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... come to regard this state as normal. For Treviño, the crucial mishap in human prehistory was the Wuerm glaciation (conventionally dated [at about 75,000 years ago or 10,000 years ago), which forced Eurasian grain collectors out of the fertile grasslands and into rocky caves, where they became hunter-scavengers. For him, the caveman is as repellent an image as Tarzan [is for Morgan, who employs the term Tarzanism to describe what she regards as the erroneous view that modern human physiognomy was wholly shaped by adult male hunters on the African savanna. As Treviño sees it, our lost paradise was the matricentric seed-eating order that prevailed before the last ice age. The crucial familial link in that order, as portrayed by Treviño, was the mother/ child dyad. What made that life [both individually [and collectively paradisiacal, he believes, was the fact that youngsters were nursed and gratified not only throughout infancy but [also throughout early childhood. Here the author's views recall those of orgonomist Wilhelm Reich, whose Infant Trust Fund was set ...
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222. Chapter XXI: Star-Cults [Dawn of Astronomy (Book)] [Books]
... full value of the information thus afforded will be seen afterwards. Hathor of Denderah= Sekhet of Memphis Hathor of Denderah= Neith of Sais. Hathor of Denderah= Saosis of Heliopolis. Hathor of Denderah= Nehem-an of Hermopolis. Hathor of Denderah= Bast. Bes-t of Bubastis. Hathor of Denderah= Anub-et of Lycopolis. Hathor of Denderah= Amen-t of Thebes. Hathor of Denderah= Bouto of Unas. Hathor of Denderah= Sothis of Elephantine Hathor of Denderah= Apet Hathor of Denderah= Mena-t Hathor of Denderah= Horus (female) of Edfû. One variant is of especial importance in the present connection, and is emphasised in a special inscription in one of the chambers of the temple of Hathor-- not, be it remarked, in the temple of Isis. "Elle est la Sothis de Denderah, qui remplit ie ciel et la terre de ses bien faits. Elle est la régente et la reine des villes.... Au Sud elle est la reine du maître divin; an nord elle est la reine des divins ancêtres. ...
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223. False Pregnancies In Males [Science Frontiers Website]
... , but only 3 in males. A fourth has now come to light. It is the story of a 40-year-old, married man, who wished to have another child but his wife didn't. Subsequently, the man's abdomen began to protrude and his weight increased by 20 pounds. Symptoms similar to those of morning sickness also developed. The condition eventually subsided as he and his wife "talked out" their disagreement. The man had a previous history of depression and schizophrenia. (Evans, Dwight Landis; "Pseudocyesis in the Male," Journal of Nervous and Mental Disease, 172:37, 1984.) Reference. An interesting allied subject is "male lactation." See BMF12 in our Catalog: Biological Anomalies: Mammals II. This book is described here. From Science Frontiers #32, MAR-APR 1984.© 1984-2000 William R. Corliss Other Sites of Interest SIS. Catastrophism, archaeoastronomy, ancient history, mythology and astronomy. Lobster. The journal of intelligence and political conspiracy (CIA, FBI, JFK, MI5, NSA, etc ...
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224. Cooler Heads, Bigger Brains? [Science Frontiers Website]
... , a better brain-cooling system. The evolutionary development that probably led to this advantage was a more extensive network of emissary veins, which permitted better dissipation of heat. This, in turn, allowed the evolution of larger brains and dominance by Homo sapiens. Other anthropologists, how ever doubt that such a minor change in the circulatory system could account for the emergence of modern man. (Shipman, Pat; "Hotheads," Discover, 12:18, April 1991.) Comment. What an intriguing concept! Perhaps human male baldness also confers more cooling efficiency and is setting the stage for a new expansion of the human brain-- at least the male brain, sorry girls! More seriously, did the better blood cooling system develop in response to an enlarging brain, or vice versa? Even more seriously, it is simplistic to say that an organism just went ahead and evolved this way or that way. A bigger brain requires not only more cooling but a bigger skull, more neurons, more connections between them, and additional infrastructure. ...
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225. The Pleiades in Aboriginal Mythology [SIS C&C Workshop $]
... northern New South Wales it is stated definitely that great climatic changes occurred when one of the stars in the constellation Pleiades was abducted by the Dream Time Hero. The remaining stars went far to the west and brought freezing conditions and ice to the Clarence Basin and caused annihilation of the population. It goes on to relate that after the return of their sister, the Pleiades returned to the east and asked the Sun to melt the ice.(2) In Aboriginal mythology there are many stories of the Pleiades: they are given female attributes and are known as seven sisters. In this there is a pronounced similarity to legends from all over the world: "Those stars are only apparently six (for the seventh is sometimes so dim as to be invisible), yet all the world over, among civilized and savage races, in Europe, in India, China, Japan, America, and Africa, this diminutive group is not merely regarded as seven stars, but what is still more surprising, as "The Seven Stars", though the far ...
