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Tue 14 Jul 2020
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The Electric Sky
Donald E. Scott
How Plasma Cosmology and the Electric Sun theories challenge the Big Bang model

"God Star
" by
Dwardu Cardona
which sets out to show that the sky which ancient man saw, was enitirely differnt from the one we see now.

Thunderbolts of the Gods

The new Monograph by
David Talbott and Wallace Thornhill

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This ongoing project was originally begun in 1995, with the aim of producing a CD-Rom. It was delivered in 1999. In 2004, a Web-based online version was developed.

The object of the project is to promote the fields of modern catastrophism and revised ancient history, as described in the pages of the SIS Chronology & Catastrophism Review and Workshop, Aeon, Pensée, Kronos, The Velikvoskian, and other similar publications.

Unfortunately, most of these publication were not originally available in computerised format, so the task begun to:

  • Use a scanner to create images of these publication (each page takes about 1 minute)
  • Use optical character recognition (OCR) software to try and create editable text from the scanned images. Unfortunately this process has varying degrees of success from complete failure to a couple of errors per page.
  • Either proof-read the editable text, or type it in from scratch if the OCR failed
  • Convert files from several different formats into HTML (suitable for Web pages)
  • Tidy up pages into a form suitable for this project, ie:
    • remove page number out of the body of the text
    • move footnotes to a more suitable location
    • Redo tables and charts
  • Add text enhancements to the text, including: bold text, italics, underlines, subscripts and superscripts, headers, and various mathematical and Greek texts (ie: c d e f g | ¹ ¬ ® ¥)
  • Handle graphics: images, photographs, illustrates, and charts that can not be reproduced in text alone.
  • Create contents pages, and link to each article

This project has proved quite time consuming with an estimated 250+ journals issues, 2000 articles, and 10,000 pages, plus another 2,000 pages from Web sites.


This project would not have been possible without a great number of volunteers who gave up their time to help scan and proof-read many texts. Thank you to you all!

Eric Crew
Birgit Liesching
David Salkeld

Proof readers
Eric Aitchinson
Sjef van Asten
Geoff Bennett
Phillip Clapham
Ev Cochrane
Terry Cropper
John Crowe
Pam Hanna
Phil Hill
Jane Hilton

Karen Josephson
Roland H. Jurisch
Sarah Lange
Lisa Liel
Birgit Liesching
David Livingstone
Brian Moore
Alan Newby
Jeremy Parnell
Jayesh Patel
Chris Phillips

Bob Porter
David Roth
David Salkeld
Dennis Session
Alan Shaw
Rick Smith
Paul Standring
Betty Tresman
Sjef van Asten
John Walker

Scanning & OCR*
Simon Booth       Cheryl McCulloch
Steve Clarke      Julie A Clay
John Didlock      Jackie Jarvis
Terry MacKenzie   June Palmer
Jayesh Patel      Andy Reade
Adelaide Tresman  
* (Optical Character Recognition)

Personal thanks

And a special thank you to my wife Caroline for tolerating my days and nights at the computer, and our children Adelaide (14) and Cameron (10) who may one day understand what this is all about.

And by no means last, a thank you to my parents Betty and Harold Tresman who both spent much of their time helping to get the Society for Interdisciplinary Studies onto its feet. It was my father who first introduced me to catastrophism in about 1974, my father who scanned more books than anyone else, and my mother who proof-read more journals on this disc than anyone else.

Ian Tresman

August 2004