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... From: Proceedings of The Second Seminar of Catastrophism and Ancient History (1985) Home¦ Issue Contents The Problem of Adjusting the Date Limits of the Archaeological Ages to Meet Velikovsky's Revision Donovan A. Courville Introduction It is only recently that the necessity for revising the dates for the archaeological ages has come to the front as a factor in evaluating the feasibility ... intact as conventionally understood. In the discussion that followed, there was divided opinion. When it was pointed out that to prove such a concept would require a re-examination of the archaeology of many Palestine sites, my thinking has produced a modified form of that proposed in my published volumes. The purpose of this revised paper is to (1) analyze the ... have been misevaluated in popular archaeology. Initial correlations of the archaeological evidence with history must be based on incidents of Scripture which provide unique details of such nature as can be observed archaeologically. It may be assumed that Palestine archaeology has been properly correlated with Egyptian history, at least in an approximate manner and at least for the era of dynasties XVIII and later ...
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... actually a later wave c.1130 BC, i.e. about 50 years after Ramesses III's defeat of the Sea Peoples. His main reasoning for proposing this unlikely sounding theory is that the archaeological evidence suggests that IIIC1b pottery succeeds Egyptian administration and does not coexist with it, and that Egyptian control lasts until at least Ramesses VI, c.1140 BC. In reality it is ... From: SIS Chronology& Catastrophism Review 1996:1 Home¦ Issue Contents Recent Developments in Near Eastern Archaeology IRON AGE CHRONOLOGY ON THE MARCH AGAIN In C&C Workshop 1990:2 p. 23 I drew attention to articles downdating some aspects of Iron Age archaeology in Palestine. There have been further developments in this area. United Monarchy: Alternative ... several Philistine cities, etc. There is certainly a widespread destruction horizon at these sites. A few Israelis would admit some continuity of Iron IIC pottery through the Babylonian period. Archaeologists working in Jordan have for several years dated the end of Iron IIC about 50 years later at c. 539 BC, the beginning of the Persian period. However, they ...
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43. Abraham to Hezekiah: An Archaeological Revision Part II [Catastrophism & Ancient History Journal $]
... From: Catastrophism and Ancient History VI:1 (Jan 1984) Home¦ Issue Contents Abraham to Hezekiah: An Archaeological Revision Part II Stan F. Vaninger 4. The United Monarchy So far in our survey we have sought to show that the Israelite conquest of Canaan is to be synchronized with the end of the EBIII period and that the period ... of peak cultural development so closely follows a long period (EBIV/MBI-MBIIA) which matches so closely the time of the Judges, gives us some assurance that our history and archaeology are properly synchronized. The Iron IC period is the era of Solomon according to the conventional chronology and represents the high point in Iron Age culture. But Iron IC does not ... . 65. Van Setcrs, Abraham in History and Tradition, 107. 66. James A. Sauer, "Syro-Palestinian Archaeology, History, and Biblical Studies." Biblical Archaeologist, 45, 4 (Fall 1982), 207. 67. Paul W. Lapp, "Palestine in the Early Bronze Age." James A. Sanders, Ed ...
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44. Olympia [Kronos $]
... and in due course "archaic" art developed into "classical" art. This scheme was accepted, and today, with only slight variations, it is the credo of archaeological art. Dörpfeld insisted that the geometric ware ascribed to the first millennium was actually contemporaneous with, and even antecedent to, the Mycenaean art of the second millennium, and that ... detractors. But by that time he had already been completely discredited, and his obstinacy only made him a target for further attacks by younger scholars properly trained in the science of archaeology, who are able at a glance to tell the exact age and provenience of a shard. They have no doubt whatsoever that the Mycenaean Age came to a close before- ... other scholar, and was he wrong? Wrong was their common borrowing of dates for the Mycenaean Age from the Egyptologists. In view of the fact that the later generations of archaeologists followed Furtwangler and not Dorpfeld, it is worthwhile to reproduce the assessment of the latter by one who knew him and his work, herself a great figure in classical studies built ...
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... the Geometric Age was interrupted by the arrival of Greek colonists, bringing their own distinctive culture from Corinth and Rhodes and other places in Greece. Despite the marked changes in the archaeological finds after the cessation of imported Mycenaean ware, many of the old Mycenaean influences continued to flourish both in the native settlements of the late eighth and early seventh centuries and in ... Dark Age set in only to be brought to an end five centuries later with the Greek colonization of Sicily and Southern Italy"(5) Regarding the new Greek settlements, archaeology and tradition agree that the first ones were established near the end of the eighth century and the beginning of the seventh. The founding of colonies in the western Mediterranean was one ... the thirteenth century B.C.".(4) Were the same causes which brought to a close the age of Mycenaean greatness also active on the far-removed island of Sicily? Archaeologists can only speculate about causes; but on one point their verdict is clear- "A real Dark Age set in only to be brought to an end five centuries later with ...