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... a great pit (II Sam. 18:14-17). The King's Illness: "As one confined thine aspect is changed, Even as temple servitors thy lusty countenance. O father, dost thou die as mortals?" (GR, C, i, 1-3) "Carefully they put wrappings on the temples Of the sick man, even on his head." (GR, C. vi, 8-9) Z02 The gods are at a loss how to cure Keret, until El makes from clay: "A female who removes illness, Who drives out malady." (GI, C, v, 29-30) The female being, called Sha'taqat, nurses Keret back to health: "She returns, she washes him. She has given him a new appetite for meat, She opens his desire for food. As for Death, he is confounded." (GR, C, vi, 10-13) "Now king David was old and stricken in years; and they covered him with clothes, but he gat no heat. ...
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227. Menelaos in Egypt [SIS C&C Workshop $]
... 720 BC [16. It will be shown also that the 6th Dynasty (of Pepi I and II) is an alter-ego of the Great Hyksos Dynasty (of Apopi I and II), and that these were the Assyrian invaders of c.700 BC. In the same place we shall find that the 'Middle Kingdom' rulers (i.e. Dynasties 12 and 13) formed the historical Dodecarchy, the Twelve Kings who ruled Egypt before the rise of Psammetichus. It will also be shown that the 12th Dynasty, which ended with the female ruler Sebeknofrure, was identical to the early half of the 18th Dynasty (i.e. before Thutmose III) which ended with the female ruler Hatshepsut. Thus the first half of the 18th Dynasty also formed part of the Dodecarchy. It would thus appear that there were two expulsions of the Hyksos from Egypt. The first, under Ahmose, was with the assistance of Mycenaean Greek troops brought to Egypt by his mother Ah-hotep. It is possible that Ah-hotep was married to one of the Theban princes (perhaps Seqenenre/Mentuhotep) ...
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228. Letters [Velikovsky Archive Website]
... ... He came to astronomy from journalism. I don ’ t think he appreciated the way the physical sciences are constructed...” On Shapley ’ s Personality: “He was very shy and kept his distance from people... All of his colleagues called him Dr. Shapley (Layzer recalls a gaff where one junior colleague called him by his first name); even now everyone in talking about him, after his death, refers to him as Dr. Shapley.” On his large group of female assistants: “...Shapley believed... I remember him saying once... If you make a hundred observations it has some value, if you make ten thousand observations... then you have something solid and important...his central formula was to do things thoroughly... do routine tasks in a very thorough way.. .a sort of Draconian approach to science which nobody today would consider valid...the other professors on staff were in a much inferior position to him... and had to ...
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229. The Saturn Thesis (Part 2) [Aeon Journal $]
... symbol. The three-fold power of the goddess meant three radiating streams of Venus' Glory. One goddess, one planet or star, with three emanations or rays. Despite all of the att-empts to find a connection with human biology, or with lunar cycles, or with some other numerological principle, nothing more than this single idea is required in order to comprehend the theme in all of its vari-ations. From her study of these symbols, Walker concluded that "the three-way design of the triangle and its many relatives usually represented the female principle," i.e., the archetypal goddess. Thus the triangle was the unique form of the Hindu Goddess, from which the active masculine powers arose. Inverted, the triangle gives the mystic yoni, ancient symbol of the mother womb. AEON: Isn't this the same image we find on the U.S. dollar bill? Tutankhamon on his throne giving audience to Huy, Governor of Ethiopia. Huy is shown holding a feathered wand, the Egyptian insignia of high rank and authority. Talbott: Yes, that's one of ...
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230. Forum [SIS C&C Review $]
... Greek lawgiver, too: a three-way split. I suppose, if we look hard enough, we can find a few more identities to pack into the one mythical figure? Have a look in Mesopotamia for anyone whose name starts with S. There is at least one Shalmaneser who might have been Solomon. Damien Mackey has spent a lot of time and effort on trying to prove the unprovable. While John Bimson showed that Velikovsky may have been right that Hatshepsut, Solomon (at least as described by the Bible) and a female ruler from somewhere in Arabia may have been contemporaries (maybe female rulers became fashionable at that time? but why?), there is nothing either in the Bible or in Egyptian sources that shows that Hatshepsut visited Solomon, or that Punt was in Phoenicia/Lebanon/Israel. Birgit Liesching 1. Bimson, J., 'Hatshepsut and the Queen of Sheba', C&C Review Vol. VIII, 1986, pp. 12-26. 2. Clapham, P., letter, C&CW 1991:1 ...
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