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... but we should add an initial impetus from the eruption and blow-off of the Pacific crust. A fracture shot to the old north pole and down the Atlantic, thence around the world. The ice avalanched. It fed the boiling sea bottoms to help them settle and expand. Much was then evaporated and precipitated again by the conventional method, but under catastrophic conditions. Finally the new world surface shaped up and stabilized. The precipitous curve of disaster dropped exponentially to the slight level of activity where it could be mistaken for a linear uniformitarianism. It was thus that the worst and best accident happened. The earth cleaved, lost most of its continental crust, and the ocean basins began to form. This greatest of all catastrophes removed the ice and permitted life to survive; it became the greatest of all blessings. A date of 11,500 B. P. may be ascribed to the event. The ice caps, as Cook has so well calculated the scene, collapsed and avalanched upon all sides, moving into the great chasms of boiling lava directly ...
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212. The Birth and Odyssey of Halley's Comet: From 2484 B.C. to the Present Time [Catastrophism & Ancient History Journal $]
... remember, when the comet of 1682 would reappear (in 1759), that its predicted return was first conceived by an Englishman. We too have such a request: When the tail of Halley's Comet is examined and found to have identity with The profile of Antarctic ice (4000 feet below sea level), Any water remaining on the surface of Mars, The tail of the Tempel-Tuttle Comet, The Orionid meteor stream ice, and The ices of 5- to 7-year comets, then we predict that candid posterity will dispose of uniformitarianism and return to catastrophism in the formation of the universe. In the spirit of Edmund Halley we ask that this catastrophic theory of the birth of Halley's Comet just 58 orbits ago be remembered as the work of two creationists who, as it happens, are Seattleites. NOTES AND REFERENCES 1. John Williams, Observations of Comets from B.C. to 1640 A.D.: Extracted from the Chinese Annals. Hornchurch, England: Science and Technology Publishers. Cometary appearances were logged in annals by Chinese calendar dates, and also in Chinese ...
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... Quantavolution.Org E-MAIL: TABLE OF CONTENTS THE LATELY TORTURED EARTH: Part V: Rifts, Rafts and Basins by Alfred de Grazia CHAPTER TWENTY THRUSTING AND OROGENY When nineteenth century geologists departed from their original simplistic uniformitarianism, they found it useful to identify in Earth history several points of great diastrophism (" turnabouts" in Greek) or revolution. Whence came the Laurentian, Algonkian, Killarney, Appalachian, Laramide and Cascadian Revolutions, each marked by profound unconformities in the rocks. Naturally a quantavolutionist will wonder why these never evolved into a new catastrophist geology. First, there was the obstacle of ideology, which a social psychologist can appreciate more than a natural scientist: the social atmosphere of the times, the breakaway from religion, the need of biology to pursue prolonged development periods, and the empirical fascination of studying the processes going on before one's very eyes -these acted to subdue diastrophism and revolutionism. Long periods of slow changes were supplied until the revolutions themselves appeared as continual skirmishes of the elemental forces. The search for internal forces capable of sculpting ...
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... and Subsidence. Landslides, slumps, turbidity currents, flashfloods, and major storms are agents of instant erosion and deposition. Their frequency is high enough to rate as regular or common events and to give rise to curves which appear cominuous on the geological time scale. On the other hand their frequency is low in terms of the human life span (our prime yardstick whether we admit to it or not) and as a result their significance has long been underestimated. This mistake, enhanced by highly orthodox definitions of the concept of uniformitarianism, has only recently been rectified (see e.g. Hayes, 1967), but many textbooks still do not allot these agents their well-deserved place. Other forms of sedimentation such as deep-marine deposition and carbonate formation, in particular reef growth, are of a continuous nature, as defined in this paper. The same may be said about river erosion. The latter will be most pronounced during runoff but only in very arid climates will it become a truly discontinuous event and even there it will appear geologically continuous. Uplift and subsidence ...
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215. Cratonic Stability and Rapid Erosion Events [Catastrophism Geology $]
... Lisitzin E., 1974: Sea-Level Changes. Amsterdam: Elsevier Oceanography Series 8, 286p. Menard H.W., 1961: Some rates of regional erosion, Jour. Geol. 69:155-161. Moran D.E., Slosson J.E., Stone R.O., Yelverton C.A., 1973: Geology, Seismicity, and Environmental Impact, Los Angeles: University Publishers, 446p. Morner N.A., 1978: Low sea levels, droughts and mammalian extinctions. Nature 271:738-739. Pitty A.F., 1976: Catastrophism and uniformitarianism. Catastroph. Geol. 1/2:21-26. Rampino R., 1978: Climate change, geomagnetism and rapid glaciation: a connection through the distribution of ice and water on the earth's surface. Geol. Soc. Amer. Abstracts Ann. Mtg. (Toronto) 475. Reesman A.L., Godfrey A.E., 1972: Chemical erosion and denudation rates in middle Tennessee. Tenn. Water Resour. Res. Series No. 4, 35p. Rice R.J., 1977: Fundamentals of Geomorphology. London ...
