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61. On Velikovsky And Darwin [Kronos $]
... are also just as carefully uniformitarian: nothing is allowed to happen in the past that is not happening today. Such theories, "established" and "accepted" but never confirmed by fact or observation, are among the obstacles that the Velikovsky Revolution has faced. Velikovsky has described all this as"... a psychological phenomenon that I observed again and again. Exactly those who, like Darwin, witnessed the omnipresent shambles of an overwhelming fury of devastation on a continental scale, became the staunchest defenders of the principle of uniformitarianism, that became not just a law, but a principle that grew to a statute of faith in the natural sciences, as if the reasoning that what we do not observe in our time could not have happened in the past can in any measure claim to be philosophically or scientifically true. "Obviously, a motive is at play that makes appear as scientific principle what is but wishful thinking."(2) Wishful thinking that ignores experience is not the way to discover the truth, even if that wishful thinking has ...
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62. Bookshelf [SIS C&C Review $]
... £16.50 This is an entertaining account of ten of the liveliest feuds in the history of science, including Wegener's theory of continental drift, Johanson and Leakey at loggerheads over human evolution and, naturally, Galileo versus the Pope. Science is shown to be as bedevilled by human foibles as any other subject. Night Comes to the Cretaceous by James Lawrence Powell, WH Freeman, $22.95 This is an account of the evidence for a massive impact at the end of the Cretaceous and how it has transformed modern geology from a geocentric uniformitarianism to a discipline which considers the role of cosmic catastrophe in the history of the Earth. Lost Civilisations of the Stone Age by Richard Rudgely, Century, £17.99 Rudgley brings together evidence from archaeology, anthropology and ancient history to argue that Stone Age people were more advanced in their technological and exploratory achievements than they have been given credit for. The book brings into question many of the assumptions about our own cultural superiority. Ancient Traces by Michael Baigent, Viking, £15.99 Baigent assesses earlier times than he has previously dealt ...
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... From: SIS Chronology& Catastrophism Review 1999:1 (Jul 1999) Home¦ Issue Contents The Mammoths' Demise- a correct solution requires more facts by Gordon P. Williams The disappearance of the mammoths from the tundra of Northern Russia and Siberia has produced many explanations from professionals and amateurs. The purpose of this paper is to introduce new facts into the debate. The most convincing argument against Lyell's uniformitarianism, which has had a controlling influence on nearly all geological explanations, comes not from his contemporaries but from the works of the Greek Philosophers and Roman poets. This evidence was cited by Thomas Burnet in his argument in support of the Mosaic chronology [1. 'They say, The Poles of the World did once change their situation, and were at first in another posture from what they are now, till that inclination happen'd; This the Ancient Philosophers often made mention of, as Anaxagoras, Empedocles, Diogenes, Leucippus, Democritus [2; as may be seen in Laertius, and in Plutarch; and the Stars, they say, at ...
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64. Articles in other magazines, and meetings [Catastrophism Geology $]
... , Mackley M.R., Stewart I., Berry M. Woodcock A.E.R., 1977: In support of catastrophe theory (letters). Nature 276: 381-4. After a banquet in ancient Greece, guests received some eatable or drinkable gifts, APOPHORETA- 'things to be carried off', to take home. On this page a column is published in which provocative hypotheses are presented. They may serve to stimulate thought and research and the correspondence for the 'Comments' column of this journal. MEETINGS 1978 April 11. "Uniformitarianism- a contemporary perspective", symposium organised by the Society of Economic Paleontologists and Mineralogists (a division of the Amer. Assoc. of Petroleum Geologists). Convenor: H.Edward Clifton, USGS (Marine Geology), 345 Middlefield Road, Menlo Park CA 94025, USA. May 10-13. "Sasquatch and Similar Phenomena", a conference on humanoid monsters organised by Prof. Dr. Michael Ames, Museum of Anthropology, University of British Columbia, Vancouver, B.C., Canada. The primary focus will be on the ...
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... BEAKER FOLK, SURVIVORS OF CATASTROPHE? by W. L. Goodman 9 SOME RELIGIOUS THEMES IN THE LIGHT OF VELIKOVSKY ET ALIA by Hugh Eggleton 10 FOCUS: Last Words on the "New Scientist" and Velikovsky 13 MONITOR: Life on Uninhabitable Islands* "The Tektite Controversy"* Terminal Eocene Event* Ice Ages and Climate* Symposium on Dating Methods* Meteorites Contain Crystals* Kadesh-Barnea?* Refereeing Decisions* Jupiter's Long Magnetic Tail* Brick Magnetism- a New Tool?* Megalithic Astronomy Debate* Rapid Continental Drift?* Uniformitarianism in Varves?* Frosty Report for Hoyle Theory* Meteorites from Mars?* Cretaceous Catastrophe* The Atmosphere of Venus* Hominid Evolution- Exercise in Futility* Variations in G* Mountains Come from Sea Bed?* More Support for Pole Shift* Paleolithic Conjuring 15 SOCIETY NEWS 26 REVIEWS 27 LETTERS: The Great Red Spot on Jupiter* Some Theological Implications of Catastrophism 28 Copyright (C) 1981 Society for Interdisciplinary Studies THE VELIKOVSKY DEBATE TODAY ISSN 0260-2806 WORKSHOP was launched to provide for informal publication of articles that, for a ...
