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71. The Entrance to the Citadel [Velikovsky Archive Website]
... The Entrance to the Citadel Both literary accounts and archaeological discoveries indicate that the ancient city of Mycenae in the Peloponnese of Greece was the political and cultural center of the Late Bronze Age (or ? Late Helladic [LH ?) Greece. For this reason one calls that period, its culture and its material remains ? Mycenaean. ? Since Mycenae is ... . the very thick layer of wash from higher up the citadel overlying the cult center( Fig. 1, K) (A. H. S. Megaw, ? Archaeology in Greece, 1964-65,? Archaeological Reports 1964-65, p. 11; W. D. Taylour, ? A Note on the Recent Excavations at Mycenae, etc., ... by half a millennium to ca. 1250 B.C. The debate over those 500 years, long ago resolved in favor of the Egyptian time scale, still presents problems for modern archaeologists. Thus, John Boardman, who does accept a thirteenth-century attribution for the gate, recently concluded that ? more than five hundred years were to pass before Greek sculptors could [ ...
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... researches. Martin Sieff Associate Editor/SIS Review Jerusalem, Israel EBLA AND "EARTH IN UPHEAVAL" To the Editor of KRONOS: In the March 1978 issue of the Biblical Archaeology Review (Vol. IV, No. 1), there is an article-- "Assessing Ebla"- by Paul C. Maloney, which the table of contents ... "the first major critical assessment of the fabulous archive recently found in northern Syria". To review: In 1964, excavation of Tell Mardikh was begun by a team of archaeologists from the University of Rome. In 1968, they uncovered a statue which to their satisfaction identified the site as that of Ebla. When Paolo Matthiae, leader of the expedition ... that the site was indeed Ebla, a powerful and even imperial city of the third millennium B.C. There is, however, disagreement about the dating of the tablets: the archaeologist says 2400-2250 B.C., while the epigrapher says 2580-2450 B.C.-- quite a difference in range. The archaeologist bases his dates on stratigraphic data, while the epigrapher bases ...
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73. The Cities of the Plain [Catastrophism & Ancient History Journal $]
... , History, and Biblical Studies." Biblical ,Archaeologist, 45:4 (1982), 207. 4. 5. F. Vaninger, "Abraham to Hezckiah Archaeological Revision." C&AH, VI: I (1984), 15. 5. Genesis 19:24-25. 6. Flavius josephus, Antiquities of the Jews. ... lately shown, Courville's compression creates more problems than it solves. [21 Dwardu Cardona Vancouver 1. H. Shanks, "Have Sodom and Gomorrah Been Found?" Biblical Archaeology Review, Vl:5 (1980). 2. H. Shanks, "On the New Site Identifications for Sodom and Gomorrah." Biblical ArchaeoIogy Review ,VII: ... Genesis intimates. And, in fact, as is now well known, the entire ancient Near East did come to a catastrophic end, bringing to a close that era which archaeologists have termed the Early Bronze Age. As Claude Schaeffer had previously shown, and as many other scholars have since confirmed, the nature and geographical extent of this far reaching devastation ...
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... :1 "Proceedings of the SIS Silver Jubilee Event" Home¦ Issue Contents Question Session 1: Chairman- Brian Moore Q1. David Roth asked John Bimson whether he approached archaeology by looking just at the stratigraphy, or by relating this to either Egyptian or Biblical history, each of which could give different dates. Can an archaeologist avoid being influenced by ... earlier than higher strata. It's what you find in the strata which provides potentially absolute dates. In case of Syro/Palestinian and Aegean strata, the main dating criteria which archaeologists use are those which come from Egypt. So the archaeologist's absolute chronology depends on Egyptian chronology being correct. At some sites, like Tell el Kheleifeh, you might get Assyrian ... Bimson whether he approached archaeology by looking just at the stratigraphy, or by relating this to either Egyptian or Biblical history, each of which could give different dates. Can an archaeologist avoid being influenced by preconceptions and can he separate these three completely when excavating or studying the findings? John replied that stratigraphy by itself only provides relative dates, lower strata being ...
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75. The Stratigraphy of Israel [SIS C&C Workshop $]
... my 1990 article, to which the reader is now referred, especially the table on p. 5 together with its abbreviations on p. 6 section F(iv). Archaeological Periods Like the Egyptian dynasties, some of the archaeological periods also need overlapping, especially the Late Bronze period which overlaps mainly with Middle Bronze. As I studied sites in the ... volumes. by R. M. Porter Introduction and Chronological Schemes One of the things I hope to do today is to show that the biblical Judges Period fits well with the archaeology of the Middle Bronze Age, thereby putting the Exodus back in Early Bronze, equivalent to Old Kingdom Egypt. I turned to archaeology because there did not seem to be enough ... regard the Bible as a useful historical source. I believe it provides a short-cut to correcting chronology. I also believe, like Heinsohn, that attempts by the early historians and archaeologists to match events to the Bible have partly caused the incorrect chronology that we now have. I am going, first, to briefly outline the faulty conventional chronology and some of ...