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... we can adduce some evidence from around the world of deep disturbances in the six spheres and of their interconnections in the holosphere. Ancient astronomers and writers appear to have had no difficulty in considering (or perhaps they were really reflecting upon) historic encounters governing the planets; yet we can observe in their own times the strengthening of three psychological defense mechanisms that made historical reconstruction involving quantavolution difficult: denial and suppression of memory, religious and literary sublimation, and abstract philosophy [114. Modern cosmogonists, sternly trained in the principles of uniformitarianism and gradualism under a very long whip of time, are loath even to consider large-body departures from presently observed motions. And it is true that the constraints on motions required by strict obedience to such physical laws as the principle of conservation of angular momentum are formidable; immense forces must be invoked from somewhere so as abruptly to alter the motion of bodies. Calling upon gravitational force, as this is presently perceived in science, requires "impossible" conditions even if an encounter seems "reasonable" to expect. However, if ...
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... you do, how do you account for them? Dr. Fell: Well- give me time to think about this. There again its a question of my training- I was a student in the 19... (inaud.)... the student of a professor who had been a student of Huxley and dates back therefore- I have a sort of academic lineage leading back to the time of Lyell, the great British geologist. Our professors told us the whole story of the overthrow of catastrophism by uniformitarianism and of Lyell, the great hero who showed how the strata was slowly formed under the sea and slowly elevated. It wasn't all the result of one colossal flood in which everybody got killed. So because of that its been hard for me to treat catastrophism's ideas seriously- but, of course, one shouldn't throw away the baby with the bath water and, undoubtedly there have been catastrophes- great catastrophes which perhaps affected the course of civilization. Everybody talks about the one that apparently wiped out the Minoan civilization,- ...
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... , collective reassurance.) 5. The therapy should last for the duration of the pain. (Over a span of forty memorial generations and eighty reproductive generations some portion of humanity has obtained symptomatic relief from the Love Affair. However, the myth has lost impact steadily from the settling of heaven, and from more philosophical methods of coping with the symptoms. The doctrines of the eternal constancy of the heavens, the practical timelessness of earthly change, and the gradual evolution of humans- sometimes referred to altogether as the ideology of uniformitarianism- have proven a more effective repressor and a partial therapy in the long run. They have made the Love Affair mainly a salacious tale, told in a thousand forms, whose insistent threats and memories linger only vaguely. As for adults, so for babies. So turkey-lurkey turned back, and walked with gander-lander, goose-loose, drake-lake, duck-luck, cock-lock, hen-len, and chicken-licken. And as they were going along, they met fox-lox. And fox-lox said "Where are you going, my pretty maids?" And ...
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... "for archaic men, reality is a function of the imitation of a celestial archetype," the association of the return with cures that practically scream out, "If we survived chaos and creation, we can survive anything!" the fixation upon cycles of disaster and revival and the incompetency of humanity over millennia to get onto a longitudinal temporal plane- all of these facts and many more constitute evidence that unspeakable disaster governs the so-called "archaic mind" and carries through to modernity. Indeed, one must credit the doctrine of uniformitarianism, and all of its ramifications in the sciences and philosophy, as being the first successful counterattack of the human mind against the fetters that catastrophes imposed upon it. It was largely this modern doctrine in astronomy, geology, biology, and finally religion and politics that smoothed out the external cycles, made the proven details of history important, claimed millions of year for human development, and set up the idea of progress- all of these being achievements that would have been difficult without denying the importance of what happened in illo ...
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... in their childhood, so mankind as a whole tends to forget, distort and experience amnesia with respect to catastrophic events that have threatened the species. Velikovsky's concept merely makes a well known ontogenetic concept attain phylogenetic proportions. As science a few hundred years ago could have been accused of neurotic anthropocentrism by postulating the earth as the center of the universe, so, presently, can science be accused of containing within itself a similar neurotic, cross-discipline bias. This tendency to skew and distort probably is best captured in the doctrine called "uniformitarianism", an insidious compulsion which portrays the world as safe, secure, and changing or evolving only gradually, quietly and over inexorably long periods of time. There is an unconscious need, in short, to deny mankind's catastrophic history, to distort cataclysmic events which have occurred and either disclaim them altogether or predate them by millennia. This is, in part, one interpretation given for Velikovsky's difficulties in gaining acceptance in the scientific community. just as Galileo disabused mankind of a former, anthropocentric neurosis, perhaps Velikovsky's mission was ...
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