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66. The New Orthodoxy's Respect for Fact [SIS C&C Workshop $]
... Gould, with no sign of disapprobation, "relied upon two bits of cunning to establish his uniformitarian view as the only true (sic) geology." "First he set up a straw man to demolish" by equating catastrophism with the "supernatural" and creationist theories "held by many laymen, and... advocated by some quasi-scientific theologians" of the time. "It is not Lyell's fault", apologises Gould, "that later generations accepted his straw man as an accurate representation of the scientific opposition to uniformitarianism." A rare breed, Lyell; a lawyer who didn't know that muck would stick! "Secondly, Lyell's 'uniformity' is a hodgepodge of claims. One is a methodological statement that must be accepted by any scientist, catastrophist and uniformitarian alike. Others (sic) are substantive notions that have since been tested and abandoned." In fact, on the next page, Gould tells us that only one 'uniformity' is "a substantive claim that can be tested" (uniformity of rate of geological change). ...
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67. Catastrophist Geology [Catastrophism Geology $]
... Catastrophist Geology 1976- 1978 [Back to CD-Rom Contents Catastrophist Geology Year 1 No 1 Scientific Censorship and Thought Control, Horace C. Dudley Whimsical Aspects of Scientific Theory, Norman MacBeth Actualism in Geology and in Geography, W. J. Jong Geophysical Time Series and Catastrophism, Vít Klemeš June 1976 Catastrophist Geology Year 1 No 2 Ferralite events- a discussion What has happened to Worzel's deep-sea ash? Johan B.Kloosterman Catastrophism and Uniformitarianism, Alistair F.Pitty Horizontal Landslides during the 1960 Chile Earthquake, Haroun Tazieff Mass movements in level areas, Doeko Goosen Overnight Valley Formation in Siă Nicolau, Johan B. Kloosterman The Yuty crater on Mars, V.Axel Firsoff The Martian Deluge, Johan B.Kloosterman December 1976 Catastrophist Geology Year 2 No 1 Worzel's Deep-Sea ash is Vocanic, Johan B. Kloosterman Flow slips, Ocean Bottom Currents and Subaqueous Dunes, Gerrit van der Lingen An Allerřd Conflagration? (a discussion) The M.I.T. Earth Sciences Building, William Irwin Thompson The Neutrino-Sea-- Hypothesis or Reality, Horace C. Dudley Free the Crust from Mantle Surfdom, Phillip T. Flowler ...
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... psychologists. Its importance is independent of the new perspectives required in science and history, and ultimately is more significant. Though acquired through conscious, historical experience, the memories underwent rapid, universal repression. Somehow heritable, the mnemes or mneme complexes (see p.30, M in A) have passed down to present generations, continuously and collectively influencing the course of human thought and action. As with much of Velikovsky's work, the heuristic value here is paramount. A considerable portion of the text is devoted to the millennia-long conflict between uniformitarianism and catastrophism and the putative unconscious triumph of uniformity, despite abundant evidence to the contrary, in the minds of foundational philosophers, theologians, and scientific theorists of Western Civilization. Darwin particularly- with his profound influence on both biological and psychological science- seems to have misguided knowledge, himself the victim of the inexorable force of collective psychological repression despite the direct evidence for global cataclysm as early penned by his own hand. Other elements of the case for collective amnesia are generated from literary works where imagination runs toward uncanny recreation of ...
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69. Focus [SIS C&C Workshop $]
... From: SIS Workshop Vol 6 No 1 (May 1985) Home¦ Issue Contents Focus "...The intellectual climate has changed in favour of catastrophism..." This is not a quotation from the pre-Darwin era. Neither is it an optimistic avowal from fringe literature. Incredible though it might seem, these are the words of John Maddox, printed in that erstwhile paragon of orthodox uniformitarianism- NATURE.(1) The edifice of the modern scientific establishment has been subjected to a succession of minor seismic disturbances over the past few years. The Alvarez theory of asteroid impact to explain the Cretaceous/Tertiary boundary extinction (see SISW 3:4, pp.l6-17) was succeeded by grander ideas of cometary encounters (see SISW 5:1, pp.30-31). Then in May 1983 the geological meeting at the Dahlem conference showed a strong bias towards extraterrestrially caused catastrophism (see SISW 5:4, pp.26-27). At this conference Raup mentioned work, later published in collaboration with Sepkoski,(2) which appears to have set off a major intellectual ...
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70. Society News [SIS C&C Workshop $]
... more general context in which it is necessary to go right back to the origins of myths to understand the events of the 1st and 2nd millennium BC. He is working on the implications of the Genesis myth and was there to present us with two excerpts from his work 'Unravelling Genesis'. The first excerpt, concerning theories of evolution and in particular the origins of man, was read out to the audience and elicited a vigorous response from those perhaps a little stunned by some revolutionary new ideas. Zysman makes absolutely no compromise with uniformitarianism in his offering of new biological and geological theses. He contends that Earth's crust is not in any way a result of recycling old material, even catastrophically, but is formed from 'sudden, externally acquired accretions'. These catastrophic episodes so change the entire environment that all living things have to rapidly adapt to the new conditions. To this end a systematic genetic response is triggered and 'macro-evolutionary' events create a whole new inter-reacting biosphere. Man, Zysman believes, appeared suddenly at the end of the Pleistocene era, about 32 ...
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