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46. Discovering Archaeology [SIS Internet Digest $]
... Feb 1999: Our premier issue features articles on Ancient Astronauts, Amelia Earhart and a journey through the Ice Age. Read about ground-breaking radar technology that allows subsurface imaging of buried archaeological sites. March/April: Find out how children survived in some of history's harshest environments and read about human sacrifice in Iron Age Europe. Also in this issue of Discovering ... From: SIS Internet Digest 1999:2 (Oct 1999) Home¦ Issue Contents Discovering Archaeology Discovering Archaeology (ISSN-1521-9496) is published bi-monthly by Leach Publishing Group LTD., 1205 N. Oregon, El Paso 79902 USA, Tel: +1 915 533-8503. Fax: +1 915 544-9276. Email: editor@ ... Doomed French Venture into Texas Friendly Fire: The First Campfires Helped Hominids Survive the Night The Way Things Were: Prehistoric Family Life Comes Alive in Recreated Artifacts Guns& Digs: Archaeologists in the Bad Old Days Exploding Donkey Dung: An Archaeologist's Solution to Hiding Mines from Nazis The Renegade: Scotty MacNiesh Still Charges into Controversy Using the Past to Preserve the Future ...
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47. In Passing [SIS C&C Review $]
... 1786 BC for the end of the XIIth Dynasty has been calculated. A few years ago it might have sounded over-optimistic to suggest that the British journal Antiquity, stronghold of conventional archaeological thinking, would publish an article recommending the abandonment of the precious Sothic date 1872 BC by a leading Near Eastern archaeologist. But such is the argument of an article entitled " ... and Near Eastern chronology: a dilemma?" (Antiquity 53, March 1979, pp. 6-18) by JAMES MELLAART (Dr Mellaart lectures in Anatolian archaeology at the London Institute of Archaeology, and is best known for his excavation of the neolithic site of Çatal Hüyük.) In developing the arguments for higher dates for Early and Middle Bronze Age Egypt ... , but of the entire Middle East. Readers of the Review will already be familiar with this quotation from the eminent Egyptologist SIR ALAN GARDINER, typifying the dilemma of Near Eastern archaeologists over Sothic dating. Despite the manifest weaknesses of the Sothic dating theory, and although it is almost impossible to find an Egyptologist who will actually defend it, Sothic dates are ...
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48. Jericho [Kronos $]
... both in walking distance of a few hours: a fortified city that fell in a very definite moment of history is a desideratum and a prize that are matchless-- and archaeological fervor sensed that here great discoveries awaited the diggers. But it was not until 1907 that E. Sellin and C. Watzinger, German archaeologists, after having obtained the necessary ... the days of Merneptah (Israel Stele) are equally well-buried. In Conclusions to her Digging up Jericho, Kathleen Kenyon wrote with a sigh: "At just that stage when archaeology should have linked with the written record, archaeology fails us. This is regrettable. There is no question of the archaeology being needed to prove that the Bible is true but ... built his winter palace and a Roman theater close to the site. It was the Jericho that succumbed in the most dramatic circumstances, its great wall tumbling down, that beckoned archaeologists from the very first. A mound, visible from afar, covered the ancient city and its wall; an Arab village grew up nearby because of the clean springs that stream ...
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... , the Hyksos period is firmly anchored in the Middle Bronze. Assyrians of the empire period were firmly placed in the Iron Age. How could Heinsohn hope to bridge this enormous archaeological gap? With Heinsohn, stratigraphic evidence comes first. If he was wrong about the Hyksos, Heinsohn said, somewhere in Egypt we should find archaeological indications of Iron Age Assyria ... reconstruction of Mesopotamian history which Gunnar Heinsohn had been working on for several years. After studying Heinsohn's thesis, I found myself increasingly drawn to his analytical method. He claims the archaeology of Mesopotamia does not confirm the existence of 10 major pre-Hellenistic empires as the textbooks say it should. Evidence of only five great powers-- known in ancient times as Early ... such evidence does exist, an undertone of accusation in Martin's article makes it seem as if Heinsohn is tampering with obvious and unassailable truths. Martin invokes an all-star team of noted archaeologists in an effort to isolate and ridicule Heinsohn's thesis, even though Martin himself disagrees strongly with each of these scholars on one major point or another. The question is not whether ...
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50. Biblical Archaeologist [SIS Internet Digest $]
... , ministers and laypeople. Biblical archaeologist on CD-Rom (Volumes 40-55-- 1977-1992) is an invaluable resource of lasting importance for everyone who wants quick access to decades of key archaeological discoveries in the lands of the Bible. Formatted specifically for electronic use, this engaging, interactive CD-ROM is your guide to archaeology of the Holy Land, ancient biblical cities, ... Oriental Research (ASOR), has been publishing for 60 years. Started by the eminent archaeologist, G. Ernest Wright, BA is dedicated to bringing the excitement of biblical archaeology to scholars, ministers and laypeople. Biblical archaeologist on CD-Rom (Volumes 40-55-- 1977-1992) is an invaluable resource of lasting importance for everyone who wants quick access to decades ... - including letters, notes, special sections and book reviews Printable articles and illustrations (only for personal or classroom use) More than 325 major articles written by leading scholars and archaeologists 3,800 photographs, illustrations and maps. Click on highlighted text for images and captions to pop up interactively. Powerful Logos search engine and fully compatible with the Logos Library ...
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