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231. The Avebury Cycle by Michael Dames [SIS C&C Review $]
... of a defunct god (or comet), arrived abruptly and unexpectedly as there was no visible apparition to mark its periodic forays. In Clube& Napier's theory, the Taurid meteor streams impinged upon the atmosphere annually in June and in November. Alignments of sites towards samhain and midsummer would have become even more important- necessitating a precise method to predict them and the sun was perfectly capable of doing this. The second millennium BC is associated by neo-pagans with the eclipse of peaceful neolithic fertility goddesses and the arrival of malevolent and violent male sky gods. It seems they have recognised a shift in religion that is real, as the disappearance of the goddess as a visible feature in the sky at the end of the third millennium BC would have shifted emphasis to the unpredictable and violent meteor streams. For instance, Inanna the Sumerian serpent goddess could unleash violent winds in combination with torrential rain, and fiery missiles. (See also Bernard Newgrosh on Inanna in her final throes in SIS C&C Workshop 1988:1, p. 12- 'Earth- Venus ...
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232. Signals In The Night [Science Frontiers Website]
... : None of the above. We have a different story to tell. These blips, representing queries and responses, are not generated by human-built radars or by electrical fish, but rather by animals much 'lower' on the evolutionary ladder-- fireflies. This illustration is Fig. 3 in a lengthy review article and carries the following unilluminating caption: "Examples of Entrainment of femme C's (see Table 3) Responses to Multiple Counterfeit Flashes." It seems that we have some sort of electronic warfare between the femme (predatory female fireflies that lure other fireflies with false signals) and the preyed-upon species. The many pages describe all sorts of feints, verification signals, and other stratagems. (Carlson, Albert D., and Copeland, Jonathan; "Communication in Insects," Quarterly Review of Biology, 60:415, 1985.) Comment. It is impossible to do justice to this paper in this short review, but two things should be mentioned: (1) Fireflies may be considered "low" on the evolutionary ladder, but ...
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233. Historical Supplement [The Age of Velikovsky] [The Age of Velikovsky] [Books]
... to depose Akhnaton, he may have encouraged Smenkhare and Tutankhamen, two of Akhnaton's sons, to alternate their rule. In the legend, Creon created a similar situation with Polynices and Eteocles. Ay and Creon then each encourage Tutankhamen and Eteocles, respectively, to retain the throne; this incited Smenkhkare and Polynices, who each acquired armies and attempted to regain power. In the ensuing battles, real and supposedly legendary, all four characters were killed. Aythen married the widow of Tutankhamen since the power in Egypt was acquired through the female blood line. In the Greek version, Creon married the widow of Eteocles. Both Ay and Creon had also had previous wives who died young. Eventually Ay and Creon were both dishonored after their own deaths. THE BURIALS In the legend, Creon decreed that Polynices should not be buried, but that the great hero and defender of the land, Eteocles, should have the most lavish burial possible. In real life, Ay made the burial of Tutankhamen an unforgettable event In fact about the only thing King Tut is noted ...
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234. Monitor [SIS C&C Review $]
... of all the archaeological evidence from early North America only serves to confirm that the earliest inhabitants of what is now Alaska only arrived after 9000 BC. Meanwhile a fresh look at evidence from South America only serves to confirm that people arrived there by at least 12,500 BC. Isn't it time the establishment gave up their dogmatic belief that man only arrived in America via the Bering Sea land bridge? ARCHAEOLOGY More on the ice-maiden Radio Times 25-31.1.97, p. 24 and BBC2 Horizon, 30.1.97 We reported the finding of a frozen female burial in the Altai in Workshop 1995:1. Subsequent research revealed that she had probably been a high ranking individual, being a story-teller or purveyor of tribal traditions in a non-literate culture. Her coffin was made from a specially felled tree and seeds of coriander found within were more likely to have been to mask the smell of decomposition than drug-related. Silk appears to have come from as far south as India and delicate tattoos of fabulous antlered creatures relate to rock carvings found in the Altai. A deer was depicted on a ...
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... . It seems very probable that the circumpolar stars were quite early regarded as representing the powers of darkness, because they were there, visible in the dark, always disappearing and never appearing at sunrise. If that were so, no doubt prayers would be as necessary to propitiate them as those powers or gods which were more beneficent; and, as a matter of fact, one finds that the god Set-- identified sometimes with Typhon, Anubis, and Tebha-- was amongst the greatest gods of ancient Egypt. The female form of Typhon-- his wife-- was called Taurt or Thoueris, represented generally as a hippopotamus. It is probable that the crocodile was a variant of the hippopotamus in some nomes, both having reference to our modern constellation Draco. If we return for a moment to the zodiac of Denderah, we find that the constellations which I indicated-- the Thigh, the Hippopotamus and the Jackal-- represent our present constellations of the Great Bear, Draco and the Little Bear, which were all of them circumpolar ...