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... Identification of the Biblical "Queen of Sheba" with Hatshepsut, "Queen of Egypt and Ethiopia"-- as proclaimed by Immanuel Velikovsky-- In the Light of New Archaeological Discoveries Eva Danelius Preface Over twenty years have passed since Immanuel Velikovsky published his most provocative book, Ages in Chaos I, in which he suggested that the accepted reconstruction of Egyptian ... argument against an attempt to take up the challenge and test the so-called "revised" chronology of Velikovsky by applying it to a specific historic event. The average student of the archaeology and/or ancient history of the Middle East, when told that Thutmose III, the most famous Pharaoh of the XVIIIth Egyptian Dynasty, started his first Asiatic campaign crossing the ... 4, 7, 12. In the same number, Glueck mentions that a difference in dating of a certain piece of pottery had now been resolved and that one of the archaeologists "the capable Dr. Yohanan Aharoni, acknowledges in a letter to me of May 5, 1959, that the article is definitely not MBI but... is to ...
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77. Untitled [Catastrophism & Ancient History Journal $]
... could have been the pharaoh of the Exodus. To locate such an individual on this basis would require us to look much earlier in Egyptian history, relatively speaking. Since the archaeological recovery of the ancient Near East is an on-going enterprise in most countries of the Middle East today, it is only natural that the results from some of the recent excavations should ... to discuss three specific new findings which bear upon this issue. The first of these three new discoveries lends some support to traditional Egyptological chronology, especially as it relates to Palestinian archaeology. Thus it bears somewhat negatively upon the third major view cited above which requires extensive chronological revision. The second discovery bears negatively upon the thirteenth-century date for the Exodus and Conquest ... be very difficult to move them by any amount of time that would span centuries. Thus this new literary source provides further evidence that the chronological scheme currently employed by historians and archaeologists working with ancient Near Eastern materials is approximately correct. The more radical and extensive revisions proposed for this scheme have encountered a further serious challenge in this new item from the Aphek ...
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... Egypt become questionable. However, even without absolute dates historians and archaeologists can establish a relative chronology of events and cultural periods against which Velikovsky's theories can be tested. Does the archaeological evidence from the Near East and the eastern Mediterranean favor a chronology in which the beginning of the Hyksos Period is synchronized with the Hebrew Exodus and the Egyptian Eighteenth Dynasty is contemporaneous ... the Exodus and could not have described a cosmic cataclysm which supposedly occurred at the time of Moses. Velikovsky's revised synchronisms for ancient history cannot be reconciled with the stratigraphical evidence of archaeology." Ages in Chaos" is an apt description of the result of his attempt to uproot Egyptian chronology and move it forward by five or six hundred years. In the ... be forever avoided --if Velikovsky is right, then it's time to begin the massive job of rewriting ancient history; if he is wrong, then ancient historians, biblical scholars and archaeologists should present their cases against him so that the average person (and particularly students) will have a basis for making a decision about where the truth is to be found. ...
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79. Focus [SIS C&C Review $]
... questioner also found it "striking" that "the strictly scientific assessment by chemical investigation of artefacts is quite rigorous in its control, but the actual assessment of the relation of archaeological data to history is sloppy and old-fashioned." Dr Meynell agreed; and pointed out that what he found striking in this field was the ease with which clear descriptions in ancient ... Dr Velikovsky and his ideas, and considered how I might be able to arrive at some way of testing them which wouldn't involve spending years learning a new branch of Near Eastern Archaeology or learning about atomic science. Eventually, it occurred to me that radiocarbon dates might provide one way in which one could at least get a clue to whether what Velikovsky says ... Velikovsky who are struck by the parallels on which he bases the revised chronology. The answer suggested Mr James, must lie- if anywhere- in the complacency of historians and archaeologists, who seemed to consider the ancient history of Egypt and its neighbours no less firmly fixed than history AD: with no inclination to experiment with different chronological models, they were ...
Terms matched: 4  -  Score: 1074  -  05 Mar 2003  -  50k  -  URL:
... Biblical "Queen of Sheba" with Hatshepsut, "Queen of Egypt and Ethiopia" (Part III)- as proclaimed by Immanuel Velikovsky-- In the Light of New Archaeological Discoveries Eva Danelius Editor's Note: The illustrations in Fig. I supersede and correct the drawing of the ''Timna Temple" depicted on p. 19 of KRONOS 1, 3. ... chronology .131 These same Pharaohs, however, have been dated, by Velikovsky, to the 8th to the first quarter of the 4th century B.C. If so, does Israel's archaeology from these centuries and/or Biblical history offer a more plausible explanation for the events which left their mark on the Timna Temple than that offered by the excavator and his expert ... Concerning the provenance of the queen, Velikovsky found the answer in Josephus, a writer whose reliability had been questioned by former generations but whose reputation has been restored and confirmed by archaeologists of today. Josephus-- his Jewish name was Joseph ben-Mattatiahu-- was born about 35 years before the destruction of the Second Temple by Titus into one of the leading ...
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