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... above paper was kindly sent to me but without any accompanying letter. The paper is of around 20,000 words, including a list of over 100 references and two appendices. The author is Prof. Emilio Spedicato of the University of Bergamo and the paper is published as a 'quaderno' (quarterly?) of the Department of 'Matematica, Statistica e Informatica e Applicazioni' by the 'Istituto Universitario di Bergamo'. It is the 1990 revision of a 1985 paper. Of interest to me was the author's readiness to cite both Velikovsky and Clube/Napier. Surely this is the right approach to the investigation of the possibility of recent catastrophism: an attempt to couple Velikovsky's impressive catalogue of catastrophic myths, legends and perhaps historical accounts with agents (Apollo objects) which are readily available in the mainstream of astronomical thought. Spedicato implies that Velikovsky himself might have followed such a route if the Apollos had been better known in the period before Worlds in Collision [1 was published ('the Apollo objects, were unknown to Velikovsky' [2). But Velikovsky was ...
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... orb. The next step was to hunt throughout ancient literature all over again-and oh, how many more times did I make this trip !-looking for records that might hint at the one-time existence of this placental whirlpool. Unfortunately, what I discovered was not explicit enough and the placental cloud theory was put temporarily on hold. V In the meantime my article on Saturn's flare up, titled "Let There Be Light," was published in the Spring 1978 issue of KRONOS. While I did not expect a pat on the back from Velikovsky for having furthered his theory, I did not expect resentment either. As I later learned through the grapevine, his pronouncement on reading it was: "Cardona has made the flare-up his own." This disconcerted me because I had given him full credit for having originated the idea. But, as Stephen Talbott had written in the closing issue of Pensée, "The continuing non-publication of major portions of Velikovsky's research.. .has become, after two decades, a serious damper to all discussion." Those of us who ...
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... From: Pensée Volume 3, Number 3. Fall, 1973 Texts Home¦ Pensée Home PENSÉE Student Academic Freedom Forum Publisher: Student Academic Freedom Forum, David N. Talbott, President Editor: Stephen L. Talbott Associate Editors: Ralph Juergens, William Mullen C. J. Ransom, Lynn E. Rose Volume 3, Number 3. Fall, 1973 Immanuel Velikovsky Reconsidered V ARTICLES 5 Metallurgy and Chronology Immanuel Velikovsky 10 A Criticism of the Revised Chronology William H. Stiebing, Jr. 13 The El-Amarna Letters and the Ancient Records of Assyria and Babylonia Albert W. Burgstahler 16 The Velocity of Light In Relation to Moving Bodies Immanuel Velikovsky 19 A Missed Opportunity? Immanuel Velikovsky 20 Eclipses in Ancient Times Immanuel Velikovsky 42 On Cosmic Electricity Martin Krustal, Ralph Juergens, C. E. R. Bruce, Eric W. Crew REVIEW 22 Support for Velikovsky 22 Comets and Catastrophes 24 Eiros and Charmion A short story Edgar Allan Poe 27 The Venus Greenhouse Theory. Further evidence against it 28 Velikovsky and the media 29 On that BBC Film 30 Miscellaneous. ...
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274. I. Velikovsky: "The Dark Age of Greece" [Velikovsky Archive Website]
... PREFACE The task of my few words is to ask prominent scholars to reconsider their opinions about the dark age of Greece in the light of Velikovsky ? s present book. My personal difficulty is mainly caused by the fact that a short preface cannot be a scholarly treatise and therefore it is impossible to ask here all the questions which arise when Velikovsky ? s theory is applied to our special problem. And as I am not an archaeologist, but a Greek scholar, I am not able to control how far Velikovsky is right in questions of stratigraphy. Here I depend on his quotations of archaeological reports and it is not possible for me to decide how far his selection of passages from these reports is subjective. My difficulty is that now I have to accept the view that the period of Geometric style overlaps, at least partially, the Mycenaean and Minoan period. This is new for me, but I admit that it is not impossible that two different artistic approaches can exist at the same time. But the most important problem in connection with the present ...
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275. Hittites and Phrygians [Catastrophism & Ancient History Journal $]
... third millennium (orthodox scheme) is said to have witnessed widespread desertion, depopulation, and abandonment of sites in the Transcaucasus (Piotrovski), sites associated with a culture that was both uniformly and widely distributed throughout the northern rim of Mesopotamia from eastern Anatolia through Armenia to the Urmiah basin and the Araxes Valley, for it seems a relatively long period of prehistoric time-- some one thousand years, per orthodox chronology. The eclipse of this culture, dramatic and sudden, has analogies with the picture of the past painted by Velikovsky: the occurrence of natural disaster invoking human dislocation and migration. The second millennium dark age serves to highlight and demonstrate the intrusive nature of Urartian culture, the confused length in time attributed to that dark age pointing perhaps toward sporadic settlement in the wake of disturbed conditions. That the Kingdom of Urartu was imperialistic can be deduced by the fortress-like citadels constructed in strategic positions, presumably harboring military garrisons. But where did they come from, we may wonder'! The barbarian north? The Semitic south? Or Anatolia? Velikovsky ...