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236. Taking The Radon Cure [Science Frontiers Website]
... Dr. Bernard Cohen of the University of Pittsburgh compared average lung-cancer rates in many counties with the average radon rates found in the respective counties. It's an ambitious study- 39,000 measurements in 415 counties. "The results: In counties where lung cancer in women would have been expected to be up 25 percent from the radon levels, the incidences of cancer were actually down 30 percent. There are others. Finland has average indoor-radon levels of 2.5 picocuries per liter- 2.5 times higher than the world average. Yet the female lung-cancer rate in Finland is only 70 percent that of other industrialized countries." (Gilmore, C.P.; "Radon: Cancer Killer?" Popular Science, p. 8, May 1989. Cr. R.W Schiller) From Science Frontiers #63, MAY-JUN 1989.© 1989-2000 William R. Corliss Other Sites of Interest SIS. Catastrophism, archaeoastronomy, ancient history, mythology and astronomy. Lobster. The journal of intelligence and political conspiracy (CIA, FBI, JFK, MI5, NSA, etc) ...
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237. The Wood Turtle Stomp [Science Frontiers Website]
... Page Science Frontiers Online All Issues This Issue Sourcebook Project Sourcebook Subjects The Wood Turtle Stomp J.H. Kaufmann is a zoologist with strong proclivities for wood-turtle watching. Not a very strenuous vocation you say! Be that as it may, wood turtles make up for their lack of speed with some interesting talents. Besides being able to home accurately over unfamiliar terrain, they also know how to "grunt"- not vocal grunting, but a much more curious activity. Kaufmann relates one of his observations: "I came upon an adult male. When I first saw him he was sitting quietly beside a creek, but he soon wandered into a damp thicket of alder, spicebush, and false hellebore. Before disappearing from sight, however, he began to rock back and forth. I followed, trying to stay just close enough to see what he was up to without disturbing him. Fortunately, he did not scare easily, which allowed me to approach within a few yards as he meandered, walking and rocking. First, I noticed that the rocking was ...
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238. Calendar calculating by "idiot savants" [Science Frontiers Website]
... date feats are often socially withdrawn and devote considerable periods of time to calendar dates. The most capable calendar-date calculators are usually individuals who have a strong interest in calendars as such." Although some calendar calculators may use visual imagery- perhaps something like eidetic imagery- at least one calendar calculator was blind from birth. Example. "One of the few serious attempts that have been made to understand the mental operations underlying calendar skills is described by William Horwitz and others. They examined the abilities of a pair of mentally retarded identical male twins, both of whom performed calendar-calculating feats. During the twins' early childhood, despite severe family difficulties caused partly by the father's alcoholism, the parents, whose efforts to teach numerical and reading abilities to their sons were largely unsuccessful, were impressed by seeing one of the boys looking at a perpetual calendar in an almanac. Subsequently the parents encouraged the boys to acquire calendar skills. The feats of one twin were especially remarkable: he was reported to have had a range of at least 6000 years- beyond the range ...
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239. Wandering Albatrosses Really Wander [Science Frontiers Website]
... Science Frontiers ONLINE No. 70: Jul-Aug 1990 Issue Contents Other pages Home Page Science Frontiers Online All Issues This Issue Sourcebook Project Sourcebook Subjects Wandering Albatrosses Really Wander Tracks of three Wandering albatrosses in the southern Indian Ocean. Six male wandering albatrosses nesting on Crozet Island, between South Africa and Antarctica, were fitted with tiny (180-gram) transmitters and tracked by satellite. Their flights were amazing: "Tracks of wandering albatrosses in the southwestern Indian Ocean showed that they covered between 3,600 and 15,000 km in a single foraging trip during an incubation shift. They flew at speeds of up to 80 km per h and over distances of up to 900 km per day. They remained active at night, particularly on moonlit nights..." (Jouventin, Pierre, and Weimerskirch, Henri; "Satellite Tracking of Wandering Albatrosses,; Nature, 343:746, 1990.) From Science Frontiers #70, JUL-AUG 1990.© 1990-2000 William R. Corliss Other Sites of Interest SIS. Catastrophism, archaeoastronomy, ancient history, mythology ...
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240. Editor's Notes [SIS C&C Review $]
... From: SIS Chronology& Catastrophism Review 1997:1 (Oct 1997) Home¦ Issue Contents Editor's Notes Probably few articles caused more disappointment in SIS circles than John Bimson's 1986 'Hatshepsut and the Queen of Sheba', which presented strong evidence and argument against Velikovsky's proposal that the mysterious and exotic queen who visited King Solomon was none other than the famous Egyptian female pharaoh. This removed one of the key identifications in Velikovsky's Ages in Chaos historical reconstruction and was a key factor in the rejection of his proposed chronology by Bimson and others in favour of the more moderate 'New Chronology'. It also took away what had seemed a romantic and satisfactory solution to the mystery of the identitity and origins of Solomon's visitor, leaving her once more as an historical enigma. In this issue, Damien Mackey returns to the question, challenging Bimson's conclusions, giving a new twist to Velikovsky's scheme- and throwing up some controversial identifications of other famous Egyptian (and Greek) historical figures. No doubt it will not be the last word on the matter but maybe it will ...
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