary. The Zoroastrians of ancient Persia knew Saturn as the heaven-sustaining Zurvăn, "the King and Lord of the Long Dominion." The ...
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... THE ANCESTORS......... Mel Acheson WOLFE CREEK CRATER.......... Louis A G Hissink STARS ESCAPE FROM ASTRONOMICAL ZOO...... Don Scott HOW TO SEARCH FOR ALIENS......... Wal Thornhill >> >> >> >> ... ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** *** STARS ESCAPE FROM ASTRONOMICAL ZOO Don Scott The Astronomy Picture of the Day (APOD) site has run several discussions of the "variable star" V838 Monocerotis. Today they have another one. ... of gas and dust around the Sun," does not make it so. It is probable that consensus about the so-called "nebular hypothesis" has been achieved simply because no astronomer has come up with a more plausible alternative. Clarke indicates one of the problems? how do you form a planet from a ring of dust stretching clear around the solar system ...
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76. The Ramesside Star Tables [SIS C&C Review $]
... Reade M. G. Reader D.S.C., a confectionary technologist, is also a specialist in marine navigation. His earlier contribution to SISR on Egyptian astronomy dealt with mythological/astronomical ceiling decoration. Information recorded on astronomical tables in the Ramesside tombs can be charted to show the movements of stars across the sky over the course of a year. From the ... Star Tables Michael G. Reade M. G. Reader D.S.C., a confectionary technologist, is also a specialist in marine navigation. His earlier contribution to SISR on Egyptian astronomy dealt with mythological/astronomical ceiling decoration. Information recorded on astronomical tables in the Ramesside tombs can be charted to show the movements of stars across the sky over the course of ... the available data could be described as "beyond controversy and much of it is quite certainly "doubtfully sound" (even contradictory). Faced with this problem, a modern astronomer would probably start his clock at mid-day, which he could observe fairly accurately by means of shadow lengths and directions (subject to the qualification that he would still have no automatic ...
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77. Chapter VIII: The Modern Affair [The Age of Velikovsky] [The Age of Velikovsky] [Books]
... for this eclipse had not yet been published, but he guaranteed it to be irrefutable. In 1971, one of the later speakers, Mulholland, reviewed a book about ancient astronomical observations. In this review, Mulholland emphasized the same point that Velikovsky had so often made.' Concerning ancient eclipse records, Mulholland said: "nearly always the date and ... response to the announcement in Science, and this was done. The AAAS was "unable to accept this proposal, but they did accept a similar one submitted by the AAAS Astronomy Committee. Ivan King, who teaches astronomy at The University of California, Berkeley, visited Velikovsky and discussed the proposal. Later, Donald Goldsmith, an assistant professor of astronomy ... . In June of 1973 an announcement appeared in Science requesting suggestions for topics to be discussed during the February 1974 AAAS meeting. The year before, Walter Orr Roberts, an astronomer, atmospheric scientist and a past-president of the AAAS, had publicly suggested that a symposium on Velikovsky's works be held, and he wrote to an AAAS official about this possibility. ...
Terms matched: 5  -  Score: 2388  -  29 Mar 2002  -  56k  -  URL:
... episodes, great bolts of lightning passed between planets. Velikovsky's approach was interdisciplinary. He used the insights of a professional psychoanalyst and the methods of a trained historian to investigate the astronomical, mythical, and religious traditions of diverse cultures. He discerned deeply rooted themes which others had failed to see. These cultural records told the story of traumatic events, apparently ... the belief will collapse. Newton developed the concept of gravitation in 1666, eight decades before Franklin flew his kite and more than two centuries before Maxwell wrote his famous equations. Astronomy developed in the gaslight era before electricity was known. In this volume we intend to show that something is missing from the standard treatments of planetary history and celestial dynamics. That ... lightning bolt is enigmatic, as if utterly divorced from natural experience. And yet the symbolism consistently points back to archetypal forms and events. Why was lightning, in the first astronomies, wielded by gods who are identified as planets? Why was the fiery bolt itself often presented with a twisted or corkscrew form? And how do we account for the famous ...
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79. Letters [Pensee]
... internal contradictions and errors-above and beyond the idea that irregularities of the path of Venus may be recorded in them. Scribal errors, for example, are common in both mathematical and astronomical tablets of the Babylonians. They should be accepted as such. But, this is not the attitude maintained in Worlds in Collision, where all errors and contradictions seem to be ... , the critics must understand. At the Princeton meeting reported in the Winter, 1973, issue, Velikovsky made some statements that are overdrawn. In the 1950's, physics and astronomy were advancing at a very fast pace. We had not, since Becquerel's discovery of radioactivity in the late 1890's, thought of science as finished except for getting more significant digits ... To The Editor: Back in 1940, some ten years prior to the publication of Immanuel Velikovsky's Worlds in Collision, Macmillan published a book by H. Spencer Jones (Britain's Astronomer Royal), Life on Other Worlds. In the Mentor edition( 1 949), pp. 104 and 107, Jones writes: "There must be a considerable greenhouse ...
Terms matched: 5  -  Score: 2388  -  05 Mar 2003  -  42k  -  URL:
80. Forum [Pensee]
... to consider the publication of a more detailed account, I would be very pleased to assist in any way possible. Please write to me at my home address or the Royal Astronomical Society, Burlington House, London, W1 V 0NL, England. The Bruce electrical discharge theory may eventually be seen as of the greatest importance for the light it sheds on ... and catastrophic discharges probably set up a Pavlovian reaction, without his realizing it, and caused terror that another unorthodox idea of gigantic proportions might disrupt the serenity of the temples of astronomy. Professor L. D. Kaplan apparently experienced a similar reaction on another occasion concerning his views on the atmosphere of Venus, which evoked surprising and violent opposition (see Pensee ... while time and space have been lavished on such relatively trivial matters as the impending departure of Dr. Margaret Burbidge from Greenwich and arrival of Comet Kohoutek from Outer Space. The astronomer Royal, Professor Sir Martin Ryle, has replied briefly to my letters to state his objections to the theory, as those I described in Pensee of Fall, 1973 (p ...
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