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276. Foreword [Velikovsky Archive Website]
... Foreword Days and Years is Immanuel Velikovsky ? s autobiography down to 1939, when he was forty-four years old. That was the year he and his family came to the United States. He was then just on the threshold of the far-reaching discoveries that were to change the course of his life. Certainly there will be no shortage of biographical materials from the last forty years of Velikovsky ? s life, a period that was so rich in research, writing, correspondence, lecturing, and controversy. But Velikovsky did not continue his own life story past the year 1939. We have his working title Off the Mooring for the post-1939 portion of his autobiography, but this was never written. Velikovsky was always greatly interested in finding just the right titles for his books, and Off the Mooring would have been a particularly apt title for the story of his bold and unfettered voyages of discovery. Perhaps some future biographer of Velikovsky may still use that title. Though Days and Years stops at 1939, the years that followed are covered in part by some of ...
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277. A Technical Note [Velikovsky Archive Website]
... A Technical Note I have been asked by the compliers of the Velikovsky archive to briefly describe the present condition of Velikovsky ? s unpublished manuscript entitled In the Beginning. As Velikovsky explains, parts of this volume were already complete in the 1940s and originally formed part of Worlds in Collision. The present manuscript also incorporates material written for a volume entitled The Test of Time, which dealt with the new information on the planets coming from the space probes, and contained frequent allusions to the earlier catastrophes; this work will probably never see publication. Other material included in this manuscript comes from Velikovsky ? s lectures and other scattered writings. During the time that I worked for Velikovsky (1976-1978) one of my tasks was to complete the cataloguing of his library notes, mostly from the 1940s. The headings of the catalogue generally corresponded to the section headings in Worlds in Collision and In the Beginning. The completion of In the Beginning was a cooperative effort between Velikovsky and myself. After Velikovsky ? s passing, when I returned to Princeton to work on his ...
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... and the Flood," Appendix II to S. Mewhinney, Ice Cores and Common Sense (private publication, 1989), and reprinted in Catastrophism and Ancient History XII:1 (January 1990), pp. 28-32. This slightly edited version is being republished here because of its relevance to the Saturn theory which has been, and continues to be, discussed in the pages of this periodical. Ed. The Venus and Mars catastrophes described in Worlds in Collision were only the latest in a series which, according to Immanuel Velikovsky, at one time or another involved every planet visible to the naked eye. Critiques of the Worlds in Collision scenario began appearing even before its publication in book form. This may have something to do with the fact that Velikovsky never finished the work describing those earlier catastrophes, because they make Worlds in Collision look pretty tame by comparison. Someday, his executors may release the manuscript of Jupiter of the Thunderbolt and Saturn and the Flood. In the meantime, some articles which appeared in KRONOS provide a few details. The ...
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... From: Pensée Vol. 4 No 1: (Winter 1973-74) "Immanuel Velikovsky Reconsidered VI" Home¦ Issue Contents Venus Clouds: Test for Hydrocarbons William T. Plummer Dr. Plummer, a member of the Department of Physics and Astronomy, University of Massachusetts when this paper was written, is now Senior Scientist, Polaroid Corporation. Reprinted by permission of the author and Science from Science, vol. 163 (14 March 1969), pl). 1191-92. Copyright 1969 by the American Association for the Advancement of Science. "On the basis of this research, I assume that Venus must be rich in petroleum gases. If and as long as Venus is too hot for the liquefaction of petroleum, the hydrocarbons will circulate in gaseous form. The absorption lines of the petroleum spectrum lie far in the infrared where usual photographs do not reach. When the technique of photography in the infrared is perfected so that hydrocarbon bands can be differentiated, the spectrogram of Venus may disclose the presence of hydrocarbon gases in its atmosphere, if these gases lie ...
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... Quantavolution.Org E-MAIL: TABLE OF CONTENTS COSMIC HERETICS: Part 1: by Alfred de Grazia CHAPTER ONE ROYAL INCEST Alfred de Grazia was entering his forty-fourth year when he met a self-styled cosmic heretic, Immanuel Velikovsky, who was already sixty-seven, and for the next twenty years a wide band of life's spectrum was colored by their relationship. As with a love affair, all that happened in the beginning presaged what would happen later, stretched out on the scale of time, themes doubling back upon themselves, attractions and reservations never to be erased, continuing accumulations. The men changed, the world of science changed, too, and also the political world, yet this latter less; for, after all, one man died and the other grew old, whereas science and politics, those statistical behemoths of collective behavior, go on forever, compounded of many millions of individuals whose average age hardly varies, exhibiting trends whose progress, if it could be called such, is hardly discernible and might indeed have constituted a regression. At least so ...
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